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Assisted Living Reviews for Riderwood

August 19, 2016

By jvs

I am a friend or relative of resident

My parents called maintenance about A/C not working. No one showed up after saying they would be there that day. With outside temperature of 100+, the temperature inside their apartment was extreme! This morning I had to call administrator's office. The excuse was afternoon thunderstorms caused power outages. There were lots of apologies, but that didn't help the unsafe temperature in my parents' apartment. I live in another state and moved them into Riderwood thinking they would be safe. They don't drive and we're stuck in deplorable conditions.

May 13, 2016

By CreaturetheCat!

I visited this facility

Independent living was lovely, and my Dad quite happy. Now that he has dementia he is in assisted living. That is horrible. The food is terrible, the aides are not caring. He is so unhappy and no one seems to care. I've found a staff member asleep, and another one taunting a resident. And when I've written letters to the managers, nothing changes. If I lived in more than a one bedroom apartment, I would move my Dad in with me.

September 20, 2015

By Caring113064950

I visited this facility

I visited Riderwood. It probably has more going on than the other facility in terms of more services for the people who are there. However, the staff was positive. They showed me around, and they responded to questions well. Overall, I was positively impressed by the facility and by the people there. What I was negatively impressed by was the cost of the entrance fee. If I'm rating them on the cost, I would probably rate them a very low 1, but if I'm rating them in terms of a nice facility and good people, I would probably rate them a 4 or a 5.

May 27, 2015

By Rider1

I visited this facility

The community itself was very nice, but I did not like the surrounding area. It was Riderwood, and I was very disappointed as to where it was. The land itself was very nice and the community was very well structured, but the surrounding area was very congested and ugly. They run a nice place; it’s just that I am particular about location. I think it really works for people who are from that area. The staff was wonderful, presented very well, and were sensitive. I would recommend that place especially for people who are from that area. It is beautiful -- almost like a college campus.

January 01, 2015

By Genvieve_61

I am a friend or relative of resident

My mother has been a resident of Riderwood for more than 10 years. We've been alternately pleased and extremely disappointed over that time. As others have mentioned, the dining services are very good. However, the staff's attitudes and capabilities are extremely variable, and facilities are declining. Some of the very things we chose Riderwood for, years ago, no longer exist. At this stage, my mother doesn't drive, but she is still in independent living. There is no assistance for her in getting to doctor's appointments etc., beyond calling a cab. Two winters ago when we had extreme snow and cold, there was 2-in. thick ice on the sidewalks just outside the door that leads to the parking lots in my mother's building. We asked daily, for a week, to have it removed (and we brought our own salt and treated it), to no avail: mother nature finally took care of it. Hard to believe icy sidewalks aren't remedied at an elderly community, but we realized this was just an indicator of Riderwood's attitude in general. Services and facilities have been steadily declining, and we are now discussing whether to take the huge financial hit required to move my mother elsewhere.

December 23, 2014

By bluebell2

I visited this facility

Assisted living and nursing care are together in a separate building, separated from the independent living buildings. Assisted living was definitely more of an institutional feel than independent living (the latter being more nicely decorated with multiple dining rooms; more of a college dorm atmosphere). Assisted living is of course always a little more dismal due to that population needing more care, but it was disappointing that assisted living residents don't seem to have easy access to convenience store, bank, or other amenities that independent living have (due to being in separate building). I was also turned off by the fact that the employee who gave me a tour of assisted living was visibly very ill and kept coughing. In my opinion staff who work in nursing homes should be required to take sick days if ill - safety of the elderly residents should come first.

December 22, 2014

By Elizabeth98967250

I visited this facility

I know quite a lot of people who reside at Riderwood Village, and they all love the facility. Personally, I don’t like the surroundings because there's too much asphalt. The people I knew there all told me that it's an easy place to retire. They get animal therapy, movies, and trips.

November 29, 2014

By Caring97650950

I visited this facility

The staff at Riderwood seems very good. It is closest to my son. The rooms are very pleasant and clean, and all the amenities are there. The dining room is very pleasant with a window on one side and plenty of lighting and stuff coming in. For activities, they have almost anything that you might be interested in.

July 03, 2014

By Caring73849850

I am a friend or relative of a resident

The place is very positive. My brother's room is very attractive and great. He has a living room, dining room, and a separate bedroom. Their food is excellent. They have a good variety and quality of food. The staff is very caring, persevering, and patient. He participates to a lot of activities on a daily basis. He feels absolutely secure with Riderwood. I would definitely recommend this facility to others.

June 10, 2014

By Caring74232150

I visited this facility

I was invited to an open house in Riderwood Village. They showed apartments - one bedroom, two bedroom or three-bedroom apartments. It was the usual sales pitch. Activities are the usual mix of things, depends on what your interests are. My wife has been in the rehab there in the past where she enjoyed playing the piano and the food was very good. The rehabilitation facility is probably the best in the county.

April 24, 2014

By Caring83214250

I visited this facility

The people there were very helpful. I guess we came away feeling we didn't want to live in a high-rise, and Riderwood has about 6 about high-rises. So we're not going to put that very high on our list right now. We were shown all the facilities. The dining room is fine. They assured us that the chef could take care of my wife's needs. But we didn't get much in-depth discussion about it. They had a 2-bedroom plus a den.

December 01, 2013

By easygoing

I am/was a resident of this facility

I lived at Riderwood and I found it to be a lovely place. They have nice activities like lectures and good old movies. They have religious services and trips to various places. They have wonderful food. The nice thing about this facility is that it understands the needs of the people and they really try to accommodate to their style.

September 25, 2013

By Allan1

I visited this facility

What I like about Riderwood is that the food and the activities are superior. Under certain circumstances this facility would be right for a certain person.

September 24, 2013

By Denny2

I visited this facility

Riderwood Village was about eight to ten minutes off the road where I lived. It was a nice facility. It have outdoor facilities that I could use and a lot of ground that I could walk. They have one or two meals a day.

July 30, 2013

By Anne21

I visited this facility

Riverwood's surrounding was good. The rooms and the staff were nice. But it was not a facility who would take people with memory problem like my husband does.

July 24, 2013

By HappyToVisit

I visited this facility

We were invited to stay two nights in Riderwood. There was something in the atmosphere probably the flameproof chemical that they used in the carpeting that I was allergic to and I developed eye irritation which took two days after we went home to clear up. I noticed that not only in the apartment but my allergy became worse in the dining room. Their apartments and kitchens were quite nice though and their activity program with a lot of opportunities for classes and intellectual stimulation appealed to us. But I just couldn't live there so we had to ask for our deposit back.

June 12, 2013

By Caring5250

I am a friend or relative of a resident

I visited Riderwood which is an independent living facility with assisted living too, but my friend is in independent. She's enjoying it and she's okay. She's been staying there for about a year. They serve food there. The place is clean and they have separate apartments. If I don't move out of state, I'll move there.

April 30, 2013

By Lydia 1

I visited this facility

We visited several assisted living facilities and the one place we liked was Riderwood. It's a combination of independent-living where my parents could get some care and didn't have to be completely assisted. They had about 125 different lay-outs, which were quite roomy, and surprisingly comparable in terms of the price. It was a campus-like environment with a thousand residents and various clubhouse buildings equipped with different facilities. For example, one had a big pool and another had a big theater in it. And these buildings were all connected by a walk-through, so that whether it's too cold or the middle of summer, you didn't have to walk outside at all. It was a complete facility and the people there seemed to be were very active. We did not see anybody sitting around or just sleeping. They had lots and lots of activities. There were people doing photography, they had different classes, and just about any activity that you can think of. They also had different pastors and people coming in from various religions, so they had quite a variety of religious activities too. They had transportation to take people out on trips. They even had a camping site. The variety of things and activities they had was amazing. But my parents aren't ready to move into any facility right now.

March 21, 2013

By Caring9495

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Riderwood Village is a complete full care facility, which includes independent living, assisted living, short term rehabilitation and long term care. We chose it because of the activities involved, the food, and the proximity to our house. Overall the facility is very good.

December 28, 2012

By ScottM2

I visited this facility

Riderwood is a great place. But the financial commitment that they have there are much higher than a lot of other places. The staff was great, I have no complaints. I was well informed during my visit. There's a lot of amenities there and it has a lot to offer.

October 17, 2012

By Jonathan_M

I visited this facility

It is not the facility I would want for my relative. We had to call them few times just to schedule some time to visit the facility and when we got there the supervisor was very helpful but the staff looked extremely ruthless (like they were doing a favor for residents). Some of the staff was very abusive and it really made me feel upset for the residents who were living there. It seems like the staff in this facility cares about themselves more than they care for the residents. Only good thing about this facility is that they keep it clean and the rooms they have are pretty big with nice closets. They have gym, pool, lake etc so it is nice place to live. Only if the staff was more helpful and caring towards the residence. After we told about this facility to my aunt she didn't want to live there and we didn't send her there. I would not recommend it to anyone who I care about. 3 stars just for the cleanliness.

September 26, 2012

By Disappointed dominate

I am a friend or relative of resident

independent living very good. Assisted living staff unresponsive - does not return calls. Staff highly variable. Some excellent and caring, others bordering on abusive at times. Staff convenience seems more important than happy residents....

July 23, 2012

By ryanMkelly

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Riderwood seems adept at meeting the needs of its residents. The facilities are clean, modern, and spacious. The staff, for the most part, appears competent and helpful. My grandmother has been happy with her room and the meals provided to her, as well as the medical care she is able to receive on premises. When my grandfather began to suffer from Alzheimer's, he was moved to another facility on the same campus that provided greater care, where the rest of the family was still able to visit. The transition appeared to be seamless, and the nursing home facility also met their needs.

June 04, 2012

By WilliamC

I visited this facility

Riderwood is a low rise, two-story facility. I really like the place and the facility but I'm still looking around for more options. The rooms have big walk-in closets, living rooms and a bathroom. I didn't taste the food. Oh, and it offers different activities. It has an indoor heated pool, fitness center, a lake or was it a huge pond of some sort and lots of neat activity areas.

May 02, 2012

By elaineqp

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My grandparents and several of my friends' parents have lived at Riderwood for several years. I used to be nervous about assisted living facilities and had little faith that they were places that I, someday, would want to live. However, Riderwood has completely changed that image in my mind. The private apartments are beautiful--my grandparents live in one that overlooks a lake. There are also so many opportunities for both social interaction and continuing to stay engaged. My always social grandparents love the communal dining room where they have made tons of friends, and they've taken several courses taught by local faculty on subjects ranging from literature to music. When they have had health problems, the physical therapists and more hands-on assisted living staff have been wonderful. Their involvement in the community is wonderful as well, including the scholarship program offered to the local high school students, who are given part-time jobs as waiters in the dining hall. It definitely gives me peace of mind knowing that my loved ones are not only safe, but are happy as well.

November 17, 2011

By Bowiegirl

I am a friend or relative of a resident

I have visited the Riderwood assisted living facility on numerous occasions to visit my husband's grandmother, who lives there alone in a one-bedroom apartment. My experiences at Riderwood have been completely positive. The community is filled with active senior citizens who enjoy a broad array of social and cultural activities, such as movie nights, opera classes, card games, and religious gatherings. Residents are able to have small pets and some apartments have access to private garden lots where residents can grow flowers and vegetables. All residents have a small shelf outside their doors that they can decorate and personalize. My husband's grandmother is very happy with the staff at Riderwood and often comments on their professionalism and kindness. She has been able to maintain a strong level of independence despite her health needs. I feel she is well cared-for at Riderwood and would certainly recommend the facility to others wishing to send their loved ones to a welcoming and caring community.
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Independent Living Reviews for Riderwood

March 23, 2020


I visited this facility

The person we dealt with at Riderwood Senior Living Community was very knowledgeable, followed up, and took us on a tour. We're very pleased with the reception that we got, the information they provided, the ability to go to different buildings, and it's all inside so you don't have to go outside if the weather is cold and things like that. There's a way to go all the way around this place inside. They have a bunch of different restaurants and different places you can go like banks, they have different services, like a store, salon, church services, and lots of different things. We really wanted to get my mother-in-law there, but depending on what size of room you have in independent living, there's a buy-in. The buy in is about $190,000 to 300,000. You're supposed to get 90% VAT on the death of the occupant. So you have this big buy-in, but the cost of the accommodations is relatively inexpensive, probably at $2,000 to 3,000 a month. But the problem is when you look at the care plan and you need care it goes up very quickly. The memory care area goes up pretty substantially, too. I'm pretty impressed with their facilities, they were building a pool area. The only downside is the parking, it's a challenge for visitors who come.

February 24, 2020

By NeedsImprovement

I am/was a resident of this facility

Facility is slow to resolve problems, if not a all. Raw sewage has been backing up periodically into my kitchen sink for months. Maintenance says it can't be resolved due to a sewer system design problem. Very dangerous health problem. You would think they would give me another apartment. Food quality in the restaurant fluctuates also. Sometimes not worth eating. It is an okay place if you fix your own food.

September 24, 2018

By Clarisse

I visited this facility

I've decided to go to Riderwood and put down a deposit. I have a number of friends who live there who are very satisfied. They have long corridors, so it's a long walk to the dining room but that's good exercise. The people are very friendly and say hello when you meet them in the hall. The grounds are kept very well. They really look out for the residents. From what my friends have told me, I think it would be a very good fit for me. The sales rep was very helpful, answered all my questions, and followed up. I've been very satisfied with the way they handled the whole thing. There's an art studio, music room, physical fitness, library, and all kinds of clubs. It's a very active community.

March 31, 2018

By Henrietta

I visited this facility

Riderwood was very nice and very clean, but it was too far away from my circle of friends. The staff was very pleasant. The place was pleasantly designed with quite a bit of land around it. It has trails and gyms. The food was very good too. They had very nice views, and the rooms were very nice.

August 23, 2017

By Annie

I visited this facility

Riderwood was a pretty nice community. You could get a two-bedroom or a one-bedroom depending on what your income would allow you to do. The dining area was nice, and the food was very good. The staff was very nice. When you go there, they remodel the room and put in a new stove and a new refrigerator, so everything would be new, like moving into a new place. They had bingo, offered trips to different places, and have dancing. The people who I know live there said they really enjoy being there. They have a room with equipment in it like bicycles and different things. If you could no longer live in the independent part, you could move into their assisted living. It was well maintained. In the wintertime if you don't care to go outside, you don't have to because they have stores in there and you could just walk through this long hallway and see outside. They had a grocery store and a store where you could buy little trinkets. It had everything.

July 20, 2015

By Anonymous108987950

I visited this facility

We were impressed by the size of the apartments at Riderwood. It had a very pleasant environment. There was greenery, and there were trees. The staff was very pleasant. I would recommend it to others.

October 31, 2014

By Caring96986650

I visited this facility

Riderwood was my first choice. It's a big community, and they have a lot of things going on. The people were really nice. I ate there, and the food was great. They do have a lot of activities. They have a church you can go to. You get one meal a day at their independent living. The room I looked at that I was willing to take if I had enough money was considered a studio, and it had good windows which overlooks the lake. They also have a full kitchen and separate areas for the living room and the bedroom. They had washers and dryers.

November 21, 2012

By T.B.

I am a friend or relative of a resident

I can't say enough about the care at Riderwood. My mother is in a beautiful apartment and receives one meal a day. They call it "worry free retirement" and they mean it. A lightbulb goes out, mom makes a call, and they're fixing it that day! Meals are excellent, staff is friendly and knowledgeable, medical, dental and pharmacies right on campus! Very convenient.
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Nursing Home Reviews for Riderwood

September 27, 2012

By fancypants12

I visited this facility

This seems like a great assisted living facility. It has apartments for the residents to be as independent as they like, but also has higher levels of care available once they become necessary. When my grandmother eventually became very ill, they took excellent care of her, eventually providing the necessary hospice care.

September 24, 2012

By artichoke_85

I am a friend or relative of a resident

The staff are friendly and seem attentive to resident's dietary and personal needs. There were a variety of ages of people visiting and because the more assisted living population is mixed in with the retirement population whenever possible, the environment is less depressing. The food is fairly bland but good quality and there are some vegetarian options. During one visit, my grandfather collapsed in the bathroom with what later turned out to be pneumonia. There was quickly a staff member there to assist him and they checked his vitals before transporting him to the hospital. Rent at the facility includes one meal a day, and that meal can be take-out or eaten in the dining room. The dining rooms don't allow groups of two or less people to sit alone so they attempt to foster socialisation which is good. Additionally, there is a lot of intellectual stimulation available through subsidised, facilitated trips, courses taught by local college professors, and the availability of craft and recreation rooms.
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Continuing Care Retirement Community Reviews for Riderwood

September 25, 2013

By Alice11

I visited this facility

The staff and rooms at Riderwood Village were nice. We had lunch there and the food was good. My friend who lived there and the people I talked to like the place. They had lots of activities, like entertainment, bridge and movies. They also had a pool. I liked it that it was more of an independent living and it was an active place. I would recommend it to my family and friends.

March 28, 2013

By Caring 6406

I visited this facility

We visited Riderwood twice and we're actually on their waiting list. They had several kinds of apartments. The staff was very nice and helpful.
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Room and housing options

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • 2-bedroom apartments
  • Studio Apartments

Dining options

  • In Room Kitchenette
  • Dining Room Shared Meals
  • Dining Extra: Signature Dining Features An Impressive Selection Of At Least 25 Items At A Time That Include Familiar Favorites And Regional Specialties, Plus Weekly Chef Specials, Seasonal Dishes, And Holiday Themed Events, We Offer Restaurant Style Seating, Meals On The Go, Flexible Dining Options, Sugar Free And Low Sugar, Low Carb,


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  • Medicare Provider Number: 215343
  • Ownership Type: Non Profit Corporation
  • Date Certified: 10/01/2020


  • Resident Capacity: 117
  • Minimum Age: Yes
  • Pets: Yes


  • Nurses Extra: 24/7 Nursing Care

Range of services

  • Personal Care Assistants
  • Occupational Therapy

Types of care

  • Meal Preparation
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About Riderwood

Riderwood is the largest continuing care retirement community in the United States. Located on 120 picturesque acres in Silver Spring, Maryland, our private campus is kept secure day and night by a team of professionals trained in emergency first response. We're the ideal choice for active seniors who want to live a vibrant, engaging, and purposeful lifestyle in a setting that's both safe and beautiful.

Like a small town under one roof, Riderwood offers an abundance of opportunities to keep your mind, body and spirit thriving. Stroll to any of our four spectacular clubhouses through climate-controlled, glass-enclosed walkways that connect all of our community buildings. Here you'll find all the resources you need to enjoy a spectacular retirement, including fitness centers , an indoor heated pool and hot tub and six restaurants serving healthy, delicious meals created fresh each day by our own personal chef. Other amenities include computer labs with high-speed Internet, billiards and game rooms, creative arts studios, fully-equipped woodworking shops classrooms and even a resident-run television studio and performing arts center. Not to mention banks and 24-hour ATMs, beauty salons and barber shops, convenience stores and an on-site pharmacy that delivers to your door!

Riderwood also has an on-site medical center staffed by physicians who work exclusively at our community. These licensed geriatricians are experts in meeting the unique health care needs of older adults. They will work with you to design a wellness plan that will keep you strong, independent and feeling your finest for years to come.

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