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“How do I know when it is time to move mom into the assisted side, she is on the independent side at a Senior Living Center. She fell in the shower and broke a rib, has UTI and ...” Visit this group

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

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“My dear husband has Dementia. He does not recognize that he has a problem but he gets very angry when he has bathroom problems. He will not let our friends stay with him so ...” Visit this group

Caring for a Spouse

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“Well we have had good news and worse news!! The cancer cells are dying which is the good news but the tumors are continually growing and now the cancer has spread to his spine ...” Visit this group

Caring for a Parent

Latest Post

“My mother has lived with us for the past 13 years. For the first time, she asked for help with bathing, which is not a problem. I realized that the bathroom, which served her ...” Visit this group

Caregiving at Home

Latest Post

“I am a 60 year old amputee and my mom who is cxurrently 82 years old is taking care of me ande I woule like to know if she can get paid for being a cargiver.” Visit this group

Assisted Living

Latest Post

“What if you have chosen a place to live and visited. What if the food is awful? Is there anything you can do?” Visit this group

Parkinson's Support Group

Latest Post

“Keeping everyone in my prayers, God Bless each of you that are caregivers, I thank God for Blessing my life with my wonderful husband Jack, I am so lonesome without him, i gre ...” Visit this group

COPD Support Group

Latest Post

“Hi, I'm new to this group. My mother is 'end stage' COPD and has been for a couple of years. We've just gone into respite as she can no longer walk more than a metre or so wi ...” Visit this group

Multiple Sclerosis

Latest Post

“My daughter, 49 has progressive MS. Started out 25 years ago while in college. From relapsing remitting to secondary progress to progressive. She is wheel chair bound, has ...” Visit this group

Cancer Support Group

Latest Post

“My husband is on chemotherapy for lymphoma. Does anyone have experience with this and what can I expect?” Visit this group

Diabetes Support Group

Latest Post

“My partner has had type 2 diabetes for 8 years and just recently started working on lowering his blood sugar. Over the last couple of months his sex drive has disappeared. I t ...” Visit this group

Heart & Stroke Support Group

Latest Post

“my husband had a stroke in sept and now it is dec . We owe a rental property that we are going to sell but my husband to save the real estate agent commission wanted me to lis ...” Visit this group

Senior Health

Latest Post

“My mom is in assisted living. She cannot walk or even stand on her own. Our family does not have a handicap van and we are wanting to be able to bring her to family gathering ...” Visit this group

Combatting Loneliness When Living Alone

Latest Post

“Hi I am very sad because I don't have anyone to spend thanksgiving with. I have one son but he has to work all day and I have no one else. I'm just hoping that I can get throu ...” Visit this group

Being a Caregiver

Latest Post

“I am a professional caregiver and take my career very seriously --I always try to go above and beyond what is expected of me and most of my clients request me over and over ag ...” Visit this group

End of Life Support Group

Latest Post

“GM: can someone please tell me how I can view the whole message from a post? I'm only seeing the first two sentences and don't know how to see the rest - Many Thanks!” Visit this group

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