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In-Home Care in Idaho

With more than 309,000 seniors aged 65 and older living in Idaho, safe, reliable long-term care options are crucial in the state. Thankfully, the state is incredibly safe when compared with much of the continental U.S. On a scale of one to 100, Idaho’s violent crime rate is just 15.2, and the property crime rate is 26. In contrast, the national medians are 22.7 for violent crime and 35.4 for property crime. Health costs here are 5.9% below the national average, and several top hospitals, including St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center, are located within the state.

Seniors who need help while living at home can access in-home care or home health care services from one of the state’s home care agencies. While home care provides personal care and chore assistance, home health care provides similar services with the addition of light medical care provided by a licensed professional. In Idaho, the average cost of in-home care is $5,434 per month.

This guide compares the cost of home care services in Idaho to rates in nearby states. It also includes options for paying for care and a list of free and low-cost resources that serve Idaho seniors.

The Cost of In-Home Care in Idaho

According to the Genworth 2021 Cost of Care Survey, seniors in Idaho pay an average of $5,434 per month for home care, which is $191 above the U.S. average. This cost is also the lowest among states in the immediate area. In Oregon, seniors pay an average of $6,006 per month for home care, while those in Washington pay an even higher rate of $6,547 per month. In Montana, costs are slightly closer to Idaho’s rates at $5,339 monthly. Average rates in Wyoming are a little higher at $5,529 per month.



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Throughout the state, the cost of home care varies depending on the location, as well as the services provided by home care agencies. In Boise and Idaho Falls, seniors pay an average of $5,720 for home care services. Pocatello is less expensive at $5,339 per month, while seniors in Twin Falls pay the lowest rates in the state at $4,767 per month.



Twin Falls




Idaho Falls


In-home care and home health care cost an average of $5,434 per month in Idaho. While these costs are less than nursing home care, which is $9,125 monthly, it’s important for seniors to factor in the additional expenses that come with living at home, including rent or mortgage payments, utilities and general upkeep. Assisted living provides a more affordable option at $3,838 per month and offers residential care along with 24-hour assistance. Adult day health care is the most affordable senior care option in Idaho at $2,167 per month.

In-Home Care


Home Health Care


Nursing Home Care


Assisted Living


Adult Day Health Care


Does Medicaid Cover Home Care in Idaho?

Idaho’s Medicaid program doesn’t cover home care services for seniors as part of its standard coverage; however, those who qualify can apply for one of two waiver programs that expand coverage to provide in-home care. These programs are called the Aged and Disabled Waiver and the Medicare Medicaid Coordinated Plan.

Home Care Waiver Programs in Idaho

Aged and Disabled Waiver

The Aged and Disabled Waiver is a home and community-based services waiver that allows seniors to receive care without being uprooted from their homes or communities. This waiver may also provide transitional services for those moving out of nursing care or other residential facilities and back into their own homes. Services it provides include case management, home care, home health care, personal care and respite care. 

To qualify, seniors must be financially eligible for Medicaid and a physician or registered nurse must assess that they require a nursing home level of care. 

Seniors can apply by contacting their local Area Agency on Aging.

Medicare Medicaid Coordinated Plan

Seniors who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid may choose to participate in the Medicare Medicaid Coordinated Plan. This plan combines benefits from both agencies into a single plan, helping participants access broader benefits, including those that cover home care services. 

This program is only open to dually eligible adults. 

To enroll, seniors can contact the Blue Cross of Idaho at (888) 495-2583 or Molina Healthcare of Idaho at (866) 403-8293.

How to Know if You’re Eligible for Medicaid in Idaho

To qualify for Idaho Medicaid, seniors are required to meet strict income and asset requirements. Those who live alone may not have an annual income of more than $10,728 or assets exceeding $2,000. Married couples are limited to a household income of $15,372 and $3,000 in countable assets.

2022 Medicaid Income Limits for Seniors in Idaho

2022 Basic Medicaid Income Limits for Seniors in Idaho

NameIncome limits*Asset limits
Single Person$10,728$2,000
Two-Person Household$15,372$3,000

* per year

In addition to Medicaid’s income restrictions, seniors who wish to participate in Medicaid must:

  • Be at least 65 years of age, blind or legally disabled
  • Live in Idaho full-time
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Demonstrate a need for assistance with activities of daily living
  • Demonstrate a need for health insurance

How to Apply for Medicaid in Idaho

Seniors wishing to apply for Medicaid in Idaho can apply online at idalink or call (800) 926-2588 to start the application process.

What Information You Will Need

Before applying for Medicaid in Idaho, you should gather the following documents and information:

  • Proof of citizenship or immigration status
  • Federal tax returns or other proof of income for all household members
  • Documents detailing any countable assets
  • Social Security number, if applicable

How to Get Help Applying for Medicaid

Many people struggle to understand eligibility requirements and the application process for Medicaid. Those who need help have resources available to them.

ProgramContactAreaServedServices provided
Gate City Insurance Group(204) 234-2000Pocatello areaMedicare-eligible seniors who are exploring the option of Medicaid coverage can contact Gate City Insurance Group for help with the Medicaid application process. The agency also offers advice on combining benefits to receive the best possible coverage.
Medicaid Application FlowOnlineEntire StateThe Medicaid Application Flow is provided by Your Health Idaho. It offers a step-by-step visual guide, detailing the entire application process, so those who feel overwhelmed can better understand what to expect.
Enrollment Counselor SearchOnlineEntire StateIdaho residents who need help with the Medicaid application process can use this online tool to find a local health insurance enrollment counselor who can provide assistance with eligibility requirements, Medicaid/Medicare coordination and applications.

Does Medicare Cover In-Home Care in Idaho?

In general, Medicare does not cover the cost of non-medical home care. That being said, there are situations in which Medicare provides some coverage for medical home care, referred to as “Home Healthcare.” There are several eligibility restrictions for coverage, including that individuals must be homebound and have a referral from their doctor specifically for home healthcare services.

Below is an overview of some of the skilled medical professionals whose in-home services are typically covered by Medicare – for more in-depth information, refer to our Guide to Home Healthcare.

  • Physical Therapists: Physical therapy is used to help patients recover from injuries (broken bones, knee injuries, etc.), treat ongoing conditions such as arthritis, and assist in recovery from surgeries and procedures such as a knee or hip replacement.
  • Visiting Nurses: Licensed nurses can provide a number of medical services for those who don’t need to stay in the hospital, but do need regular medical services such as wound care, changing feeding tubes, etc.
  • Occupational Therapists: Occupational therapists help seniors regain or maintain the ability to accomplish normal, daily tasks, such as bathing, dressing, eating, and other daily activities.
  • Speech Therapists: Speech therapists help seniors who are struggling to adequately communicate due to a stroke, dementia, or any other cause regain the ability to functionally communicate using a variety of means. Additionally, speech therapists help to keep seniors independent by modifying diets, teaching special techniques to swallow safely, and retraining associated muscles.

As mentioned above, in-home care is distinctly different from home healthcare. But, there can be some overlap in services between the two types of care. So, while Medicare doesn’t cover non-medical in-home care, there are in-home care services that may be covered in special circumstances when they’re provided in conjunction with home healthcare (such as an occupational therapist helping with eating or dressing)

Other Financial Assistance Options for In-Home Care in Idaho

While the above programs help many people finance in-home care, they will not cover all costs for everyone. There are other ways to pay for in-home care, including out-of-pocket arrangements with siblings, annuities, reverse mortgages, private insurance and more. Read’s Guide to In-Home Care Costs to learn more about these alternative payment options.

Free and Low-Cost Resources for Seniors in Idaho

Seniors living at home in Idaho have access to a variety of supportive services and resources that are designed to enhance quality of life while keeping expenditures low. 

Area Agencies on AgingContact nearest agencyEntire StateArea Agencies on Aging in Idaho offer seniors free referrals, information and case management services. They also provide vital support for those who are seeking long-term care options, caregiver training and help with accessing social support programs.
Idaho Division of Veterans Services(208) 780-1380Entire StateThe Division of Veterans Services provides a variety of services for veterans, their spouses and their other immediate family members. Services include advocacy for those entering long-term care or applying for government benefits, as well as help with navigating the various Veterans Affairs benefits programs.
Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)Contact local Community Action AgencyEntire StateWAP provides funding for low-income households to enable them to conduct energy-efficient upgrades and renovations on their homes. Benefits may include window and door replacements, weatherstripping, appliance repairs or replacements or furnace inspections and repairs. The program is only open to those who are full-time Idaho residents and meet the program's income requirements.
Emergency Rent and Utility Help(855) 452-0801Entire StateSeniors with a limited income and an urgent need can contact the Idaho Housing and Finance Association for urgent rent or utility assistance. Seniors wishing to apply can do so online. To qualify, they must be able to provide proof of income, be named on the lease and be able to provide a rent delinquency notice or past-due utility bill.
Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)Contact local Community Action AgencyEntire StateLIHEAP ensures that low-income households in Idaho don't go without vital utilities, such as heat and electricity. The program is only available to those facing disconnections or who have already been disconnected by their provider. To qualify, seniors must meet the program's income requirement, which is no more than $24,904 annually for a single-person household.

In-Home Care Laws and Regulations in Idaho

Although in-home service providers are not required to be licensed in Idaho, caregivers are required to meet the training standards established by the Division of Medicaid, Bureau of Long Term Care. This table highlights state-mandated standards around the services provided by homemakers, as well as training and reporting requirements.

Scope of CareHome care providers may provide a range of nonmedical services, including housekeeping, meal preparation and home maintenance. They can also act as companions, escort seniors to appointments and assist with personal care.
Care Plan RequirementsSeniors who receive in-home care services through a Medicaid waiver must have a comprehensive care plan in place.
Medication Management RequirementsIn-home caregivers can provide medication reminders, read prescription labels and pick up medications on behalf of a client. Caregivers cannot administer medications.
Staff Screening RequirementsAgencies that employ homemakers are required to complete a background check on all employees before assigning employees to clients and disqualify any employee or new hire with a history of fraud, assault or abuse of a vulnerable person.
Staff Training RequirementsIn-home care agencies must ensure all caregivers have the skills and knowledge needed to safely perform their duties.
Medicaid CoverageIdaho's Aged and Disabled Medicaid waiver includes in-home care benefits.
Reporting AbuseIdaho's Adult Protective Services division investigates reports of abuse, neglect, self-neglect and financial exploitation of seniors. To file a report with APS, contact the local Area Agency on Aging, while immediate safety concerns should be reported to the nearest law enforcement agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Find an In-Home Care Provider in Idaho

Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one, finding a quality home care provider can be a stressful process. When you hire an in-home care aide you’re placing a lot of trust in the hands of the person by inviting them into your home, so you’ll want to be diligent in your search. At, we’re here to help – we’ve created a helpful checklist below that can help guide you through the process of both determining your needs and finding a home care agency that will provide the best care possible.

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