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Are you caring for an adult relative while enrolled in a U.S. college or university? When you're living with your aging loved one, managing their finances because they no longer can, taking them to doctors appointments -- we know that caregiving can be both difficult and rewarding. As America’s leading senior care resource for family caregivers, we know that juggling the responsibilities of caregiving and student life is a unique challenge.

Award is offering two $1,500 scholarships to two students attending an accredited U.S. college or university and caring for a loved one.

How to Apply

We're looking for a 1500-word essay or 2-minute video addressing the following questions:

  • Who are you caring for and how are you involved as their caregiver?
  • How has your role as a caregiver influenced the decision for your major/career path?
  • How would this scholarship be helpful to you in your current student-caregiving role?

To apply, first review the Scholarship Agreement for eligibility guidelines. Then submit your story via the Application Form by 11:59PM PDT on December 31, 2018. Judging will be based on submission quality and adherence to application guidelines.

Previous Caring Scholars

  • Venus Tadrzak -- a student at Cleveland State University who is majoring in accounting and caring for her mother (Summer 2017)
  • Hunter Johnson -- a student at Clemson University who is majoring in health science and caring for her brother (Summer 2017)
  • Tommy Tran -- a student at the University of Houston who is studying biotechnology and is caring for his father (Fall 2016)
  • Jessica Jacob -- a student at Adelphi University who is pursuing a nursing degree and caring for her mother (Fall 2016)
  • DreAnna Perry -- a student at Brigham Young University who is studying exercise physiology and is caring for her mother (Fall 2016)

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