Individuals in Mississippi who meet income and clinical eligibility requirements can qualify for assisted living financial assistance in Mississippi. Eligible individuals can live in a personal care home-assisted living facility licensed by the Mississippi State Department of Health. This waiver does not cover room and board—those costs must be paid by the resident. However, for residents who are eligible for this waiver, Medicaid will pay a per diem for services received while living in the facility.

Eligibility Requirements for the Assisted Living Waiver

Mississippi residents must meet income and clinical health requirements to be deemed eligible to receive the Assisted Living Waiver. First, they must be a Supplementary Security Income (SSI) recipient, and their total income cannot exceed 300% of SSI. If their income exceeds 300% of SSI, eligible individuals must pay the amount over the limit each month to Mississippi’s Division of Medicaid.

Individuals also must meet clinical eligibility requirements to receive the Assisted Living Waiver in Mississippi. They will have to complete the Long Term Services and Supports assessment tool that screens them for sensory and cognitive deficits, medical conditions and certain behaviors. Additionally, this screening tool helps to determine if the individual needs assistance with activities of daily living or requires specific medical services that an assisted living facility can provide.

How to Qualify for the Assisted Living Waiver

Mississippi’s Office of Long-Term Care and Division of Medicaid evaluate the eligibility of individuals to determine if they can receive the Assisted Living Waiver. Individuals who believe that they may qualify for the waiver can complete an application to begin the process. The Office of Long-Term Care and Division of Medicaid will then determine whether the individual meets income and clinical eligibility requirements.