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Assisted Living Reviews for Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home

October 17, 2021

By James

I visited this facility

Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home was OK. It wasn't anything spectacular. They did say they furnish the furniture in the room. The place needed to be updated, and it needed some renovations. The staff was informative. They told everything that needed to be told about the type of care they will receive, and everything else for the seniors.

October 12, 2021

By Linda

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My mother-in-law has moved into Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home. The layout is fine. It's easy to access and facilitate her getting in there. They made the transition very easy, so it was fine. The staff was great. The rooms were moderate. I'm just seeing them watching TV pretty much. The rooms are fine, and the dining is fine. It's an older facility than most, but they are doing some add-ons. Value is about average of what most of the assisted living facilities are. They are clean. The times that I have businesses there, there were no activities going on, and I wasn't there a long period of time.

September 09, 2021

By Beverly

I visited this facility

I thought Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home was very nice. I toured their assisted living facility yesterday. It was clean and it was up to date. The people were very friendly. The staff and everybody there were very nice. There seemed to be, for me, a lot of people with dementia. I don't have dementia so I didn't like that. They also didn't have a lot of activities for somebody like me. They had just finished lunch when I went in. I was hoping I would see that but I didn't. From the way they talked though, it seemed like they offered snacks in between meals and stuff like that, and that sounded good. They had a lawn and they had a walking trail so some people could use that. I didn't see anything else other than a TV room and it's very nice. The place was out in the country and it was very comfortable. The grounds were also well taken care of.

August 19, 2021

By Joann

I visited this facility

We went to Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home. The outside looks really nice, and the inside was clean. It's an older community, but it was clean. I got information for the day care, but I did not see any day-care activities. Overall, it wouldn't be a fit for my mother. The rooms were OK, but it just wouldn't be a good fit for my mother.

July 10, 2021

By Kadasha

I visited this facility

Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home was a smaller residence for someone who is needing memory care and is transitioning from home to a facility. So it's fantastic for them because there are several little places for people to sit and talk, and not a big place. So, someone who needs memory care might find it cozy and comforting. So that's what I like about that. Assisted living and memory care are in one place and there's no distinction. It's an older residence so there's some scarring and there's some construction going on outside. If you were looking for a memory care facility for someone who is in the advanced stages of dementia, and needing to transition from a home, that would be the place to go. The person I spoke to was very knowledgeable, he might have been a director, he was very helpful. But I don't feel like at this point my dad's condition is quite ready for such a restrictive environment. And unlike the other two places that I toured, when I said all that about my dad, they agreed with me and the director at Mt. Carmel was the only one that had tried to convince me of the opposite. The residents were about to sit down to what looked like a midday meal. We went past the kitchen and they explained to me that because it's such a small residence, they serve 10 people at a time, and you end up having the same dining companions. I thought it was really cool because it will make you feel like a home resident. But my dad is not yet at that level, and my mom would not be able to live with him. Because she would have to qualify to be there as well, and she won't because she doesn't have those difficulties. They have some courtyards and areas for the residents to sit in, but inside it's older including some of the furniture.

June 19, 2021

By George

I visited this facility

Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home was very nice. Everything was very clean, nice, and neat. The people who assisted me were very nice too. They seemed very informed about the needs of others. I wasn't able to check on their amenities, but they just said we'd have to bring a list of medications.

March 31, 2020

By Debbie

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

We love Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home. They're doing a wonderful job. We actually transferred our mom there and she's now with our father, so it's worked out very well. They have activities like bible study and the usual bingo. Their food looks very good, and my mom and dad enjoy it. The staff members are wonderful people. They have a huge room, they both have their own closets, dressers, and beds. It's wonderful. This community is very caring and the staff really takes good care of the residents. They have many different places that people can gather to sit and talk and be by themselves.

May 31, 2019

By Janet

I visited this facility

I did not particularly like Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home. It was not spacious, and I did not like the atmosphere. The place was clean, but it felt a little tight when you walk in, and there were people sitting all around. The staff was very informative and courteous.

December 09, 2018

By Wanda

I visited this facility

Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home specializes in memory care and it's only one story. There's just no availability for a husband and wife. They put two people to a room, which is semi-private. They put the males with the males and the females with the females, and we do not want to split our parents up. Stephanie, the girl who we speak with there, was wonderful and very caring. They don't just move people around to accommodate more people coming in. They were very considerate. We liked their pricing and we liked the facility itself. It is an older building, but all the residents there seemed very happy. We saw a few residents that were a little confused and the way the staff handled them was wonderful. They handled them with dignity, and they were right on top of things, making sure that the residents were comfortable and not upset. We liked the staff and we liked the lease that they have there. I saw a person in the parking lot picking up their father and she said they loved it. Their father was happy there and she was really pleased with the progress that her dad was making. It's a sought after place. They were undergoing renovations when we visited.

April 17, 2018

By Don C.

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My mom was in Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home. The staff was really good and helpful. It's a nice place, they have semi-private rooms, two dining rooms, different social areas, like TV rooms, and places where they can walk inside. They have people that come in and entertain, and they play the piano and let the people participate. They try hard to have social activities for the residents.

August 23, 2017

By Rhonda

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My dad is in Mount Carmel and everything's good for him. It's close to our home, and it's definitely for dementia and Alzheimer's patients. They do a pretty good job, he's eating all the time, and he likes it. They've got a good staff and they've all been there a long time. They sing, play piano, get together in the common area, play together, and watch TV.

August 17, 2016

By Joann560764

I visited this facility

Mount Carmel is very nice. It’s an older place, but they have done quite a lot of renovations. The owner is a retired physician. I really liked the rooms because they were wonderful and had really nice beds.

May 10, 2016

By MichaelBUULK

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Everything is going well with my mom at Mount Carmel. So far, it is the best place we found. We started off with the adult daycare to acclimate her, then we moved to two nights a week, then three nights, then a full week. Everything has been excellent. The people are fine. The food seems to be more than adequate, and I know my mom is eating well there. I will recommend them.

May 12, 2015

By Bonnie105897550

I am a friend or relative of a resident

We ended up going with Mount Carmel Personal Care Home; it’s right down the street from us. The people are friendly and nice. The care is good; the staff is very caring. The facility is clean; the food is good. They have music and some exercise classes. They do karaoke sometimes, too.

April 18, 2015

By Laura104428550

I visited this facility

I like some of the security features at Mount Carmel Personal Care Home. It was superb. The residents have their secured bracelets or necklaces on. The moment they get to the door, the alarm goes on, and it locks immediately. I love that, and it is just fabulous. The residents were not quite as engaged as there weren't many activities over there. It was a little calmer, but they seemed comfortable and happy. It just wasn’t as quite as active as we would like. Their cafeteria is wonderful. They have a lot of common areas that are quiet and peaceful as well as well lit.

January 22, 2015

By Jon P.

I visited this facility

I visited Mt. Carmel a few weeks ago. After visiting several assisted living facilities around Atlanta I was pleasantly supposedly to find a facility where the residents appeared lively. After speaking with the Administrator I learned that Mt. Carmel works directly with a resident's doctor to properly manage their prescriptions so that residents are engaged and not simply drugged. it was amazing to see so many Alzheimers residents engaged in daily activities and socializing with each other. I am confident this is the facility that will allow my mother-in-law to regain a part of life that she has been missing for quite some time.

December 03, 2012

By happygoer

I visited this facility

The staff was very kind and worked well with the patients. Many of the patient I noticed had to be hand fed and the nurses were very efficient and kind to each person. The lunch was fantastic and I was happy they had enough food. Many of the other patients seemed happy and content. My grandmother enjoyed getting to see us and have lunch. Outside the facility I noticed they had a walking track for the patient and a very calm dog. I thought this was a great idea. One gentleman asked me to help him open the door so he could enjoy being outside. My grandmothers room was kept very clean she had a spacious bathroom and a TV to keep her entertained with all her amenities from home. She was given the option of a roommate to make it more affordable. Overall I had a great experience and my grandmother is happy.

April 18, 2012

By CogWildBendOregon

I visited this facility

I thought the facility was very neat and clean. The nurses and doctors who work there are very patient and kind to the residents. I spoke to a few of them and they felt like they were in their own home because of how comfortable it was there. The visitation rules they have there are lenient so it allows the residents family to come and go as they please, of course with some restriction. The cost of living there is among the lowest in the area. After researching, I found there were maybe one or two other assisted living homes that were lower in costs than Mount Carmel. As far as recreation, it is simple due to the condition of the residents, whether it is physical or mental. They also have pet therapy for Alzheimer's patients which I thought was innovative and comforting. The residents looked to be happy and healthy.
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Memory Care Reviews for Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home

December 17, 2021

By Eddie

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My wife has moved into Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home. It all seems that they're paying attention and doing their jobs as far as I can tell. I went in several times unannounced just to make sure of that, and so far, everything seems to be good. The upkeep probably needs a little more attention. It seems to be that the temperature in the whole building is not the same. I know in the room where my wife is, it's an individual room, and that room seems to be a little cooler than other rooms. We wear masks every time we go in there. Some of the staff wear masks and some of them don't.

November 14, 2021

By Valencia

I visited this facility

I went to look at Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home. The people were all sitting down and watching TV. It was too quiet to my liking. They have a TV room and dining room. I only spoke to one person. The other staff members were sitting outside in this little courtyard area, while the other room was unattended. They were all taking breaks at the same time.

August 08, 2021

By Katie

I visited this facility

I toured Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home. It was pretty much a great experience being that the administrator of the facility was very experienced. Everybody in there was a memory care patient. We were just walking through and seeing the patients being very open and very vulnerable. He seemed like he knew how to take care of them. The patients were touchy, but yet they had the freedom to do that. It was a pretty small facility. He showed me a couple of rooms and the rooms were very nice and clean. And I think the fact that he had 30 years of experience with memory care, and he knew so much about the medical needs of patients with memory care sort of fascinated me. I think that my brother would fit in. I saw a menu in the book, and it seemed like the food was pretty well. I did not observe activities, but I did see an activity room where activities take place. The person was very knowledgeable, very professional, warm, and receiving.

July 10, 2021

By Lisa

I visited this facility

Mount Carmel Personal Home was not good. It was old. It was dark. There was carpeting and it had an odor. There were many, many memory care residents that had severe dementia, and I didn't like it. I didn't like the setup. I didn't like it at all. It looked like one, big, winding, dark, old area, and they could walk around. The physician that I talked to was very knowledgeable. It was just the facility, and the fact that there were so many residents. Mount Carmel had like thirty residents, and then the patient to caregiver ratio was ridiculous.

March 14, 2020

By Ann

I visited this facility

We visited Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home, but it was just a little too far. The owner/operator gave us a tour, it was an older place, and it had like a mold. It was small, dated, and you can tell it was an old facility. The tour though was very well done, and I had a meal there. It had a homey feeling, too.

February 27, 2019

By Jewel

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Mom has moved into Mt. Carmel. They really know how to deal with memory care patients. They're trained specifically for that. The décor is dated somewhat, but it is very clean. The rooms are decorated with antiques, so for someone my mother's age, this is what she is used to and this is familiar to her, so it is actually a good thing. It has a much more homey feel. It seems more like a family environment. I have only eaten there twice and the food is southern country cooking. I am impressed with their activities. They do lots of word games. Everything they do is structured to help their memory stay sharp and for them not to lose anymore of what they have already lost. They engage the residents throughout the day. They don't leave them alone. I feel good about that. My mom is very happy there. She is much happier there than at the last place.

January 06, 2019

By Lisa

I visited this facility

I visited Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home, I wasn't overly impressed with it, but it's a home for people with Alzheimer's. It was clean, older than what I'd like to be, and didn't quite look like the internet picture. They're nice, though. When I got there, most of the residents were watching TV or talking to visitors. When it was lunch time, they sat them all together to have lunch. They were pretty good, gave a little tour, and gave me information. It was kind of business-like.
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About Mt. Carmel Personal Care Home

Mount Carmel Personal Care home is a memory care home that specializes in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care that was established in 1986 by retired physician, Dr. Khouri. We pride ourselves on having over 25 years of experience and being one of the finest, most established and affordable Alzheimer’s and memory care facilities in Henry County and the south metro Atlanta area. Our goal at Mount Carmel is to provide a secure and caring home where senior adults can gracefully live with dignity, comfort and the assurance that help is always available. The homelike setting is enhanced by the friendly attitude and devotion of our staff; all of which contribute to a low stress environment that encourages socialization and family involvement. Our home has been carefully designed to accommodate the resident, specifically those with memory impairments, Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. We offer both private and semi-private rooms and is staffed 24 hours a day seven days a week. Please visit our website at for a full list of of services offered.

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