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Assisted Living Reviews for Brookdale Beckett Meadows

October 06, 2017

By B Hale

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

No place is perfect, but Beckett Meadows was about as close as you can get. It's not the newest or fanciest place, certainly not a palace, but the staff there more than make up for that. The caretakers truly loved our dad and often called him by his nickname, Double E. He was in their memory care wing for almost 3 years. Though his memory was shot, they made his life there comfortable, and treated him with the utmost respect. They catered to his sense of humor--something he did not lose. Not long after he arrived, he met and became smitten with another resident. She and my dad often sat side by side, holding hands. They became known as a couple. The caretakers often played old favorites and encouraged them to dance. It touched my heart to see my dad so happy in spite of losing so much of his cognition. The caretakers, some of the administrators and even the chef knew all the residents' names. They often used a playful deep Papa Bear voice with my dad who would speak to them in the same voice. (My dad called it his new voice.) I assume this was sort of a private joke that stuck. At any rate, my dad loved the attention. In his final day, as my family camped out in his room (watching him sleep as his body was shutting down), the director of memory care brought us a table, extra chairs, and a full lunch, catered right there to our room. They were as kind and loving to my family as they were to my dad. The medics helped us through difficult times and kept us informed on his condition and what to expect. It's really true that "people make the place." I'll never forget their kindness.

June 01, 2017

By karen-l-357444

I visited this facility

Brookdale Beckett Meadows was not my favorite place. They had nice grounds with lots of flowers. The staff was friendly, but not every attentive. The place had some urine smell. The room was fairly small. They also allowed pets, so I did not know if the urine smell came from the pets.
Provider Response
We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us from your visit. We have passed your feedback along to our local and regional management team for review.

July 20, 2016

By MHH32

I am a friend or relative of resident

Moved my mom in here 1 year ago. First I will say that the majority of the staff are very friendly and there are lots of activities. The PT, OT, and the activities director are wonderful. However, the cleanliness people are referring to only applies to the main areas, the residence rooms get neglected. I can't even seem to even get my moms trashed emptied everyday - and with an elderly parent that wears depends this is important. The room is rarely swept and the bathrooms and kitchen area are over looked. There is a lot of turnover with the staff so the level of personal care is not good. Things like laundry may get missed - or even misplaced, bed linens do not get changed on a regular basis, times of medications/treatments may be a little "later" than usual, etc. My mom loves it here and has lots of friends but due to the level of care I am looking for a new "home" for her as she is my main priority and I need to know that she is safe and well taken care of when I am not there.
Provider Response
We are very pleased to hear that your mom loves the community! We do regret to hear about these concerns you have shared with us and we have shared your concerns with the District Director of Operations and he would very much welcome the opportunity to speak with you directly. Please call our Resident and Family Connection Team at (877) 400-5296 so we can connect you with him.

June 30, 2016

By Sherry373515

I visited this facility

My mother is going to move into Brookdale Beckett Meadows. It is in a great location between my daughter and myself, and I like the fact that it has a rehab facility on-site.

May 10, 2016


I visited this facility

We have not moved my mom into Brookdale Beckett Meadows yet because she is currently at a rehab hospital and sick. However, I was very pleased with Brookdale and thought it would be a great fit for her. It was fantastic. When I toured, the staff was very friendly, very helpful, and answered all of my questions. I even talked to some of the residents who seemed very happy there. The facility was very clean and had everything that my mom would need for her care. They had an outdoor area for the residents to go and activities every day, plus special activities during the month, like movies and live musicians coming in once a week. Their cafeteria was set up very well, like a restaurant. I was very pleased.

March 31, 2016

By Paula122998350

I visited this facility

Brookdale Beckett Meadows was a nice place and I’m definitely considering it. We were looking at it more for a potential respite care. My brother is the main caregiver for my two elderly parents and he needed surgery, so I came down for two weeks and I was thinking that if they needed care longer than that I’d have to do something, but as it turned we didn’t have to do that. Still, I’m glad that I have the information in case there’s an emergency. I know that it’s a decent facility and for what it is, it’s fine. It’s not home, but it’s not bad. We were looking at it more for respite than for permanent residency.

March 31, 2016

By Rebecca47

I visited this facility

I have found several places, but my first choice is Brookdale Beckett Meadows. The staff was very helpful, and the lady I met with, who’s the sales manager, was so very helpful, answered all of my questions, gave me a really good tour of the facility, and told me all of the activities that they have for the residents. I found this facility to be very clean, very light, and all the staff members that I met were very friendly and very helpful. I actually got to meet some of the residents, and they seemed very happy. All the while, I was just very pleased with the facility. The dining area looked very nice, and the menus seemed to be very well rounded and healthy. They had a little movie theater area, TVs, and areas where they could do puzzles and arts and crafts, and an outside area where they can go and plant flowers or vegetables. It was really great. I really didn’t see anything that in my opinion needed improvement. It was very clean and very bright, which are some of the things that I look for. She showed me an apartment that would work for my mom, and it was very clean. They were updating some of the rooms by giving them fresh paint, cleaning the carpet, and cleaning flooring in some of them, which I thought was great.

January 29, 2016

By Kim119753350

I am a friend or relative of a resident

The rooms at Brookdale Beckett Meadows are very nice, and clean. They come in various sizes depending on your budget. The food has been very good. The tables at the dining room are set up very nicely with tablecloths, and it has a fine dining atmosphere. They have different activities everyday, and my mom is complaining about being tired everyday from doing so much. The staff were all very helpful, and friendly. They get things done at reasonable times.

December 20, 2015

By Loving Daughter15

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My father is in his second month at Brookdale Beckett Meadows (formerly Emeritus at Beckett Meadows). It seemed like it was an attentive one-on-one caring place. They allow the person dependent upon their mental and physical condition to do as much independently as they can for as long as they can. I really appreciate that, because I didn't want them to just jump in and have to bathe him, especially since he can still do that on his own. He is suffering from dementia, and it's quickly progressing, and they would have some type of activities and things for him to do. They have artwork, various people from the communities come in and play music. Pets come in, and (there are) yoga sessions. The staff is very friendly. They allow him to do things independently until he does specifically ask for help. They're very patient with him, and I appreciate that. He says the food didn't have a lot of flavor to it, but they are good meals. I think he's just losing his taste buds. They also give him snacks. I wish he would lose weight, since he gained weight while he was there. He's in a different mental capacity than the Alzheimer's patients there, and it's a new condition to them, and they're learning about his condition as well. They have the memory care unit and assisted living. When we got there, all the ladies and gentlemen were sitting around the piano, and they were sitting in the front room and having their coffee and cookie time. They offered my dad coffee and cookies, and he was all happy. It is a perfect facility.

November 11, 2015

By Anonymous114038050

I visited this facility

We liked that Brookdale Beckett Meadows is close to where my sister lives and that it’s a smaller community without a lot of residents. We spoke with some of the residents, and they all seemed really happy.

May 28, 2015

By Catherine29

I visited this facility

Brookdale Beckett Meadows is actually listed as an assisted living, so the price for us was way more. I thought the rooms were very tiny. Potentially for someone coming from living in a house to moving, they would be kind of uncomfortable because the apartment was so small. They have what they call a one-bedroom, and even the two-bedroom was tiny. That and the price was a problem. When you go to a place officially called assisted living, they add about a thousand dollars to the place which is understandable. It was a quiet time in the afternoon, but they did have a busy looking schedule posted on the wall. It is a small facility, and there aren't as many people there, so that is why it seemed less lively. The cleanliness was good, and I saw no problem there. It is in a beautiful neighborhood. It is located near Dick Nichols Park, and some of the residents were out walking to the park. It looked like they were enjoying themselves.

January 07, 2015

By Linda103915050

I visited this facility

Beckett Meadows was very nice. The staff was very friendly, and the people seemed to be very happy. It has a good mobility; they would go around with their wheelchairs or walkers in the living room, and I have seen some of them outside even walking with their walkers getting some fresh air. It looks like they care about freedom. It was very new, but at that time my dad went, we would not be able to sell him on assisted living. I have talked to people who have been there, and they said it was exemplary. They have a piano in the grand entry room.

October 16, 2014

By Rick25

I visited this facility

The Park at Beckett Meadows (Emeritus at Beckett Meadows) was great. They were nice. Again, it was assisted living only. My other concern was the parking lot came right through the buildings. They didn’t have any patios too. The food was very good. They had a great activity; nightly or once a week, they have a movie night. Everybody was great that I talked to. They had always someone that would meet me, carry me around, take me on the tour, and show me one of the apartments that was not occupied or even occupied if somebody was not there.

October 16, 2014

By Ginger6

I visited this facility

The staff at Emeritus was very friendly, and they showed us all the different units, we’ve got to tour the whole place. Everyone was very friendly, and all the workers were engaged with the people staying there, and it seemed to be homey. They go on day trips. We talked to the people there, and they were friendly. There was an outdoor area where they could go, and we really liked it. It’s clean, and I was impressed that they get the Alzheimer residents to get involved. They had three meals a day, and overall it was a pleasant experience.

July 20, 2014

By Caring96172450

I visited this facility

Emeritus was very expensive. What I didn't like about it was that they are so huge. I think that my mom would be lost there. It's nice and clean. They have these programs where people can bring their pets and show their pets with the people that live there. That was nice because that gives them something to do with them, because they are able to pet them and help take care of them. I have nothing to say about it. It was just not something that my mother wanted to be in.

July 01, 2014

By Pawpawhelper

I visited this facility

We visited this facility for my father in-law. It was in a safe and really nice neighborhood. The facility was clean and the apartments updated. The activity areas were open and inviting. The dining area was very small, and they had very few food choices compared to the 6 other facilities we visited. We saw very few care givers, and most of the residents were absent. We purposely visited at meal time, and without an appointment as we have the other places we investigated for his placement. The person who gave us the tour never answered the specific questions we asked. Care giver/ resident ratio, turn over rates , average age of resident etc. The person just skirted around the details. If they did not know they should of just stated so and found the answers for us later. I would expect the higher management to know these facts. The facility was nice but I did not trust the level of care there. In my view they had a fancy place but level of care would need much more investigation before leaving a loved one in their care.

June 23, 2014

By Caring84442750

I am/was a resident of this facility

I am quite happy here at Emeritus. The facility is fine. It’s kept very clean, and the people here are really nice. I have no problems whatsoever. I have one room, and it’s quite comfortable. I don’t do most of the activities, but they have fitness classes, tai chi, games, and you can keep occupied if you want to.

May 09, 2014

By Alicia6

I am/was a resident of this facility

I have been living in Emeritus for a year now. It is small with a capacity of about 80 people in assisted living and the rest in memory care. It’s also community-based, and the staff is wonderful; they treat you like a person. They have little apartments, and they can let you do anything to the apartments. They allowed me to bring my plants, and I have around ten pots. The food is good. If you don’t want to eat the evening meal, you can ask for a salad or a peanut butter sandwich or whatever you want, and they’ll make it for you if they have it. The staff is good. The director has a degree in geriatric administration, and the ladies who work here are just out of this world; they’re very nice. They’re happy with what you want them to do. We have crafts on Fridays, Bingo about two days a week, we have music, a band comes and sings, and we have gardening in the community. I like it here because they let me be active. Emeritus is a nice place to be, and it’s really like home.

April 29, 2014

By Diane83532050

I visited this facility

I had nothing negative to say about Emeritus. I thought it was wonderful and organized. The staff seemed great. It impressed me most that the staff had been there for a long time, and they don’t seemed to have a lot of turnover. The rooms were big enough, and they seemed very nice. Everything seemed just fine. They had activities, like the staff baked cupcakes, and the people sat around in their wheelchairs; that seemed to be a little boring to me. They all had rubber gloves, and I didn't like that.

April 22, 2014

By settle20

I am a friend or relative of resident

I have to say this facility is understaffed! The employees I talked to said they were underpaid and many residents complained about the food always being unhealthy. Although the food is SOMETIMES good do to the tons of butter or sugar they put in the food and desserts they never gained as much weight and had high cholesterol like they do here. I love the caregivers they seem to know the residents very well but also seem to be unhappy with their management and work opportunities. Although there has been some awkward and clueless people they have hired recently. The residents come and go here and often are neglected do to the low staff and other residents who need more assistance and seem to need to be in memory care or honestly a nursing home. Although the Director Brandon seems to be very persuasive if you spend about a week there all their faults come to light. The biggest excuse for extra charges on everything is to pay the employees more but the few I became close with opened up about being paid only minimum wage for all they do! Laundry which is a extra charge, Trash, serving our mother in the dinning room, or sending up a tray to her room when sick which is a extra charge (for what we already pay for! ) The poor maintenance, poor communication amongst staff, and quality in the building it self is horrible! The management in the front seem so disconnected with the caregivers who actually take care and build a relationship with the residents and family. I did not feel comfortable with my mother staying at this place!!!

December 26, 2013

By Isabel4

I visited this facility

Emeritus at Beckett Meadows has a lot of activities going on, it depends on what the person needs. It would be very good for my dad because he can mingle during happy hours. They have bingo, ice cream and arts and crafts. The people were very nice, friendly and assisted us with our needs. The case worker was very knowledgeable. She was instrumental in giving me information on what to look for. The only thing there is they have an elevator to go to the second floor.

August 25, 2013

By Joy12

I visited this facility

We didn't like Emeritus at Beckett Meadows because it looked and felt like a nursing home and it didn't have a welcoming feel to it. It didn't look clean and I didn't like the dining room. Nevertheless, they were very nice and cordial. Their rooms were nice, but I didn't like the setting.

August 13, 2013

By Caring00021

I visited this facility

Emeritus had a really good, exceptional and nice staff. The rooms were nice. It was an older establishment but it had a very nice memory plan facility. It had a pool and a nice garden area, exercise equipment, and a nice dining area.

May 15, 2012

By rbh1137

I am a friend or relative of a resident

The staff at this facility were very friendly. My great grand mother made many friends amongst the staff and residents. She seemed happy the final years of her life. The facility provided many activities for the residents to keep them occupied.

February 10, 2012

By commercesd

I visited this facility

We went to see Beckett Meadows as an assisted living option for our aunt. We really liked to hear that it was pet-friendly, since our aunt has an attachment to her beloved cat. It is a great neighborhood - in the gorgeous southwest Austin region. Our family lives nearby, so this would be an ideal place so that we could visit our aunt whenever we like. We liked that this is a smaller community - with about 59 spaces for seniors. We feel this gives a better opportunity for the best and most individualized care possible. It also makes it a more homey senior living environment. They also have 15 memory care apartments. The dining area was ample, bright and nicely decorated with comfortablle and easy-access chairs. The food we tasted was delicious, as were the many snack offerings which residents are offered many times throughout the day and a few in the evening if they like. The library was lovely, too as was the media room. Residents may also gardening in the courtyard, which our aunt would really enjoy. The residents can also visit the nearby Dick Nichols Park and Will Hampton Branch Library. This is clearly a very well designed, nicely appointed facility, with competent and compassionate staff.

October 24, 2011

By Lisa Carlson

I visited this facility

This facility is lead by the director, Brandon. Beginning with the initial phone call to ask about services and amenities, he was very open and forthcoming about the facility. Best of all, HE asked questions about my mom's abilities and what special needs she has. That interest and caring was that first clue that the staff of Beckett Meadows is top notch. We are very happy with the care provided my mother. She feels safe and happy....the most important thing to me.

September 30, 2011

By Caring453751

I visited this facility

I visited this facility in search of a place for my Mother to live. I was impressed with the staff at the facility and how accommodating they have been to fit my Mother's needs. I have chosen this facility for my Mother to move into in a few weeks and I am confident she will be happy living at this facility. Pamela Busfield
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Services and Amenities of Brookdale Beckett Meadows

Room and housing options

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • Companion Suites: We Offer Companion Suites
  • Studio Apartments


  • Resident Transportation
  • Garden And Patio
  • Resident Parking
  • Security Gate

Health services

  • Nurse On Staff: Available During Business Hours

Guest services

  • Guests At Mealtime
  • Overnight Guests


  • English
  • Spanish


  • Resident Capacity: 95
  • Pets: Small Pets Allowed


  • State Licenses: 010282

About Brookdale Beckett Meadows

We offer a home like setting and cheerful smiles from our professional staff who greet you every day. Our caring staff offers the assistance you need while respecting your independence.

Our peaceful setting, restaurant style dining experience, activities and beautiful setting combine to create a wonderful living environment everyday. Our genuine caring staff, home style meals, daily activities add to our residents' experience.

Through special events, activities, clubs and ongoing cultural enrichment programs, we offer unlimited opportunities for you to get to know other residents and us. Call to set up an appointment for a tour because we delight in showing you our home.

Amenities and Services
  • Daily assistance with bathing and dressing
  • Medication management
  • Dining assistance and special diets
  • Assistance with reminders and redirection
  • Escorts and assistance with walking
  • Emergency response call system
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry and linen service

*Rates subject to change at any time. Level of care not included.

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