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Home Care Reviews for Right at Home Palm Beach

September 12, 2019

By Shirley S_1

I am a current client of this provider

They're taking care of my mother, which helps because they're doing all of the activities of daily living. They're easy to deal with, and they send good caregivers.

September 12, 2019

By David W_9

I am a current client of this provider

She makes my life easier. She makes my bed. She's immaculately clean, and she takes care of me properly.

August 21, 2019

By Ronny G

I am a current client of this provider

She has helped me by being here. I love everything about them. They follow through with whatever they say.

July 31, 2019

By Jacqueline A_1

I am a current client of this provider

They give me a hand with my showers and making my meals. They're usually very available, and they have a good pool of caregivers.

July 23, 2019

By Angela A_4

I am a past client of this provider

I think there was not a lot of communication with the people they sent as to what their job was. I did not like the people that they sent.

Provider Response

Dear Angela, I appreciate your feedback and hope you will give me a call to speak with me about any disappointments in our service you may have experienced in the few weeks you were with us. We value the feedback to provide the excellent service we strive for. Bruce, owner

June 21, 2019

By Anonymous_1992

I am a past client of this provider

I didn't want them to fall asleep on me. They weren't consistent with the caregivers who came.

May 22, 2019

By Anne J_1

I am a past client of this provider

She was more comfortable, and it helped her with her condition. The owner is extremely responsive and kind. He took the time to get to know us and our needs.

May 22, 2019

By Beverly S_1

I am a past client of this provider

They provide very high quality help for us. I like that they were very responsive to our needs and provided high quality people.

April 29, 2019

By Sandra M_4

I am a current client of this provider

They are very caring, kind, sympathetic, and helpful. The caregiver that I got is excellent.

April 17, 2019

By Ilya S

I am a current client of this provider

The services help with shopping, walking, and with going to physical therapy. I love it! They are precise, they keep their word, and they have professional caregivers.

April 17, 2019

By Henry S_9

I am a current client of this provider

They have made a world of difference. They are great. They are prompt, right there, and reliable.

March 18, 2019

By Howard R

I am a current client of this provider

We went to Costco today, and she did all of the heavy lifting, took care of everything, brought everything into the house, and put it away, which my wife didn't have to do. They got me someone on relatively short notice who is a good quality person.

February 20, 2019


I am a past client of this provider

They helped by doing things I did not have to take care of. They kept him busy and took him to appointments for me. I liked that they were friendly and capable.

January 23, 2019

By Becca

I am a past client of this provider

Fantastic agency. I unequivocally recommend. Met all my needs, tasks, responsible, caring attitude.

January 23, 2019

By Sue Ann

I am a current client of this provider

Bruce and his Right at Home staff go above and beyond to help care for my mother. I have nothing but positive things to say. Amazing caregiver, always on time, caring, sensitive, intelligent, and engaging.

January 21, 2019

By Anonymous_1245

I am a current client of this provider

They need to have personnel who are closer. Distance is an issue with the caregivers. I think they need more help. They have a limited pool of workers in the area and that is a problem.

January 13, 2019

By Mrsrw

I am a current client of this provider

Responsive, responsible, with kind, knowledgeable prompt assistance.

December 18, 2018

By Jeanna K_1

I am a current client of this provider

They have helped me with certain physical things that have to be done. I think they are doing a really good job.

November 29, 2018

By Bella H

I am a current client of this provider

They are cooperative. The agency has selected nice people.

October 26, 2018

By Susiecz

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Her home health aide was not covered under Medicare so we are paying out-of-pocket. Then my sister found out through my fathers be a program that in home care can be covered. We contact at the VA office spoke to this facility and got them to join in so our coverage is now paid through the VA. Win-win for everybody. The agency gets new clients. And the veterans get good care.

October 09, 2018

By Cheryl

I am a current client of this provider

It's with pleasure to recommend Bruce and his staff at Right at Home Lake Worth, FL. They have provided excellent care and service looking after my mother for the first 2 years. She has advanced dementia, which is difficult to handle. All the caregivers have been highly professional, calm, loving and dependable.

August 21, 2018

By Mandy

I am a current client of this provider

The caregivers did a great job and made me feel comfortable as well as my dad. For the most part, the office staff and the owners have been very responsive and helpful to my dad. I would recommend Right at Home to anyone in need of home care services.

July 25, 2018

By Chuck W

I am a current client of this provider

They have helped me the most by doing everything that I ask with a smile. The caregiver helps me and does everything for me that I ask her to do. She drives my car for me to wherever I want to go.

July 19, 2018

By Anonymous

I am a current client of this provider

I think that they take care of his needs pretty well, but it is not above and beyond. It is adequate. I think they could put themselves out to do more with Allan; I shouldn't have to direct them as much as I do. For me, television does not cut it. They should do more for the person that is involved and do more for their spouse. I feel like everything is measured.

June 27, 2018

By 24


I was in search of a provider for my Aunt as I reside quite a few hours away. Whoever I selected had to have been in business for quite some time, employ personnel that are kind,gentle, knowledgeable, flexible, and willing to go that extra mile for my Aunt. I found those credentials and more with Right at Home. They are a terrific organization and consistently work with me if schedules change or if they see a concern that prevents future problems. I would not hesitate to hire this firm.

June 19, 2018

By David G

I am a past client of this provider

They helped with getting me started with the day. I like that they were prompt and they took care of me.

June 19, 2018

By Beth

I am a current client of this provider

I highly recommend Right at Home for home healthcare. I found them to be extremely conscientious, attentive, and above all on time, reliable and caring to my parents in need. Thank you Bruce, Andrea, and the entire staff.

June 19, 2018

By Mimi

I am a past client of this provider

Right at Home Palm Beach Gardens was a lifesaver after my father passed away and my ailing mother was left alone, unable to care for herself. Right at Home and Bruce's team responded instantly, and every caregiver that came to my mom was better than the next. Thank you Bruce and Team!

June 14, 2018

By Donna Gee

I am a current client of this provider

Right at Home is the best agency we have found in all of Palm Beach County and I highly recommend using them for your loved one’s care!! We have been using them now for almost 2 years and are thrilled to have them to support Dad in his needs. Dad has been delighted with every caregiver they have sent because he is treated with love and respect no matter what is going on with him, and that has not been our experience with many of the other agencies. I experience their caregivers to be professional, mature, highly competent, patient, kind, and punctual. It is a huge relief to know we can count on Bruce and Andrea to respond immediately to any situation or concerns that arise, and always with kindness and limitless patience. THANK YOU for being such a great agency to deal with!!!

May 29, 2018

By Aaron M

I am a past client of this provider

It made my life easier. They came in and set up a care plan that worked. I did the exercises and I saw improvement. Everything was wonderful, everything they did was fabulous. The physical therapist was wonderful and really helped me out.

May 24, 2018

By Anonymous

I am a current client of this provider

They have helped me the most with getting dressed, taking a shower, and taking me to my doctor appointments. The caregiver takes me to other places, since I can't drive.

April 19, 2018

By David B

I am a current client of this provider

They've been very kind and understanding. If I have any questions they are there to answer. I needed some additional assistance just the other day and they were able to provide it right away.

March 15, 2018

By Marion M

I am a past client of this provider

I got to talk to the owner, Bruce, of the local franchise. He was very accessible and very down to earth. The caregivers were there when they were supposed to be and I didn't have to worry about it. They were part of the solution in helping me deal with the problems.

March 14, 2018

By Mary G

I am a current client of this provider

They come sit with me and talk with me. It has been very good to have someone to help me along.

March 14, 2018

By Anne G_4

I am a current client of this provider

I like how prompt they are and the caregiver is very good as well. They take care of my wife, and provide food for us. They also do tasks around our house for me and my wife.

January 29, 2018

By jenn-scott

I am a current client of this provider

Great team! Bruce is always there to help out. The caregivers made Mom feel very comfortable and take such good care of her. We are so grateful for the company and staff!

January 26, 2018

By Elsie

I am a current client of this provider

My caregiver is a very nice person, who is very intelligent and takes very good care of me. The office staff is also very nice.

December 29, 2017

By Brenda

I am a current client of this provider

This is absolutely the best home health care company. Best caregivers. Best owner.

December 19, 2017

By EarleD

I am a current client of this provider

Right at Home provides us with around the clock caregivers who take great care of my wife. They are very intelligent, interesting and polite. The office is ahead of any problems that are developing, Right at Home is very well run. They fulfill their commits and know what they're doing

December 12, 2017

By Martin S

I am a current client of this provider

Right at Home has excellent caregivers to do their work. Right at Home provides caregivers who give my wife the opportunity to get out of the house and help fix my food up.

November 14, 2017

By Leah H_2

I am a current client of this provider

Right at Home hasn't matched my sister with compatible caregivers. My sister can be difficult. I explained her case to Right at Home, and they didn't send caregivers who were able to provide the care she needs.

Provider Response

Leah, We’re sorry to hear of your less than satisfactory experience with Right at Home and hope you will accept our sincerest apologies. We pride ourselves on our service and the high-quality standards we maintain and would like to make things right. Please feel to give us a call as we have hired additional caregivers that can meet your sister’s needs.

October 18, 2017

By Terry D_5

I am a past client of this provider

Right at Home was great. They helped me when I needed it. The services helped me with everything.

September 30, 2017

By RGreen

I am a past client of this provider

Right at Home is a wonderful and unique agency. Being that I live in NYC and my mother was living in Lake Worth, over time it became more difficult to manage my mom's care long distance. I called a few agencies, including RAH. Bruce and Andrea made a presentation at my mom's apartment when I was visiting my mom. I immediately felt a sense of relief that I found responsible and compassionate people who would help me care for my mom. Both Bruce and Andrea were available to me 24/7, no matter what the issue was. They helped find the perfect aides for my mom's needs, even though it took a few tries and a few telephone conversations. Bruce and Andrea also would stop by my mom's place, sometimes planned ahead, sometimes unannounced. This kept the aides at the top of their game, while also giving them the opportunity to update Bruce and Andrea of my mom's status and letting them know if supplies were needed. When I was in Florida visiting my mom, either Bruce or Andrea would stop by to see me and talk about how my mom's care was going and if I had any concerns. And any concerns I did have, were immediately addressed and resolved in a smart and compassionate way. This was extraordinary to me, that the owner of the company and his close assistant were so involved in the day to day care of my mom. And it was extremely comforting for me to know that my mother was being so well cared for and that all her needs were being met. I will be forever grateful to Bruce and Andrea and the wonderful aides, Esther, Marjorie, and Edi, for keeping my mother happy, safe and comfortable during the last several months of her life.

September 13, 2017

By Richard O.

I am a current client of this provider

The service provided by this is company is the absolute best. Being out of state and dealing with Hurricane Irma was very stressful but the team really put my mind at ease. My parents were able to safely get passed the storm with no trouble at all. Highly recommend.

September 07, 2017

By Patrick W

I am a current client of this provider

Right At Home is a very efficient company. Having Right At Home allows me to get the help that I need with my Parkinson's.

August 07, 2017

By Beverly C

I am a current client of this provider

Right at Home sends my wife a caregiver who does a terrific job and who is nice and does a lot. Right at Home has made life easier by doing so many things for Beverly and by helping her with her bathing and dressing. They help her pick out her clothes.

August 03, 2017

By Elise M

I am a current client of this provider

Right at Home is very responsive to any issues, and they have always listened to our opinions and have acted on them. My mother would not be able to make it through her daily life without the services.

July 17, 2017

By Stuart R.

I am a past client of this provider

I typically don't fill these things out, but the service I was provided by Bruce and his team was exceptional. Their compassion and attention to my father's needs surpassed my expectations. Thanks Bruce and RAH team! Highly recommended!

June 21, 2017

By Lori G.

I am a current client of this provider

I needed an aid for my Dad at the laslt lminute and Bruce was able to send someone right out. All of the employees are pleasant and qualified.

June 13, 2017

By sarah-mich

I am a current client of this provider

My mother has been through various agencies but has not liked anyone of them besides this one. The caregivers are nice and friendly and keep her engaged. Highly recommended. This agency is very attentive and always willing to go above and beyond.

June 06, 2017

By evan-smith

I am a current client of this provider

The service and care provided by the caregivers is excellent. Bruce was very hands-on and helped us every step of the way.

May 24, 2017

By gratefulclient

I am a current client of this provider

We have worked with many agencies over the 5 years my dad has needed in home support and this is the first time I am motivated to write a review. Bruce, the owner, has been a delight to work with and from the moment we connected, I trusted him to be someone who would work with us every step of the way to insure Dad had the best care possible. He has more than exceeded my expectations. The caregiver from Right at Home is personable, funny, has a big heart and Dad has raved about her from the first meeting. She motivates him to get out of the house with her (which is not an easy task!), handles all his needs and is very professional. I highly recommend Right at Home for anyone because your loved one will have the best care possible with an owner who will find the best possible caregiver for your case. And is available for any of concerns 24 hours a day.

May 22, 2017

By acantohotels

I am a current client of this provider

Thank you to Right at Home!! The staff and caregivers are wonderful and my aunt is very lucky to have Right at Home Palm Beach. I am very satisfied with the service and will continue to use them. Thank you Bruce for helping our family during this difficult time.

April 07, 2017

By lindaeb

I am a past client of this provider

This agency was a pleasure to work with! They were very responsive, and available to talk to at any time. They provided immediate care according to our schedule, and when we thought we needed a different home aide, they had a new one there the next day. My dad felt taken care of and provided for, which gave us peace of mind. I would highly recommend using Right at Home!

April 06, 2017

By Jennifer Mittleman

I am a current client of this provider

I typically do not write reviews but felt this company is worthy of a review to let other people in my situation know they can rely on "Right at Home". From the day my dad was admitted into Delray Medical Trauma ICU, Bruce and Andrea were there to guide me in fulfilling my dad's needs. They made the perfect matches (honestly except for one nurse bc not every human is a good fit for each other!! ) but a replacement was sent to make it right!! They made the whole process stress- free and easy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart "Right at Home'!!!

March 13, 2017

By CA835510

I am a current client of this provider

Bruce and the two caregivers he sent to my mother's home have been wonderful. She had a mild stroke in October and for two months I worked on getting the right care for her while dealing with so much stress and worry. Thankfully we were referred to Right at Home at just the right time and Cassandra and Sherman were good enough that I felt my mother was in good enough hands for me to return home (after two months) after only a week-and-a-half of them being there to care for her. And by good enough I mean knowledgeable, personable and caring. Fortunately for us, my mother is well enough to resume life on her own now, but I look forward to working with Bruce and Right at Home again should the need arise. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have been given Bruce, Cassandra, Sherman and Right at Home

March 01, 2017

By sandt123

I am a current client of this provider

Good day to everyone who would like to know more about this agency. Very simple: great services, amazing caregivers, professional communication. Andrea is a great administrator and when we had any kind of concerns, she was there to answer it or take care of it. She found for my mom amazing caregiver. And we are happy and relieve that someone taking care of my mom while we out. One more time: Great agency!!

December 14, 2016

By Stuart222028

I am a current client of this provider

Right at Home Palm Beach has constantly shown a level of service & desire to go above & beyond in assisting my family with in home care. They showed an ability to cope with the constant requests & concerns of my parents. Able to deal quickly and efficiently with schedule changes & any other concerns & services we had. I would highly recommend them, they give excellent care & service.

October 28, 2016

By Susan284625

I am a current client of this provider

Caring is excellent, always on time and reliable and flexible when needed.

October 27, 2016

By Sylvia334076

I am a past client of this provider

Right at Home Palm Beach in my opinion is the ultimate premier in home care companies all of Florida. The staff & caregivers are professional, dependable, caring and capable. Gave me peace of mind knowing my mother was in excellent hands. Thank you Bruce for all that you did to help my family.

August 31, 2016

By Nicole775710

I am a past client of this provider

Right at Home was a great service for when I was unable to be there for my mom. They matched perfectly to her personality and special needs. I would use them again and highly recommend them for anyone needing help.

August 27, 2016

By Steve Jons

I am a current client of this provider

Excellent service. An aide was needed for my mom when she was in the hospital and Right at Home Palm Beach was there within hours. Aides are well trained and reliable and show understanding of compassion.

August 11, 2016

By Caring_2643808

I am a current client of this provider

When I needed to fly my mom from Florida to Virginia after she spent a week in the hospital and four more weeks in rehab, I knew I couldn't go it alone. She was no longer able to walk and required oxygen to be at the ready in case she needed it. I turned to Right at Home for help. Laura Dwelley connected me with Arnoise Sanon to help my mom on the flight. With Arnoise at our side, I was able to safely bring my mom to live near me in Virginia. She was careful to make sure my mom was comfortable, she checked her blood oxygen level during the flight, and, most importantly, she provided me with peace of mind. I'll be forever grateful to Laura and Arnoise for their patient, calm and caring support at a very stressful time

May 10, 2016

By Pam KrupVUKEA

I am a past client of this provider

Great service! Exceptional caregiving! I would recommend Right at Home Palm Beach to all families.

April 23, 2016

By Mel Klein

I am a current client of this provider

The care givers assigned to our mom are outstanding, professional, reliable and caring. The office team are responsive and work very hard to ensure our mom receives great care that match her needs and also her personality.
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About Right at Home Palm Beach


Right at Home provides in-home caregiving services for thousands of families across the nation. We offer companionship and help with everyday tasks that have become challenging for an aging person. This may include things like meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, hygiene and grooming. We also offer services for those with special care situations caused by numerous medical conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. Call us to learn more about the specific services we provide.

Custom Care Plan

From the moment you call, we begin considering the specific needs of your loved one. We ask questions during the initial call or meeting to form a basic needs assessment. After discussing your particular situation, we will prepare an initial Custom Care Plan and then work with you to fine tune that Care Plan based on your loved one's specific needs. Once the plan is agreed upon, your local Right at Home team matches the right caregiver to implement the plan.

Caregiver Training and Care Supervision

Every Right at Home caregiver goes through an extensive interview process, including background checks. Once hired, caregivers are trained through Right at Home University to ensure that they're able to deliver the care set out in your loved one's Custom Care Plan. Before providing care, they're bonded and insured.

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