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Hiring In-Home Help Questions

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  1. How do I hire a caregiver directly, instead of from an agency?

    Many caregivers have questions about the direct hire of caregivers or using an agency. There are certainly pro's and con's to be considered.
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  2. What are shift options for 24/7 caregiving for mom?

    In additionn to the above. Sometimes in independent living residences there are others who need help twice a day and don't really need 4 hours at a time. You may be able to find a caregiver who would split your mothers care with another resident. So much depends on your mother's preferred schedule ...
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  3. How can I find someone to come and regularly assess my dad to determine if he needs additional care?

    Absolutely. It sounds like you're describing a geriatric care manager, who acts as a kind of chief elder care organizer, helping connect the dots for their clients. You can find them on-line or in an old-fashioned paper telephone book. The Eldercare Locator is also a great source for finding geriatr...
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  4. Where can I find someone to come to my home and cut my mothers hair?

    Hello anonymous, Thanks for your question.
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  5. Hair stylist for in home care

    My name is Lisa Settle and depending on where his wife lives I have a business in Connecticut called In Home Hair Care LLC. I have been doing this business for 9 years and hairdressing for 33 yrs I truly love it thank you Lisa Sette
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  6. How Can I get 24/7 Care?

    Hello, Thank you for posting your question. Caring.com has resources that can help you locate housing options and care providers. To access Senior Care Directory click here: https://www.caring.com/local . You may also want to review the resources on Caring.com's In-Home Care Resource Page located...
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  7. Help for weekend at out of town wedding.

    Hello Geronimo,
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  8. Cost

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  9. Will Medicare Pay for In-Home Care?

    Helllo, Thank you for reaching out to Caring.com with your question. Caring.com has an article that discussing Medicare and in-home care located here: https://www.caring.com/articles/medicare-home-care. You may also want to contact your local Area on the Aging for assistance: https://www.caring.co...
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  10. What Should I Do if My Parent Resists Bathing?

    If your mother is resisting a bath to the point of fighting -- and this happens, especially with people who have Alzheimer's or dementia -- stop and try again tomorrow or the next day. We all have bad days, including our parents, and letting it go until a better time is OK. Your mother may let you d...
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  11. Are there listings, generated geographically, for home health care workers that include basic scope of services and budget figures?

    There are a few services that do this online. Search using the terms home caregivers or home health aids and find. Caring.com will have something similar available soon; we're working on it. Meanwhile, your best bet, I think, is the Eldercare Locator, a U.S. Government online (and phone) referral se...
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  12. Can we contract Mom's caregiver to be Dad's, too?

    Hiring a caregiver is a complex issue, particularly so if you want to hire one caregiver for two parents. I am not clear about your question; I think you are asking if you will have to pay the agency for your father's care if it is given by the same caregiver who is assisting your mother. You state ...
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  13. If I hire an aide for my father should I be responsible for payments?

    You ask a question that I'm sure many people face. In-home care is expensive, and many families struggle to afford it, and there isn't one clear "right" way of deciding who should pay the cost among relatives, or, for that matter, on how to divide up the caregiving time. It's usually worked out ...
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  14. How many aides per resident are required in an assisted living facility?

    The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) leaves the issue of staffing flexible so each individual facility may decide what is best for their residents and resident focused programs. Due to differences in specialty or types of care, which may range with the resident population, ALFA states th...
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  15. How can I find agencies or companies that provide in-home care in my area?

    Finding in-home caregivers is a major concern for so many people caring for elderly loved ones. It does take effort, but is well worth it when you get the care you need.
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  16. Is there a resource to find a nurse who will travel to rural areas?

    Finding visiting nurses in rural areas is tough wherever you live, so I understand your challenge. You didn't mention what town the patient lives in, or near, but I suggest starting by asking at the nearest hospital or medical clinic. Explain your situation and see if they have services that can hel...
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  17. How can we help mom with Alzheimer's be safe in her home?

    It is of course a delicate balance to allow someone with Alzheimer's disease stay at home alone and be safe and at the same time  honor her need to be independent and stay in her own apartment.  Have you looked at assisted living?  That setting is usually a much "homier"  and she can bring her own f...
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  18. What can I do if my mom's nursing home is mistreating her and I live out of state?

    The best thing you can do is get on a plane. You need to see your mother with your own eyes. There's no substitute for seeing firsthand how the facility is treating your mom and reviewing her daily medical records. Visiting has another benefit: the presence of family members personalizes y...
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  19. What are my tax responsibilities when hiring a home health aide?

    Most home health aides are considered employees of the person who hires them. If you hire your mother's aide yourself, then you're responsible for withholding and paying all the relevant employee taxes, including payroll taxes, Social Security taxes, and other mandated withholding in your state, suc...
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  20. How much does a live-in caregiver cost?

    Live-in caregivers cost from $700 to $3000 a week. There are many factors such as what part of the country you live in, what the living accommodations are and what hours the person is required to be on duty. The ability to speak the elder's language is also a factor.
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