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Assisted Living Questions

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  1. What's an assisted living community fee and how much is it?

    Most assisted-living communities charge an application or community fee to new residents. This is a relatively new concept, but it's become the norm. The community fee is usually a onetime payment that covers the administrative cost of moving your dad into the community, the cost of refurbishing his...
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  2. What is the difference between assisted living and a nursing home?

    An assisted living community provides communal living, often with planned activities, housekeeping and laundry, transportation, meals, exercise and wellness programs, opportunities to socialize with other residents, and assistance with activities of daily living. These can include bathing, toileting...
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  3. Can I Try Out Assisted Living?

    Fortunately many assisted living facilities offer a temporary-stay option called a "respite" as a way for your mom to test the waters and see if she's comfortable in her new environment before getting in too deep financially. Under this scenario, your mother pays the usual monthly fee (for rent and ...
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  4. Should I take my 80-something parents with me to check out assisted living facilities for them or go alone?

    Both. Generally speaking, the best strategy is first to tour all the facilities you're interested in by yourself. Then, when you have two in mind that you think are the best, take your parents along to visit just those two. That way, you don't overwhelm them, which can easily happen if they're barra...
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  5. Can we get our father out of the Alzheimer's unit?

    One of your questions refers to your father wanting to leave an Alzheimer's unit in continuing care. The other parts of your questions have to do with the family conflicts about your mom, the distance between you and your parents, and the complex question of his rights versus the decision of the fa...
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