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Assisted Living Reviews for Oak Crest

December 20, 2016

By voyager

I am/was a resident of this facility

Things seem to be changing here. The food quality is slipping. There seems to be an attitude change on the part of the food service staff negatively toward the residents. I have had several residents, long term and short term begin to speak out to me about the negative situation

December 08, 2016

By Happycalm

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

I was excited that my mother was moving into Oak Crest initially. Now, not so much. They have many problems there that don't seem to be resolved, as they are busy making changes and room for the new people to hopefully come. Her food is not good and they can't seem to find a way of organizing the process or producing interesting or tasty food. Mice, mice, mice! They are overrun with mice and again, can't seem to find a way of clearing the issue up. Also, once one is moved in, even though repairs need to be made from past occupants Oak Crest charges the current tenant if they did not order all new interiors, and then there is a limited amount of time for catching problems.. Unfortunately, the mostly elderly people who are most affected by these issues are not able/willing/confident enough to push the management for improvement. Disappointed and not so happy now.

October 20, 2016

By Mary121534

I visited this facility

Oak Crest's rooms are very good and large. The food was satisfactory. They offered just about everything. It's a very large community, but it's probably a little larger than I would like.

June 28, 2016

By Elaine250741

I visited this facility

I was impressed with everything at Oak Crest because they had a lot to offer with activities, recreation, and volunteers coming in. They thought of everything in terms of not having to leave the facility. They had doctors and nurses come to check on the residents. It was very well planned out and pricey. I didn’t like that they had a buy-in program.

April 06, 2016

By Jean121803850

I visited this facility

Oak Crest was great. They have two-bedrooms with two bathrooms and a patio or porch. Their activities include a woodshop for my husband, bridge for me, a swimming pool, and anything else that we could ask for.

January 24, 2016

By Visitor117473450

I visited this facility

Oak Crest was very nice and very clean. The staff was accommodating and knowledgeable. We found that it was going to be extremely expensive for mom to be there.

December 01, 2015

By Rebecca43

I visited this facility

We went to Oak Crest. The presentation was excellent. They had very nice units. However, it was a little out of the way, and there were a lot of traffic in between where we would be and where our children are. They did have the same activities, e.g., aquatics, physical therapy, and housekeeping.

October 27, 2015

By Carol114210550

I visited this facility

My husband and I visited Oak Crest. They were top-notch. The building is like a campus. It is very large and very well cared for. They had a huge staff. In fact, they have a couple of different buildings there on the campus. It is a very big facility. There are lots of amenities and lots of options and things to do, but it is also very expensive.

September 18, 2015

By Vinny2

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My dad has moved into Oak Crest. The staff is excellent. They are very attentive. They have loads of activities if you are interested. The facility is very well kept. They have board games, cards, sports, and swimming available. They have a fitness center. They will take you shopping if you are interested. I found the food to be very good.

May 31, 2015

By Caring106907250

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Oak Crest is too big and too expensive, but I like the fact that they had the restaurant within the walls so you don’t have to go outside, and that’s one of my main things if I ever go anywhere because I do live alone. The food is very good; they have chefs and cooks. I have seen that the staff seems to be very pleasant and cooperative. They have 1 and 2-bedroom rooms and is set up very nicely. They are very active, they have a gym and a swimming pool, they play cards, and they do stage shows for people that want to be involved in that. One thing that I don’t care for is that the elevators are very far apart, and there is a lot of walking that you have to do to get anywhere within the building. But I think all their buildings are connected in some way that you don’t have to go outside. The distance for walking even from the front door to get to an elevator -- and then if you have to go up from one of the higher floors -- includes long halls, and for a lot of people in wheelchairs and even for people at my age, they are very long halls to walk. It is very clean, and from what I have seen and from the people who live there, they are very satisfied.

March 26, 2015

By Chris M.

I am/was a resident of this facility

My grandparents lived here for over 7 years before my grandmother passed. They lived in the independent apartments until my grandmother became ill, then they moved to assisted living. My grandfather always says moving here was one of the best decisions they ever made. We have gone up to visit quite a bit over the years. When I was going to school at Towson University I was over there almost every weekend to visit. The food in the dining room is actually quite good. The pools are nice. There are LOTS of events and social groups. My grandparents really enjoyed this. The location is great and close to where they used to live. It is very clean and well kept. Never smells, even in the Alzheimer's unit. You get alot for what you pay.

February 08, 2015

By Joaniellen

I am a friend or relative of resident

My Mom has been in Oak Crest since 2005. First she was in independent living and now in the nursing home. Although the fee for nursing home is enormous, she is receiving top of the line care there. The nurses keeps the family informed of her progressive and they keep a daily log of her medicines. They have family meetings every three months to discuss my Mom which I find very helpful. The administrator of Oak Crest has been extremely helpful in dealing with her finances and there has never been any pressure on my sister and I. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants/needs quality time and care if they can afford it.

January 29, 2015

By Larry46

I visited this facility

The tour was very nice. The physical structure of the Oak Crest is excellent. The facilities connect to each other, and every apartment is connected to the main area. You have a choice of three or four restaurants so you never have to go out if you don't wish. If you have a need to go into an assisted living, it's also connected to the central building. Anybody can go and see you and pick you up without ever getting out of the community. They own their own television station which is local to the people within the facility. All these are very nice. Most of the smaller units, you have to go through the closet in order to get to the bathroom which is sort of a turn off. They do have a model in all of the later made units with the separate walk-in closet as well as a private entrance to the bathroom. They have medical doctors and nurses on the staff. The nurses are on 24 hours a day.

December 28, 2014

By Caring99471150

I visited this facility

We went to Oak Crest. The atmosphere was nice. The people were friendly. Food was excellent. The apartments were small. With regards to the staff, they were all very friendly. However, they need more apartments.

December 30, 2013

By Caring76139950

I visited this facility

Because of my work, I came to know about Oak Crest. One of the things that they have there is that they have ranges of care. They have different levels for you there. They do a very good job at the facility and I believe that they do have activities there.

July 25, 2013

By caringmm719

I visited this facility

We visited Oak Crest a couple of times earlier when my friend was in a better condition. We looked at their assisted living facility and it was very nice. It was a fairly new facility. Their apartments were nice. They're all basically the same with the other facilities we visited in terms of services and features, but I would absolutely recommend Oak Crest to others.

July 05, 2013

By Guest52519

I am a friend or relative of resident

This is a wonderful place that our grandmother raves about constantly! The staff truly went out of their way to make her feel welcome, and it didn't stop there. She always tells us how friendly and helpful everyone is to her, and how she has met some wonderful residents that she now calls friends. She raves about the staff and the delicious meals she gets in the dining room, she says she loves getting her hair done in the salon, and always tells us how helpful and warm the front desk and office staff are to her. She was reluctant to move to Oak Crest Village, but now she says she wishes she found it sooner. We are so happy that she is happy and enjoying this stage in her life surrounded by wonderful people and living in such a pleasant atmosphere. My husband and I wish we could move in! We would definitely recommend Oak Crest Village to anyone looking for a retirement community that is definitely 5 stars!

June 15, 2013

By JulieE

I am/was a resident of this facility

Oak Crest Village is safe, clean, fun and there are nice people as well. The food is good. I enjoy the exercising classes and have spent the last 7 years just loving my carefree lifestyle that I live at Oak Crest Village.

May 06, 2013

By Jess LCPC

I visited this facility

Oak Crest Village independent living senior community gets 5 stars. This is luxury living. The grounds of the facility are very pretty. The landscaping was pretty and the grounds well maintained. There are many common areas of the facility. This includes dining areas, computer center, lounges, Library and much, much more. Each of the apartments features lots of windows giving a breath taking view. I was very impressed with the entire community. This is a place to consider as a retirement option

November 19, 2012

By AnonymousMedic

I visited this facility

My experience is that this is the top facility of all all nursing, assisted living, and retirement facilities in the area. It does not give off the typical vibe of a sad nursing home, as there are many activities to do in a community based environment. In my experience the medical care is also very good. There are security guards who are cross-trained as EMT's all over the facility, and they even have their own Paramedic staffed ambulance. I have seen no problems from the nursing staff there and they all seem to be kind to their patients. It is without a doubt one of the nicer facilities I have seen both in appearance and staffing. This as as far as my knowledge of the facility goes, but hopefully it provides a different perspective.

September 29, 2011

By Anabeth Walsh

I visited this facility

Oakcrest Village is a vibrant community of seniors with a range of assistance needs. It is conveniently located near shopping and cultural venues. Oakcrest residents have a lot of options, in their living environments, their food choices, and their range of activities. Transportation is available daily. Residents can have pets and can share meals with friends and family. Oakcrest provides beautifully appointed apartments with a variety of floor plans, depending on the needs of the individual. It is easy for residents to receive various levels of care in this facility, as their needs for assistance change. When one member of a couple needs more care, Oakcrest staff finds ways to serve both members while ensuring that the couple maintains dignity and connection to the other. Oakcrest is well-regarded in the community, and has come to be known for their fine level of assistance to residents. I would not hesitate to encourage any of my aging family members to consider moving to Oakcrest and start getting the peace of mind that comes with a beautiful home and expert staffing.
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Independent Living Reviews for Oak Crest

March 08, 2021

By Carol

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

I visited some friends at Oak Crest in Parkville. It was very nice, very clean, and it seems well organized. They are in the independent living, and they live by themselves. I thought the facility was nice. It was easy for people with wheelchairs and elderly people; it seems to be quite well organized for that kind of clientele. I also went to an event there and tried their food; it was delicious. I was a volunteer at a senior center, and it was a dinner for the volunteers.

March 06, 2021

By John

I visited this facility

Oak Crest was excellent. They had everything, they had all kinds of amenities. Everything was clean, and they were well-staffed with professional people. The facilities were beautiful and the rooms were clean, well-furnished, and very nice. They had spas, an indoor swimming pool, a park area, and all kinds of indoor stuff like a library, game room, etcetera. The dining room was very good. It was very nice.

May 16, 2019

By Cheryl

I visited this facility

Mom will move to Oak Crest on June 1st. They have 8 restaurants, a swimming pool, a gym, day trips, bus trips, in-apartment cleaning, room service, and they have a benevolence plan. If you run out of money, they’ll keep you and support you. They have 2-bedrooms, den buildings, huge patio condos, and some rooms just have balconies. They go from 2-bedroom den, to 2-bedroom, and studio. She’s going to independent. The food is all chef made, and they have 8 separate chefs for the 8 restaurants. It’s very expensive, but you get a lot for your money.

July 10, 2018

By Mice as Your Roommate

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Oakcrest is beautiful and expensive as long as you don’t mind living with an infestation of MICE in your apartment. My Grandmother is very clean and has a well kept apartment on the independent living side of the loop. An apartment that costs quite a bit of money. She also has MICE. Just a few months ago she had a fly infestation and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. The exterminator that was sent to her place A WEEK LATER said it was because the flies lay their egg in the dead, decaying mice that live in her walls. In the Rehab building it is the same. The little brown mice just come out in the rooms IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. Unacceptable, Oakcrest!

May 08, 2018

By Mary

I visited this facility

Oak Crest is a huge campus with a golfing tee. They also have multiple buildings and tunnels running underground so you don't have to go outside. It was a really nice place, but I prefer something smaller. Their apartments are pretty big and they have all kinds of clubs, swimming, dancing, and all kinds of activities for seniors. They also have special care places where you need help in certain areas health-wise, and they also have a rehab center.

November 21, 2017

By ocbum21842


My wife and i were all ready to move into Oak Crest a year a go in October / 2 days before the move some one called and said we could not move in /the reason they gave is we made to much money / we are both on ssi / we looked at other places and we cant afford the rent / so now we are stuck in a apt. complex around people we dont know and people that arent or age to communacate with and nothing to do because we dont drive either / i guess my point is where do older people go

May 26, 2017

By fran-a

I visited this facility

Oak Crest had a lot of activities and fit right into my lifestyle. I saw the apartments, and you could bring in your own furniture if you want. You could also cook there. For the meals, you have to pay separately. They had a swimming, organized activities, lectures on art appreciation, and book or memoir writing from professors at local colleges.

March 26, 2014

By Caring78877850

I visited this facility

My mother is on the list in Oak Crest and we heard from them yesterday that they do have an apartment available. They have a swimming pool, bus trips, they do bingo, arts and crafts, computer classes and they go to shows and shopping. The staff is wonderful. They are fully staffed. They have a wide range of healthy food on the menu.

January 29, 2014

By Caring74392650

I visited this facility

Oak Crest is a lovely place, but expensive. They have very small apartments and usually the residents there do not stay in their apartment, they go outside for activities. The staff were very helpful and they really care about the residents. We have eaten there and the food is excellent. It's a lovely site, it's just we didn’t have enough money to be able to go there.

September 30, 2013

By Karla4

I am a friend or relative of a resident

I have some family members living at Oak Crest Village. It's a very nice facility and they keep the place up to date. They have a very nice apartment with bedroom. You can pick a balcony if you like or a patio if you want to stay on the ground floor with full bath and full kitchen with microwave and stove. The meals are served by a chef. They have indoor pool, a computer lab, and a gymnasium. They have a couple of banks on the premises. They also have shops. They have everything that you could possibly want. They have a doctor and a pharmacy open 24 hours a day. I really would like to go there. The facility requires quite a lot of deposit depending on the kind of apartment you want.

September 23, 2013

By Valerie12

I am/was a resident of this facility

We move into Oak Crest. We are in an apartment with two bedrooms: one huge and one regular size bedroom. It has one and a half bath and a kitchen. The staff has been wonderful and helpful so far.

July 25, 2013

By Judy29

I am a friend or relative of a resident

This is a beautiful complex, but I will not go to Oak Crest because they are very expensive. Their pricing is just for the rich.

September 26, 2012

By lpg

I am a friend or relative of a resident

All of my experiences with Oak Crest Village were very positive. My grandparents seemed to love living there and it was a very positive time for them. The facilities were beautiful and well kept and full of activities and resources for the residents (i.e., library, hair salon, game rooms, etc.). Perhaps the only complaint I might have had was the demeanor of some of the nurses in the nursing home section of the facility. They were not quite as respectful and kind as one would hope to expect from nurses working with the elderly at the end of their lives. Aside from that, however, the residence is fantastic and I'm glad my grandparents got to spend their final years there.

August 21, 2012

By SandyR

I visited this facility

I'm very impressed with it so far. The people couldn't be nicer, all the sales people, everyone's trying to help you out getting in and it's been wonderful. I haven't had any problems whatsoever and they've bent over backwards do everything that I've asked, at least so far. I appreciate all their help.
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About Oak Crest

Oak Crest is a full-service, maintenance-free community designed exclusively for retirees, age 62 or better. Located on 87 picturesque acres in Parkville, Maryland, Oak Crest is a private campus kept secure day and night by a team of professionals trained in emergency first response. We're the ideal choice for active seniors who want to live a vibrant, engaging, and purposeful lifestyle in a setting that's both safe and beautiful.

Like a small town under one roof, Oak Crest offers an abundance of opportunities to keep your mind, body and spirit thriving. Stroll to any of our three spectacular clubhouses through climate-controlled, glass-enclosed walkways that connect all of our community buildings. Here you'll find all the resources you need to enjoy a spectacular retirement, including a fitness center, indoor heated pool and hot tub and four restaurants serving healthy, delicious meals created fresh each day by our own personal chef. Other amenities include a computer lab with high-speed Internet, billiards and game room, creative arts studio, fully-equipped woodworking shop, classrooms and even a resident-run television studio. Not to mention a bank and 24-hour ATM, a beauty salon and barber shop, a convenience store and an on-site pharmacy that delivers to your door!

Oak Crest also has an on-site medical center staffed by physicians who work exclusively at our community. These licensed geriatricians are experts in meeting the unique health care needs of older adults. They will work with you to design a wellness plan that will keep you strong, independent and feeling your finest for years to come.

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