Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York City. Almost 500,000 people call this small island home, many of them seniors living with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Between 2014 and 2018, the senior death rate attributed to Alzheimer’s Disease rose by nearly 26%, from 54 deaths to 68. This is much higher than the death rate for other causes in New York during the same time span. 

Memory care services can help reduce the death rate associated with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders. These services give seniors access to advanced medications and therapies, including physical and occupational therapy to improve manual dexterity, and specialized programs designed to maintain or improve cognitive functioning.

In this guide to memory care in Staten Island, we provide an overview of memory care options available in the New York City area and the benefits and drawbacks of memory care in Staten Island. We also offer information on the cost of memory care in the borough as compared to other cities in the area and provide guidance on how to find financial assistance to help cover the cost of memory care. 

Directory of Memory Care Facilities in Staten Island, NY

2013, 2016

Sunrise of Staten Island

801 Narrows Road North, Staten Island, NY, 10304

<p>Come visit Sunrise of Staten Island, a warm, NY State Licensed, senior living community servicing NYC metro-area residents on the north shore of Staten Island, NY. Besides round-the-clock nursing c … (read more)
<p>Come visit Sunrise of Staten Island, a warm, NY State Licensed, senior living community servicing NYC metro-area residents on the north shore of Staten Island, NY. Besides round-the-clock nursing c … (read more)

Sunrise of New Dorp

470 New Dorp Lane, Staten Island, NY, 10306

The Brielle

140 Friendship Lane, Staten Island, NY, 10314

The Brielle at Seaview is being touted by visitors and residents as a great, brand-new facility that is very clean. Located in the heart of Staten Island, New York, and surrounded by parkland, this fa … (read more)
The Brielle at Seaview is being touted by visitors and residents as a great, brand-new facility that is very clean. Located in the heart of Staten Island, New York, and surrounded by parkland, this fa … (read more)

COVID-19 Rules for Memory Care in Staten Island

Since most COVID-19 rules for Memory Care Communities and other Senior Living Facilities are set at the state level, you can view the specific rules for your state on our Guide to Memory Care in New York. Keep in mind that every community has specific policies that they put in place to protect their residents, so you should contact your local community for more information. Additionally, you can contact your local Area Agency on Aging to learn more – find contact information here.

What to Consider About Memory Care in Staten Island

Long-term care providers, including memory care communities, are licensed and regulated by the New York State Department of Health. This department also inspects facilities every 12-18 months and investigates complaints of misconduct or abuse. Memory care communities must renew their care license every two years. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Memory Care in Staten Island

  • Staten Island is a good location to live for seniors with dementia. The borough has more than 260 physicians available per 100,000 people, which is higher than the national average. It also has multiple programs for seniors with Alzheimer’s available through local hospitals. Two of these programs are the Alzheimer’s Disease & Memory Care Disorders program through Weill Cornell Medicine and the Alzheimer’s Disease Center & Pearl I. Barlow Center at NYU Langone.   
  • Staten Island doesn’t have the common problems associated with living on an island, as seniors have more than a few ways to travel both in and around the borough. The ferry runs all day and night, and there are multiple bridges that connect Staten Island with New Jersey and New York City. Seniors who need wheelchair-accessible travel options can use Access-A-Ride for transportation to appointments in Richmond County and around the area.  
  • Staten Island enjoys a moderate temperature with humidity that is moderated by the surrounding water. This can make the island more comfortable during the summer when those on the interior of the state experience scorching heat. The most pleasant months are June and September, with temperatures in the low 70s and plenty of sunshine. 
  • Living in New York as a senior can be liberating. Although the cost of living here is higher than the national average, it is on par with other parts of the city. Additionally, seniors do not get taxed on their Social Security or other retirement pensions. They can also exclude up to $20,000 off their taxable pensions when doing taxes, saving them more money. 
  • Staten Island offers dementia programming and memory care services to seniors across the metropolitan area,  making it one of the most “dementia-friendly” places to live in New York. Organizations such as the Area Agency on Aging and the Jewish Community Center of Staten Island host exercise classes, therapies and other activities that benefit seniors who need memory care services.

Paying for Memory Care in Staten Island

Note: Residential memory care is usually offered in assisted living facilities, and in general, memory care rates tend to be 20-30% higher than assisted living rates. No national database currently tracks memory care costs in the United States, so we’ve estimated the monthly memory care costs listed below by adding 25% to the rates listed in Genworth’s 2021 Cost of Care Survey.

The cost of memory care in Staten Island is close to $7,200 per month, which is higher than both the New York state average and the national average by approximately $1,500 each month. 

The Cost of Memory Care in Nearby Cities

In comparison to cities around the New York metropolitan area, the cost of memory care in Staten Island is about mid-range. Memory care in Staten Island costs $1,200 more than that in Poughkeepsie and $1,400 more than Binghamton rates. Staten Island’s cost for memory care is substantially less than that of Bridgeport, CT, and Trenton, NJ, the closest comparable cities around the metro area. The cost for care in Staten Island is around $650 less than that in Bridgeport and almost $3,000 less per month than in Trenton.   


Staten Island


New York


The United States


Bridgeport, CT




Trenton, NJ



The Other Types of Senior Care

Generally, memory care is costlier than both assisted living and adult day health care. This includes Staten Island, where memory care is approximately $7,200 per month, more than $5,200 more than adult day care and $1,400 more than assisted living. Memory care is also $1,660 more than in-home care and nearly $1,500 more than home health care. However, memory care is still less expensive than a semiprivate room in a nursing home. For nursing home care seniors pay nearly $12,500 per month, nearly $5,300 more than for memory care.  


Memory Care


In-Home Care


Home Health Care


Adult Day Health Care


Assisted Living Facility


Nursing Home Facility (semiprivate room)

Note: Care cost data for Staten Island was not available, so data for the closest city, New York City, was used instead.

Financial Assistance for Memory Care in Staten Island

In Staten Island, there are options for seniors who need financial assistance paying for Memory Care. For more information about other options, who qualifies, and how to apply, Memory Care in New York page.

More ways to pay for memory care in New York

More Ways to Pay for Memory Care

While many families use their own funds or personal assets to pay for memory care, there are plenty of additional options to cover these costs. Some additional ways to finance memory care costs include:

  • Veterans Benefits
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Reverse Mortgage

For more information about different ways to finance memory care, visit our Memory Care in New York page.

Free Memory Care Resources in Staten Island

In a city as big as New York, it can be difficult for seniors to find the services they need to thrive. To make the task easier, this guide lists crucial programs available to Staten Island’s residents who need help with their memory care needs.




(646) 418-4466

The New York City chapter of the Alzheimer's Association (AA) provides support for seniors and their families living with a dementia diagnosis. The organization offers educational programming, in-person events, online support groups and advocacy opportunities designed to address the stigma of Alzheimer's and help seniors to connect with others who are dealing with the disease as well. 

(855) 582-6769

The New York State LTC Ombudsman is a state-based program for seniors who need representation and advocacy within a nursing home or memory care community. The non-profit agency coordinates communication between a facility and a senior who is experiencing a situation within the community. It also investigates claims of abuse. 

(212) 382-6658

The Department of Aging partners with local organizations to provide NYC seniors with a range of services, from ensuring that seniors have access to shopping and transportation to referrals to local service providers who can help them stay active and healthy.

(800) 701-0501

This state program has more than 500 counselors around the state at local offices to help aging seniors with advice and assistance for applying to Medicaid, Medicare (managed care and prescription drug coverage), Medigap and other long-term health insurance.

(718) 981-6226

CASC provides transportation to Staten Island seniors aged 60 and over. Seniors can use this service to access Neighborhood Senior Centers, local shopping centers and banks and medical facilities. The agency also provides a range of other services, including case management, educational opportunities and help with finding financial assistance programs.

Memory Care Laws and Regulations in Staten Island

Staten Island Memory Care Communities must adhere to the comprehensive set of state laws and regulations that all Memory Care Facilities in New York are required to follow. Visit our Memory Care in New York page for more information about these laws.

Laws and regulations for memory care in New York