Located east of Nashville in Wilson County, Lebanon is known for its theaters and recreation options, which are part of why so many older adults live there: Seniors 65 years of age and above comprise 16.6% of the city’s 36,479 inhabitants. Lebanon’s health care infrastructure includes Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital, which offers orthopedics, oncology, and rehabilitation services. Also in Lebanon is Ascension Saint Thomas Heart, a resource for those with cardiovascular needs. Lebanon’s average senior pays $7,270 per month for a semiprivate room in a nursing home, per the Genworth 2020 Cost of Care Survey. That rate is lower by nearly $500 than the national average of $7,756.

Geared toward residents with advanced needs, nursing homes offer attention from licensed nurses and physicians, around-the-clock supervision, and detailed care plans. Their extensive services also mean nursing homes tend to be expensive compared to other care types. Seniors may also want to consider assisted living or home health care, which delivers less extensive but still helpful services at lower rates.

This guide’s next segment covers the cost of various care setups, including nursing homes, in Lebanon. Then, it closes by listing useful resources for Lebanon’s elders.

Directory of Nursing Homes in Lebanon, TN

Lebanon Health and Rehabilitation Center

731 CASTLE HEIGHTS COURT, Lebanon, TN, 37087

If you are looking for a fantastic nursing home in middle Tennessee, I’m going to suggest Lebanon Health and Rehab. I would put anyone there because they were magnificent. This was where I put my clie … (read more)
If you are looking for a fantastic nursing home in middle Tennessee, I’m going to suggest Lebanon Health and Rehab. I would put anyone there because they were magnificent. This was where I put my clie … (read more)

Quality Care Health Center

932 BADDOUR PARKWAY, Lebanon, TN, 37087

My husband is a resident here for over a month. I can’t believe the peace it gives me to know how well he is being taken care off. Several staff have reached out to me to let me know about his car … (read more)
My husband is a resident here for over a month. I can’t believe the peace it gives me to know how well he is being taken care off. Several staff have reached out to me to let me know about his car … (read more)

Pavilion, The Cpc

1406 MEDICAL CENTER DRIVE, Lebanon, TN, 37087

Nursing Home Costs in Lebanon, TN

Each month, Lebanon’s nursing homes charge an average of $7,270 for semiprivate rooms and $7,908 for private rooms.

The Cost of Nursing Home Care in Nearby Cities

Sticking with semiprivate room rates, Lebanon compares well to the average American city, which is a bit more expensive at $7,756. However, Lebanon’s prices are $198 higher on average than the Tennessee median rate.

As for nearby cities, Clarksville offers an average cost of $6,753, giving it a noticeable price advantage over Lebanon. To a lesser extent, other nearby cities are also cheaper than Lebanon. For instance, the average rate in both Chattanooga and Knoxville is $7,148, or $122 below Lebanon’s typical price. Jackson’s rate, meanwhile, is $7,209, making for an even smaller price difference.






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The Cost of Other Types of Senior Care

In Lebanon, nursing homes are the most expensive care option; on average, they charge $7,270 and $7,908 per month for semiprivate and private rooms, respectively. Home care and home health care services both typically come in around $4,185. For assisted living, seniors can expect to pay roughly $3,720 per month. With its median rate of $1,788, adult day health care represents the most affordable option.


Home care


Home health care


Adult day health care


Assisted living


Nursing home (semiprivate room)


Nursing home (private room)

Note: Data for Lebanon was unavailable, so data for the nearest city, Nashville, was used instead.

Financial Assistance for Nursing Home Care in Lebanon, TN

Many seniors and their families use some form of financial assistance to help them pay for nursing care. The main options available are Medicare, Medicaid, and veterans benefits. These programs can be complicated, especially when it comes to benefit terms. Below, we give a brief overview of how these programs may be used towards paying for skilled nursing care.

  • Medicare: Medicare will typically cover all skilled nursing costs for the first 20 days of one’s stay in a nursing home and a portion of the costs until day 100. After 100 days in a skilled nursing facility, Medicare will not cover any part of the cost of the stay. While this is adequate when short-term care is needed, those in need of long-term care will need to either pay out-of-pocket or use another source of financial assistance.
  • Medicaid: Medicaid covers most of the costs of living in a skilled nursing facility for those who qualify. Care, room, and board are covered with no time limit, but residents may be charged for extras like specially prepared food or cosmetic services. Medicaid eligibility standards are strict and complex, so not all seniors are eligible for Medicaid benefits.
  • Veterans Benefits: Veterans receiving a VA pension may also be eligible for the Aid and Attendance benefit administered by the VA. Aid and Attendance is a monthly allowance that beneficiaries may use to pay for their long-term care, including skilled nursing care.

If these options aren’t available to you, check if your loved one has long-term care insurance or contact your Area Agency on Aging to ask about any local financial assistance programs for seniors.

Free Resources for Seniors in Lebanon, TN

To meet the needs of Lebanon’s older population, the following agencies and services are available. Seniors looking to live at home may be interested in some of the below offerings as a way to make doing so easier. Other services, meanwhile, are geared toward making the transition to and living in a facility setting easier, once that becomes a senior’s best option.

ResourceContact Service
Greater National Regional Council Aging and Disability Services(615) 255-1010The GNRC oversees certain home repair programs for the elderly. For Lebanon residents, the GNRC is the local contact for the State Health Insurance Assistance Program, through which seniors can talk to Medicare counselors regarding their current and potential benefits. Additionally, the GNRC helps older adults access in-home assistance by connecting them with the appropriate agencies.
Long-Term Care Ombudsman(615) 850-3918The LTC Ombudsman program’s clients are Tennesseeans living in facilities such as nursing homes, plus their family members. The program has connections with various agencies involved in elder care, which helps it resolve residents’ complaints and answer questions. Information is available on nursing homes and related matters from its representatives. In Lebanon, the LTC Ombudsman program is handled by the Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency, covered in more detail next.
Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency(615) 331-6033Along with representing the LTC Ombudsman program, the MCHRA offers non-medical in-home assistance and homemaker services. Another MCHRA program is Meals on Wheels, which delivers food to homebound seniors 60 years of age and up and other individuals whose needs meet state-outlined criteria. Low-cost curb-to-curb transportation is also available from this organization as well.
Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency(615) 742-1113The MCCAA’s weatherization assistance program is designed to improve the energy efficiency of low-income clients’ homes. It also has a program offering utility bill relief and one that supports veterans, the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Additionally, it may provide emergency financial aid in certain circumstances, such as when a mortgage payment is past due.
Veterans Affairs Nashville Regional Office(615) 695-6122The Nashville RO offers many services that may be helpful for older military veterans; for instance, it provides information on VA-conducted health care. The office also performs benefits counseling, and it administers pensions and compensation. One of its focus areas is outreach to elderly veterans.