Can Family Members Provide Home Care for the Elderly?

Author: Andrea Miller

Reviewed By: Brindusa Vanta

Family members can provide home care for the elderly. Many states offer compensation, assistance and resources to people who serve as home caregivers for loved ones. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 14% of Americans care for a family member who has an illness or disability.

Do Family Caregivers Receive Payment?

Many family caregivers receive payment through state Medicaid’s consumer-directed personal assistance program. Not every state offers this type of program, and eligibility requirements and payment amounts vary by location. 

Many states have paid family leave programs, which could cover your salary and protect your job when you take time off to care for a family member. Long-term care insurance sometimes covers payments for family caregivers. If your family member has a long-term care policy, review the terms and conditions to see if it includes this type of coverage. 

Where Can Family Caregivers Access Assistance and Resources?

Family caregivers can access assistance and resources from their local Area Agency on Aging. These programs offer services that help older adults remain at home as they age, including stipends for eligible family caregivers.

The Veterans Administration provides help to those who care for a family member who served in the military. The VA Caregiver Support Program includes assistance with legal and financial planning, skills training, support groups and other programs for family caregivers of veterans.