Assisted Living in Mississippi

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Families looking for assisted living in Mississippi (MS) have a wide array of communities to choose from, since estimated that there are more than 30,000 assisted living communities serving seniors across the U.S., and over 84 statewide. The state is also home to a rapidly growing number of senior citizens, with adults over 65 making up an estimated 14 percent of the population. A resident in an assisted living community in Mississippi will pay $3,493 per month on average.

Average Monthly Costs

States near Mississippi

$4,283.00 Tennessee
$4,000.00 US
$3,879.00 Louisiana
$3,816.00 Mississippi
$3,574.00 Alabama
$3,318.00 Arkansas
Genworth lists the average cost of a private, one bedroom unit in an assisted living community in Mississippi as $3,816. This places Mississippi on the lower end of the scale at about $200 under the national average, and about $0 lower than the median cost of assisted living in nearby states.

Compare Monthly Care Costs

When it comes to care options, assisted living is just one of several choices available to seniors. Some care options, like part-time in-home care or independent living, may cost less, while others like memory care or skilled nursing are likely to cost significantly more. Seniors can speak with their medical practitioners to receive guidance on what level of care will best suit their needs and abilities.

Nursing Home Care


Assisted Living


In-Home Care

Average Monthly Costs

Cities in Mississippi

$4,505.00 Jackson
$3,851.00 Gulfport, Biloxi, Pascagoula
$3,808.00 Hattiesburg
$3,463.00 Rest Of State
When estimating the cost of assisted living, it's important to know that average prices can differ significantly between various parts of Mississippi. The most affordable region in Mississippi for assisted living is Rest of State at $3,463.

What You Should Know About Assisted Living in Mississippi

In Mississippi, assisted living facilities are officially known as personal care homes. These facilities provide around-the-clock assistance for seniors who need help with the activities of daily living. To be admitted to an assisted living facility in Mississippi, a senior must be able to walk or move about freely and independently.

Financial Assistance for Assisted Living in Mississippi

While most states pay a supplement to low-income seniors in addition to the federal SSI benefit, Mississippi does not, meaning that seniors receive only what the federal government pays out. Low-income seniors do have the option of receiving a state-sponsored Medicaid Waiver to help cover their assisted living costs.

Mississippi Medicaid Assisted Living Waiver program

Medicaid in Mississippi offers Medicaid Waivers, which help seniors receive services to delay the need for nursing home care. One waiver, the 1915(c) Assisted Living Waiver, provides personal care services to qualified seniors who reside in assisted living facilities. While the waiver does not cover room and board, it does cover homemaker services, medication management, transportation assistance and temporary skilled nursing services.

In Mississippi, the Medicaid waiver programs are not entitlements. This means that only a certain number of slots are available for enrollment. Once all the slots are filled, eligible applicants are put on a waiting list.

Who Is Eligible?

To be eligible for Medicaid in Mississippi, a senior has to meet both income and asset guidelines. Currently, seniors' monthly income must be $2,250 a month or less, and they must have $4,000 or less in liquid countable assets.

How to Apply

Seniors can visit the local Social Security office to apply for Medicaid in person, or they may apply online at Mississippi Medicaid's website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all assisted living residences in Mississippi accept payments from these programs. Always check with the assisted living community about which forms of payment they will accept, as well as any reduced rates offered for lower-income residents.

More Ways to Finance Assisted Living

While many families use their own funds or personal assets to pay for assisted living, there are plenty of additional options to cover these costs. Visit our 9 Ways to Pay for Assisted Living page for more information.

Free Assisted Living Resources in Mississippi

Mississippi Area Agencies on Aging

Area Agencies on Aging are local programs that provide information and services for older adults and those who oversee their care. Seniors can contact their local agency to get information on available services in their area, mobility assistance programs, food and housing programs, counseling and support groups and respite care.

Area Agency on Aging of South Delta

124 South Broadway, PO Box 1776, Greenville, MS 38702
(662) 378-3831

Central Mississippi Planning & Development District/AAA

1170 Lakeland Drive, Post Office Box 4935, Jackson, MS 39296
(601) 981-1516

ECPDD/Area Agency on Aging

280 Commercial Drive, P.O.Box 499, Newton, MS 39345
(601) 683-2007

Golden Triangle Planning and Development District/Area Agency on Aging

106 Miley Road, PO Box 828, Starkville, MS 39760
(662) 324-7860

North Central Area Agency on Aging

711 South Applegate Street, Winona, MS 38967
(662) 283-2675

North Delta Planning & Development District, Inc./ Area Agency on Aging

220 Power Drive, Batesville, MS 38606
(662) 561-4100

Northeast Mississippi Area Agency on Aging

619 East Parker Drive, PO Box 600, Booneville, MS 38829
(662) 728-7038

Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District

9229 Highway 49, Gulfport, MS 39503
(228) 868-2311

Southwest Mississippi Area Agency on Aging

100 South Wall Street, Natchez, MS 39120
(601) 446-6044

Three Rivers Area Agency on Aging

75 South Main Street, PO Box 690, Pontotoc, MS 38863

Assisted Living Laws and Regulations in Mississippi

Assisted living facilities in Mississippi are governed by a set of rules and regulations to ensure that seniors are safe and in good care.

Assisted Living Service Plan Requirements

Within 30 days prior to admission at an assisted living facility in Mississippi, a prospective resident must be given a thorough examination by a licensed physician, a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner. This examination should be repeated on an annual basis by a licensed medical practitioner.

Assisted Living Admission Requirements

Assisted living facilities are only able to admit and retain residents whose needs they can meet. Generally, residents need the ability to move without assistance or prompting. Those who use a wheelchair must be able to transfer to and from the wheelchair without help and propel themselves forward. A resident may need support for the activities of daily living as well as medication assistance and home health care services as prescribed by their physician.

Seniors who require physical restraints, pose a danger to themselves or others or need certain types of treatments that require skilled nursing care generally cannot be admitted.

In some cases, exceptions can be granted for residents who do not meet the retention criteria to allow them to continue living at the assisted living facility. However, a facility is limited to having two residents or 10 percent of all residents, whichever is greater, who need additional assistance.

If a facility admits residents who require mental health services, they must ensure that these residents can access them. This includes arranging transportation to mental health appointments and working with a mental health services provider to ensure coordination of care.

Assisted Living Scope of Care

Assisted living facilities operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and accept seniors who need assistance with the activities of daily living. Facilities must provide personal care and supplemental services such as laundry assistance, social activities and emergency response services.

Assisted Living Medicaid Policy

Assisted living facilities in Mississippi accept Medicaid Waiver 1915(c) as a form of payment to help cover personal care services. Currently, Medicaid cannot be used to cover room and board.

Assisted Living Facility Requirements

Assisted living facilities in Mississippi are not required to provide private units, and up to four residents can share a single bedroom. Separate toilets and bathtubs or showers are required on each floor for each gender. There must be at least one toilet for every six residents or fraction thereof; in other words, if a facility has 25 residents, it must have seven toilets for each gender. There should also be a tub or shower stall for every 12 residents or fraction thereof.

Medication Management Regulations

Qualified staff members can provide medication assistance to residents. Help includes handing medication to residents and providing them with a drink to swallow it.

In Mississippi, only a licensed nurse can administer a medication to a resident who does not self-administer.

Staffing Requirements

Assisted living communities in Mississippi must have a full-time operator who oversees the day-to-day operations. When the operator is off duty, there must be another qualified staff member to stand in as acting operator. A licensed nurse must be in the facility eight hours a day to administer medication. Direct care staff are responsible for providing resident care, assistance and supervision.

Between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., there must be at least one staff member per 15 or fewer residents. From 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., there must be at least one staff member per 25 or fewer residents.

Staff Training Requirements

Direct care staff must receive appropriate training on senior care topics quarterly. Incoming operators must spend two consecutive days with the licensing agency to receive training.

Background Checks for ALR Staff in Mississippi

Every employee who provides direct resident care or services must undergo a criminal background check with fingerprinting. The operator and all direct care staff must submit a statement indicating they are not listed on the Nurses’ Aide Abuse Registry.

Requirements for Reporting Abuse

Assisted living employees are mandated reporters, meaning that if they see or suspect elder abuse, neglect or exploitation, they are required to report it. Reports can be made to Adult Protective Services, which is operated by the Mississippi Department of Human Services.

Assisted Living Facilities in Mississippi



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