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Assisted Living Reviews for Seabrook Retirement Community

March 29, 2016

By SallyBenn

I am a friend or relative of resident

My mother was told by Seabrook that she had to leave her apartment in Independent Living and go the Assisted Living. She had fallen in her apartment, broker her hip, but it mended very well. My mother was discouraged and sad about the move. She went from 3 rooms to one! Plus, moving a patient to another place during their recovery is just not good for recovery! We offered to hire an aide to be with my mother from 8 am to 6 PM, but Seabrook would not budge. AL is certainly not as nice-looking, luxurious, or fun as the independent living section. One big problem is not enough aides on the floors! We are now charged $8,500 per month, and Seabrook will not even hire a few more aides part-time! Interestingly, my mother's apartment was renovated to the apartment next door to make one large independent living apartment!

August 30, 2015

By glwheaton

I am a friend or relative of resident

My mother and Aunt were some of the original residents of Seabrook Village when it opened. They lived together in the independent living section for many years. I have visited many times and stayed in their apartment as well as the guest apartments. The staff is excellent and friendly. There is a choice of dining rooms and the food is excellent and has a great variety. I'm always hoping the berry pie is on the menu when I'm visiting. The facilities are clean, modern and well maintained. There is a woodworking shop that would have had my dad drooling. The gym has trainers to fit the workouts to the resident. If you have a hobby, they have a place for it. They even have a theater group. When my mother had surgery she was able to do her recovering in the full care branch at Seabrook. When she moved back to her apartment, the included cable TV had a Seabrook channel which included moderate exercise programs.This program helped my mother regain her strength after surgery and become independent of her walker. When she had a fall, the staff evaluated her condition and actually rearranged her furniture to make everything more accessible. Recently, my mother has moved to the assisted living apartments because of her Parkinson's. She has the help she now needs while still maintaining a great deal of independence. My husband and I used to scoff at retirement places because we prize our independence and privacy. After a few visits, we are now considering a retirement community for our future.

May 29, 2014

By Emily 4

I visited this facility

Seabrook is a beautiful building in beautiful surroundings and there were a lot of activities. The rooms were very, very nice. It was a very large room with a bed and that’s it. They have a very big entrance. The staff was very good; they were excellent. They were knowledgeable and helpful.

September 26, 2012

By BoltBill

I visited this facility

This is an amazing facility! The staff really seems to care about all of the residents and the are taken great care of.

September 10, 2012

By Johnny Jones

I visited this facility

My grandmother was a patient at this facility for several years. I actually delivered flowers to Seabrook Village during this time, as well, and therefore had a good view of the facility, including behind the scenes and interacting with staff.The staff was attentive and friendly, the patients were well cared-for, and the facilities were top-notch. Renaissance Gardens is the managed care wing of Seabrook Village and this is where my grandmother was cared for; but I also know a patient who is a friend of the family who lives in the independent living section.The dining halls are very nice, and the food is surprisingly pretty good. The residents of the independent living section can live in their own suites, so it's more like a hotel with medical care available on call should the need arise.The wing for more serious cases, where my grandmother was, was separate and the patients were separate from the rest of the facility (which is ite large, and has very nice grounds with excellent landscaping). My grandmother has very severe Alzheimer's, so her experience included constant monitoring and care. Nonetheless, she seemed to do well there, and I never had any reason to believe her care was lacking in any way.

June 29, 2012

By savior77

I am a friend or relative of a resident

The apartments were very nice, with a relatively spacious living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office space. Each bathroom came with a cord to pull that would bring attendants to your room if pulled for emergencies (they would be there in a matter of minutes). The staff also accommodated varying degrees of need from residents, from none to a lot. The facility population was large, and likewise there were multiple buildings to accommodate this, as well as multiple dining rooms to eat in (and a cafeteria area). One complaint was the food, which often didn't taste very good, one common complaint being too salty. The service and wait staff was excellent, however. Other amenities included an exercise room, indoor pool, and computer room, and there was even a TV show they filmed on site daily that would have features like weather and interviewing some of the residents. There was also a shuttle that would take residents to and from places like shopping areas (one of which was not far from the facility).
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Independent Living Reviews for Seabrook Retirement Community

November 11, 2022

By Diane

I visited this facility

There were many things that we liked about Seabrook Retirement Community. First of all, you start by purchasing a studio with a kitchen and it goes all the way up to 3-bedrooms with a living room and so forth. You can do anything with your apartment since you already purchased it. So, you can change the showers or the bath if you want to. They have multiple restaurants on site. They have one restaurant that's family-friendly and the food is excellent. It is like a little city. They have plays, classes, history-type classes, a theater, a gym, two pools, and a CVS Pharmacy. They have doctors on site who practice there. The whole thing was a dream place. It is not as expensive as some of the others, but it is expensive. The good thing about it is if you run out of money when you're living there, they let you live there for free. The place was immaculate and everybody was super friendly. A lot of people seem to be moving there in their early 60s. There are just a lot of activities and they provide transportation to anywhere you want to go. And if you would need more care, they hire a nurse for what you need at that time. Your needs can be met depending on what they are. And then you can also go into memory care in the same facility. The staff was very nice and very down to earth. They made me very comfortable. I felt you could trust the facility to take care of someone that you love.

April 29, 2022

By Rosemary

I visited this facility

Seabrook Senior Living is better than anything I ever imagined. It is very clean and they are very aware of the needs of seniors. They provide a lot of help if they need walking, balance assistance, or medical assistance since they have it all right there. So I find it very comforting to know I'll be going there. I thought the staff members were very, very young, but they're all professionals. I spoke with a financial person yesterday and a social worker, because they talk to you before you come in so that you don't feel strange there. And they recommend different things that you could do while you're there so that you're satisfied. They also provide doctors if anybody needs a new doctor, which I do because I'm changing my family doctor. I'm going to have a 1-bedroom apartment, and I'll have a little kitchen, a bedroom, and a living room. They do arts and crafts, bingo, an indoor swimming pool, and a gymnasium to work out. They have a bocce court and they have lovely walking paths around the pond so it's very convenient. You can also bring your car. I saw three or four different staff people. They were knowledgeable about what they were discussing with me like finances and my physical condition, and I would say they were adequate. The place is very attractive looking. You have a choice of two restaurants and you could also go to a little cafe that's in the building.

April 02, 2022

By Kathleen

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My father will remain in the Seabrook Retirement Community which is where he is now, an independent living and go to assisted living within the Seabrook community. The place is just fabulous. It's top-notch. It's large. There are independent living apartments that are all very, very spacious, and you get fully remodeled kitchens with up-to-date appliances. You have your own heating and cooling system. You have access to two full-service restaurants, a cafeteria, and a pub daily. So there are lots of food options, and there's a lot of activities. There are a lot of resident activity councils. It's a very vibrant community. There are walking paths. You can be very active here. There's a pool, there are multiple gyms, and there's a lot of not just resident action committees, there's a lot of groups. So there's a men's group, a women's group, and a veteran's group. There are religious services here every weekend, whether it's Christian, Catholic, or Jewish. Seabrook is a fabulous place. They also have assisted living here, as well as memory care and skilled nursing. So once you move, here you are, you are pretty much attended to for the rest of your journey on earth. Everyone's very warm, friendly, and very caring, and the staff to resident ratio is very high. Because there's a lot, not just amenities, there's a lot of services here that you can avail yourself of. There's a medical department, there's a dentist, there's a lot of doctors that come on-site and there's a lot of social workers that help, they also have residents live coordinators that help all the residents navigate any type of issues they might have on a day to day basis. They're very, very supportive. The place is pricey, but you're getting what you paid for.

July 07, 2021

By ReviewerGD#0625

I visited this facility

I visited a friend at Seabrook Senior Living Community, and it's a different setup because it is not a rental. It's a "you own your home" type situation where you buy the condo. That place is extremely nice, and they have a lot of facilities including a pool. It is very nice, and they have quite an active program.

January 25, 2021

By Stacie

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My mother is in Seabrook Senior Living Community. The staff is rude. She's not just in a room, she bought an independent living place so it's like a 2-bedroom apartment type thing. It's a gorgeous place, but she maintains her apartment herself. They have everything that you could ask for. It's just a ridiculous amount of monthly maintenance and she doesn't really eat, but she's got to pay a lot of money for her meal plan. They force you to take a meal plan, but the hot food is always cold. Because of Covid, everything has been shut down. It reopened for a couple of weeks, but now they're back locked down in their apartments again. It's a nice place and it's newer.

June 25, 2020

By Steven

I visited this facility

Seabrook Retirement Community was very nice but it's extremely expensive. One of the things they mandated is that you have to qualify financially to be able to become a resident there and deposit most of your accounts with them. I didn't necessarily care for the whole scheme they had set up although I understood what it was about. The staff we met was fine, I had no complaints about them, they were thorough and explained all their policies well. They have several amenities and they did a lot of stuff like classes for seniors, languages and travel. They don't offer memory care.

October 14, 2019

By Barbara Parker

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Erickson is more concerned with fancy gardens and new wallpaper that promote sales than it is with providing real support to its residents. My father, like many elderly folks, struggled with depression and anxiety. But Seabrook's behavioral health services are sorely lacking. There is no geriatric psychiatrist on staff, the depression support group meets once a month, and the social worker (not a clinical therapist) was not much help.

January 23, 2018

By Beautiful Seabrook

I am/was a resident of this facility

I have lived at Seabrook in Tinton Falls for the past 9 years and I absolutely love this place! I love the surroundings and the people that I have come to meet and have never felt so safe and protected in my life. I even like the food here and there is so much variety and many choices of places to eat. If you are considering looking at an apartment in this facility, Flagship Terrace in particular, I would be willing to show you around if you would like. You will love as much as I do, I am sure!

August 21, 2017

By Patricia

I visited this facility

Seabrook is lovely, well run, and spotlessly clean. I have many friends there. You need to buy in, and I think the least expensive buy-in is about $85,000. The grounds are beautifully kept. The care and whole place are outstanding. It’s highly recommended.

May 22, 2017

By donna318047

I visited this facility

The staff at Seabrook-Tinton Falls was excellent. I have mobility issues, and they assisted me, so they go above and beyond. The grounds are very impressive. They have lots of amenities and activities, like bocce, billiards, a swimming pool, an athletic gym, book club, and bingo. Their vehicles are equipped to assist me with my scooter to go to the mall.

February 07, 2017

By Diane100175

I visited this facility

Seabrook had an indoor pool, a theater, all kinds of meeting rooms, workshops, bistros, a couple of restaurants, and a little jitney that takes you shopping and from one place to another within the community, which is a big thing because it’s a very large community. They had all kinds of activities to suit every taste, like card games, entertainment, and movies.

September 11, 2016

By Karen718663

I visited this facility

Seabrook was impressive, and it was truly an independent living facility. It was a little too pricey, but otherwise, it was good.

July 29, 2016

By Jean872288

I visited this facility

Seabrook was very nice. They had a very happy attitude. All the residents go out of their way to tell you how happy they are there, and wished they had come sooner. My son described the place as a cruise ship on land. They offer just about anything and the residents decide exactly what’s offered. If the residents felt they wanted a barbecue they have barbecue every Friday night in the summer. They have tents and they served shrimp and chicken, hotdogs and hamburgers. It’s a social thing. They have music and happy hour. It seems really good. The apartments that they offer are just so lovely. Everything is brand new. They replace everything for each person who buys in. I was very pleased and I got an apartment that most of my furniture will fit in and things that I want. I am looking forward to it. I have a very positive attitude for it. I haven’t live there, but I visited several times and everyone is so happy; nothing bad to say about it. If you stop the person just walking and you say I’m thinking of buying what do you say, "Oh, you can’t go wrong living here." My children are happy about it and they just think I will be happy there and they are very pleased and that makes me happy too. The first time I saw Seabrook they had a special day that they had us go around and we saw much of it.

June 28, 2016

By Joseph238185

I visited this facility

I really liked Seabrook. I found it to be clean and convenient because it's only 20 minutes from where I live. The staff is nice and caring. The units we looked at were nice, and I found the pricing to be pretty reasonable. The staff was very friendly and more than happy to answer any questions. If we call them with questions, they get back to us quickly. They were very accommodating with the schedules as far as setting up appointments. They had prayer groups, tai chi, yoga, Pilates, an indoor swimming pool, a gym, and trips to the city to see shows, movies, beaches, and all kinds of good stuff.

February 14, 2016

By GrannyonTheLookout

I am/was a resident of this facility

This place was absolutely disgusting and disturbing, the kitchen area is filthy and they have aggressive employees! I HIGHLY recommend everybody to avoid this disgusting dirty establishment at all cost! They've recently experience a bed bug problem and won't respond to any request of help, please save your money! I've seen them toss loyal employees into the ground and higher corrupt supervisors.

August 31, 2015

By Caring113111850

I visited this facility

The tour that we had at Seabrook was very interesting. It looks very nice, but it’s enormous and a beautifully run place. You have to walk through about seven interconnected buildings, from one to the other. They have a little jeep that runs around the property every 15 minutes, so you could take that. They had a dining room; we were in the one of the clubhouses, and the dining room is in the other clubhouse, so you have to take the bus to get to the other clubhouse where they have the dining room. We did see their informal dining room; they have a buffet setup and more informal meals.

March 11, 2015

By Caring107447650

I visited this facility

I visited the Seabrook Village more than twice. I wouldn't mind moving there. I would actually sell my house and go live there. The facility is beautiful. I really have more friends there than I do now. The dining room is beautiful, and you would think you are in a very exclusive restaurant. The waiter comes over and gives you a menu, and you order from there. There are choices. It is beautiful, and I loved it. In the buildings, they also have little grocery stores because there is a small kitchen in your apartment. There is an electric stove, a regular size refrigerator, and a washer and dryer. You can't beat it. It's an apartment, and the only sad thing is that it is a lot of money. You get a living room, a kitchen, one bedroom, a walk in closet, and a huge bathroom. It is bigger than what I have in my house here. A lot of the two bedrooms go quicker because a lot of the families don't want their TV in their living room, so they turn the second bedroom into a family room. It has wall to wall carpeting. When we were there, when someone moves out for one reason or another, they gutted the whole place. They put everything brand new like new kitchen cabinets, new floors, and new carpets, so when you walk in, you are walking in to something brand new. Everything is fresh and clean. You can have a cleaning service or you could do it yourself. There's an elevator, and each section is called by a certain name. They have a lot of activities. There is an indoor swimming pool, a woodworking shop, and crocheting. There's a facility for people who have trouble seeing. It doesn't even feel like an assisted living. It is more like an active adult. It's just a beautiful place, and I love it. Everybody seemed to be very nice and very polite. They took the time to explain everything.

October 19, 2014

By daughterofmom

I am a friend or relative of resident

My mother is a resident of Seabrook at Tinton Falls and has had a family picture taken by someone at the facility. She had a picture of herself as a child from the 1920's with her family and it can not be replaced. My mother is heartbroken that she no longer has her picture and there is nothing that can be done to find the person who stole it.

March 20, 2014

By Barbara76751450

I visited this facility

I liked Seabrook very much. I was impressed with it because it had all the things I was looking for. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I liked the fact that some people I knew already lived there and they were very happy with it. It had five different places for dinner. It had a fireplace in their family room. It has a bar, a beauty parlor and a post office. You wouldn't have to leave anymore for anything. They had a lot of activities going on and had every possible thing that you wanted to do locally. They also had trips to New York. They also have a day where you could downsize. They have a truck if you wanted to donate your furniture or shred your papers. They were much geared to what seniors and people moving in and what's needed to do and they strived very hard to keep everybody as independent as possible. I got notices about luncheons all the time and they served very nice lunches. If I was in New Jersey, I could probably go there for lunch every couple of months.

December 30, 2013

By Frances11

I visited this facility

Seabrook was almost like a city. ItÕs very big and there are hundreds of people all over. ItÕs a great facility but it was too big; you had to take a bus to go from one end to another. The apartments are beautiful and they have a lot of things going there too.

November 27, 2013

By Caring68768150

I visited this facility

Seabrook Village was the best of all the facilities that I've visited. I liked it. This would be the one I'm going to. The facility is large and they give you a lot of options. It's very clean and the staff were very courteous and very accommodating.

August 12, 2013

By kathycnj

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My father has had an apartment at Seabrook Village for the past three years. He really enjoys his apartment and the surroundings. He has a one bedroom apartment that is spacious and well laid out. The facility includes many amenities including his bus transportation to dialysis three days a week and one meal a day. There are numerous clubs and activities that the residents have open to them without charge. There are three restaurants in the facility, a bank, hair salon, convenience store and pharamacy. The buildings and grounds are maintained impecably. There are gardens and even an indoor pool. The staff there has been very good to my father. He is experiencing some early dementia and the majority have went out of their way to help him. I would highly recommend Seabrook.

July 25, 2013


I visited this facility

My parents, 85 and 90 years old, respectively, have been living in the independent facility at Seabrook, Tinton Falls, NJ since 2008. I have been showering my mother at the Tinton Falls apartment since 2011. On May 17, 2013, I saw the expensive item in my parents' apartment. On June 12, 2013, I reported the expensive item missing from my parents' apartment. Today is Thursday, July 25, 2013. Although I followed every single protocol that was available to me, the Seabrook Security Team chose to ignore my truthful testimony that the expensive item had been stolen from my parents' apartment.

July 23, 2013

By Frances5

I visited this facility

Seabrook was almost like a city. It's very big and there are hundreds of people all over. It's a great facility but it was too big; you had to take a bus to go from one end to another. The apartments are beautiful and they have a lot of things going there too.

February 14, 2013

By Caring6241

I visited this facility

We got a 2-bedroom apartment at Seabrook, and we're all set. We chose it because it's not that far away and we can afford the monthly fee. It covers all of our needs except for breakfast and lunch. But outside of that, they do all the maintenance and the dinner cooking. We're vegetarians, and they also have a vegetarian menu. My experience with the staff have been very good. They've been very helpful, they monitor the situation, and help us in any way they can. We've sold our house and we are moving there soon.

September 29, 2012

By BoltBill

I visited this facility

This is an amazing facility! The staff really seems to care about all of the residents and the are taken great care of.

November 01, 2011

By Jomat

I am a friend or relative of a resident

About 4 years ago, my parents moved into the Seabrook Village Renaissance Gardens in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. At the time, my parents owned a single family home in Brooklyn, which in time, became too much for them to handle especially after my father had to massive strokes and started exhibiting signs of dementia. They looked around for a while and decided on Seabrook. The complex is stunning. The buildings are nestled in a huge park-like setting. This community has just about everything you could want and/or need to live comfortably. The activities offered are top notch. These include trips, games, art, fitness centers, a pool and movies. The dining room is a beautiful and designed like a cruise ship dining area. The food is delicious, healthy and sometimes decadent. There is a Sunday brunch held where family members can join the members of their family living in this complex and enjoy a wonderful meal. The service is excellent and the employees bend over backwards to help make your experience pleasant. When my father had a set-back in his health, he was moved to the facility across from his permanent apartment which at first glance looked like a college dorm, when in reality, it was a well staffed hospital. They took excellent care of him and my mother visited him all day long. One of the downsides was that this facility was extraordinarily expensive. The facility helped my parents find a home-attendant who has helped my parents tremendously with my father's health, which includes daily insulin injections.I would say on the whole, Seabrook Village Renaissance Gardens is a positive experience for anyone in need of Independent, Semi-Assisted and Assisted Living needs.

September 29, 2011

By Natalie1

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Seabrook Village has been a true asset to my family member's life. She has always been very independent and is able to still maintain that lifestyle while making sure her needs are met since all family lives out of state. She has her own apartment and can choose to cook or use their meal service, she still maintains her own phone line and even has high-speed internet. Medical services are also available and the facility is more like a REAL community (sort of like a college campus) rather than an assisted living facility. At this point in her life, she really is experiencing life at it's fullest--she still can be independent, but she knows she needs a little extra help. This helps all of us feel better and that she is cared for in a manner which allows dignity and independence but all know that a helping hand is available. I also think for her the transition was easy since she knew the area and also had lived in a condo as opposed to a house. Overall, the experience has been good and I would recommend this village.
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Services and Amenities of Seabrook Retirement Community in Tinton Falls, New Jersey


  • All Inclusive Rent
  • Rent Plus Care Fees
  • Entry Fee
  • Entry Fee Cost: 100000

Room and housing options

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • 2-bedroom apartments
  • Companion Suites: Yes
  • Studio Apartments
  • Detached Homes

Dining options

  • In Room Kitchenette
  • In Room Kitchens
  • Dining Room Shared Meals


  • Beauty Barber Shop
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  • Garden And Patio
  • Resident Parking
  • Security Gate
  • Pool

Cleaning services

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  • Skilled Nursing
  • Medication Management
  • Nurse On Staff: Yes


  • Offsite Activities
  • Religious Services
  • Fitness Room

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  • Overnight Guests


  • English


  • Respite Care
  • Pets: Yes
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About Seabrook Retirement Community in Tinton Falls, New Jersey

Seabrook is a full-service, maintenance-free community designed exclusively for retirees, age 62 or better. Located on 108 picturesque acres in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, Seabrook is a private campus kept secure day and night by a team of professionals trained in emergency first response. We're the ideal choice for active seniors who want to live a vibrant, engaging, and purposeful lifestyle in a setting that's both safe and beautiful.

Like a small town under one roof, Seabrook offers an abundance of opportunities to keep your mind, body and spirit thriving. Stroll to either of our spectacular clubhouses through climate-controlled, glass-enclosed walkways that connect all of our community buildings. Here you'll find all the resources you need to enjoy a spectacular retirement, including a fitness center, indoor heated pool and hot tub and three restaurants serving healthy, delicious meals created fresh each day by our own personal chef. Other amenities include a computer lab with high-speed Internet, billiards and game room, creative arts studio, fully-equipped woodworking shop, classrooms and even a resident-run television studio. Not to mention a bank and 24-hour ATM, a beauty salon and barber shop, a convenience store and an on-site pharmacy that delivers to your door!

Seabrook also has an on-site medical center staffed by physicians who work exclusively at our community. These licensed geriatricians are experts in meeting the unique health care needs of older adults. They will work with you to design a wellness plan that will keep you strong, independent and feeling your finest for years to come.

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