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Assisted Living Reviews for Brookdale Orange Park

October 18, 2016

By Very Pleased with Brookdale Orange Park.

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My mom finally moved into Brookdale Orange Park after looking somewhere else. After about 3 weeks my mom still thrilled with her choice and could not be happier .The staff is amazing ,i feel very comfortable having my mom live there where she always taken care of, can get a meal delivered to her room when she does not feel like going to the dining room, and can see a doctor regularly without driving somewhere. They have a bus to take residents to Wal-Mart, Lunch Outings etc. Everyone there makes you feel like you're family. They call me with any updates , and i know that i can call them any time i want as well ,i finally have a peace of mind. It's a beautiful, loving, caring atmosphere there.

September 27, 2016

By SayNOtoBrookdale

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

I wish I could rate this facility lower than one star. It is a TERRIBLE place for any family member or loved one. My parent was there I was SO FORTUNATE to get them out of that facility. Since Brookdale bought this facility everything has gone downhill. WORST PART is the senior staff, they are not accountable, ignore phone calls and notes and do not meet important deadlines for paperwork. They seem to be happy to ignore family members and worst of all residents. The staff turnover is a JOKE ....all the best staff left and new personnel don't care. They did not clean our room, we found a roach in the bed. WORST of all is they are very careless with medications and doctor's orders. Put your friend/relative/parent somewhere else!!!!!

August 20, 2016

By Teal1950

I am a friend or relative of resident

I am very disappointed with Brookdale. The staff is not helpful and doesn't return phone calls when they say they will. Asked numerous time to help find financial assistance and was told yes we will make an appointment and help you file and fill out paperwork. That has never happened after many calls. The rooms are very dirty and dusty the staff is very lazy and disconcerting they make promises and that's it. They have one washer and dryer not even commercial size -- dryer was broken for months!!! The food is not good and more then many time they run out of essentials--- they over cook and have a very limited menu--- very rarely have fruit! The residents are not well taken care especially when I'll and need extra help-- staff is not helpful. After taking my mom out for dinner when returning waited and rang bell for half hour to get back in. I could go on and on they need to be more attentive and caring to this elder loving residents. Prior to Brrokdale taking over conditions were a lot better.

April 06, 2016

By RM3

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mother has only been at Brookdale about a month in a nice, private room. So far, everybody seems really nice. They have an excellent activity department where they do arts and crafts, bingo, a Catholic mass on Wednesdays, which is good for my mom.

March 28, 2016

By Judy122715750

I visited this facility

I liked everything about Brookdale Orange Park, except that it does not have an outside area. The food was good. The staff was very helpful and were able to show me the rooms. It was very nice.

June 11, 2015

By countrygirl2

I am a friend or relative of resident

I recently had an employee call me to remind that there was a family event at the Ale House for drinks and appetizers. How is it that there is money to spend on things like this yet there isn't money to put out better food, or have more entertainers come in, or better yet, how about more staff.....isn't that a concept. Where is the logic in this? Just more lies they tell you to get you in here. When I came here looking for my mom, they told me there were always at least three people on the floor for the first two shifts plus a nurse. That the rooms would be cleaned twice a week. Really.....the people are lucky if they have two staff working and there have been times when there was only one that had to take care of all three hallways. Its funny though......and it sure is obvious...when the head honchos from the corporate office are there. Then...WOW...amazingly there are three staff members and the ones in the front office are exceedingly friendly and helpful. The turnover in staff is terrible. Why is it that no one from the corporate office is asking why.....why so many of the good workers have left or are going to leave. Oh.....that's right....because when the people from corporate are there, everything appears to be wonderful. I think that the corporate people need to get off the stick and make time to talk to families and perhaps the staff that has left. Pop in unplanned and often. Talk to who you want to, not who is suggested for you to talk to. Don't just come during the day..... then you just might see what we (the residents and families) see. Hopefully this will get read this and eyes will finally open.

June 10, 2015

By Totally Disgusted

I visited this facility

I had been to this building. many times years ago with my church group to visit a couple of our members that were residing there. The staff was always very friendly and helpful and the place had a warm, homey feeling. The time had come now that my mom needed assistance. I came in and spoke with Tiffany and took a tour with her. I've never been so disgusted or disappointed as I was during this tour. The odors throughout the building were foul and worse than that, they were being masked by some kind of air freshener that only compounded the odor. The building looks filthy and the residents' looked un-kept. Tiffany told me that they were going to be remodeling.....what difference would that make I wondered....if its not clean now, how long before the renovations look filthy. There also seemed to be very little staff in the building. When Tiffany showed me the model room, I observed a roach on the floor. Sad, but I seem to have been the only one that noticed it. This visit truly upset me as it used to be such a beautiful place with a great staff. Even coming in the front entrance now, the greeting is very cool and no longer friendly as it once was. No longer are there genuine smiles and caring people. Needless to say, I found another home for Mom. I no longer would recommend this place to anyone looking a home for their loved one.

June 10, 2015

By mayhands23

I am a friend or relative of resident

My mother and father has lived at two of the Brookdale Communities. I have been very happy with both location. I had to move them to the Orange Park location because the community was closer to my home. I was so happy when i learned that some of the staff from the old community was now working at Orange Park. The team there is so personable they make you feel like family. Through the passing of my father Latonya and her team made sure my mother was in great spirit everyday. Lana went over and beyond to make sure my mother came out of her room everyday. Latonya and Tiffany is a breath of fresh air. It amazes me to see all of the managers in the dining room during meal time socializing with the residents. I am very happy of the change over in management and the new open door culture that Latonya has put in place for everyone.

June 08, 2015

By Gangster

I visited this facility

I'm a family member of a resident that is still there ,I want everyone that puts a family member in any place, Please keep up with their medicine. ..we are for the second time finding they are not ordering her medicine on time but all shows that she had it every day. You do the math. How does 30 days worth of pills go 45 days........ and aways the same answer, we'll check in to that.. this is happening why to much.... please visit often can't say that enough This facility is ALWAYS SHORT STAFF !!!!!!

May 30, 2015

By unhappy person

I am a friend or relative of resident

Be careful. Everyone there will promise you the moon, and then be too busy to return phone calls. Sales staff and management put on a good show, initially, but then fail to follow through. When they DO come through with something "extra" (such as daily bathing assistance), it is assigned to an already overworked and stressed employee. I should have paid attention when several residents pulled me aside in the hallway to whisper in my war that this place was not as great as it was purported to be. Limited staff, poor communication, and documented problems with issuing medications. Be careful! You need to explore why all the wonderful staff at Brookdale Orange Park has quit since the new ED was hired. It is definitely not the same place nor is the atmosphere the same for the residents. We have considered moving our loved one.

April 07, 2015

By Caring104009950

I visited this facility

I found it very nice, and the other thing that I found was that it wasn't affordable. We have seen the apartments, but it was all like one building -- like a room type of thing -- and they had stairs and elevators too because of the elderly. I did find it adequate. We just went in and looked around; that was it. The staff was very friendly. I was impressed with the friendliness at Brookdale Orange Park. They were very accommodating when we asked the questions and stuff.

February 10, 2015

By Natalied777

I am a friend or relative of resident

Receptionist refused to let me speak with my grandmother, and kept changing her story. For months I have had no issue calling the facility to speak with my grandmother. This time I called and the woman stated that she could not go get her, and that she could only take a message. I told her they have never had a problem doing this for me before, and that this is how I speak with my grandmother. She placed me on hold. When she came back she claimed that they weren't picking up in memory care so she would have to take a message. When 5 hours later I did not receive a call back, I called the facility again. The same woman picked up the phone. She immediately said she can take a message. I told her that is what she did hours ago and my grandmother hasn't called back so I need to speak with her. She claimed she could not go get her. Also, she now claimed that the case was not that memory care wasn't picking up the line, but rather there is no direct line to the memory unit. I informed her to just walk over and get her. She stated she could not do so. I informed her to go get someone else on the phone then. She placed me on hold and then hung up on me. So I called back and she picked up the phone didn't answer and hung up on me again. Then I called back again, and she answered. I asked her what her name was, and she did not answer and handed the phone to another woman. I simply informed the other woman I was trying to reach my grandmother and she said ok and took the phone to her. I don't know why the first woman had to make it so difficult.

December 22, 2014

By Caring103276350

I visited this facility

It was nice and clean. People were friendly. They had double occupancy rooms, and they were nice. It was pretty homey.

September 11, 2014

By Linda93874450

I visited this facility

It seemed institutionalized to me, and it was not quite what my mom was looking for. She still wants to cook her own meals, and they didn't do dietary stuff, so it just didn't seem to be a good fit for her. I think the location is really good because it was right in the middle of Orange Park and it is very convenient there. The rooms seemed a little small for what I anticipated, and I think that was kind of her feeling as well, that the rooms were a little small and kind of basic. The staff was very nice, very pleasant, very welcoming, and everybody seemed to be really responsive when we took the tour and they walked around and greeted people. It just seemed kind of dingy, not the very light, bright kind of thing, but it may be just because of its age.

March 31, 2014

By Cheryl26

I visited this facility

The staff has been absolutely wonderful to work with. They seemed to take time to get to know the patients well. The place is very clean and neat. The ward we put him in is locked, and that is important to us. We have no concerns at all. Everything we came across is very good. Their food appears to be good. My stepfather said he is fed well. We saw a calendar of activities, and they take them out to dinner, and they were doing some mind stimulation there, and we were very pleased with that.

March 18, 2014

By Wayne4

I visited this facility

It is a very clean and very nice facility. . The rooms were good and spacious. If I would have to choose, this would be at the top of my list.

January 24, 2013

By CBo

I visited this facility

It is only about 10 minutes away from my house. It's a nice, big square building with courtyard in the middle. The rooms are nice and the staff is excellent. My mom is fed, they clean her room, and they have activities set up every day for them. They also have a couple of days a week outing to Walmart or out to lunch one day a week. She's only been there for almost two weeks, so she's still having a tough time adapting to the dining experience.
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Memory Care Reviews for Brookdale Orange Park

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Questions about Brookdale Orange Park

What ongoing training does the staff receive in dementia care?

In addition to the monthly scheduled learning topics Brookdale Orange Park also has monthly in services for all MC staff on a array of topics like Positive approach and Communication.

Describe the overall population of assisted living residents at Brookdale Orange Park. What is their average age? What are their favorite things to do?

The average age of resident is 85. Our favorite things are gong to the movies, lunch outings, Bfit, Flex your brain and paint on canvas.

What programs or activities does Brookdale Orange Park offer to enrich residents' well-being?

We have programs for the six dimensions of wellness. We have Intellectual programs like trivia and lectures; Purposeful programs like volunteering and creating beautiful things to donate to those in need; Social programs like happy hour and lunch and movie outings; Physical programs like exercise, walking club and gardening; Spiritual programs like bible study and church services; Emotional programs like My Life Story.

What places are near Brookdale Orange Park or within walking distance for assisted living residents to enjoy?

Near Brookdale Orange Park is the Orange Park Mall that has an array of stores to shop. You have Publix and Winn Dixie close by. You can also dine at Metro Diner, Grumpy’s, LaNopalera.

What transportation services does Brookdale Orange Park offer to assisted living residents?

Brookdale Orange Park provides transportation to doctors appointments and activities events.

What makes the chef or dining program at Brookdale Orange Park exceptional? What kind of menu can assisted living residents expect?

All of our meals are prepared from scratch with only the freshest ingredients used. We have a special for lunch and dinner every day and there is an extensive list of always available items that are offered every day!

What safety features or security measures does Brookdale Orange Park offer to assisted living residents?

Brookdale Orange Park is locks every evening so that anyone entering has to be let in by a staff member.

How does Brookdale Orange Park keep residents' families informed about their loved ones?

We talk to our residents and their families weekly either by, phone, text or email. We also have quarterly care conferences with all families

What is the care staff-to-resident ratio at Brookdale Orange Park during daytime and nighttime hours?

Right now, we have 2 caregivers, a med tech and/or a nurse for our AL residents during the day

If Brookdale Orange Park accepts dogs or cats, what indoor/outdoor areas can they enjoy?

Brookdale Orange Park has a closed in court yard that residents can take their dogs out to.

What ongoing senior care training does the staff receive?

The staff is assigned monthly training on different topics related to assisted living and the care of the residents

How many staffers are on duty in the daytime and overnight?

We have 3 staff members on duty in the daytime and 2 staff members overnight.

What safety features or security measures does Brookdale Orange Park provide to protect residents who wander?

Brookdale Orange Park has a secure memory care unit for resident who wonder

What programs or activities does Brookdale Orange Park offer to keep residents engaged? How does the staff engage residents' long-term memories?

We have programs for the six dimensions of wellness and specialized programming for memory care. We have Intellectual programs like trivia and lectures; Purposeful programs like volunteering and creating beautiful things to donate to those in need; Social programs like happy hour and lunch and movie outings; Physical programs like exercise, walking club and gardening; Spiritual programs like bible study and church services; Emotional programs like My Life Story

Who assesses residents' health and cognitive functioning? How often is that assessment repeated?

The Health and Wellness Director assess the resident health and cognitive functions as needed and quarterly

How does Brookdale Orange Park keep residents' families informed about their loved ones' health?

We speak our residents families weekly either by, phone, text or email. We also have quarterly care conferences with all families

Describe the neighborhood around Brookdale Orange Park. Is it located in a residential neighborhood, a business district, a rural setting, or other type of locale?

Our surrounding neighborhood is both residential and business

Is Brookdale Orange Park affiliated with a hospital if more care is needed?


Photos of Brookdale Orange Park

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Services and Amenities of Brookdale Orange Park

Room and housing options

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • Companion Suites: Yes
  • Studio Apartments

Dining options

  • In Room Kitchenette
  • Dining Room Shared Meals


  • Beauty Barber Shop
  • Resident Transportation
  • Party Space
  • Garden And Patio

Cleaning services

  • Housekeeping

Health services

  • Medication Management


  • Offsite Activities
  • Religious Services


  • Low Fat
  • Low Salt


  • English


  • Respite Care
  • Minimum Age: 65
  • Pets: Small Pets Allowed

Types of care

  • Walking Wheelchair Assistance

Training Areas

  • Memory Care Training


  • State Licenses: AL9423
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About Brookdale Orange Park

Brookdale Orange Park is a senior housing facility that offers a home-like setting. The staff members are caring, respecting every resident's independence in a peaceful setting. Home-style meals, daily activities and beautiful surroundings combine to create a wonderful living environment every day. Through special events, activities clubs and ongoing cultural enrichment programs, Brookdale Orange Park offers unlimited opportunities for residents to get to know each other and staff. Amenities and services provided include assistance with bathing and dressing, medication management, dining assistance with special diets, assistance with reminders and redirection, escorts for walking assistance when needed, emergency response call system and housekeeping services such as laundry and linen service.

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Map of Brookdale Orange Park

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Brookdale Orange Park

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