More than 17% of Wyoming’s 578,000 residents are classified as senior citizens, and reports suggest that the state’s population is aging faster than the national average. The Department of Health’s Aging Division provides and coordinates services that promote safety and independent choices for older adults in the state, helping create a comfortable environment for seniors. In-home care providers are closely regulated, so seniors who choose to remain in their homes as they age can be reassured they’re receiving the best care possible. However, the state’s small population size means the average cost of in-home care is $5,339 per month, which is significantly higher than the national average.

This guide includes information about the cost of in-home care in Wyoming, financial assistance options in the state and other free or low-cost resources available to seniors.

The Cost of In-Home Care in Wyoming

In-Home Care Costs in Nearby States

Genworth Financial’s 2019 Cost of Care Survey shows that seniors in Wyoming can expect to pay an average of $5,339 per month for in-home care services. This is significantly more than the national average of $4,290. Wyoming’s home care costs are also higher than most of its neighbors. South Dakota’s average is equal to Wyoming’s, but other neighboring states are more affordable. Colorado is only slightly lower, with a cost of $4,957, while in Montana, seniors pay $4,576. Idaho has the lowest cost in the area at $4,195 per month.




United States Average


South Dakota







Cost of Other Types of Care in Wyoming

The monthly cost of in-home care in Wyoming is quite high compared to some other types of senior care in the state. Home health care is $45 higher, at a cost of $5,384, and nursing home care costs $7,346 per month, which is more than $2,000 higher than in-home care. Other care options that may appeal to seniors have significantly lower costs. Assisted living in Wyoming averages just $3,780 a month, which is $1,559 lower than home care, while seniors pay an average of $1,560 for adult day care.


In-Home Care


Home Health Care


Adult Day Care


Assisted Living Facility


Nursing Home Care

The Cost of In-Home Care in Wyoming’s Top Cities

There is a significant difference in the cost of in-home care between Wyoming’s two major cities. Cheyenne has more affordable care at an average cost of $4,671, while seniors in Casper pay $5,434 a month, or $763 more. There are also a wide range of prices in cities close to Wyoming. In Idaho Falls, Idaho, seniors pay $4,004 a month, which is less than the national average. However, Fort Collins, Colorado, and Rapid City, South Dakota, are less affordable, with costs of $5,033 and $6,673, respectively.






Idaho Falls, ID


Fort Collins, CO


Rapid City, SD

Financial Assistance for In-Home Care in Wyoming

Wyoming Community Choices Waiver

The Community Choices Waiver is also known as the Community Choices Home & Community Based Services Waiver. It’s designed to help people remain in their homes and communities rather than entering a nursing home. The program offers financial and case management assistance so seniors can receive the care they need in a community setting, such as their home or the home of a family member. The waiver covers wide range of services, including personal care, meals and nonmedical transportation.

The program has a self-directed option, which allows participants to choose and manage their care providers. This is available to those who have the ability and desire to direct their own care. It also allows seniors to hire family members, such as an adult child, as paid caregivers. The program is not an entitlement, so there are limited slots available.

Who is Eligible?
Program beneficiaries must be aged 65 or older, or be an adult with a disability. They must be financially eligible for Wyoming Medicaid, or qualify for the Special HCBS Waiver Group. In addition, applicants must require a nursing home level of care, as determined by a trained public health nurse.

How to Apply
Interested seniors can apply for the Community Choices Waiver by calling 1-855-203-2936.

Wyoming Home Services

The Wyoming Home Services (WyHS) program provides services to people who are at risk of entering a medical institution, such as a nursing home. This support is intended to keep people in the least restrictive environment possible. Low-income participants may receive services free of charge, while those with slightly higher incomes are charged based on a sliding scale. However, the fees are much lower than normal rates.

The services offered are different in each county and may also change each year depending on available funding. Services provided can include personal care, chore services, personal emergency response systems and respite care. Case management is also available for program participants. Seniors can contact local providers to find out which services are available in their area.

Who is Eligible?
Wyoming residents who require a nursing home level of care are eligible for this program. Participants under the age of 60 must be disabled according to the Social Security Administration. There are no financial eligibility requirements for the WyHS program, although those with higher incomes may be asked to contribute to the cost of services.

How to Apply
Seniors can learn more about the program or locate service providers by calling 1-800-442-2766.

More Ways to Pay for In-Home Care

While the above programs help many people finance in-home care, they will not cover all costs for everyone. There are other ways to pay for in-home care, including out-of-pocket arrangements with siblings, annuities, reverse mortgages, private insurance, and more. Read’s Guide to In-Home Care Costs to learn more about these alternative payment options.

Free and Low-Cost In-Home Care Resources in Wyoming

There are a range of resources available to Wyoming seniors to assist them with aging in place. These resources assist with in-home care and include meal delivery, transportation assistance, care management and more.

ContactArea ServedServices Provided
Program of All-Inclusive Care for Elderly (PACE)307-773-8112Laramie CountyPACE is a managed care option for people aged 55 years and older. The organization manages the individual’s medical and long-term care needs, while providing guidance and support to participants and their families and caregivers.
Wyoming Services for Independent LivingContact a local officeTeton, Lincoln, Uinta and Sweetwater CountiesWSIL has a number of programs to help people live independently, including navigating financial assistance and helping with home modifications. It is also an administrator of Project OUT, which assists those living in nursing homes who wish to move back into the community.
Wyoming Independent Living1-800-735-8322Eastern Wyoming

WIL provides services and programs that help people live independently, including information and referral, advocacy and transition services. It is an administrator of Project OUT, which assists people to transition from nursing homes to living in the community.
Prepared and Delivered MealsContact a local providerEntire StateHome-delivered prepared meals are available to seniors throughout Wyoming. Eligible seniors may be able to pay for meals through the Medicaid waiver.
Transportation Check ProgramUse the online contact formEntire StateThe Transportation Check Program is run jointly by WIL and WSIL and provides participants with checks that can be used to pay fees or reimburse mileage to transportation providers. This can include defraying the costs of friends or neighbors who provide transportation. Participants must arrange their own rides, but the program does have a list of volunteers available.
Wyoming Medication Donation Program307-635-1297Entire StateWMDP is available to all low-income Wyoming residents who don’t have adequate prescription medication coverage. Eligible participants can have their prescriptions filled at no cost using donated medications.
Long-Term Care Ombudsman307-777-2885Entire stateThe ombudsman investigates and works to resolve complaints regarding long-term care in Wyoming. Ombudsmen advocate on behalf of recipients of all long-term care services, including people receiving home health care.
Senior Companion ProgramContact a local providerEntire stateSenior companions are volunteers aged 55 and over who assist older adults who live independently. They can assist with a range of tasks, such as simple chores that program participants can’t perform. The service is provided free of charge.

In-Home Care Laws and Regulations in Wyoming

The Healthcare Licensing and Surveys Division of the Wyoming Department of Health is responsible for licensing and regulating home care providers. An in-home care provider is referred to as a Home Health Agency in Wyoming, and all must be licensed by the state, with renewals needed annually. The table below has an overview of the rules and regulations in Wyoming.

Scope of CareHome care agencies may provide assistance with instrumental activities of daily living, such as housekeeping, shopping and meal preparation. Agencies who have home health aides on staff may also be able to assist with personal care and some skilled services.
Care Plan RequirementsClients receiving skilled services must receive a written care plan developed by the supervisory nurse. This should be reevaluated every 60 days, or as the client’s condition warrants.If only homemaker services are provided, a service plan must be developed by a supervisor. It must detail the procedures to be provided, how many times a week the procedures will be completed, the day and approximate time of arrival at the client’s home and how providers will act in an emergency situation.
Medication Management RequirementsHome care providers may provide medication reminders.
Staff Screening RequirementsAll staff must undergo a central registry check, which screens for people who are perpetrators of abuse, neglect, abandonment and exploitation of children or disabled adults.
Staff Training RequirementsThere are two types of care providers employed by home care providers in Wyoming.Home health aides must be certified nursing assistants who have completed training to provide services in the home. If they’re providing skilled services, they must be supervised by a RN or LPN at least every 30 days.Homemakers must receive at least 8 hours training from the home health agency. They are not permitted to provide personal care services.
Medicaid CoverageThe Community Choices Waiver covers the cost of services for eligible participants who are receiving care from a Home Health Agency that is registered with Wyoming Medicaid.
Reporting AbuseReports are investigated by the Wyoming Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program. Contact details for regional representatives can be found on the program’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does in-home care cost in Wyoming?

Genworth Financial’s 2019 Cost of Care Survey found that in-home care, also known as homemaker services, costs an average of $5,339 a month in Wyoming. Home health care, which can include skilled nursing services, is slightly more expensive at $5,384 per month.

Does Wyoming Medicaid pay for in-home care?

In-home care services in Wyoming are covered by the Community Choices Waiver. This program offers financial and case management assistance to help seniors remain living in the community. Wyoming residents hoping to receive coverage through the program must meet financial and age-related requirements. In addition, a public health nurse must determine that they require a nursing home level of care.

Are there transportation assistance programs in Wyoming?

Although not available to all seniors, Wyoming’s Transportation Check Program provides transportation assistance to residents with a documented disability and barriers to transportation. Participants can use assigned checks to pay fees or reimburse mileage of transit providers, including rides provided by friends, neighbors or volunteers. Those living outside of a city may also be eligible for the Rural Transit Voucher Program.

What does it mean to age in place?

People who age in place choose to stay in their own homes as they grow older instead of moving into an assisted living facility, retirement community or other senior living option. Often, changes need to be made to the home to allow seniors to remain independent. These changes may include mobility modifications and the addition of assistive technology, such as personal emergency response systems. In-home care can also provide seniors with the help they need to remain in their home.

What are Activities of Daily Living?

Activities of daily living, or ADLs, are a set of tasks that individuals must be able to accomplish in order to thrive. These include personal hygiene, continence management, dressing, feeding and ambulating. The ability to complete these tasks is often used to assess whether a person needs or qualifies for assistance. Instrumental ADLs refer to more complex tasks that help people maintain independence, such as housekeeping, meal preparation and managing medications. In-home care services are often able to assist with both ADLs and IADLs.

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