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“How do I know when it is time to move mom into the assisted side, she is on the independent side at a Senior Living Center. She fell in the shower and broke a rib, has UTI and ...” Visit this group

Caring for a Spouse

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“One thing I’m realizing that I miss in the careging ordeal is being cared for your self. My guy got some type of stomach flu somewhere. Only place we have been is 2 doctors ap ...” Visit this group

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

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“I care for my mother who is 89 yrs old diagnosed with Dementia over 15 yrs ago. Her "cycles" of dementia are driving me insane! One day she's on her death bed - the next she ...” Visit this group

Caring for a Parent

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“Need some opinions from the wise folks here. It seems to have started again. Mom has gotten frustrated that things aren't perfect at the AL where she is, that she's not gettin ...” Visit this group

Parkinson's Support Group

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“Good Morning. It is time for me to pick up my husbands medication. We have been without health and prescription insurance since June. He was just approved for Medicare but ...” Visit this group

COPD Support Group

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“Hello! My name is Julie and I’m new to this group. I have kind of a unique situation in that I’m in my early 30’s caring for a father in law with end stage COPD- he lives with ...” Visit this group

Cancer Support Group

Latest Post

“I am currently caring for my 92 yr old grandmother-in-law. She was diagnosed in June with breast cancer. She also has dementia. The doctors gave her the option to remove her b ...” Visit this group

Heart & Stroke Support Group

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“I came to ask for prayer for my late husbands brother he is in the hospital suffering a stoke, bleeding within his brain. It will be two years November 7 th and am reliving th ...” Visit this group

Combatting Loneliness When Living Alone

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“The last two weeks, and especially the last one, have been difficult, but we finally got to Friday, the last day of school before Thanksgiving vacation. I love my kidlets, bu ...” Visit this group

Being a Caregiver

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“I been care giving my friends 84 dad 24 7 and she has not paid me what do i do?” Visit this group

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