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  1. How to Get Mom to Go to Adult Day Care?

    You didn't mention what your mother's physical or mental condition is so answers vary accordingly. If her mental condition is good maybe a senior center would be more appropriate. Is this an adult day care for people with dementia? The problem is that it probably scares her because she doesn't want ...
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  2. Can My Client Quit One Agency and Hire Me Through Different Agent?

    Sometimes when you change agencies, your client could pay a fee to the agency that would solve your legal problems. I think some agencies are aware of the emotional connection between client and caregiver. Lots of people with agencies do have a heart. However, a 50% mark up is too much. If you can...
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  3. What Is the ADL Scale?

    Tools such as the ADL or Katz scale can be helpful on helping you to think about assisted living or in-home care. They say the Katz is better for rehab than assisted living. But, I wouldn't take any tool as the sum total of a person's life. The scales try to measure whether you can cook, bathe, wa...
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  4. What are the obligations of an assisted living facility if my mother was injured there?

    Your question about your mom's assisted living injury raises the issue of whether the facility is able to protect its residents. Legally, assisted living facilities are in a somewhat problematic position. They fill the gap between being at home, which is usually unsafe, and being in a nursing home,...
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  5. Is there a law that limits how many residents a Certified Nurse Assistant can care for?

    I do not know of a law that specifically limits the number of residents a CNA can have at any one time. I don't claim expertise on that point. The law does give some guidance on how many hours per day of nursing care a nursing home resident must receive. The laws that affect nursing facilities are ...
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  6. How do I deal with my mom's requests to visit her in assisted living every day?

    Ah! The GUILT card! Here you are doing everything you can to assist your mother, and she lays a guilt trip on you - and you buy it! Shame on both of you!
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  7. My mom is upset by another assisted living resident, how can I help my mom cope?

    I assume that there are only 6 people total in the assisted living because the obvious answer would be to move your mother to a different table. If there are only 6 residents and they all sit at the same table for meals, could your mother sit next to Mary? Mary would then have to turn her head to st...
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  8. What happens when Mom runs out of money to pay the assisted living facility?

    In Pennsylvania, Medicaid does not cover assisted living. As you indicated, your mother will have to pay privately when the time comes. When she runs out of money, she will need to move to a nursing home where she can be covered by Medicaid. It is a good idea to make this move before she runs out of...
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  9. Is it possible to take a loved one to a nursing home when I am going on vacation?

    Hi Deeda,
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  10. Does VA pay for spouse nursing home charges?

    The Veteran's benefit know as Aid and Attendance can help pay for care in the home, Nursing Home or Assisted Living facility. According to 2012 information, a Veteran is eligible for up to $1,732 per month, while a surviving spouse is eligible for up to $1,113 per month. A Veteran with a Spouse is ...
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  11. Does anyone have any experience with JEA Senior Living Alzheimer's Special Care Centers?

    Hi Zara, Please visit the Caring.com Senior Care directory to read ratings and reviews for Alzheimer's care providers: https://www.caring.com/local/alzheimers-care-facilities The listings also include a way to contact the providers, so you can get information directly from the source about their pri...
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  12. Dad must move per the state. Now what?

    an update on my original question: dad ended up dying before the 30 days we had to move him was up. It solved the problem, but still didn't address the issue. And I agree - I'm fed up with all the government interference. Yes, we need some regulations but not nearly the amount that we have. We ha...
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  13. I'm looking for assisted living for my 91-year-old mother.

    Hi, Thank you for reaching out! Here are resources that Caring.com offers to help you in finding an assisted living community for your mother...
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  14. How do I find an adult assisted living community in Colorado?

    Hello, Thank you for posting your question. I am sorry to hear of your brother's condition. Caring.com has Family Advisors that are available to assist you in locating housing options in the Colorado area. They are available 7 days a week and can be reached at 866-824 8174. We also have a free o...
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  15. How Hard is it to Place a Sibling in a Nursing Home?

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  16. Where are there more asistance living facilities that except medicaid

    Hello kl.perry60,
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  17. Dad's VA Housing benefits

    Hello, Thank you for posting your question. Caring.com's Family Advisors may be able to help you determine what assets you need and how to obtain them in regards senior housing. They can also help you locate housing options in your area. You can contact the Family Advisor team 7 days a week at 86...
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  18. is there a list of medicare approved assisted living in seminole co. fla ?

    Hello etcorvette: Thank you for reaching out to Caring.com for assistance. To help locate Medicare approved assisted living communities your local Area Agency on the Aging can help. To find your local Area Agency on the Aging go to: https://www.caring.com/local/area-agency-on-aging. Thanks.
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  19. What is the caregiver-to-resident ratio in memory care in California?

    Hello anonymous, Thanks for your question. Here are some informational resources that may be of assistance to you...
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  20. The hospital wants to release my mom but there is nowhere for her to go

    Hello, Sorry to hear about the situation you described. Your local Area Agency on Agency may be able to assist you in finding low-cost or free senior care resources offline. Additionally, we offer information about 10 Organizations Every Caregiver Should Know. Local home health agencies may also be ...
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