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Assisted Living Reviews for Sunrise of Roseville

April 30, 2022

By Catherine

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My brother is in Sunrise of Roseville. I had a good reaction to it when we first went out there, and my brother did, too. He and his wife were familiar with that area. However, I was very disappointed because he just seemed to just go down and eat and come back to his room, he didn't do anything. The room is very small. He was perfectly satisfied with the room, but I thought it was a little too small, and it drove me nuts. I've only talked to the staff on the phone, and a lot of that might have to do with the pandemic. The staff has turned over quite a bit like the ones that come in his room. My brother said they change a lot, so he has no consistency, and he's unhappy. I saw a library, and the people could congregate down where they eat. It looked to be like a Starbucks that kind of stuff, but I never saw anybody there. However, I have to give them kudos because nobody in their facility got sick. Until just recently, some of their workers have been diagnosed with COVID, but none of their patients. They've taken very good care of the patients, and none of them have been sick for the last two years there. My brother hates the food. They do his laundry, but he lost a lot of clothes, and he doesn't get his clothes back. They don't have a good system of doing their laundry and keeping their laundry separate, although they told them they pick it up, then wash it and bring it back, he's lost a lot of clothes though. He also lost a lot of money, too. He liked this place because they have furniture that he likes, which is comfy. It's not modern but it's comfortable. They had a room where they said they did their exercises. He went down there a couple of times. He was unhappy there. Also, the food wasn't as good as he thought it was going to be, so he got turned off.

Provider Response

We are sorry, Catherine, to hear about the negative experience you had at Sunrise of Roseville. For over 40 years, Sunrise Senior Living has taken great pride in serving thousands of residents and families during such a critical time in their lives. We would like to learn more about your experience and how we can correct the issue. Thank you! – The Sunrise Team

April 10, 2022

By Mary

I visited this facility

Kelly took us around Sunrise of Roseville. She was like the business manager. My mom just loved it. They had a real good time together. They were joking around. She took us to a number of different rooms so we could see a one-room and a two-room. We got to see the setup of the different community rooms, and heard about some of the activities that would be done in there. They have a resident dog and my mom really loved that. She would have loved to have gone there because of the dog. We didn't talk with any other residents, but we had a meal in a separate little dining room. The serving staff was so wonderful, so kind and friendly, and they had a variety of things.

Provider Response

Hi Mary, Each and every guest who enters a Sunrise community is important to us. It is wonderful to know that you had such a positive experience when touring Sunrise of Roseville. We would be pleased to answer any remaining questions you may have. If you have additional questions, you are welcome to contact us. Thank you! – The Sunrise Team

January 17, 2022

By MarkLundin

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My Uncle went to Sunrise of Roseville for respite care after having a stroke. He made the decision to remain living at Sunrise until his passing. The staff are kind and caring, he truly enjoyed getting to know them, as did I, during the two years he lived there. His room had everything he wanted and he enjoyed the variety of meals offered, especially the turkey dinner, through the meal service. Coffee and snacks are always available too. My Uncle was immobile and tended not to socialize much, but there are plenty of social activities offered through Sunrise and I would see many residents enjoying themselves and socializing. The grounds are well kept and there is a wonderful 4 season porch and outside sitting areas where you can enjoy being outside. There is also a nice library and community sitting rooms where residents and family can visit. Overall it is a pleasant community and facility to live and visit. Thank you to all the Sunrise of Roseville caregivers for taking care of my Uncle.

Provider Response

Hi Mark, Thank you for the wonderful things you said about Sunrise of Roseville and the dedicated care givers and team members. We are passionate about our community and always enjoy hearing the many beautiful stories about our residents and/or team members.

December 16, 2021

By Dana

I visited this facility

I had an in-person tour of Sunrise of Roseville. The room that we looked at was beautiful. It seemed very comfortable. The place seemed like it was well-ran and clean. The person who gave me the tour did a good job. The building was nice, but the setting was on a busy road. The outside space wasn't tremendous. They had a salon and a dining room. They had an activities director, and they had an activities room. It's near restaurants.

October 03, 2021

By Wesley

I visited this facility

We went to Sunrise of Roseville. My wife is allergic to animals and they just let the animals run free throughout the building. They're not confined in their room, but they just let them run. We like the facility, but any play that will open up their facilities and just let the dogs and the cats run is not a good situation. The facilities are very, very lovely. The staff is friendly. I didn't have any complaints concerning what we were seeing. They didn't have a garage. It is all outside parking. I have no disabilities, and so I'm free to do what I need to do, but my wife is the one that needs the care. As far as the facilities and so forth, it's a very lovely setting, and the people are accommodating. The rooms were very nice. Everything was clean. It did seem to be a little expensive, but I have nothing to compare right now. Everything was clean and very nice. The dining hall looked very well and clean. We had a 1:30 appointment, so everything was cleaned up and looking very nice. From what they explained, they have exercise groups. I think it is a chair exercise type of thing. It sounds like they have activities both on the premises and off-premises. They must take them off for various things to do. They seem to have activities. Everything but the animal situation, I would rate it a 4. The staff who gave me the tour was very good, very accommodating and very friendly.

September 23, 2021

By ReviewerFY#0908

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My mom moved into Sunrise of Roseville's Assisted Living a week ago. Their grounds are well-maintained. Her room is neat and I think it's fairly small, but I guess that's by design. There seems to be a lot of staff members around during the weekdays. They seem pretty professional and helpful. They have exercise classes, bingo, and various recreational things. They even have music sometimes. Their food is adequate.

July 10, 2021

By Jon

I visited this facility

Sunrise of Roseville was very nice and was probably the nicest one we looked at. We got some information about their assisted living. I was looking at a 1-bedroom and it was very nice. My wife didn't particularly care for the area where it's located and after being out there, I agreed with her. It's a very busy street. The one thing was that they did not have a nurse available. They had what they called a team that works around the clock that would just do first aid. Anything more than that, there was no one so they would have to call in someone. That's the only negative. Other than that, the entire facility was very nice. The staff who gave the tour was very thorough and very knowledgeable about everything.

June 23, 2021

By Chris

I visited this facility

The rooms at Sunrise of Roseville (or at least the one my father could move into that would be appropriate for him) were a little on the small side. They were cozy, and I think he could have adapted very well to that. One of the things that we were not as happy with is the exercise area, and what was available to him to walk around through and stuff like that. It was on the weak side compared to other homes I looked at. You can't get into any of the memory care areas because it's probably, and I would agree, disruptive to the people that are in memory care to have visitors walking through the area. At least that's what we were told when we were there. One of the things that was nice about Sunrise was that they had a nice, predictable monthly expense for him. Rather than with other places which are more ala carte and you can end up with a variable of expenses every month. That was a good feature of Sunrise. You can also move into their independent living and also take all of the meals there. I would rate them based on the breadth and depth of the eating options for my father. The facility is rather small so they probably can't offer all the other features that some of the other ones which were larger. The staff were all very friendly. They gave my dad a couple of cookies; he likes cookies. The place is very clean and immaculate, from what I can tell.

February 25, 2021

By sgjohnson

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

It was a difficult decision to have our aunt move to assisted living since she had been been living independently for more than 93 years. Even though it's been only a couple of weeks, we find she is slowly, but surely, adjusting to life at Sunrise. The staff has been welcoming and caring. The atmosphere is bright and cheery. Questions have been answered quickly. It's been quite a while since I've slept peacefully as I wondered how my aunt was doing on her own. I now sleep very well and trust she is being well cared for at Sunrise.

May 07, 2020

By Dan Tran

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

We visited 10 homes before we settled on this one for our mother who had a stroke. Now that she had passed away after some 3 years there, we can say without a doubt that the care Mom has received is truly excellent. Everyone, from the PCAs, the nurses, the doctors, the kitchen staff, the housekeepers to the receptionists, look after her, with her special needs, not just because it's their jobs, but with real hearts. We can tell!! And the residents too; some became real friends of Mom even though Mom could not speak. The chef went out of her way to make some Vietnamese dishes for her on occasions. We feel totally at home whenever we visited.

May 01, 2020

By Cheryl Rademacher

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Sunrise of Roseville has been an excellent choice for our mom! The caring staff, excellent food, cheery surroundings have been amazing. Staff are always welcoming and take the time to chat with mom and get to know her. As I write this, we are experiencing Covid-19. I am very confident that staff are going above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of our loved ones. While we cannot directly visit, they are doing their best to make it possible for us to stay connected. Sunrise of Roseville is a wonderful facility!

March 28, 2020

By Kathy

I visited this facility

Sunrise of Roseville's room was small. It had nice closets, a microwave and a refrigerator of smaller size; which was nice. I would suggest for them to take the Elderly Waiver.

October 01, 2019


I visited this facility

Sunrise of Roseville was lovely and small. They had some awards for their food. They just didn't have a room that would've worked for my friends. The staff was wonderful. The one room we looked at was very clean, but it was small. The marketing director and activities director were great. If I was going to move somewhere personally, I'd go there.

October 08, 2018

By LovedOne01

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

We chose Sunrise of Roseville for my father because of all the friendly people and the activities he likes to do. He has his own apartment and there are things there that I think he would like, for example he likes to go fishing, he likes to cook and bake, and he likes to go on walks. He's only been there a couple of days. The rooms are fine and he really likes his place. His brother lived there and he seemed very comfortable. So far, it's been good. I had a chicken potpie and some salads there. I thought the food was great and he seemed to like it. The staff was great. The nurses were real nice when I was there, and everybody already knows his name.

July 17, 2017

By Al

I visited this facility

Sunrise of Roseville was very pleasant, and I had a very nice tour. Although I was a little bit disappointed in what was available, it was still very desirable. They seem to be restricted by their corporate policies. They showed me a very spacious, bright, and cheery companion suite, but like any kind of shared living arrangement, you can't really choose who your roommate will be, so that could leave you a little bit apprehensive. The residents seemed to be very nice. The common areas were very clean and nice. Overall, it was a very good facility.

January 14, 2017

By Tom508232

I visited this facility

I liked Sunrise of Roseville. It was small enough, and it was very warm. The rooms are very nice. It’s in a pleasant setting. It’s on a very busy street, but it’s set back, and there are some wooded areas near it. If the community fit their needs, it would be a very good place.

December 17, 2016

By Jeanette818321

I visited this facility

Sunrise seemed like a very friendly, clean place with a lot of nice programs in a beautiful location. The room was very small, but the one-bedroom we looked at was adequate but not furnished; you have to bring your own furniture. They were one of the most expensive places that we looked at.

November 22, 2016

By Bruce160272

I visited this facility

Sunrise of Rosevillewas a nice place. The dining area was nice, big, and roomy. The staff seemed nice and informative. They answered all our questions. They took us around and showed us everything. They told us anything that we wanted to know. They had services if you wanted to use them. They had different activities going on in the building too.

October 19, 2016

By Joann472645

I visited this facility

I saw Sunrise of Roseville. That was very nice. It seemed to be well run with lots activities going on. My overall impression was good. I saw that there were people out and about. It was not dead quiet. The person who assisted me was very friendly and very nice. I liked it.

July 11, 2016

By Daryll451430

I visited this facility

We visited Sunrise of Roseville, and I really liked the place. It's my second choice. The place was wonderful, and the people were very friendly and very cordial. The apartments were wonderful, and it had a great dining area.

June 28, 2016

By Julie655067

I visited this facility

The dining areas at Sunrise of Roseville were pleasant. Visitors could come and eat with them for a fee. People could sit where they wanted. There were several choices on the menu. The people that took me around were very professional and took their time with me.

February 26, 2016

By Carole25

I visited this facility

Everything seemed fine at Sunrise at Roseville. The rooms were very nice, clean, and well kept. Everybody seemed very friendly. The residents looked they were kept busy and seemed to be pleasantly comfortable.

April 20, 2015

By Joannie1

I visited this facility

Sunrise of Roseville was a beautiful facility. I liked their dining room setup as it looked more like a restaurant. It was a beautiful eating area, and visitors could come and eat with the residents. They were very helpful when I was checking into it. They showed me one of the one-bedroom apartments, which was very spacious, very nice, and very comfortable. I would like to move there when I get old. They did have an extensive menu, and they had different types of activities. Price wise, you're paying for the luxury of living there. They do have a happy hour before dinner is served.

January 09, 2015

By bindoux

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mother is in the memory care unit of Sunrise, and I see her about 5 times a week. It is very favorable because I am only 6 miles away from her, and that is one of the reasons why I put her there. They treat her very well, and I think they have enough of what she needs. They have a beauty shop in the building which she has used, and they take them on trips. There is always something for them to do, and they do not leave her in her room.

October 28, 2014

By Catmom1960

I visited this facility

My aunt is a patient here. She says she is in prison -- but would be saying that anywhere. (She has dementia but is high functioning and still has many days where she is alert. The problem was the days when she's not so alert.) While expensive it's much better than the two transitional places she was in. It's clean and comfortable, well maintained, and has good staff interaction.

September 30, 2014

By Jim95441750

I visited this facility

Sunrise Of Roseville was nice, clean, and orderly. I actually talked to a couple of people living there and they like the service. Overall it was a good tour; it was a good experience. The rooms were clean. The surroundings were clean. The property was clean. Overall, it was a very nice place.

July 19, 2014

By Pat8105

I visited this facility

Sunrise was nice. Everything was nice. It was in a very nice neighborhood. The problem is that assisted living wasn't going to fit for my friend anymore; she needed 24/7 care. Nevertheless, everybody was really nice. The facility was clean. It was neat. It was beautiful. I would definitely recommend this place. The best features for them would be the activities and the staff. It was just a good ratio of staff. The staff was very friendly and very knowledgeable. It seemed like they were very knowledgeable of how to take care of someone. The community had group singing, bingo, just stuff that people could do. They had good activities.

June 10, 2014

By Linda85025850

I visited this facility

We have been to Sunrise of Rosevile. Actually, I loved that community. The food was spectacular. The staff that we met was really nice and welcoming. The rooms were shared rooms, but they were a little more like apartments. My mom didn't like the fact that the bedroom was in front and the sitting area was in the back. There was a window in the hall, and she just felt very uncomfortable that it was set up so they could look in her room. I knew it was to make sure she was safe, but she felt like it was an invasion of privacy. They had a lot of activities. They have memory-sensory things going on in the hall that were kind of subliminal kinds of memory-sensory. There were different kinds of music and things. There were a little milk and candies with the reading rooms, computers, and the sitting areas where people could gather and talk. It was a much bigger facility than where she was. She thought it was a little bit more like a hotel. The biggest problem with that was the cost. It was way out of budget for us.

May 29, 2014

By Caring85826050

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mother has serious Alzheimer’s. She's never happy, and she doesn’t know where she is, but I think she's safe and she's getting good care at the Sunrise of Roseville. So far we're quite pleased and comfortable with where she is. The staff is very good, and upkeep is excellent. I would recommend the place.

May 20, 2014

By Caring84300650

I visited this facility

We visited Sunrise. It was a nice location. It was near things in the community. The staff we met was all friendly, but my dad did not move in there. There were activities going on while we were there. It looked like they were playing board games in one of their gatherings. They were good, very knowledgeable, and very friendly. My dad thought the rooms were very, very small. That's one of the reasons he didn't move in there. They were very open and sharing about what they had to offer. What they had available was not what my dad was looking for.

March 29, 2014

By Caring79887350

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Sunrise of Roseville is a beautiful community. The staff is responsive. They came out and assessed my mother-in-law right away. Her room has two rooms, a bath, and a little kitchenette. They do group singing there. They also take bus trips for people who get around a bit more. Overall, it is a beautiful community if you're in level one assisted living, but if you are higher than that and you are in need of care, this community is a little crowded.

December 01, 2013

By Caring75545950

I visited this facility

Sunrise was lovely. I liked it. The rooms were very nice. They have different types of studios and I was impressed with the lay out. They had nice activities and they also had a bus they used to take them to places. They were doing things and what I really like was that they had a quiet and nice dog in the lobby that made you feel like you were at home. The dining room was lovely. They were very well staffed. Their Alzheimer's unit is great. However, I just felt it was a little enclosed.

August 14, 2013

By Carol Johansen

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My husband was there for one month for respite care. I can't say enough good about this facility. The care was excellent and I loved all the aides. The meals, too.

February 20, 2013

By alm55113

I am a friend or relative of resident

The facility is lovely and well kept. The executive director has changed at least 4 times in the last 3 years. Your loved one will get lots of attention at first and then care dminishes significantly. The employees are always friendly and kind but take no initiative when problems arise. The laundry and housekeeping services are spotty and we often find bed unmade, floors not vacuumed, etc. The monthly reports are worthless and give you no real information on how your loved one is getting on other than their weight and blood pressure. There used to be a form with personal notes but those were discontinued well over a year ago. Our biggest complaint is poor or nonexistent communication. It is next to impossible to get anyone to return your phone calls and they refuse to use email. When you visit and ask to speak to the nurse or administrator or even the blling office person they are NEVER available. We have been asking for the updated (if they has been) price list for extra services and point system and are still waiting after 6 months. The contract lists prices for medication levels 1 and 2, but our most recent bill back dates for 3 months medicaton service at level 3. Hmmm. On the surface this is a lovely facility, the people are nice and caring but it's all on the surface. If you have lots of time to keep on them about your loved needs and getting what they pay for it might be OK, but it will take a lot of work on your part. The rate for a 2 bedroom in 2010 was about 4,100 a month and now we are up to or $5,900 a month. We pay almost $1,000 a month for her to be handed her pills morning and night - not including the cost of the medication.

Provider Response

Thank you for your feedback. Our team members are committed to providing quality care and we are very proud of the joy they bring to residents every day. If you'd like to talk further about the service of a particular team member, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us at We also encourage you to ask about financial options. You can visit our website at to learn more.

July 25, 2012

By sdmoonchild

I am a friend or relative of a resident

it was a great residence but it could have been a little cheaper in price. They were very expensive, he was paying around $4500 per month. We had to eventually move him to a nursing home because he needed more care than what the assisted living could offer him

February 28, 2012

By Annie31

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Sunrise of Roseville has been the home of a close relative for over a year. They have been very attentive to his care and have been in constant contact via phone calls, personal meetings with our family, and notes sent to us by regular mail. The home is clean and well-maintained. Food is excellent! Staff is very attentive and friendly and took the time to really get to know our relative on a personal basis. The first two floors are brightly lit and inviting. The third floor is designated to those in need of memory care. There are pets on site including a large friendly dog as well as one or two cats. There are plenty of casual sitting areas, a porch, onsite parking, church services, and library. They are always going on outings to stores or events and try to keep the residents active and healthy physically and mentally.

May 27, 2011

By commercesd

Visited this facility

The Sunrise of Roseville assisted living facility is in a great location for our family, so we decided to visit on our search for a place for our great-aunt. Near the Rosedale Shopping Center, it is easy to get to from both Minneapolis and St. Paul, where much of our family resides. We first noticed the outside Colonial mansion like structure. The fresh flowers in every room really made the environment appealing. Our great-aunt really loved to garden, so she really enjoyed the greenery. The main rooms have lovely French doors which make the space very open and full of light. The outside deck has ample seating and is surrounded by lush, forest-like trees. The social areas are nicely decorated, comfortable and really have a home-like feel. Throughout the facility, there are many seating areas which afford some privacy and are nice for visitors. The rooms have plenty of space and closets, with nice sized windows overlooking the yard. The bathrooms were some of the largest we've seen, all located in the center of the living spaces. However, in the unit we saw, the kitchenette was right next to the front door, which seemed a bit awkward. There was also very little counter space. Each set of rooms had wonderful views of gardens and well-manicured landscaping. The main dining area looks like a cafe with nice tables and outside views. We chose from a lunch menu and everything was really delicious "“ well prepared and suited to any dietary need. Interesting outings and events are offered, many of which really appeal to our great aunt. She really loves to get out and do things with people, so this is very important to us. We noticed people of varying ambulatory degrees. Our great aunt has no trouble getting around, however, she does have short term memory loss. To that end, the staff graciously offered to help us make an individualized service plan so that we would all be comfortable about choosing the facility.
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Memory Care Reviews for Sunrise of Roseville

September 03, 2020

By Kristina MN

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

I had a crisis situation last December where I needed to find immediate memory care accommodations for both my aunt and uncle. Sunrise of Roseville MN was extremely responsive and was able to admit them to a beautiful, sunny shared apartment. My relatives are still “with it” enough to speak to me about the care they’re receiving, and—except for the inconsistent food quality during COVID—they have zero complaints. The caregivers and kind and helpful. The nursing staff has been there for a long time, which in an industry of high turnover really says something about the organization. And the current executive director has been outstanding with her regular communication about what’s happening during COVID, and has protected residents from any outbreaks. I hardly ever leave reviews … but I’ve been talking so much to friends and family about how lucky I feel to have my relatives at Sunrise of Roseville (especially during the pandemic), I thought I should share my experience widely.

May 17, 2019

By Larae

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

We chose Sunrise of Roseville for my mother. We love it and it’s been really good so far. It’s really nice, the people have been nice, and my mom seems happy. The staff has been very good, we have had no problems, and they’re good at communicating. I think they’re good to her and I like them. Her room is very nice, we’ve personalize it a lot for her, but I think it looks really nice. She seems to like the food. She’s in the memory care unit. The dining area is set up like in a home, and there’s always fresh flowers on the table, which she likes. They have several different programs, there’s singing, flower arrangements, they have movies, and sometimes performers come in. She also has a chaplain that comes to visit. I would recommend it. So far we really like it.

Provider Response

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Larae. On behalf of our entire team, we want to thank you for choosing Sunrise. It’s a privilege and honor serving your family!
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Services and Amenities of Sunrise of Roseville

Room and housing options

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • Companion Suites: Yes
  • Studio Apartments

Dining options

  • In Room Kitchenette
  • Dining Room Shared Meals
  • Room Service For Meals
  • Dining Extra: All Day Dining


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  • Garden And Patio
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  • Security Gate

Cleaning services

  • Laundry For Linens
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry For Clothing

Health services

  • Medication Management
  • Nurse On Staff: Yes


  • Religious Services

Guest services

  • Guests At Mealtime


  • Diabetic
  • Low Fat
  • Low Salt


  • English


  • Pets: Yes

Training Areas

  • Memory Care Training


  • State Licenses: 404553


  • Assisted Living Starting At: $3862/month
  • Memory Care Starting At: $6600/month
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    Focusing on your unique needs and preferences, Sunrise Senior Living takes a holistic approach to senior care. With us, you can expect consistent yet individualized care rooted in evidence based research and theories of aging. From personalized programming to quality dining, we concentrate on your individual wellness and well-being so you can live life exactly how you please.

    We remain firmly focused on promoting the safety of our residents, and are taking rigorous measures to help maintain their health during this time. Sunrise CareConnect, our electronic health record system, allows physicians to track residents' care, medication protocol, and progress notes remotely. In addition, we are facilitating telehealth visits with health care providers, minimizing the need for external office visits.

    At Sunrise, championing quality of life for all seniors is our mission and is carried out by every Sunrise team member. Based on resident surveys, consumer insights, and industry metrics, national programs have recognized Sunrise's efforts and our commitment to quality care.Sunrise communities have earned more than 280 National Quality Awards - more than any other assisted living provider. To learn more about our award winning communities, a full listing of the company's recipients can be found on Sunrise's National Quality Award page.

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