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  1. What's the difference between a senior real estate specialist and a garden-variety real estate agent?

    The most important distinction is that senior real estate specialists and senior-specialized agents (the terms are used interchangeably) focus on the niche market of seniors selling their homes. Because of this, they may be better at handling the emotional tumult that often surrounds the sale of an ...
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  2. How do I get the deed to my brother's property in my name without an attorney?

    If you and your brother were joint owners on the title to the property, then it should be fairly easy to get it into your name alone"”without going through the time and expense of hiring a lawyer.
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  3. FAQ: What Is a Functional Assessment?

    In medicine and gerontology, a functional assessment is an evaluation of a person's ability to manage tasks and activities that are usually necessary in daily life. These tasks include the activities of daily living (ADLs), which refer to basic self-care such as dressing and getting around the house...
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  4. My ill mother refuses to live with us, what can be done?

    You obviously care about your mom. It also sounds like you have probably tried a variety of approaches to address these problems, yet your tactics are just not working. It's time to try something new. If the issues are not life threatening, don't raise them for a while. and once you do, approach the...
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  5. Where can my mother with Alzheimer's find life time care?

    I'm sorry to hear that your mom has Alzheimer's disease and is also facing a financial challenge.
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  6. Should I Mom remain home with a caregiver, or move to a newer place with a caregiver?

    It sounds like your mother has a mild dementia. If so, she will feel safer in her familiar environment, no matter its condition. It is then up to you to determine whether she lives in a safe place or not. If she has any dementia, it is progressive, and she will need more care as time goes on.
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  7. How do I convince my mother to move to be closer even though she's overwhelmed with the thought of moving all of her stuff?

    Sometimes the best way to get a parent to move is to say "Let's move what you need right away, close up the house, and come back in a month or two to get everything else."
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  8. What are the obligations of an assisted living facility if my mother was injured there?

    Your question about your mom's assisted living injury raises the issue of whether the facility is able to protect its residents. Legally, assisted living facilities are in a somewhat problematic position. They fill the gap between being at home, which is usually unsafe, and being in a nursing home,...
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  9. Is there a law that limits how many residents a Certified Nurse Assistant can care for?

    I do not know of a law that specifically limits the number of residents a CNA can have at any one time. I don't claim expertise on that point. The law does give some guidance on how many hours per day of nursing care a nursing home resident must receive. The laws that affect nursing facilities are ...
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  10. How do I deal with my mom's requests to visit her in assisted living every day?

    Ah! The GUILT card! Here you are doing everything you can to assist your mother, and she lays a guilt trip on you - and you buy it! Shame on both of you!
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  11. My mom is upset by another assisted living resident, how can I help my mom cope?

    I assume that there are only 6 people total in the assisted living because the obvious answer would be to move your mother to a different table. If there are only 6 residents and they all sit at the same table for meals, could your mother sit next to Mary? Mary would then have to turn her head to st...
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  12. Considering my parents health, how can they live in a hotel for two to three months?

    Both of your parents would do better in an assisted living community than in their house, or an apartment. Both of them need nursing supervision. Ask the insurance company to pay for their care in the assisted living during the time of the mold clean up, and after that, it's up to your family. Movin...
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  13. What happens when Mom runs out of money to pay the assisted living facility?

    In Pennsylvania, Medicaid does not cover assisted living. As you indicated, your mother will have to pay privately when the time comes. When she runs out of money, she will need to move to a nursing home where she can be covered by Medicaid. It is a good idea to make this move before she runs out of...
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  14. Is it possible to take a loved one to a nursing home when I am going on vacation?

    Hi Deeda,
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  15. How can I convince my hoarding parent to let go of junk?

    To decide on an approach, you first need to figure out whether your mother is a pack rat or a hoarder.
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  16. How do I advise my mother that it is time to move to an assisted living facility?

    I don't think "advise" is necessarily the best way to approach your mother. In my experience, when a child tries giving a parent advice, even with the best intentions, the parent digs her heels in and won't budge. Another way to approach this situation is for you to start making notes about the heal...
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  17. My elderly mother has anxiety disorder and is fine when feeling well but uncontrollable when ill. Is it time for assisted living?

    Assisted living is restricted to those who can care for themselves but require help with meals, personal hygiene, housekeeping and some routine items such as medications. If your mother's periodic illness requires more care than this, consider other options such as an in home health care agency duri...
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  18. Are there special housing facilities for Parkinson's patients?

    As far as I know, there are no retirement communities dedicated to Parkinson's specifically, although some may offer special support to those suffering from this illness. My mother had Parkinson's and she lived out her entire life in a retirement community. At the end she hired her own caregiver, bu...
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  19. How can I ease tensions between my grandmother, myself and my roommates?

    Your situation sounds difficult, and I'd be willing to bet that tension among the roommates is the least of your problems. For instance, how do you feel about giving up your room and sleeping on the couch indefinitely? If your grandmother can't contribute to the household expenses, does that mean yo...
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  20. What are the housing options for my parents who are filing bankruptcy?

    Although  your parents are not yet ready for supportive housing, it is best to plan ahead. You should review the information on  your state websites to find local programs such as HUD, low rent options for seniors and housing choice vouchers.
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