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Nursing Home Reviews for The Carlyle At Stonebridge Park

May 10, 2019

By Danielle

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My father was in the Carlyle at Stonebridge Park for rehab, but we were not happy with the care and not impressed. Everything was beautiful, very clean, and very nice, but I wasn’t impressed with the nursing staff, and my dad didn’t like the food. The response time when my dad would call was very slow.

February 23, 2018

By PattyF

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Our 95 year-old mother was at The Carlyle from 10/20/17 to 11/21/17 for rehab following a partial hip replacement. She did well with the rehab staff, and the facility was clean, but other than that we don’t have a lot of positive things to say about her stay. Mom had dementia and would sometimes try to get out of bed on her own. Consequently, we hired sitters to be with her 24/7 so she wouldn’t have another fall. Unfortunately, the nursing staff and aides thought the sitters were there to do their jobs. The sitters changed Mom’s brief many times and even changed the sheets on her bed at least twice because the staff at The Carlyle wouldn’t respond to the sitters’ requests for assistance in a timely manner. During the night, it could be several hours before anyone from The Carlyle would even open the door to see if Mom was Ok. Sometimes as long as from 10 pm to 4 am even though the sitter had requested assistance. My sister, brother and I had 2 conference calls with the staff at The Carlyle to discuss Mom’s progress and her care and both times, we were assured that the nursing staff knew that the sitters were not there to do nursing/aide related activities. Unfortunately, nothing changed. In addition, because Mom was in briefs and was not ambulatory, we were assured that someone would come to check on Mom at least once every 2 hours during the night. That rarely happened the entire time she was there. It appeared to us that The Carlyle is understaffed especially during the overnight hours and the individuals who do work during that time aren’t particularly interested in helping the patients. In addition, with less than 1 week’s notice, we were told on late Thursday afternoon, 11/16/17, that Mom was being released the following Tuesday which was 2 days before Thanksgiving and a total surprise to us. That didn’t give us much time at all to arrange for transportation back to the assisted living facility where she lived and to coordinate her new regimen once she was “home”, especially during the holiday week. All I can say is Thank Goodness for the sitters and for the security camera we installed in her room.

January 02, 2018

By GrannyCM

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

We thought the place was lovely and had had friends in the facility before we put my dad in for skilled nursing and therapy after a fall. His basic hygiene was ignored even after we pointed out that it needed to be addressed. The appearance is good, but the reality is frustrating!

Provider Response

Grannycm, thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback about your experience with us. We would like the opportunity to address your concerns. Please reach out to us directly when you have a chance. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

November 20, 2017

By cccranch

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

This is by far the worst place you could ever send a love one to stay. They tell you not to worry about it, they will take care of your loved one and give them everything that they need. The staff is not knowledgeable in medicine or how to take care of the patients, they lie just to get your money. My father had to sit in his own feces for over an hour before I demanded somebody come and change him. He called numerous times on the call button and they kept blowing him off and this was not the first time either. It is the worst facility I have ever been to. The night manager has the worst customer service .She’s more worried about delivering wine and cheese to certain people instead of taking care of their patients. Don’t send your loved ones here all they want is your money .

November 13, 2017

By rob2430

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My Mother was a recent patient here. The nursing staff was excellent, but stretched too thin, and the CNAs were more interested in using their cell phones or socializing, than assisting patients. Please do not be fooled the pretty interior. I could not believe after my Mother passed, rather than letting me know there were condolence cards sent to her there, THEY RETURNED the cards! It is all about the money. BE CAREFUL. If you need a short stay, this may be appropriate, but long term care LOOK ELSEWHERE!!!!

October 22, 2017

By Visited DAILY at various times

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

First of all, people with complaints are most likely to review a place. I had a short period of time to decide and actually visited 3 facilities and found Carlyle to be the cleanest (notice smells and sounds when you tour a facility) and most inviting. The place looks like a 4 star hotel with bright lights and nice crown moldings. The outdoor areas are a pleasant way to get fresh air. The therapy rooms were outstanding and provided a bright place with many options for therapy. The therapists were excellent and really made a difference in my mother-in-law's recovery from CHF(pacemaker). The nurse that worked with my mom, Jennifer, was the favorite on the hall. George, the night nurse and Clarice, the weekend nurse, were also helpful. The charge nurse (sorry I can't remember her name) was very understanding and truly advocated for some tests and x-rays that helped to monitor her lungs. They were all great to talk with about the medicines and care she needed. She was quick to complain that she waited forever for someone to respond to her call button, but she never had an accident. She was also a frustrating patient, because she would press the call button for a pillow that fell on the floor, or not being comfortable in her chair, or not being able to adjust the bed or TV. We kept telling her that the button was for pain or potty only. When she was able to get to the bathroom by herself (week 2), she would still press the button because she couldn't remember that she wasn't supposed to have someone check every time she went (they did this in the hospital to make sure she was regular). They would come and tell her that they didn't need to check any more and she would complain to me the next day that they refused to check the toilet. The staff was really patient with her. Christie in the cafeteria knew that she wasn't eating well and frequently offered to make her something she knew would be eaten (toast and fried egg, grilled cheese, etc). She even found out that my mother-in-law liked sherbet and told her she could always ask for it even if it wasn't on the menu. I tried a bite of the things they were serving and the chicken fried steak was excellent. I didn't have any complaints about the taste of any of the things I tried. I saw many times that they were short in the cafeteria and the rest of the staff worked as a team to get the meals out. I did feel that the nurses were overloaded just because they were so busy all the time. Sharon, the speech therapist, was great with my mom - so patient and helped me to better understand what my mother-in-law needed. I found the best way to make sure that your loved one is cared for is for you to be their advocate and to get to know their caregivers and to be kind. This really is a thankless job and sitting with my mother-in-law and listening to her complaints was so frustrating. She was so quick to complain, but she got better and is home now. She didn't want to eat, do therapy or stay anywhere other than her apartment.. With the nursing shortage, there is no perfect place. I do agree with the review about leaving. The social worker was hard to find and she seemed irritated when I tried to clarify what we needed for going home. You get 48 hours and it is hard to get medicines and equipment in line, but part of this is the Medicare requirement that they won't authorize anything until there is a discharge date. My mother-in-law was transported to an appointment and had the last appointment of the day with her heart doctor. The transport had told the receptionist to call when ready for pickup, but she had left before we came out and there was no driver. We called the Carlyle and they provided the number and we called. Took 50 minutes for them to come. This is not a complaint, just wished someone had explained the process better to my mother-in-law or at least given her the number to call when ready. If she has any need for rehab, I would bring her back here.

Provider Response

We appreciate your feedback!

October 21, 2017

By Msbarney

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Whatever you are reading is true. Social worker is terrible. Never available or snarky if you find her. Meds were not provided at discharge so we had to go back. We weren’t even sure what to do at discharge so just left the building. Nursing staff is nice enough (most of them) but severely understaffed so waiting times are sometimes 1-2 hours which sucks if you want a pain pill. I mean what facility has their head floor nurses monitoring and serving in the cafeteria during mealtimes? patients have to wait until meals are over to get help...really?

October 19, 2017

By robmcc2

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Since THR had indicated this was an "aligned" facility I was thinking we would receive good care for my mom during her rehab stay following a hematoma and brain surgery. The building is nice to look at, and you get a great first impression. The therapists were wonderful. But the administration and care was lacking. Examples include my mom being moved without any notification to anyone in the family for a non-emergency reason, and in process, lost a hearing aide. None of the family was notified. They then "found" one and actually stuck it in her ear. Ewww. It was not hers. Food was not good, and her choices were not given even after speech had upgraded what she could eat. Meds were not handled appropriately. After they declared she had to be checked out, they neglected to give us all the meds we had ALREADY paid for. They sat shelved without being returned to pharmacy or to be given to me, which blocked refills (important neurological meds). We only got a medicine check out because we insisted and it wasn't completed. The person did the best she could but was not prepared for a med review. This was scary. The exit care plan was non-existent and was basically a blank sheet of paper with nothing filled in. Not even her name or address. The social worker was not nice. She had an attitude and definitely DID NOT ADVOCATE for us. She should find another line of work. She crossed her arms and was defensive and talked over me and had us stand in the chapel to meet, and acted aggravated I took her time. the receptionist took her break during meal time so I could not buy my father a dinner ticket and the dining hall REFUSED to serve him unless we had a ticket. Really? Did they think I was going to walk out on a $7 meal? My dad had to wait until she came back from break to buy a ticket, and then my mom was finished eating. The medical personnel did what they could and some were very nice but definitely many management and procedural deficits that make this place one to be avoided. After we aired concerns, NO ONE called us back. Ever. You would think they would have wanted to know. There are additional issues, but you get the drift. Find a different place.

August 06, 2017

By Certain Levels ofCare

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My husband is at high risk for falling. He was discharged at Baylor and taken to The Carlyle, which our entire family thought this would be an excellent rehab experience for him while he healed from neck and back surgery. He also had a broken kneecap and had to wear a leg brace, a back brace, and a neck brace. But they have a large GYM area. It all looks so nice. A little chapel in the front for church services for those that want to attend, a beautiful library, a Baby Grand piano in the Big gathering room. After spending all day getting him transported and settled in to Carlyle, we felt confident that he would get the best care, until one of the nurses told us, there are three levels of care here. The higher level, the middle level, and our level, Medicare. He was the nurse assigned to my husbands floor. My husband called me at 10 pm and he fell trying to go to the bathroom. He fell on his bottom and it was like forever he said before someone came in. Instead of them calling an ambulance, they just helped him back in bed. He told me he had not had ANY pain medicine since he had been there and was in excruciating pain now. I called 911 and the ambulance met me there. There was NO ONE on the floor when we got there, but when the EMT's rang the bell, workers came out of the woodwork. They had no idea who they were there to pick up. They transported my husband back to Baylor-Grapevine. In 45 years of marriage I have NEVER seen him in so much pain, his neck, hips, and spasms about every few minutes. We are waiting for the results from the scan and MRI. I NEVER WANT HIM TO EVER GO BACK TO THAT PLACE. BEWARE. Just because it looks great on the outside, doesn't mean the care is excellent too.

February 11, 2017

By Lina250718

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

The Carlyle has assisted living, but their nursing is very understaffed. They only have one nurse for the whole floor, which is not good. They're also very slow in responding. The rooms are fantastic. The food is not too bad, but it's acceptable. They have a little refrigerator, so I could bring food and put it there and heat it up in the microwave. I had to hire somebody to be there all night, so you pay like $150 a day for those services. It's not good. They said they have the meeting with all the departments on Monday, and you get to vent your opinion, but they didn't do anything about it.

December 28, 2016

By Happinessisachoice

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My husband a strong 66 year old man that had never been in the hospital, acquired West Nile Menangitis. He was sent for rehab to the Carlyle. The nurses were excellent, care was great. Rehab went well. Thank you for your great job!

August 31, 2016

By Caretakerofmom

I am a friend or relative of resident

If there was an option to give zero stars I would. This facility has absolutely NO professionalism/care. If the director doesn't care- then her trickle down staff doesn't either. Numerous issues from lack of response time (30 minutes- 2.5 hours!) after call button pushed, wrong meds tried to be given, to outright rudeness. We pulled our parent out due to lack of care. I would NEVER recommend sending anyone there.

March 26, 2016

By Lucybug

I am a friend or relative of resident

This place is terrible! They only care about getting your money. They sent my mom home before she was able to care for herself despite my many protests. She was back in the hospital in 2 days because she fell trying to get to the bathroom. The nursing staff doesn't care about their patients and the CNAs take forever to answer a call light. I've personally witnessed it taking 90 minutes to come to mom's room. Seriously?... This was at 7:00 PM not during shift change. I told administration about my concerns and they just made excuses.

March 01, 2016

By frustratedchild

I am a friend or relative of resident

I would not want my dog to be in this place. No one wears names tags- the people working there don't even know each other's names. They don't follow the polices listed in their own patient rule manuals. Caregivers have lied to us and refused to give us information about our own mother. When we had a "circle of excellence" meeting (what a crock) there were two people there - one named Brittany and one named Elizabeth - no last names, no credentials - just first names. I cannot be sure we have ever even talked to an RN - I can't imagine anyone who is an RN would work at a place like this.

February 05, 2016

By MTrusty

I am a friend or relative of resident

We read a few reviews before we decided on Carlisle. Many times you think that only angry people write reviews. I am telling you that ....yes I am angry but please pay attention to what I am saying. My mother had knee replacement at the hospital. We sent her to Carlisle planning on maybe a 1-2 week stay for rehabilitation. We were told that Carlisle had a Physical Therapy Wing. This was not the case. They picked her up from the Southlake Hospital. Took her to her room and just left her there. No one checked on her. She called several times. She finally had to get her cellphone out and call the front desk for water. They do not respond when a patient calls. (I witnessed this myself later that evening when I saw other patients calling and the nurses were at the desk just working and ignoring calls) The nurse had many excuses. That it was shift change. I explained that they should not have picked her up during that time if they knew they could not pay attention to her. The nurse said the ratio was 20 patients to 1 attendant. The nurse explained that they have a two hour window of when they can bring pain medication. That if you are supposed to have it at 8 they can bring it as early as 7 or as late as 9. This is unacceptable for someone who has recently had surgery and has struggled for days at the hospital to manage pain. We are moving her after 1 day. I am so sad that I let her go there. I seriously never imagined it would be that bad. I would not recommend it for rehab.. The staff did not know how to use the cold therapy machine. My mother had to tell them how to put it on and then they let it sit with no ice in it all night. She had to call and ask for ice for it. I would not recommend it for long term care as I witnessed the nurses ignoring calls. They are desensitized to the calls of patients. Very sad.

December 07, 2015

By Dakota1111


My aunt was at this facility and absolutely hated it. I went there are numerous of times to visit her. Nobody answers call lights. They never got her food orders right. This place is literally a nightmare. Nothing but a bunch of uncaring people work there. All I can say is these poor people that are staying in this facility or miss treated. Please please please do not leave your love one there.

November 30, 2015

By Jennifer.S

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Carlyle was very good and clean, but my mother’s biggest complaint was the food was terrible. My only other issue from my perspective was their communication was not great. My mother’s care was very good, though, and she did some rehab. They say that they want to do a family visit every two weeks, I believe it was, and the social worker that has been in charge for that never did that. We didn’t have a problem at all communicating with the doctors and nurses.

November 20, 2015

By Janice Slough

I am a friend or relative of resident

Last night an important event was celebrated at The Carlyle-Thanksgiving. Each resident were encouraged to invite two guests. The facility was overflowing. It was delightful. The food was excellent as is always the case there. The staff was dressed up for the event and served us all efficiently and with big smiles. Kudos to all those who were involved. The care at Carlyle is very much improved. I think the administrator is working to make it a premiere home and she is on her way! Yes, there could be improvements but we are very happy with the care my mom is receiving.

July 22, 2015

By Protective Family

I am a friend or relative of resident

We placed our Mom here, after doing many hours of research, several weeks ago. The two main requirements for our decision were good nursing care and knowledgeable physical therapists. My Mom has a hip fracture repair and was in a rehab hospital after surgery, before being transferred here. Being an RN, I have very high expectations for the care of my Mom. I could not be happier with the quality care from the nurses and the physical therapy department! The nurses and aides are very patient and caring with my 93 year old mother. The physical therapist have done a much better job than was done at the rehab hospital. The rooms are clean and very comfortable. Any concerns I have had, such as follow up urinalysis needing to be done, were addressed right away. I sleep well at night knowing that my Mom is getting the best care available!

July 02, 2015

By treatthemright

I am a friend or relative of resident

Please do not put your loved one at this facility. The staff is nice enough but there are not enough of them. If you push your buzzer for help it will be an hour before you see any one, if at all. And if they do show up you can't understand what they say, everyone has a very strong accent. They never asked what my dad could eat (his teeth don't fit right anymore) and they kept giving him food he couldn't eat. I called an they cut it up. Soft food doesn't exist here. There is constant beeping going on 24 hours a day because no one mans the nurses desks. Good luck finding anyone to help you ever. The worst was a poor lady they wheeled down to the "coffee area" and left unattended. She couldn't sit up straight and just leaned forward in her chair. A few minutes later she fell right out on her head....and the only thing attendant said was "her husband makes us get her out of her room". RUN away from this beautiful hell hole.

January 17, 2015

By iheartdogs

I am a friend or relative of resident

Do NOT be deceived by the beautiful surroundings, the baby grande piano and the nice rooms. The nurses are rude and very insincere. It is frustrating to put a loved one in a facility, trusting that you've made the best decision you could. We researched other rehab facilities and visited several before deciding on the Carlyle. Never again will I allow a loved one of mine to cross their doorstep. Don't be deceived by the glam and glitz of this place. We found out the hard way that all that glitters is NOT gold.

December 10, 2014

By ESluck

I am a friend or relative of resident

My mothers stay was almost four weeks and she truly hated being away from her home and her pet terrier. But the entire staff ( from housekeeping, therapy, nursing and administrative) had been so very caring to her and my family, that the stay had been less stressful than we would have been. The staff also allowed us to bring her dog up for visits and we found that to be very healing.

November 23, 2014

By Mbell

I am/was a resident of this facility

I was at the Carlyle rehabilitation center for almost three weeks and was well taken care of. The nursing staff took really good care of me and the therapy was the best. This is the second time for me to be there but the first time to write a review. They even help me set up a Facebook account (I have a Facebook at 72 years old). Thank you all for your great care and help.

November 10, 2014

By LGold

I am a friend or relative of resident

We read some poor reviews but had a friend that had really good care and therapy. When my ex-mother-in-law had her first recovery for therapy we went to a place in grapevine and did not want to return. So we tried the Carlyle in Southlake. Anyway we would return. People (including us the first time) need to realize it's not a hospital and have less staff. But otherwise we feel they did a really good job.

October 31, 2014

By A_G

I am a friend or relative of resident

Our mother went to the hospital because of a chest cold, which turned out to be pneumonia. She ended up in the hospital for almost two weeks. When it was time to discharge the doctor recommended rehabilitation at a “skilled nursing facility” (nursing home). We wanted her to be close to home so we chose The Carlyle at Stonebridge. The Social Worked at the hospital explained that all skilled nursing was done at the nursing home level now at days. The social worked did explain that it was nothing like a hospital with staff, pharmacy doctors rounding… My point being is that the care/nursing was great, therapy was good and the food was good. (a plus for my mom). I hope never to place my mom in a nursing home but I am glad the experience was good.

July 24, 2014

By r2texas

I am a friend or relative of resident

One star is too much. The "care" at the Carlyle is scary. My "resident" was at the Carlyle to recover from surgery to close a pressure sore (she has paraplegia), and for physical therapy to get her back to being able to transfer to and from her wheelchair after a LONG episode (6 months) of being in two hospitals, one LTAC, and two SNF's (the second of which was the Carlyle), being treated for the pressure sore and the resulting infection, etc. Fortunately she, unlike many other residents, was able to speak up for herself about the smaller irritations of this place--like seldom getting a chance to order her meals for the next day and then, IF she got a meal (sometimes she didn't) seldom getting what she ordered. It was really odd for me to have to bring a grilled cheese sandwich to someone staying in such a luxurious LOOKING place. BTW, the food was not great--except for the deserts which, unfortunately she didn't want (but which they insisted on bringing). However, there were some things that she couldn't address, at least in time to make a difference: like the abysmal hand hygiene practices. I know I am hyper-sensitive to this since I work at one of the hospitals she was in and am aware of how much we focus on hand hygiene as the number one way to reduce or prevent hospital-acquired infections. At the Carlyle I NEVER observed staff using hand gel before or after leaving a patient's room. Of course it would have been difficult for them--there was, in this expensively decorated facility, only ONE hand gel dispenser on a hallway with 10 beds on it! Two weeks after she arrived at the Carlyle, she was diagnosed with a MRSA urinary tract infection, which spread to her surgical site. She was negative for MRSA at both of the hospitals and the LTAC she was in, including the hospital from which she transferred to the Carlyle. She knows when and how she was given this infection as she observed the poor technique used when her catheter was first replaced at the Carlyle. It's a wonder that she didn't get an infection at her PIC line port too--she had to tell the person who was trying to change the dressing that she had it on 180 degrees out of its correct orientation. When she first arrived at the Carlyle, she needed to be on a Clinitron bed, which they did provide (SNF's rent things like this when they need them). When the time came for her to switch to a different kind of low-air-loss bed, they changed the bed out, but ignored her when she told them that the new bed was too hard and was obviously mis-adjusted. Finally, after a week and a half on this malfunctioning bed, she began to develop skin breakdown (including on the flap that had been formed to close her pressure sore). Her surgeon (a real gem) was called and said he would come see her the next morning (on a Saturday....on his own time). Mysteriously, that night, the bed began to function correctly. The surgeon gave orders to begin turning her regularly, etc. but the wait for the healing of this NEW skin breakdown set her back two or three weeks in her physical therapy, as some of the things they were doing (like sitting on the edge of the bed) had to be curtailed. BTW, the PT and OT personnel were great. A few of the nurses (all LVNs) were good too, Unfortunately the staff turnover seems to be pretty high, and one or two of her favorites weren't there very long. One night, another resident (apparently suffering from dementia) burst into her room in the middle of the night from the courtyard in the center of the building. Fortunately, a staff person was close on the heels of the intruder, and bundled that poor person out of the room. Oddly, no one from the Carlyle apologized for this event or came to see if she was okay (she was, in fact, scared to death). Later, when a care conference was finally granted, the administrative person seemed to begrudge the time being spent listening to this mere resident's complaints about the care, the food, etc. and seemed mystified by the idea that an apology was owed for the middle-of-the-night trauma. Oh, and speaking of conferences, all the nursing homes are supposed to have resident councils with regular meetings. We didn't see any indication of there being a resident council or any meetings of such a group over a two-month stay. This place seems to be leaderless. No one seems to be running things administratively and there was no evidence of organized nursing protocols and practices. The marketing person (an RN) who recruited for this place said there was a policy of rounding on every patient once every hour. Sure enough, there was a clipboard on the inside of the door to the room. However, the staff either ignored it or went through at the end of a shift and signed off for each hour. NO ONE ever rounded on her. They came when called (eventually) and when it was time for meds. After a few weeks, the clipboard disappeared. Don't be fooled by the ratings on the Medicare or DADS websites. These places shine their shoes before the announced inspections. The ratings are meaningless. Medicare and other third-party payers REALLY needs to start reimbursing SNF's the way Medicare reimburses hospitals: based on patient satisfaction—although that might lead to a shortage of SNF beds, since for-profit businesses like the one that owns the Carlyle would probably have to fold. When she left (last week of 6/14), the place was nearly empty, and the staff had been cut back to the barest of bare bones. A friend who works for a hospice that used to contract with the Carlyle said they have had revolving door administrators since they opened. That hospice terminated their contract with the Carlyle. I don't see how the place can stay open. As much as the word is out about their scary “care,” my guess is that they will have to change hands and change names in order to have a chance of surviving.

July 15, 2014

By acaringdaughter45

I am a friend or relative of resident

My mother stayed at the Carlyle a few weeks ago. She was very happy with her stay and any concerns brought to the staff's attention was addressed immediately. I would not hesitate to recommend this facility to anyone looking for a place for their loved one.

June 14, 2014

By Don't walk run

I am a friend or relative of resident

Do Not put your loved one here! Pushing the nurse button does not call for help. The call is ignored or someone steps in turns it off and says someone else will be there to help, that person never shows up. Medicines are not given and when staff is asked they response is they have already been given meds ( I was there the entire time and was told they would be around but never came). At night the call button is taken away so it cant be used and disturb the staff. Patients are talked to very rudely when family members are not there. Sometimes I felt patients were over drugged for staff convience (noticed all the patients from same area droggy and had difficulty doing physical therapy next day, to much of a coinsidence they were all that way and feeling bad). The night staff turn the tv on in the cafe and talk very loud, it is louder at night than during the day. Most of the food is undesirable. We did not feel comfortable leaving our loved one their alone. I'm glad for those that a positive experience but it is not the norm if you talk with other patients and their family members. Please do be fooled by the beautiful facility.

April 18, 2014

By Bjquat

I visited this facility

My father recently (April 2014) was sent to The Carlyle for rehab. He stayed 21 days and his experience was first class. The facilities are impeccable and the staff was very caring and nice. He never had one complaint about the food and, in his words, the desserts were "pure perfection." I am so surprised and saddened by some of the poor reviews. We have had very unfortunate experiences with other nursing homes in the area but the Carlyle exceeded all our expectations, took great care of my dad, and made us all feel very welcomed. I would highly recommend this facility for rehab. We did not stay in the long-term care so I have no opinion about that. The Carlyle definitely took care of us.

February 20, 2014

By recentformerpatient

I am/was a resident of this facility

While some nurses and aides were very nice and caring, the overall care there is downright scary. I complained for the first four days about my bandaging being too tight and my fingers were getting a darker color. It was not until the weekend nurse came in, they were loosened. My surgical stitches were never monitored while there. Most aides wiped back to front when assisting with the bathroom duties. One of the times I was bathed, my arms and legs were yanked causing great pain. During mealtime, nurses and aides worked the dining room, so if a patient was bedbound, it was very difficult to get immediate help since there was minimum staffing on floor. I was pushed out in the hallway and wheelchair parked for 30 mins and then someone finally came to push me to dining room. I then waited close to an hour to eat. I overheard two employees talking in the hallway and complaining that they were going to have to work overtime since a state inspection was coming up. (Why does the state let them know they’re coming --- just show up and NOT between business hours!) Call bells and door alarms went off frequently. Two aides chatted at their station ignoring several bells ringing. It was the worst in the evening. They had flimsy mattresses with a huge donut hole where one's derriere rests and my sleep was compromised between the discomfort from the mattress and the alarms going off and taking so long to reset. My family and friends were shocked to see the neglect to patients who do did not have someone to monitor their care. After I left there and was getting follow-up care, one of my doctors was concerned at all the drugs prescribed and he said it was very expensive medication and some unnecessary. My current therapist and nurse were not surprised at any of my feedback. I would NEVER recommend this facility. Whoever wrote the February 03, 2014 review must have had a very minimal stay.

February 03, 2014

By lovingfriends

I visited this facility

We recently had a stay at the Carlye. The staff are nice and are willing to help. We searched the reviews and saw some negative but had a friend that gave us his own review. We decided to go with Carlyle and could not be happier. The Director took his time and met with us and discussed the facilty. We were happy to see the nurses work together and will send any of our friends to Carlyle if they need rehab.

January 17, 2014

By Choose Wisley

I am a friend or relative of resident

If a family member or friend have the time to be in the facility on a daily basis making sure your loved one is taken care of, then The Carlyle might work. I can say the physical therapists are wonderful and work very hard to make sure the patients get stronger. The facility is beautiful inside and out. The food is okay on certain days but for the most part, not very nutritional or good. If you have time to bring lunch and dinner in it is a good alternative to their food. Weekend food and staff is not good. You should be prepared to take dirty clothes home as you will probably not get them back if left to their laundry attendants. Two of the nurses are wonderful and very caring. There is very little and poor communication between staff and patients and family members. That is why it is best if you can have a family member in and out as much as possible. The social activities they advertise are pretty much non-existent. The techs are not properly trained and the care the provide is substandard. I would agree with some of the comments mentioned on here that their goal is the bottom line regarding their monetary income. That becomes very evident and is obvious. Most of the walkers and wheelchairs are broken so you have to keep complaining until you get one that works. If your loved one is here for physical therapy, they will get great people who care with great programs for them. The facility could improve in all other areas other than the physical therapy.

January 05, 2014

By Adaughte

I am a friend or relative of resident

Do not let your loved one stay here. My father was here for rehab, and he was not cared for at all. There were several times where he had urinated in his bed 3 days earlier and he had still not been given a shower. The staff is completely useless!

December 31, 2013

By helpmeivefallenandicantgetup

I am a friend or relative of resident

I don't know where to start...from medicines being given in the wrong dosage, to terrible nursing, to poor physical therapy - the list goes on and on. This is one of the worst facilities I have seen - however, it's a pretty place on the outside and inside. Don't let that fool you. The doctor on staff is poor, the DON is passive-aggressive, the social workers could care less about you or your loved one. There are a few good aides, but that's as far as it goes. Well...we all know the food is poor at these types of facilities, so I won't even complain about that. I'm talking about CARE OF THE PATIENT. There is none, or very little. Daily routine checks of the patient are poor - good luck getting a temperature taken if you are feeling ill. And when you question anyone on staff, they will always say they have done their job in an excellent manner. However, if you ask the patient, he or she will say, "No, that did not happen." "No, I did not get that." It's called lying to protect themselves. Then when the staff is called on the carpet, they get very defensive, and need to leave for an appointment or some other issue. They don't want to handle the problems they know they have at this facility. They just want their money from the insurance company, and when that's up, the patient is gone. Out the door. Doesn't matter if the patient is healed or ready - it's time to go! Bye, Bye Carlyle. Good luck to all the future patients.

November 24, 2013

By janbomboy

I am a friend or relative of resident

This is the second time my Father has stayed at the Carlyle in Southlake. We could not be happier with the care he has been given. Everyone is nice and attentive. It is a very hard decision to leave a loved one in the hands of strangers, but the staff has proven time and time again that they have my Father's best interest in mind at all times.

October 30, 2013


I am a friend or relative of resident

After spending hours upon hours per day for weeks with my loved one at the Carlyle, I would NOT recommend this facility to anyone. The staff continually stands around at the nurse's stations and joke around while ignoring the patient alarms ringing around them. I have seen nurses making fun of patients, rolling their eyes and making faces at patients and I even heard several CNAs standing around talking stating that they refused to go into a patient's room. Diapers are changed so infrequently that a change of clothes is needed with every diaper change. Before our initial complaint, my loved one was only changed (maybe) three times per day. After complaining, they started changing every 4 hours. That isn't much better. It is sad that we have to set an alarm to push the call button to have them come in to do their job. We had to push the call button well in advance of course, since they didn't come for 20-25 minutes before I would stand in the hallway to flag them down. There is an overall negative attitude toward the patients at the Carlyle that begins with ADMINISTRATION. Do not let them fool you when you visit. Spend time there before sending your loved one and see how the ADMIN and nursing staff really act toward the patients. The rehab therapy and occupational therapy staff are very caring and they are excellent. And there are a handful of nurses and CNAs who do care, but the majority has made this experience overwhelmingly negative.

October 29, 2013

By caring children

I am a friend or relative of resident

First...the rehab therapists are wonderful and do a great job. Most nurses and aids are good. But most charge nurses and social worker are terrible. My loved one can not communicate that they need to be changed and can not remember to push call button so would go hours without being taken care of and being so wet that urine was running down wheel chair and shoes totally wet. Not enough activity to keep them busy so they are bored and tried to leave. Door just a few feet from nurses station with alarm but because of this we have to have 24/7 sitter at our expense who totally takes care of the needs so Carlyle doesn't do anything. Then make it difficult for other facility employees to have access to get them transferred out. It is a beautiful clean facility and therapists are great! But You need to be there constantly looking after your loved one and fighting for them. It is a real frustrating challenge! I wouldn't do it again.

September 05, 2013

By Ic0wgirl

I am a friend or relative of resident

You would be better off leaving your loved one at home alone, especially on the weekends when there seems to be no staff available. I could go on and on about this place. They don't check on the patients for hours, but promise they are a highly skilled and take great care of the patients. The management staff is rude as well. They just want the money rolling in. They advertise a bistro which is water, juice, coffee, and sometimes cookies if you can find a plate or spoon. Their free hair salon can take 2 weeks to even get hair done. Did I mention they forget to feed the patients sometimes and give them food they are not supposed to eat? Do your home work before you leave your loved one here. Unless you just don't care about them.

September 04, 2013

By BBeaubien

I am a friend or relative of resident

I wouldn't put my worst enemy in this facility. When you put your loved one in a rehab center or nursing home, you feel a tremendous amount of guilt and the amenities at the Carlyle fool you into thinking you are paying for the "best" care for your relative. However, it is FARRRRRRR from the truth. Nursing care boils down to two things...nurses and aids. The aids were good but were stretched thin as they had too many patients to take care of at once. On more than one occasion, we had a nurse tell us that our relative had a received a very critical medication.....over a three day period as we saw his mental faculties deteriorating, we kept asking, "are you sure he is getting the medication"? and they assured us that he turns out the medication wasn't even available in the building so it was a 100% lie. A different nurse, different medication...we spent nearly all day with my dad and asked why they hadn't given him his dosage and the nurse LIED and said she did. When we told the director of nursing that we were there and he was NOT given his medication, the nurse told her that she had given him extra in the a.m. and extra at night...even the director of nursing said it was a lie and even if it were true, it is not up to the nurse to change dosing. Tonight I have spent the last six hours BEGGING for pain medication for my father. He fell off the bed, on THEIR watch, twice in the last 24 hours and he is in pain and suffering greatly. They have given him a Tylenol. I have repeatedly asked them to call the doctor...they told me they paged him.....I asked them to page him again.....and NOTHING. I googled the doctors' number MYSELF and he called me back within 10 minutes. This place is HORRIFIC....never ever never ever never ever put someone here. I would be happy to discuss specifics because our complaints are not the only ones and no one does anything about them. I can tell you that there are a handful of superb, caring individuals here but if you can't get accurate information (try asking what your loved one got that day...they will show you what's been prescribed but they will never ever show you what they actually CONSUMED).....communication is horrible here too. We launder my dad's clothes and have had to post signs all over the room but to no avail..he's missing too many outfits to mention. They were putting diapers on him that were too tight....we discussed this over and over again but we kept finding him in too small briefs. If you want your loved one to be cared for, watched closely and given comfort when not, I repeat DO NOT send him to the Carlyle.

July 24, 2013

By Caring060507192

I am a friend or relative of a resident

The Carlyle at Stonebridge Park was a beautiful facility. However, their CNAs weren't good. They treated my wife really badly and bumped her around. They did more damage than good to her. They also didn't tell me what they were going to do next for my wife. They were talking in some foreign language and it made my wife feel like they were talking about her. She didn't like it all. We complained about that and they said that wouldn't happen again, but it did. It didn't stop. This facility was not organized too well. They need to improve on the qualifications of their CNAs as they were not trained good enough. Nevertheless, the therapy department though okay and their physical therapists were pretty good. They got my wife walking out in the hall with a walker.

July 06, 2013

By caring daughter12

I am a friend or relative of resident

Very pretty facility on the outside. If i had known I would have never taken my mother to this facility. My mother wanted to go to bed and the CNA's came and tossed her like a sack of potatoes onto the bed. Food is not good. The staff is unresponsive and meetings with the management was nothing more than a check off of a list. So disappointed.

April 29, 2013

By Clarence3

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mother is an 89-year old Alzheimer's patient who has little or no short term memory who's sitting in a wheelchair and occasionally trying to stand up. State says that people cannot be restrained to keep them on the chair and that's the law. I don't think that Carlyle actually threatened us about not getting a sitter or not. They had several people that they kept near the nursing station. I don't know if they ever required everyone to get a sitter. The way it looked to us was that it was a very convenient way to free up a staff to work with other patients and here we are basically paying double to keep my mother safe. I haven't really seen my mother having actual rehabilitation. I saw her involved in some of the exercise classes but that's about it. I wouldn't be recommending them.

July 13, 2012

By badplacetobe

I am a friend or relative of resident

There is no communication between the staff. Jennifer, billing will never answer or call you back. It takes at least an hour for someone to come into your room to help you, after you press the call button. You have lie on the floor and wait"¦.. The cafeteria is horrible; it takes them an hour to get you your food. It may be pretty on the outside, but not on the inside. Moved my love one out!!!

July 08, 2012

By kitkat12

I am a friend or relative of resident

They did not do proper therapy with my mother. She was also given medicine that she is allergic to and it was noted on her chart. The nurse, doctor, or pharmacist did not catch it and she had to be taken to the hospital. They ackowledged they should of caught it but they did not report it to the state as they told me. I reported it to the state and it was investigated and they were found to be at fault and have issues with there protocol or giving medicine. Do not send anyone there!!!!!!

April 25, 2012

By chellysue

I am a friend or relative of resident

The facility of beautiful. That's all I can say that is nice about the facility. There is much confusion and bad communication between the staff. At the care plan meeting, I was told that I only had 15 minutes because they were on tight schedule. The meeting was very uninformative and they didn't answer any of my questions. MOST of the staff was very RUDE and disrepectful!!!! One nurse told my father that I wanted to have him committed. Why would a nurse tell such an aweful lie to my father who by the way just lost his wife of 48 years only two weeks earlier. It takes them 20 - 45 minutes to answer their call button. I woulod NEVER put my father or anyone in a facility with staff like this again!!!

March 10, 2012

By Lildonnak

I am a friend or relative of resident

This is a new facility- and nicely furnished. The food is another story the feed the people mostly starchy food. Most of it is pasty . If one has their teeth you could go on a great "diet". One could lose allot of weight because the food has little or no taste
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