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Home Care Reviews for Right at Home Pasadena

November 16, 2020

By Karlene C

I am a current client of this provider

They have been helpful around the house, whatever the task may be. They are well trained and show up on time.

November 11, 2020

By Shirley J_4

I am a current client of this provider

I have only had them two times so far. They have helped me find things because I am blind. I have had one caregiver so far and they have always been good. I know they are careful about the caregivers that they choose.

October 27, 2020

By Euralene P

I am a current client of this provider

Right at Home is better than the other agency I had. They are fantastic about helping me and they are very polite. They are good. They are trying to see what I need and they help me.

October 20, 2020

By Denise D_1

I am a current client of this provider

Knowing that they are here is very comforting. The caregivers that we have are concerned about Shirley's best interest.

October 02, 2020


I am a current client of this provider

We have been using Right at Home for a month now. They're for my mom. So far, it has been excellent. I have no problem and no issues with the people, the staff, or the communication. I'm pretty happy. The majority of the time, it's the same person, but every once in a while, it's somebody different. The person that comes in is usually well qualified and does the same kind of job. I have been very happy so far. They come two days, and they do eight hours. They do full assistance. They help feed my mom, and they shower her. They communicate with me, and they help me out with any questions I have or any emergencies with schedules and stuff. Pricing is comparable.

March 09, 2020

By Judith S_3

I am a current client of this provider

I changed nurses for a little while. The one that was coming went on vacation. When she came back, the dates didn't fit and they sent someone else who was very nice. She was really sweet. I like that they are flexible. They have been very nice because I had to downsize my care because of money; they seemed to be very nice about it. The nurse they send is very nice.

February 18, 2020

By Judith C_6

I am a current client of this provider

They are very supportive of me. I like that both the agency and caregivers are reliable.

February 10, 2020

By John D_24

I am a current client of this provider

They provide a good companionship for her. They are very responsive. My mom likes the women over there.

January 28, 2020

By Olga K

I am a past client of this provider

They allowed me to get a break. The agency could look more professional. On the commercials, they have nicer clothes, and I haven't seen that with my 2 caregivers.

January 15, 2020

By Patty B_4

I am a current client of this provider

I need help with a lot of things, like taking a shower. They do cooking, cleaning, laundry, and everything for me. I particularly like the caregiver.

December 17, 2019

By Anonymous_2918

I am a current client of this provider

I don't depend on them doing everything because I am a person that likes to do things. They prepare lunch. Three hours is not a long period of time. She does what she can in it.

November 12, 2019

By Anonymous_2829

I am a past client of this provider

It was very useful while my full-time employee was on vacation. They were responsive, and they sent someone out within a day of me calling.

November 12, 2019

By Geraldine W_1

I am a current client of this provider

She does her work and what she is supposed to do. She is on time. They are like family, are easy to get along with, and try to please me.

October 21, 2019

By Helen S_6

I am a current client of this provider

They can tend to his needs during the day. They found me good people, and they have kept checking up on us. They have been good all around.

September 12, 2019

By Kathleen M_14

I am a current client of this provider

They do grocery shopping and cooking. They are flexible and easy to communicate with.

September 10, 2019

By Cathleen H

I am a current client of this provider

They take charge and handle the things that need to be done. I like the girls that I've gotten. I've liked the way they have handled problems.

August 19, 2019

By Don P_1

I am a current client of this provider

They help by taking her on outings, which I think is a good thing. They are reliable, which is the most important thing to show up when they are supposed to be there.

July 02, 2019

By Anonymous_2166

I am a current client of this provider

They are patient with my loved one and keep an eye out so that he keeps up with his ADLs. They are sensitive to his particular needs. I think they can improve the billing system and response time to any issues or problems.

June 10, 2019

By Marita P

I am a current client of this provider

It's been greatly improved since the women came. They provide me with personal care. The women are so personable and caring. There are men too, but I'm just talking about the women.

April 12, 2019

By Jenny

I interviewed this provider

When we were searching for caregivers for my mother in law who had dementia and cancer, Ms. Ginny D. of Right At Home in Pasadena, came to the rescue. The situation was sudden and we didn’t quite know what to do. Ginny was there to guide us along the way. We needed caregivers immediately and kindly accommodated to our time crunch. Her caregivers were all very professional, caring, intentional, and detailed. Ginny’s office staff was just as great, too. There were times we had to make changes in scheduling, Ginny and her Right at Home staff were so accommodating and understanding. Never gave us a hard time for last minute changes. We felt we were not alone as Right at Home was our partner when taking care of my mother in law. Ginny called often and checked in on my mother in law and the family. Even after my mother in law passed away, Ginny still followed up with us to see how the family members were doing. Ginny, the office staff, and the caregivers were all professionals who were caring, knowledgeable, efficient, prompt and accountable. Even through it was a sad time for our family, Ginny and her staff made it easier for us. We highly recommend Ginny and Right at Home in Pasadena. We were so fortunate to have found them. PS-Right at Home in Pasadena was excellent with their billing. No problem at all.

April 02, 2019

By Carel O

I am a current client of this provider

My grandma is very resistant to change, so having someone to help her out in the house was not even possible five years ago because she wouldn't allow it. This has allowed her to retain her independence and live her way in her home. Right at Home has been incredible to work with regarding the schedule. They are on top of the schedule. My grandma is not the easiest person to get along with, and I feel like the caretakers show a lot of patience. The agency is willing to reschedule to find a good fit. They have handled this well.

March 28, 2019

By Sue Stewart

I am a current client of this provider

24/7 Inhome care for my mother, who is a stroke victim with dementia and paralysis. The caregivers were so loving and caring towards my mom. Right At Home is very quick to respond and good about providing back up caregivers when needed. They also work very well with hospice. I would recommend them.

March 12, 2019

By Anonymous_1683

I am a current client of this provider

They handle the day-to-day crises that happen. It is nice to have full-time help. I like that they are very conscientious about providing good services.

March 01, 2019

By Alice Y_1

I am a past client of this provider

It was wonderful, the stress level was completely removed. We were super happy when our caregiver came, but her consistency was not there.

February 20, 2019

By Anna M_3

I am a past client of this provider

They allowed my uncle to live and die in his home rather than in a nursing home. I think that they could keep the overhead cost low and pay the workers a little bit more. That would be better.

December 01, 2018

By Maria H_5

I am a past client of this provider

They were helpful. She was really good. She followed through with everything that I asked her to do. I liked the girl that they sent to me. She was very helpful and attentive to my mother.

December 01, 2018

By Sharyn C

I am a current client of this provider

They work with us personally. I like how they work really hard with us, so everything works out, and we get the services we want.

November 28, 2018

By Jane

I am a current client of this provider

Sergio is the best! He came twice a week to give my mom a shower. He was so gentle and caring with her. She always looked forward to their time together. He always brought a smile to her face which meant the world to me!

November 27, 2018

By Carol & Rod

I am a past client of this provider

We are so happy with your service from beginning to end. The people you sent were excellent and delightful. We have recommended you to friends and will continue to do so. Thank you for being there for us.

October 26, 2018

By Bob

I am a current client of this provider

You are doing fine. Estela is the best.

October 09, 2018

By John

I am a current client of this provider

I have had occasion to use Right at Home twice in the past 8 months for a total of 6 months. Care has been excellent, caring, qualified, flexible and consistent. It has allowed me to go to work knowing that my wife was in good hands. Thank you Right at Home. The best.

October 05, 2018

By Anonymous_304

I am a past client of this provider

It has been great for the last several years. I am sorry I can't continue. They were a great help to us for a long time, but the hour restrictions have made it hard. If they are not going to come, they let me know. They are fun and loving. It was like having a friend come over.

October 04, 2018

By Margaret M_20

I am a past client of this provider

It made my loved one's ability to deal with the pain a little easier. They were very open from the beginning and explained everything. They were nice, kind, and caring.

October 02, 2018

By Louise M

I am a current client of this provider

One caregiver didn't show up for her assignment two days in a row, which caused difficulties for the other caregivers. There are a variety of caregivers that I've been given. Some of them are good, and some of them are not so good. A couple have been not worthwhile at all.

September 24, 2018

By Janine M

I am a current client of this provider

It gives peace of mind for the family. They respond quickly and they have provided very good staff to take care of her. Their follow-up is good.

September 18, 2018

By Tracey

I am a current client of this provider

Best service for last minute staffing needs; aligning staff with caregiver requirements and seamless payment. Also reliable for overnight travel needs.

September 07, 2018

By Tena V

I am a current client of this provider

I live in Oregon and my mom lives in California, so I was able to call when she fell and get someone there right away. They're reliable. If you need them, someone will show up.

September 06, 2018

By Sue M_1

I am a current client of this provider

They provide professional assistance so I can go to the store or the kitchen. I need their service. They're real prompt and thorough.

March 30, 2018

By K. Chylinski

I am a past client of this provider

Provided assistance quickly. Care providers were knowledgeable and helpful. Would use again.

December 29, 2017

By Carmilita

I am a past client of this provider

I was extremely pleased with the service provided by Right at Home. The providers were extremely helpful and caring women. They helped me tremendously when I was unable to do much around the house. I am eternally grateful!

December 13, 2017

By Elizabeth

I am a current client of this provider

I can highly recommend this service we used for over a year here in Pasadena. Reliable, professional, caring and responsive.

August 21, 2017

By Helayne

I am a past client of this provider

Your caring touch and kindness to my uncle was very gracious. The way you assisted me with getting around the clock care set up was amazing. Thank you for your kind and wonderful staff. I appreciate your assistance and my uncle's care.

May 18, 2017

By carol161020

I am a past client of this provider

Thank you for making my cousin, Mariann's last days as comfortable as possible. Gilda and Stacey were both competent and loving and I couldn't ask for more. They were helpful in every way, and Raquel was very communicative and caring, and took care of our needs and requests. I would use your agency in the future if the need should arise.

February 18, 2017

By Nancy737748

I am a current client of this provider

The office staff has always been very professional and helpful. The caregivers have all been very caring and competent. I appreciate their assistance in this difficult time.

December 03, 2016

By Jane Sullivan-Halley

I am a past client of this provider

The woman who came was SUPER (at this moment, I cannot remember her name). Ginny was very helpful in setting everything up. Only sorry we did not need you for long.

August 14, 2016

By Caring_2646646

I am a past client of this provider

Right at Home Pasadena was very responsive to our needs as a family when my Dad has his heart attack. The staff was very helpful and night staff were always there to assist - caregivers and office staff. I would definitely use them again if the need arises.

December 16, 2015

By B. Arkley

I am a current client of this provider

I rate both ladies who took care of me with 5 Stars. They are Edith and Vivian.

July 31, 2014

By Bonnie32

I am a current client of this provider

Right At Home is an excellent, caring, and professional home care service. They provided care for my elderly mom for 8 months and counting. I used the services in Pasadena, CA and Easton, PA. They are both very good!

July 31, 2014

By Tom96778350

I am a past client of this provider

Lynne Coyer of Right at Home was a pleasure to work with. She was responsive. She also showed an understanding of our needs and tried various solutions to our staffing iussues. Unfortunately, it was difficult to find continuity of care given our "weekend only" needs.

May 12, 2014

By Doris24

I am a current client of this provider

Our caregiver is the best of the bests. Christina is very attentive to m mother-in-law and makes her very happy. One of the many things that Christina does that means so much to Eleanore is reading to her, as my mother-in-law has lost most of her sight. We are very fortunate to have Christina. Our lives have been calmer since Christina came into our lives.

June 26, 2013

By Laurie14

I am a current client of this provider

Gloria is patient and kind with my mother and has been such an incredible help to our family.

April 30, 2013

By Julia1

I am a past client of this provider

They were quick to respond to our needs and the gal they lined up, Teresa, was tops.
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About Right at Home Pasadena


Right at Home provides in-home caregiving services for thousands of families across the nation. We offer companionship and help with everyday tasks that have become challenging for an aging person. This may include things like meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, hygiene and grooming. We also offer services for those with special care situations caused by numerous medical conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. Call us to learn more about the specific services we provide.

Custom Care Plan

From the moment you call, we begin considering the specific needs of your loved one. We ask questions during the initial call or meeting to form a basic needs assessment. After discussing your particular situation, we will prepare an initial Custom Care Plan and then work with you to fine tune that Care Plan based on your loved one's specific needs. Once the plan is agreed upon, your local Right at Home team matches the right caregiver to implement the plan.

Caregiver Training and Care Supervision

Every Right at Home caregiver goes through an extensive interview process, including background checks. Once hired, caregivers are trained through Right at Home University to ensure that they're able to deliver the care set out in your loved one's Custom Care Plan. Before providing care, they're bonded and insured.

Right at Home Crescenta/Canada/San Gabriel and San Fernando Valleys General

Minimum days required: None Minimum hours required: 3 Escort to appointments and errands: Yes New match in 3 or 4 hours Yes Bath visits: Yes Rise and shine visits: Yes Tuck-in visits: Yes Supervisor available 24/7: Yes All phone calls answered by our staff 24/7: Yes

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