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Nursing Home Reviews for Bel Air at Teravista

December 12, 2018

By Ginak491

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Beautiful well maintained facility. Rooms are private and nicely decorated; private bath and kitchenette with sink, fridge and microwave. Weekly activities and trips to shopping and local restaurants. Most caretakers are helpful, accessible and knowledgeable and friendly. Food is adequate and appetizing(My Mother is a picky eater). Staff returns my calls and go out of their way to be pleasant to visitors and to their residents. Although 90 years old my Mother is active and stays busy. She is enjoying her private room and the activities. Due to having strokes, she is sometimes frustrated if her call button is not answered immediately, but that is to be expected when there are other residents that also need attention. I am very appreciative of the care and love that is shown to her by the caretakers and the staff.

May 11, 2018

By John56

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

At eighty-five our mom has advancing proximity awareness dementia, as well as other mental and physical challenges. Even with a full time caregiver it has become no longer safe for her to live in her home, so her four kids spent March and part of April thoroughly researching her options and (with the much needed help of Misty at the Estate Preservation Network) finally ended up choosing and getting mom into a more comprehensive care nursing facility in Round Rock called Bel Air at TeraVista. We expected actually getting her to accept going into a nursing home would be difficult, but she has seemed happy throughout the process. I believe Bel Air just proved to be a lot nicer than she had expected. The first thing she saw when she arrived at that facility was a real chapel and a library with plush leather chairs. Then we showed her, her new address in “Blanco Hall”. The room is much more like its own little efficiency than the typical “older hospital” feeling rooms we’ve seen at so many other places. It is very comfortable and clean, with a nice view of the courtyard. She has her own restroom and even a fridge and microwave. The room is fully furnished, but they let us bring in a bunch of framed photos of family and some of her most loved possessions, so it does very much feel like her own space and place when we go visit. She is getting a perm today at the onsite Beauty Salon in preparation for Mother’s Day, but otherwise is not getting out of her room enough. She’s been there less than 30 days, so the fact that she is so comfortable remains foremost in our minds, but there are lots of activities and, since Bel Air has their own bus, trips for their residents to go shopping, to the movies and such that we are trying to get her to attend more often. The staff is helping and family members are regularly visiting and making sure she minimally goes to at least the onsite events, such as the Ice Cream and Popcorn Socials, Bingo and Dominoes, and Movie Nights. She was just as sedentary at her home, but without the wealth of social interactions that are available at Bel Air. We will just have to hope time and the good efforts of everyone involved prevail on this front. I do want to add that the entire staff in Blanco Hall have been consistently helpful. In fact, our experience with the intake and finance departments and all the rest of the Bel Air staff, from Tina in reception to Maria who cleans her room, have been great. Thank you Kristi, Debbie, Katie and everyone else. I can’t begin to express how much your professional caregiving and your good help and have meant to us in this very tough situation. Our entire family hopes and expects our mother will be happy there for many years to come.

May 15, 2017

By mrs-collier

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

I am not impressed. I went to visit my dear friend this past Saturday - knowing she had been admitted. The lady at the desk was pleasant, but informed me that my friend had not yet been admitted. She did give me a room number - and said I could go take a look, but she would not be there. She was in the dining room with others - but explained how the facility was beautiful but the service was soooo poor. During the few hours I was with her - not one person came to check on her or ask her if she needed anything. She had not received any breakfast that morning - and after telling someone, they did bring her a cold boiled egg. (Not what she had requested). So today I called and she had not had her meals over the rest of the weekend, and had not had breakfast. She is there to be rehabilited and she is not being treated kindly at all. I will be letting my friends know to stay away from this facility.

April 24, 2017

By EvanAnderson

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My mother recently passed away after a year and a half of stroke complications. I am so thankful for the care she received at Bel Air. I toured a few dozen facilities before choosing this one for my mother. It was absolutely the right choice. The nurses were honest and caring and shared funny stories about their interactions with my mom. There were occasionally things my mom would ask for, or changes in care needed as she progressed and Audry the head nurse was always easy to work with and on top of what was needed. No nursing home is perfect, and no facility will feel exactly like home, but Bel Air is run well, and full of staff that care and will try to make your loved one feel at home. I know my mother was as comfortable and happy as possible for her final year and I couldn't recommend them more.

April 13, 2017

By janeane

I am/was a resident of this facility

DO NOT BRING YOUR LOVED ONES HERE!!!!!..... If you love your loved one please do not bring them here I am a current resident and the care I am receiving here is unacceptable the nurses have confused my medicines including heart meds that can be deadly! There was a nurse named vallerie and she denided me my bowel program stating that there is not enough stAff to clean me up and she just Did not have time for me The CNA's are very unprofessional with no bed side mannor and additudes to basic requests, most of the staff dose not understand English and will not answer call lights for hours. Please for the sake of your loved ones do not let the beauty of this facility fool you this is a horrible place to leave your loved ones especially in their time of need they will not get adequate care

February 21, 2017

By jesusislord

I am/was a resident of this facility

Short term care after auto accident was great. Not depressing like most. Organized care team.

October 28, 2016

By Kathy218

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

STAY AWAY!!!! My best friend for 38 years was here for rehabilitation. When I visited her she was frustrated, angry and shaking from several encounters with the staff. Nurses were changing up her medications and when to administer without my friend's doctor approval. When I was there, I noticed her bed was vey dirty where her head went. I offered to bath her and she said yes. The nurses nor aides came in to the room to assist with the bath. They brought the towels, got her into a wheel chair then left us alone. My friend had stool in a diaper they put on her. I told them they needed to clean her prior to her bath.. My friend said she told them early in the morning and now it was noon and they were changing her because I requested it. I bathed my friend in the wheel chair (she had not strength to sit on the shower stool). They brought her lunch very late about 2pm. She is diabetic and needed to eat regularly or in a timely manner this did not happen. The aide argued with my friend because my friend complained that they brought her the wrong plate of food. The aide argued non stop about the menu request form my friend filled out the day before that she had selected the food she brought her. I asked to see the form and she didn't know where it was. Please know my friend never raised her voice to them nor said anything vulgar towards them. Then her night shift aide came in with a sandwich. Smashed the sandwich in front of my friend on her table and said there you go that's all your getting. The aide then turned to me and said "You bathed her?". I said yes!! She was filthy and her bed was gray from the dirt from her hair. The aide said "No I bath her every night", "I give her bed show". Then she turned to my friend saying RIGHT!! RIGHT!! I told her I don't know how she bathed her but water or soap never touched her!! This all happened on a Friday, My friend had set up a meeting for 9am with the director and several other people at Bel Air at Teravista to voice the way she was being treated. My friend called me the next day Saturday, very upset and distraught. I told her I would look for someone in Administration to go and talk with her to see if anything could be done. She said no she was going to have the meeting Monday. Then I got a call at 1:30am Monday morning my friend passed away. My friend died due to heart failure. Among her belongings we found a journal my friend kept documenting how this place treated her. This place made sure her last days before her unexpected passing were horrible full of frustration, arguing and out right childish behavior on the Nurses and Aides part!! If people go to these facilities it is for two reasons: They are in their last stages of life or they have a long health issue they are trying to overcome. ALL PEOPLE SHOULD BE TREATED WITH COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING FOR THEIR SITUATION AND RESPECT!!! Bel Air you have FAILED! YOUR STAFF IS THE WORSE I HAVE EVER SEEN! They hardly understand English language nor the basic care instructions for caring for the ill.. If you find yourself or family member having to go to this facility PLEASE make sure someone stays with you or checks up regularly on you or your family member. Bel Air go back to square one with training your staff! Lesson 1: Compassion for a human being. Lesson 2: Understanding human suffering and illness Lesson 3 Respect for one's right to be treated with dignity.

January 22, 2016

By SmithFamily94

I am a friend or relative of resident

After a fall and 3 days in the hospital, my stepmother was transferred to Belair. It was a beautiful facility, but we were soon sorry we selected it. We gave them a copy of the document naming my stepsister as the power of attorney. After 7 days, instead of calling my stepsister, they called my 96 year-old father and told him that his wife needed to be admitted to hospice care, probably would not live more than 7 days, and he needed to take her home and talked him into signing the hospice papers. He could not take her home and care for her when she could not even get out of bed to use the toilet and neither her daughter or I were equipped to provide the care she needed. After the hospice papers were signed, we had to private pay because medicare will not pay for skilled nursing for hospice patients. After a month, and more really bad experiences, we felt we had to move her from Belair to a nearby facility who took wonderful care of her until she died after 3 more months in skilled nursing.

November 20, 2015

By Jeri Turnquist

I am a friend or relative of resident

We had reviewed several facilities to move our father after a recent illness. We decided to admit to Bel Air under Hospice care. Unfortunately our father passed at the hospital prior to the transfer. I would like to share my experience during the decision of choosing Bel Air. It is a beautiful environment and staff seemed friendly and knowledgeable. I had been told this facility was going through a change of management and folks were reporting obvious changes in the environment. Even after our loss the staff showed compassion and showed genuine concern for our family. I would highly encourage others to visit and see for themselves what a great place this is.

November 12, 2015

By nen1301

I am a friend or relative of resident

My mother was at this facility for skilled nursing. I wish that there was something good to say about this facility other than it is beautiful and new. The menus are so inappropriate for seniors - spicy barbeque more than once a week, mexican food, no green vegtables, slaw with so much vinegar, it took my breath away and was inedible. Sandwiches were on a plate and the bread was soaked to slop from juices of other foods. The doctor was there and I asked if he would eat the soaked bread which just hung over a knife. His comment "NO!" One morning I arrived at 10:45am...breakfast still was covered and sitting on a counter and not offered to my mother. Another day I was there from 12:00 noon to 1:30pm. No lunch had been served and I asked what time lunch was. Someone went to the kitchen and brought a tray. My mother had been forgotten. Basic care is clean clothes. My mother was dressed in previously worn clothing including under garments. I complained about her not being dressed in available clean clothing and it just did not seem to sink in. After 5 days of this nonsense, I moved her to another facility. While waiting for her records and meds to hand carry to the new facility, I had to remind the nurse of the meds. She had the records on a PC and her comment was: "I keep thinking I am forgetting something". I was never sure that my mother was given her medications. I agree that family members need to be involved but the neglect, lack of organization and ignorance regarding common cleanliness at this facility requires 24 hour supervision. This lack of organization is just not at the lowest level, it radiated from the administration down. Stars??? none unless I cannot post the review.

October 11, 2015

By DayBow

I am a friend or relative of resident

If I could I would put in NO STARS!! Stay away! There is NOT enough staff to care for the patients. Management is non existent. The director is never there, constantly leaving messages she will not see you only give you a call. My father left with bedsores and infected toes. PT was good but that is not enough. Feel sorry for the patients who are unable to advocate for themselves. Don't be fooled by how pretty it is there. The care for the patients is horrible!!

July 28, 2015

By Bill110691550

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Bel Air at Teravista was a new facility. I placed my wife there for respite care, and we liked it. I suspect they were shorthanded. She said the food is OK. It was a really nice facility. The rooms were clean, and they had large bathrooms. They also had a nice shower setup. The physical therapy people were great.

June 08, 2015

By lynnfriel

I am a friend or relative of resident

The low level of care provided at this location is unbelievable. My FIL spent a month here and the care was horrible. He is quadriplegic and one of the nurses left him in the shower to grab a towel. He fell over and hit his head, we are lucky he wasn't hurt more than he was. He was unable to hit a call button by normal means so he had a special device he could use. The night nurses moved the call device out of his reach so he couldn't bother them. There was no 'release' plan after his rehabilitation time was over. Insurance said they wouldn't pay for anymore so they dropped him off. No follow up nursing, no training, nothing. It took us almost a full week before we had a follow up visit to assist. This is a person who had no way of feeding himself, going to the bathroom, anything. My husband and I both work full time jobs - but my husband did his best. Our FIL ended up having to go back into the hospital to get his bed sore that developed at this facility. This place made a horrible situation into a nightmare. All we've heard since he was released was 'this isnt how it is supposed to happen.' If you have choices - go somewhere else. The quality of care here is very suspect.

March 31, 2015

By SOlson

I am a friend or relative of resident

This business is a case study in unrealized potential. The building is less than 2 years old and is absolutely gorgeous. It has a lovely Texas atmosphere and is everything that you would want in an upscale, cutting edge facility specializing in the care of our loved ones. They have more than enough staff on duty at all times and their residents should be cared for in the dignified and attentive way that one hopes to receive. Unfortunately, this is not the case. When we toured the facility in preparation for finding a rehab and possible new home for my 91 year old grandmother, we thought we had lucked into the best of all possible worlds. Once she moved in, it was a very different experience. The hall in which she was staying was heartbreaking. There was one man who was in his bed with the door open to his room. He was repeatedly yelling, "Round Rock Police! Help me! Help me!" The staff ignored him. There was another man on her hall who kept falling out of bed. He would lie in the floor yelling for help until someone finally came. Several times it seemed that the only way the staff would go into his room to help was if someone went to the nurse's desk and told them he needed help. One day my grandmother was nauseous. She told her attendants repeatedly. Four hours later I came in to visit and she was still suffering. No one claimed to know anything about it, in spite of her telling them that she couldn't go to dinner because she felt bad. Additionally, they seemed to find it difficult to follow the doctor's orders. The worst of it was that after 20 days they discharged her without discovering what her medical problem was. She had been admitted because she fell several times from a standing position for some unknown reason. They decided it might be because her blood pressure would drop suddenly after standing. So the doctor ordered blood pressure checks 1x a day. They were to check it in a laying, sitting and standing position. They never seemed to remember to do the check. They also never figured out if that was actually the problem. We learned in a later hospital stay that she wasn't absorbing oxygen and needed to be on oxygen 24/7 with regular nebulizer albuterol treatments. If they had kept her the 100 days needed to have her admitted into skilled nursing under Medicare/Medicaid guidelines, they might have actually discovered why she was falling. The staff was very nice. They looked like they were doing everything they were supposed to do, but the reality was that they weren't and I'm disgusted that we wasted time there. My grandmother was miserable there. It could be such a pleasant place, but it isn't. It's horrible and sad.
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