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Independent Living in Oklahoma

With rolling hills and flat golden plains, Oklahoma has a lot to offer seniors who are looking for a place to retire. It’s home to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Armstrong Auditorium, the Will Rogers Memorial Museum and the Myriad Botanical Gardens, which provide individuals with plenty of activities and things to see. Rich in cultural history, Oklahoma celebrates various Native traditions, including the American Indian culture and real-life cowboys. The state provides a full exemption of Social Security retirement and a $10,000 deduction for other types of retirement income. The cost of living in Oklahoma is also lower than the national average, so seniors may be able to keep more of their annual incomes. The state experiences four distinct seasons with July highs around 93 degrees, and January lows are around 26.

Active seniors who need little to no assistance with grooming, housekeeping and other daily living tasks may choose an independent living community for retirement. These communities target older adults ages 55 and older who want convenient access to socialization, entertainment and activities with other adults of the same age. In Oklahoma, the cost of Independent living is around $2,438 per month.

This guide covers the cost of independent living in the state with the national average and the cost in surrounding areas and also offers a list of popular resources.

The Cost of Independent Living in Oklahoma

When trying to decide how to pay for independent living, one of the first questions that comes up is "How much does it cost?" With the impact of inflation, it's more important than ever to have up-to-date information when making a financial plan for senior living. To help shed light on real senior living prices, has compiled proprietary cost data from its network of over 75,000 senior living providers to offer insight into the average cost of independent living in Oklahoma and its 8 cities.

Note: Using the 2021 Genworth Financial Cost of Care Survey, we established average costs of Independent Living, which weren’t available from an authoritative source. We took the average cost of Assisted Living and subtracted 35% to arrive at a cost for Independent Living, as this level of care is generally 30-40% cheaper than Assisted Living.

The average cost of Independent Living in Oklahoma is lower than the national average by $419. Compared to adjacent states, Oklahoma’s statewide average is about mid-range for the area. Colorado, Kansas and Texas have higher costs than Oklahoma at $3,088, $2,977 and $2,599, respectively. Arkansas’ cost is lower at $2,444 per month, and Missouri’s average cost of $1,950 is more than $500 lower than in Oklahoma.

The Cost of Independent Living in Oklahoma's Top Cities

Though seniors are reported to pay $2,370 per month for independent living statewide, prices will vary across different cities. Oklahoma City, for example, is one of the most affordable options for cost-conscious seniors at $2,280, while a price hike in Bartlesville comes in at $2,727. Seniors seeking independent living in Tulsa can expect to pay $2,492, while services in Enid average $2,000 per month.



Oklahoma City








Inflation's Impact on the Cost of Independent Living in Oklahoma

Inflation is projected to drive up the cost of independent living in Oklahoma by 17% from 2022–24, from $2,284 to $2,667 per month. Prices rise nationwide by 13% during the same period, while other states see various other price changes. In California, for instance, prices rise by 10%, from $3,481 to $3,823. Colorado experiences a more modest 8% increase during this period, while Alaska and Nevada each have a 5% price hike for independent living services from 2022 to the estimated 2024 figures ($4,724 and $2,593, respectively).

Location2022 Cost (Historical)2023 Cost (Current)2024 Cost (Estimated)
U.S. Average$2,810$2,955$3,162
California$3,481$3,556 $3,823
Nevada$2,476$2,463 $2,593

The Costs of Other Types of Senior Living

Older adults with limited need for supervision and care services may find independent living's average cost of $2,370 a month to be a good fit, but there are more options than just those programs. Assisted living in Oklahoma averages $3,789 a month, and memory care costs an average of $4,168.

Assisted Living


Memory Care


Independent Living


Can You Use Medicare or Medicaid to Pay for Independent Living in Oklahoma?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Medicaid and Medicare to help pay the monthly fee for residing in an Independent Living community. For seniors who need help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), there may be financial assistance programs available to help cover the cost of care in Independent Living. For more information about financial assistance for those who need a higher level of care, read our guide to Assistant Living in Oklahoma.

Read on for more information about using alternative means to make Independent Living more affordable, such as retirement funds, the sale of a home, etc.

Paying for Independent Living in Oklahoma

Independent living communities offer a variety of services for seniors, like landscaping and housekeeping, and the cost can vary. Because this service doesn’t include help with daily living or medical care, most insurance companies do not cover the cost so seniors must pay out-of-pocket. Some of the most common ways to pay for independent living include social security benefits and pensions, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and annuities. Seniors who own their own homes may opt for reverse mortgages, which provide seniors with access to the existing equity. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development also offers housing vouchers and other home assistance to low-income seniors. 

Free and Low-Cost Resources for Seniors in Oklahoma

There are many resources in Oklahoma that assist seniors in their retirement. has compiled information on local organizations, programs and agencies and categorized them into care types for easy reference.


Area Agency on Aging

Retirees can find support and advice on various senior-related issues from their local Area Agency on Aging. The agency provides advice on topics such as financial assistance programs, in-home care and long-term care planning. It also connects seniors and caregivers with community-based resources.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Oklahoma Area Agencies on AgingThe Oklahoma Area Agencies on Aging (O4A) represents nonprofit and state agencies that provide aging services in each county. It creates structures that help vulnerable seniors remain independent and live in their own homes. These programs provide seniors aged 60 and over with services including personal care, transportation, chores, medication management, adult day services and legal services. Agencies also provide health screenings, senior activities and hot meals at congregate centers.

Cash Assistance Programs

Cash assistance programs in Oklahoma provide financial support to help low-income retirees remain in their own homes for as long as possible. Seniors and caregivers can apply for tax rebates and reductions, discounts on vital services and help covering the cost of heating and cooling their home.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Oklahoma Lifeline Program800-234-9473The LifeLine Program offers a discount on landline or mobile telephone service, ensuring that participants can stay in contact with loved ones.

Financial Assistance for Senior Care and Senior Living

Whether living in their own home or in a senior living community, Oklahoma seniors can find financial assistance from numerous local resources. These organizations help residents cover some of the costs associated with in-home or long-term care and connect them with other helpful community-based resources.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Oklahoma ADvantage Waiver Program405-522-7300The ADvantage Waiver Program helps seniors remain independent and live in their own homes. It offers an alternative to living in a nursing facility with numerous homebased services, such as personal care, skilled nursing in a home health setting, homedelivered meals, specialized medical equipment and prescriptions.
Oklahoma Medically Fragile Program888-287-2443The Medically Fragile Program provides Medicaid-eligible adults with an alternative to living in a nursing facility. Applicants with an institutional level of care can remain in their homes or a residential setting while receiving care through advanced supportive assistance, home-delivered meals, prescriptions, skilled nursing and specialized equipment.

Food Assistance Programs

Local organizations help ensure elderly citizens have a balanced diet and receive essential vitamins and minerals to remain healthy. Through nutrition programs, congregate meals, home-delivered meals and food pantries, these programs help Oklahoma seniors afford the nutritious food they need.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Oklahoma Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP)405-521-3581Oklahoma Commodity Supplemental Food Program helps improve the health of the elderly by providing them with nutritious food to supplement their diet. Seniors aged 60 and older classified as low-income can apply for the program, and successful applicants receive items typically lacking from their diets. CSFP food packages contain a variety of highly nutritious goods, including nonfat dry milk, canned fruits and vegetables, cereal, noodles and canned meat, fish or poultry.
Oklahoma Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP)405-521-4089The Oklahoma S.F.M.N.P. makes it easy for Owasso's low-income seniors to access fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables, helping them eat healthier and save money on grocery bills as they move into an assisted living environment. Seniors who meet income requirements receive E.B.T. cards, letting them purchase locally grown foods without any personal expense. To apply, seniors should contact the I.A.A.A.
Oklahoma Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)866-411-1877The Oklahoma Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program helps low-income older adults obtain nutritious food. To be eligible, seniors must be U.S. citizens or legal aliens and meet certain income standards. They are then provided with an electronic benefits transfer card to utilize when purchasing eligible food and beverage purchases in grocery stores and farmers' markets statewide. These funds can be used for the majority of food purchases but can't be used for prepared food items, alcohol, beer or tobacco products.
Oklahoma Meals on Wheels918-921-5388Meals on Wheels is a community-based program that delivers in-home meals to vulnerable seniors throughout Oklahoma. The program has a sliding-fee scale to make it cost-effective for all income levels and strives to meet older adults' nutritional and social needs through meal deliveries made by local branches statewide.

Free Used Medical Equipment

Due to the high cost of purchasing new medical equipment, several organizations in Oklahoma collect lightly used medical devices such as wheelchairs, ramps and walkers and distribute them to local seniors and residents in need.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Oklahoma ABLE Tech405-744-9748The Oklahoma ABLE Tech Device Reuse Program provides free, gently used medical equipment to those in need. If the equipment is no longer needed, it must be returned. Each piece of donated equipment is cleaned, repaired, and refurbished to ensure its safety for the next user.

Home Repair and Modifications

Seniors and those with disabilities can access a variety of local resources to help them pay for home repairs and modifications. Programs in Oklahoma have different eligibility criteria and often assist retirees by providing grants or loans.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Oklahoma Section 504 Home Repair Program405-742-1109Seniors can use grant funds to remove health and safety hazards, with $10,000 as the maximum grant amount allowed. They can submit their applications through their local Rural Development office year-round.

Many organizations offer free or low-cost legal services to Oklahoma seniors. Older adults can access advice on issues such as estate planning, living wills and power of attorney. Some firms also act as long-term care ombudsmen, advocating for the rights of seniors in senior living communities.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc.800-421-1641Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma provides pro bono law help for seniors and their caregivers. The organization handles only civil cases and can assist with legal issues ranging from housing and health questions to family law and probate concerns. Seniors in need of legal assistance may call the free OK-SPLASH hotline Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., to speak with a LASO representative. The organization also maintains 18 offices around the state for in-person appointments.
Oklahoma Long-Term Care Ombudsman405-521-2281The Long-Term Care Ombudsman can assist senior citizens and their families who have concerns about care providers. The state-sponsored advocate for seniors' rights will investigate and attempt to resolve the situation with the provider on the senior's behalf. Ombudsmen may recommend changes within a facility and do not reveal information that could identify the complainant.
Oklahoma Sixty-Plus Legal Aid Services Helpline (OKS-PLASH)800-488-6814The Oklahoma Sixty-Plus Legal Aid Services Helpline supports those aged 60 and over who require legal assistance. The helpline can answer basic questions about wills, Social Security underpayments, housing issues, food stamps, long-term care issues and other civil legal problems.

Senior Engagement

Senior engagement resources and programs in Oklahoma help older adults remain active and ensure they contribute to the community. Resources include wellness programs, volunteer opportunities, support groups and organizations that help residents connect with the community to live fulfilling lives.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Oklahoma Senior CorpsThe Senior Corps Program works with those aged 55 and older who meet income guidelines. Seniors have the opportunity to get involved with three programs: the RSVP, Foster Grandparent Program, and Senior Companion Program. These opportunities allow seniors to share their skills, make new social connections and help their community in their spare time.
Alzheimer's Association Oklahoma Chapter405-319-0780The Oklahoma Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association educates and supports elderly individuals with the condition and the families dealing with its effects. The chapter's staff is highly trained and can assist people on every stage of their journey. As well as helping seniors manage medications and evaluate other forms of care, they also refer them to legal and financial advisors who can assist with estate planning.

Social Security Offices

Social Security offices in Oklahoma help seniors and disabled people access the benefits they're entitled to. Older adults can contact their local office for information about receiving retirement benefits, disability allowance and Supplemental Security Income.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Oklahoma Social SecuritySocial Security is a source of income available to retirees and people who can no longer work because of a disability. The money for Social Security comes from a payroll tax levied on employers, employees and self-employed individuals. When you retire, you'll receive monthly payments based on how much you earned when you were working.

Utility & Energy Bill Assistance

Low-income seniors who are struggling to meet the costs of maintaining their homes can find support from organizations that offer assistance with utility and energy bills. Oklahoma retirees could also qualify for emergency funding programs if they're in danger of losing utility services due to unpaid invoices.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Oklahoma Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)800-879-6552LIHEAP is a federally funded program available through OKDHS that helps pay home energy costs. During open enrollment, seniors may apply online or visit their local DHS office. Seniors with a medical condition requiring either heating or cooling for life dependency may qualify for life-threatening crisis assistance.

Veteran's Services

Oklahoma retirees who have served in the U.S. military can find support from local veteran services. These offices and organizations help vets access the benefits they're eligible for and provide advice and information on a variety of issues.

Program NamePhone NumberDescription
Oklahoma VA Benefits and Health CareThrough the Oklahoma VA Benefits and Health Care program, seniors in the state who served in the military can access health care services and financial benefits. For many, this includes free medical care at approved VA clinics. Between community-based VA health clinics spread throughout the state and the Veterans Benefits Administration office in Muskogee, seniors can access these benefits at a location near them.
Oklahoma VA Aid and Attendance Benefit and Housebound Allowance800-827-1000The VA Aid and Attendance benefit is an additional monthly payment to the VA pension. It's to help with costs for U.S. military veterans and their spouses living in nursing homes. Eligible vets who are housebound can apply for the Housebound Allowance to contribute towards their home care costs. There is no need to repay either benefit. To check eligibility, seniors can use the free online tool provided by

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