Tyrone, a small town of 5,480 people in central Pennsylvania, makes a good retirement option for seniors who value safety and affordability. The housing costs in Tyrone are 46% below the national average, while the violent crime rate is 55% below that average. These benefits contribute to Tyrone’s higher-than-average concentration of older adults: 19.2% of residents are age 65 or up. Per the 2021 Genworth Cost of Care Survey, Tyrone’s home care costs are $4,290 a month, roughly $650 cheaper than the state average. This care type provides personal assistance and a helping hand around the house. Those who require skilled medical supervision are better served by home health care.

Below we’ve compiled a comprehensive directory of every home care provider in the Tyrone area – complete with services offered and reviews from families who’ve actually used the service. In addition to our in-depth provider listings, we’ve compiled resources to help seniors and their families to access all the tools they need to age in place safely and gracefully.

Directory of Home Care Services in Tyrone, PA

Home Instead – Duncansville, PA

1923 Plank Rd, Duncansville, PA, 16635

caregivers are very friendly,they are always on time and do whatever needs done
caregivers are very friendly,they are always on time and do whatever needs done

At Home Special Care

1301 9th St, Altoona, PA, 16601

Great caring staff! They are all so professional and work well as a team to make sure everyone is happy with the services. They were available to us 24 hours a day!
Great caring staff! They are all so professional and work well as a team to make sure everyone is happy with the services. They were available to us 24 hours a day!

Comfort Keepers of Tyrone

1057 Pennsylvania Avenue, Tyrone, PA, 16686

Interim HealthCare of Altoona, PA

1798 Plank Road, Suite 101, Duncansville, PA, 16635

Paying for Home Care in Tyrone, PA

The Cost of Home Care in Tyrone, PA

Home care costs $4,290 per month in Tyrone, according to reporting from Genworth’s 2021 Cost of Care Survey. The Pennsylvania monthly average is $4,957, which happens to be identical to the U.S. average. Johnstown, where the price for home care is $3,813 a month, is the only Pennsylvania city with lower costs than Tyrone. Prices reach their highest in Pennsylvania’s largest cities: Pittsburgh’s monthly fees are $5,339, and Philadelphia’s costs are slightly lower at $5,329.  






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The Cost of Home Care vs. Other Senior Care Options in Tyrone, PA

Other long-term care options for seniors include home health care. Though this kind of care usually involves more complex medical support than regular home care, both types are priced identically at $4,290 per month. Assisted living care is slightly cheaper than home care at $4,030 per month. A semiprivate room in a nursing home is the most expensive option at $9,946, just barely under five digits. Adult day health care is cheaper than other options at $1,625 a month. 


Home Care


Home Health Care


Adult Day Health Care


Assisted Living Facility


Nursing Home Facility (semiprivate room)

Note: Data for Tyrone was unavailable, so data for the nearest city, Altoona, was used instead.

Financial Assistance for Home Care in Tyrone, PA

Given the high cost of in-home care, many people use one or more forms of financial assistance to cover the expenses. Below, we explain some of the most common sources of financial help for paying for in-home care. If none of these options are available to you, you can reach out to your Area Agency on Aging or Aging and Disability Resource Center to learn about local resources.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance: Long-Term Care Insurance covers expenses related to senior care, including in-home care. Depending on the policy type, beneficiaries may receive a cash payment to use towards long-term care or reimbursement for qualifying long-term care expenses. Note that there are limitations- typically a maximum benefit of $150 per day- and exact coverage terms vary depending on the exact policy, so always check the details.
  • Medicare: Medicare does not cover in-home care because it is classified as custodial, or non-medical, care. However, some Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans, which offer expanded benefits, may cover in-home custodial care.
  • Medicaid: Medicaid coverage of in-home care varies between different states because it is not a federally mandated benefit. Currently, all states cover some in-home care either through their standard Medicaid or a waiver program. The specific coverage rules are set individually by each state.
  • Veterans’ Benefits: The Aid and Attendance benefit is a monthly cash payment that beneficiaries can use to pay for senior care, including in-home care services. To qualify for A&A, Veterans must already receive the VA pension and meet several additional requirements, including needing assistance with the activities of daily living.Contact the Department of Veterans Affairs to learn more.
  • Reverse Mortgages: Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs) are federally insured loans that are available to homeowners age 62 and over. Reverse mortgages allow you to access a portion of your home’s equity in cash, tax free. Many seniors use reverse mortgages to finance their care expenses, including in-home care. Note that although there are no monthly payments due on reverse mortgage loans, borrowers do have to repay the loan once the last surviving homeowner passes away, moves, or sells the home.

Free & Low-Cost Home Care Resources in Tyrone, PA

Resources in the following chart help Tyrone and Blair County seniors with home repairs and upgrades, transportation services, and socialization opportunities. Local and state governments also offer tax exemptions to some homeowners, helping cut down on the costs of aging in place.




(814) 946-1235

Based in nearby Altoona, this local office functions as a clearinghouse for older-adult resources. Seniors can access volunteer income tax assistance, take no-cost exercise classes and sign up for low-cost adult day care and short-term respite care services. The agency also makes free curb-to-curb transportation available for most county residents over 65 through its Find a Ride program.

(814) 946-7365 

This program provides one-time grants of $500 to $1,500 that help low-income homeowners and renters pay for heating costs. Payments are made directly to the heating vendor for simplicity. In addition to the one-time cash benefits, some residents may receive crisis grants in case of a broken HVAC system, loss of fuel or impending service termination.

(814) 946-3651

Tyrone residents can access the state's Weatherization Assistance Program through this service. This program helps homeowners reduce their electric and gas bills by installing energy-efficient home upgrades, such as air-sealed doors, updated heating systems and new attic and wall insulation. It prioritizes low-income seniors when examining applications; the program provides an average of $7,669 in home upgrades.

(814) 693-3110

This exemption allows most county residents to apply for the exclusion of property taxes on their primary residence. Interested seniors must file by March 1 to receive the exemption for that tax year.

Determining Your Loved One’s Need for In-Home Care

Aging can be a difficult process, and loved ones may not always ask for help – oftentimes it’s up to their family to evaluate their need for help around the house. While no two situations are exactly alike, this checklist can help you and your loved ones determine when it’s time to start the search for a home care provider.

Checklist for determining the need for home care

Guidelines for Talking About In-Home Care

If you’ve determined that your loved one needs the assistance of a care provider in their home, it may be time for a difficult conversation. Handled correctly, however, this process can bring a family together and ensure that everyone’s concerns are addressed. Use this PDF as a starting point to help the conversation stay as positive and productive as possible.

Talking with Family and Others about a loved one's needs

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services can a home care agency in Tyrone provide?

Home care providers are particularly useful for low-mobility seniors. They can help their clients with basic personal grooming tasks, food preparation, transportation to local amenities, yard work and various other simple tasks in and around the home. 

What is the difference between in-home care and home health care?

Home health care is very similar to home care, but it contains a medical component. It’s, therefore, a better choice for seniors who need skilled nursing supervision but prefer to receive care at home rather than in a hospital or nursing home. Due to the higher level of medical considerations, home health care is occasionally more expensive than home care; according to Genworth Financial data, though, the average cost of the two forms of care is identical in Tyrone.

What is the average cost for in-home elderly care in Tyrone?

Tyrone’s average cost for in-home care is $4,290 per month. However, that price assumes that the provider performs 44 hours of work per week; it changes accordingly for seniors who need 24/7 live-in support or only need to hire support for a few days of each week.

What is a home care plan?

Generally speaking, a home care plan is a document that clarifies the client’s needs, the home care provider’s responsibilities and the provided care’s goals. The level of detail in such a document may differ by provider, but a home care plan should always include a clear list of the required tasks and expectations for care frequency.

Which factor is most critical to effective home care?

Though it’s difficult to quantify, a good relationship between care provider and client is the most important factor since they’ll spend a great deal of time together. Checking provider recommendations and reviews and talking to the home care agency about their hiring processes is the best way of ensuring a good fit.