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Home Care Reviews for Assisting Hands Palm Beach

July 26, 2022

By Trevon D

I am a past client of this provider

They gave my mom a bath. My mom really liked the first caregiver. The second one was pretty good, too.

June 17, 2022

By Chalon A

I am a current client of this provider

The impact is very helpfully my mom doesn't have to work to hard to help her dad. I like that there very accommodating the staff is great, reliable, and trustworthy.

May 06, 2022

By Heidi T_1

I am a current client of this provider

They have helped most by taking some of the burden of care of my mother off of me. I like the owner and the person who does the scheduling; they are efficient and responsive.

April 19, 2022

By Claudine D

I am a current client of this provider

We have to have two people that move her and she helps with changing her. The person that I have right now is pretty good but the prices are pretty high for me.

March 21, 2022

By Roy S_3

I am a current client of this provider

They are there to take care of my family's day to day need. They are very open, and they are there when I need them. I can reach the owner directly.

March 09, 2022

By Janice S_11

I am a current client of this provider

It is a huge help to my mom. She needed someone to help stabilize her. They have good billing, and they provided a good caregiver.

February 09, 2022

By Dave B_7

I am a current client of this provider

They have helped the most by allowing us to be relieved while we live our lives. One thing I like is that we communicate well with the staff.

December 11, 2021

By Bernard_2

I am a current client of this provider

The aide they sent is very caring and wonderful. I like that they are very caring to Barbra.

November 10, 2021

By Celeste (

I am a current client of this provider

If there are any issues, they will let me know immediately. The owner contacts me. The communication is very good.

November 10, 2021

By Roxanna (

I am a past client of this provider

All of the aides were very nice and capable. That was great. I liked that they were able to schedule people really quickly. They were flexible with our changes in schedule. They were very flexible with us.

October 01, 2021

By Wanda W_4

I am a current client of this provider

The girls are very good with my mom and keep me updated. They're dependable and if someone can't make it in they find a replacement.

August 30, 2021

By Anne B_11

I am a current client of this provider

She couldn't follow through with tasks or remember things. She stopped cooking for herself. The caregiver gives her direction. The aide works seven days a week, and she is the most amazing person I have ever met. Assisting hands works with us.

July 16, 2021

By Anonymous_5049

I am a current client of this provider

They provide companionship. Someone who is there to keep her busy and take care of her is very helpful to me. They meet my needs. They respond to me.

June 01, 2021

By Gayle Tyndall


My friend in his 80s needed extra care in independent living and contacted Assisting Hands Palm Beach. Thank God he did! He and I were close for 12 years, but with COVID imposing isolation there and where I lived, it was nearly impossible to visit him for nearly a year. However, I did in November and December of 2020 when things opened up some. I met his aides Laurie and Kristy. They were with him from 8 am to 8 pm 7 days a week. I was so impressed with the excellent care they gave him. In April of this year, my friend had to go to the hospital and had to remain there for 32 days, at which time he passed away on May 4th. His family wanted Assisting Hands to be with him during his hospitalization. I visited him in ICU 3 times and observed Kristy taking excellent care of him - his every need! Even nurses in ICU cannot give a patient continuous care. Kristy was there every day from 7 am to 7 pm or when they made her leave. I was astounded at all she did for him every minute and she made him feel so comfortable being with her in his last days. He could not talk from being intubated but she always seemed to know what he wanted. Having had this experience, I have resolved that at my age of 75 now, whenever I need extra help I will call Assisting Hands, and I will tell others to do the same, whether for short respite care or during hospitalization. I lost my friend, but I found an invaluable resource for my future. God bless this organization and its fine workers. Gail Tyndall Jupiter

October 04, 2019

By Jonathan H

I am a current client of this provider

I'm in New York, and my mother is in Florida, so they make it a lot easier for me because I know my mother is in good hands. I would recommend them because they are very responsive and contact me immediately about any issues.

September 24, 2019

By Caridad L

I am a current client of this provider

She can't be without her caregivers. She's been with them for almost two years now. The owner calls my mother and visits her. I know her personally.

September 09, 2019

By James M_28

I am a current client of this provider

They help her the most with everything that they are doing. I like that they are prompt in responding to our needs, and they have handled everything we need.

Provider Response

Thank you James! We take great pride in doing a good job and work hard to make sure our caregivers always provide quality and caring service. We are glad that it is appreciated! Marina

August 14, 2019

By Linda M

I am a current client of this provider

They could spend more time talking to her. That would help more. I like that the office is very responsive.

July 30, 2019

By Priscilla B

I am a current client of this provider

It sets my mind at ease regarding my mother's care. They have been very responsive, and even as my mother's needs have changed, they have continued to be adaptive and responsive to her needs.

July 25, 2019

By Carla H_2

I am a current client of this provider

My mom feels very much cared for. They work with me, and they work with my mom. If there is a problem, they work with us to fix it. They work things to help my mom and that pleases me a lot.

July 19, 2019

By Michael A_6

I am a current client of this provider

There isn't really too much they can do for her because she's had 2 strokes. She doesn't know what is going on. They are willing to do anything I ask them to do. There is nothing to dislike about them. They work with me if I need to change things around schedule-wise.

June 26, 2019

By Tina L_2

I am a current client of this provider

They do the regular caregiving thing, but their personalities match, so they keep him engaged. The people that they have sent have been really good quality. We are also using them for my mother-in-law.

June 25, 2019

By Anonymous_1973

I am a current client of this provider

They are very reliable. They are communicative.

May 17, 2019

By Glen R

I am a current client of this provider

They ensure her safety. I would like them to improve the quality of the care and of the caregivers.

May 10, 2019

By Maria S_7

I am a current client of this provider

She stays with my husband so I can do what I want to do while she's here. She does some house keeping for me, and it works out really well. She walks with him every morning. I enjoyed working with my caregiver. She got exactly who I needed and I'm happy with the service.

April 24, 2019

By Jorge P

I am a current client of this provider

We can depend on the caregivers to provide appropriate and caring services. They go above and beyond to make sure that my loved one is comfortable. They're very good at selecting the correct caregiver, and the caregivers are well trained and they deliver a great service.

April 10, 2019

By Judy S_21

I am a past client of this provider

If I needed them to stay later, they would. They were extremely efficient. The people are very well trained and know what is expected of them.

March 24, 2019

By Reviewer#JE0314a

I am a past client of this provider

Assisting Hands Palm Beach provided us and my mom with CNA caregivers who were good. It’s a very personal agency that can help people when they need help in the house.

March 15, 2019

By Charlotte S

I am a past client of this provider

They helped the most by preparing meals. They are very pleasant, efficient, and always on time.

February 19, 2019

By Sydney H

I am a current client of this provider

They are assisting my loved one in every way they possibly can because they have Parkinson's. They accommodate me in any way they can.

January 23, 2019

By Susan K_4

I am a current client of this provider

We have people who can actually take care of my mother. Most of the people we've gotten have been very good and our caregiver is quite professional.

November 26, 2018

By Delores H

I am a current client of this provider

It has been very helpful. It has been a relief of stress and anxiety from me knowing that my mom is safe and in good hands, receiving the care that she needs. I have liked that all of the aides so far have been pleasant, caring, understanding, and compassionate for the clients and the whole family.

October 29, 2018

By Deb C_1

I am a current client of this provider

They are helpful in being physically there to help my dad out. I don't really know what they could do better. The people there are responsive.

August 10, 2018

By Sal R

I am a past client of this provider

They took care of me, gave me my meds, and watched out for me. They were excellent from the office to the caregiver. They were on top of everything. They took very good care of me and I honestly don't know if I would be alive if it wasn't for them.

April 10, 2018

By Dolores D

I am a current client of this provider

They're caring about me personally and they periodically call if someone new comes. They've helped me to try and get me to do better talking to people and to help me personally and in my home.

March 23, 2018

By David S_14

I am a current client of this provider

The services have been excellent, the caregivers have been very caring, and the company has been very responsive in getting caregivers there. They are taking care of my mom and making sure she is OK. They cook delicious healthy meals for her, and they are very attentive and caring.

March 19, 2018

By Barbara D_6

I am a past client of this provider

They're responsive and they're efficient. They're amazing and they're concerned. They're very helpful. They take the burden.

March 13, 2018

By Randie H

I am a current client of this provider

If I have a problem, they have exchanged the caregivers for me, and I have been happy with them. They have been able to come in and see what I can do and cannot do.

January 11, 2018

By Sydell G

I am a current client of this provider

I have a marvelous girl that comes in. She is very caring. She is very flexible, pleasant, and nice.

January 11, 2018

By Jim J

I am a current client of this provider

They are dependable. It is a relief to know that my loved one is in good hands when I am not with him.

November 15, 2017

By Stacy S

I am a current client of this provider

I would tell someone that Assisting Hands is very professional, compassionate, and incredibly helpful, and is just the real deal. I feel that my parents are secure and taken care of every moment they are with Assisting Hands.

October 12, 2017

By Steven L_2

I am a past client of this provider

I would recommend Assisting Hands because from their ownership on down, every staff member has just been the best. I couldn't have done what I needed to without Assisting Hands. I live out of state, and they were able to provide help for my father.

August 14, 2017

By Walter A

I am a past client of this provider

Assisting Hands is a good company that does a lot of good for people. The services would mainly take care of housework that I couldn't do anymore.

July 24, 2017

By Gloria L_3

I am a current client of this provider

I talk to people about Assisting Hands all of the time. I recommend them because they provide good care. Assisting Hands does everything for me, and I mean everything.

July 24, 2017

By Edna W

I am a current client of this provider

Assisting Hands is a good agency because they're caring. The services have made my life easier because my caregiver takes me to the doctor, and they do the shopping for me.

July 13, 2017

By Stuart a

I am a current client of this provider

Assisting Hands does a good job at screening the caregivers ensuring that they have sufficient background in elderly assistance. Additionally, the rates were competitive. Assisting Hands provides a service against which there is no alternative.

May 18, 2017

By barbara601512

I am a current client of this provider

The women provided by Assisting Hands have been superb. They are not only caring and helpful, but also good company. There is nothing that I asked of them that wasn't done in a snap with a smile. OUTSTANDING! And I had four aides each week, but each was as accommodating as the other.

April 27, 2017

By Sharon S, Palm Beach

I am a past client of this provider

On October 2016, my mom and best friend passed away. For the past 3 years she lived with my husband and me. A friend recommended Assisting Hands to me. Without their devoted staff, and caring helpers, my experience would have been a lot harder. They treated my Mom as if she were their Mom. I can't thank the entire staff enough for all they have done. You are an amazing group of people.

Provider Response

Thank you Sharon for your kind words! Your mom was a lovely lady and a pleasure to work for. You were always a devoted and loving daughter.

July 05, 2016

By jlb0143

I am a past client of this provider

Assisting Hands- Marina, is such a great help! As my moms health declined, she kept me apprised of her changes and stayed in touch even while my mom was the hospital. My mom loved her caregivers as they were always friendly and kind :)

May 23, 2016

By Priscilla Barton

I am a current client of this provider

Assisting Hands is an exceptional agency that made the effort to get to know me and my needs and provide a caregiver who is an excellent match. Teaira is reliable, supportive, caring and efficient and has added greatly to the quality of my life. I highly recommend Assisting Hands. -Priscilla, Lantana, Fl

October 27, 2015

By Anonymous118703950

I am a current client of this provider

We've been using Assisting Hands - Palm Beach for my mother. They send us a few different people, and things sometimes don't work out. They kept sending us somebody else, and then we finally found somebody really nice. She works very hard, she is very detailed, and she does everything right. She likes to go try and do a little extra. She cooks a special dish that she thought would be easier for my mom to eat. She has a warm personality, which is nice for any patient. Her name is Ruth. I wish we could afford to have her every day, but we can't. They make it pretty easy to pay, though, and they're really good.

October 02, 2015

By Catherine P.

I am a current client of this provider

When my mother fell, she was afraid and alone, and her children were many hours away. Assisting Hands Palm Beach came to the rescue. M. Ramirez went to my mother's home on short notice and cared for her with kindness and respect. She assessed the need and provided a helpful plan. By the time I arrived that night, my mother was clean and comfortable, and her fear had turned into resolve. Marina's professionalism and positivity were a blessing. Other agencies were brusque and dismissive, and unable to send help for a week or more. From the first phone call, Assisting Hands Palm Beach was polite, friendly and accommodating.

July 25, 2015

By northmiamibeach3


My parents (ages 87 and 81) recently changed their residence from the Northeast to Palm Beach County,Florida. I knew it would be impossible for me to piece together all of their health care and home needs on my own (I live in Miami) so I reached out to Assisting Hands. I couldn’t have asked for a more seamless transition thanks to Marina. My parents (who are notoriously hard to please) were extremely happy with the care they received. Marina and her colleagues are caring, compassionate and flexible. This resource is invaluable for people challenged with balancing care for their own children, parents and a career. I would highly recommend Assisting Hands to anyone seeking in-home care for their elderly parents.

Provider Response

Thank you for your kind words. At Assisting Hands we work hard to provide our clients with the best care, tailored to meet their specific their needs and to give some peace of mind to their loved ones.

November 11, 2014

By Hope8

I am a past client of this provider

Assisting Hands came to our family at a time when we needed them the most. Marina and her team are very professional, caring, and trustworthy. Having a companion with my mom to help take her to doctor appointments, take her grocery shopping, and stay with her during the day gave me piece of mind that my mom was always in good hands. I appreciate all that Assisting Hands did for our family when we needed them the most. Thank you Marina and team!!!

November 11, 2014

By Connie41

I am a current client of this provider

I highly recommend Assisting Hands Home Care for their excellent service and professionally trained staff. They have provided us with the most competent and reliable caregivers who are well trained, skilled, and capable. I have been a client for the past year, and they have provided my husband and myself with the best service we have ever had from any health care company. I recommend Assisting Hands Home Care to anyone who is looking for a caregiver for their loved ones.

November 19, 2013

By Sanskrit

I am a past client of this provider

Assisting Hands West Palm Beach provides reliable, extremely capable assistance. If ever living in this area again I would not consider using any other care service provider.

September 17, 2013

By Beverly19

I am a current client of this provider

I have been very satisfied with your services. They are always prompt and polite.

August 16, 2013

By Dara1

I am a current client of this provider

Assisting Hands home care was exactly that "assisting hands" just when we needed it most. From our initial interview with Marina (owner) on a Sunday at our convenience, to the competent, capable and loving caregivers she supplied to make my dear mothers last months, weeks and days as comfortable and dignity filled as possible. Marina and her staff gave our family the peace of mind that was crucial. They were available to us immediately whenever a concern or change needed to be made. I would rate Assisting Hands as #1 choice for the care of someone you love. You can count on them to be there and genuinely care!

May 01, 2013

By moreagain1

I am a past client of this provider

.Assisting Hands is a superior provider of services to those in need of in home care. They looked after my mother while she was able to live at home, kept me informed of my mothers situation at all times and made helpful recommendations. This was greatly appreciated and not something that was done with a different provider. Even the long term care insurance company was impressed with how quick and thorough and credentialed the agency was, which made reimbursement a non issue. I would not hesitate to recommend this provider

March 08, 2013

By monet521

I am a past client of this provider

I got in touch with Assisting Hands, and from my first phone call until my mom passed away, Marina has been available to me 7 days a week. My family and I needed someone to stay at mom's bedside in the hospital and hospice. The caregivers that were provided were compassionate and tender. We felt at ease knowing they would be with mom when we weren't there. Using Assisting Hands was the best decision we could have made. We recommend them wholeheartedly. We don't know what we would have done without them. Marina was such a comforting support when I needed someone the most. I will never forget her kindness.
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About Assisting Hands Palm Beach

Assisting Hands® Palm Beach is a private duty, home care organization committed to offering its clients the highest quality of home care personalized to fit their needs, which allows them to live safely and comfortably in their own homes. Our services include: home care and companionship (meal preparation, medication reminders, transportation, shopping /errands, light housekeeping, laundry, personal care and help with bathing & dressing). We serve clients throughout Palm Beach County from a few hours a day to 24/7.

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Services and Amenities of Assisting Hands Palm Beach

Agency Type

  • Full Service Agency

Range of services

  • Companion Care
  • Personal Care Assistants
  • In Home Health

Types of care

  • Transportation: Yes
  • Doctor Visit Companionship
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Dressing And Grooming
  • Bathing And Toileting
  • Exercise
  • Finances Bookkeeping
  • Home Maintenance
  • Walking Wheelchair Assistance
  • Memory Care
  • Companionship
  • Meal Preparation
  • Errand And Grocery Assistance


  • Travel Details: Staff Will Travel 15 30 Miles To Provide Care


  • In Person Interviews
  • Reference Checks
  • Immunizations
  • Driving Record Check
  • Residency Confirmation
  • Background Checks
  • Sex Offender Check


  • Continual Training

Training Areas

  • Patient Transfers
  • Stress Management
  • Family Communication
  • Transition Issues
  • Memory Care Training
  • Ethics
  • Validation Techniques

Payment options

  • Insurance
  • Credit Card
  • Check

Payment details

  • Payroll Provided For Caregivers


  • Bonded And Insured


  • Licenses: Home Health Agency
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