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“How do I know when it is time to move mom into the assisted side, she is on the independent side at a Senior Living Center. She fell in the shower and broke a rib, has UTI and ...” Visit this group

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

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“My MIL is 92 years old, lives alone in NYC and has moderate dementia. The family recently got an aide in 3 days a week, 4 hours a day to help out and "oversee" her safety for ...” Visit this group

Caring for a Spouse

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“I am so tired of our health insurance company constantly auditing all of my husbands claims. Back in April, he fell and hit his head on the cement. OUCH! He was shaken up b ...” Visit this group

Caring for a Parent

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“Hi. I just found this site and I could really use any advice I can get. I feel like I am drowning. A little back story...I had been estranged from my mother for about 12 yrs b ...” Visit this group

Caregiving at Home

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“To not go into all the drama, I have a room mate that makes disgusting messes when he uses the bath room. He deny's that it is him, and if pressed, will go off in a rage.. I h ...” Visit this group

Assisted Living

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“My mom has Medicare and Medicaid. Waiver can u help find a place she is a passive Alzheimer's patients pls I need a place in Florida but nothing farther than Orlando thanks” Visit this group

Parkinson's Support Group

Latest Post

“Have any of you experienced what I call "Statue syndrome in an Earthquake" with your loved who has with this affliction ? My mom gets up at lest 4 times a night to go to th ...” Visit this group

COPD Support Group

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“Well we moved my mom in 2 months ago and I'm just getting the idea of what COPD is and all the features that comes with it. As an added bonus my husband just deployed. To ro ...” Visit this group

Multiple Sclerosis

Latest Post

“Exhausted. Always exhausted. How do we keep going to work and do life tired all the time. Does anyone care? How come they get disablilty but we don't get paid to care for ...” Visit this group

Cancer Support Group

Latest Post

“I care for my mum who has stage 4 breast cancer. She is 86 years old. Although we are a large family, I resigned from work to care for her. Recently, I have mixed feelings, as ...” Visit this group

Diabetes Support Group

Latest Post

“How often should diabetics go to the doctor?” Visit this group

Heart & Stroke Support Group

Latest Post

“IM 33 yr old male. Married almost 2 yrs and just purchased a home with my wife. I have a good job maintaining train cars was working 7 days a week. June 27 2016 I suffered a s ...” Visit this group

Senior Health

Latest Post

“TRANSPORTATION Hello....what options are people (who work regularly or have other ongoing commitments) using to get their loved ones to and from doctor appointments/other pla ...” Visit this group

Combatting Loneliness When Living Alone

Latest Post

“I'm 46. I live alone. But I've been alone most of my life. My family unite was not stable. There was physical abuse and sexual abuse. I've never been married I don't have ...” Visit this group

Being a Caregiver

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“I'm caring for my Husband who was involved in a bad accident. I wasn't getting along with him prior to the accident and so it's difficult to accept his angry behavior and hars ...” Visit this group

End of Life Support Group

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“Hi all, I'm new to the site. So nice to see this. I feel like I'm losing myself! I lost my Mama 7 months ago & just lost Daddy on the 16th of July,2016. Mama's estate wasn't e ...” Visit this group

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