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“How do I know when it is time to move mom into the assisted side, she is on the independent side at a Senior Living Center. She fell in the shower and broke a rib, has UTI and ...” Visit this group

Caring for a Spouse

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“So stressed coping with my husband's ms” Visit this group

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

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“My DW is incontinent, but she will get up in the middle of the night and use the bath room. Not durning the day though and gets really upset if I keep checking on her. She wil ...” Visit this group

Caring for a Parent

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“I’m so tired of being tired. Caring for my mom has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I have always been a caregiver of friends and family but this is especially ha ...” Visit this group

Parkinson's Support Group

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“Hey guys. I have a problem. We're from Massachusetts. (that's not the problem haha) Grew up there (my husband and I. He has Parkinson's now.). We moved to AZ 6 years ago. Now ...” Visit this group

COPD Support Group

Latest Post

“Hi all new here. My husband has emphysema and is still working but soon he will be disabled. Now has to have oxygen 24/7. He was doing better before getting pneumonia last Win ...” Visit this group

Cancer Support Group

Latest Post

“Yesterday my husband had LLC Chemo beads infusion directly to. 2.6 cm liver tumor. He has had a severe reaction... up most of the night... sleeping now. Difficult to get him t ...” Visit this group

Heart & Stroke Support Group

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“Single mother raising two kids now supporting my mother who's had a stroke and lives, for now on her own. How do people do it? Maintain an over 50 hour a week job, teenager th ...” Visit this group

Combatting Loneliness When Living Alone

Latest Post

“hello all not been on for while how is everyone doing this is such a nice group your all friendly and helpfull so glad i found it take care all .” Visit this group

Being a Caregiver

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“I feel I am here under false pretenses. So many of you have been and will be dealing with caregiver situations for a long time. We are about to be set free of the situation. ...” Visit this group

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