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Nursing Home Reviews for Manorcare Health Services (CITRUS Heights)

November 05, 2014

By Caring101291550

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Manorcare Health Services was awful. I would never place another loved one there ever. They did not come when my mother needed help. When they didn’t come and she couldn’t get to the bathroom and she messed herself, they just took her clothes and threw them out. They were sitting there watching her when she couldn’t even breathe. Nobody wanted to call a doctor. My sister and I insisted that a doctor come down, and when the doctor checked her out, her oxygen saturation was in the 70s and so she had to be 911ed right out of there and I had to have her placed somewhere else. It was a horrible experience. The place is clean-looking when you walk in. I think their rehab facility is OK, but their nursing is terrible.

October 22, 2014

By Gloria35

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My friend is actually in Manorcare right now. I think the staff members are great. I haven’t tasted their food, but I have seen their dining area. The rooms are nice and they are really spacious. Yesterday, I saw a gentleman singing to the people in the community room. I understand they have Bingo and a day- out activities. One thing that I will have them improve on would be in the consistency among their employees, like when they all come in, they have to put their gowns on. Some did and some didn't. When I questioned it, they said that as long as they didn't touch a wound or touched him, they didn't have to be concerned about it. I think regardless of whether they touch him or not, if they are going into the room, they need to put their gowns on because they could get him something from another room, and then this way, everybody has an understanding that everybody needs to come in with gowns regardless, if they have that sign up that this person is contagious for whatever reason or whatever type of virus they might have. The security of the place is good. I've been to several different facilities and this is, by far, one of the better ones.

August 30, 2014

By Rob5

I am a friend or relative of a resident

I visited a friend of mine in Manor Care and it’s a nice place. From a visitor’s point of view, I didn’t like the food as the food is very bland. He is living in a semi-private room and that seemed to be comfortable. The people there seemed to be nice and I guess it’s a not a bad place to go.

April 02, 2013

By Not pleased

I am a friend or relative of resident

One person--one--a CNA named Brandon seemed to actually care about his job. The facility has a lovely waiting room and a friendly receptionist, but a staff of "I'll get right on that" people who pass the buck and rarely seem to respond to actual patient needs--unless family is standing in the room. (translation: watching) Medical needs escalated for my father, due to poor care, and then when the facility created the medical need to stay longer, and the insurance copay ran out (of which they gave NO warning) their answer was, "You are now responsible for the bill" which, by the way, is thousands! Insult to injury. Do not bring a loved one to this facility

March 14, 2013

By jonmaas

I am a friend or relative of resident

When my mother was first admitted, a doctor examined her. A few days later, her health and situation worsened. She asked to have a doctor see her. She (and my brother and I) was told that the staff "called the doctor, but he didn't respond", which meant they did nothing, therefore jeopardizing her health. When I complained to the head of the facility, she insisted that they are only required to have patients examined upon entry.My mother was left for hours on end to fend for herself if she needed any help or was in any kind of pain "“ causing her to defecate and urinate on herself, because the staff claimed to be "short-handed". It was only because my brother and I called and frankly screamed that they eventually checked on her. Someone at Manor Care then chose to prescribe a blood pressure medication to my mother and insisted she take it. When she protested, saying that's not what her doctor wanted her to be on, the staff person from Manor Care made it clear they were in charge and forced her to take it. As a result, her health worsened. If she did not stop, the results could have had had lasting damage or been fatal. As my mother's health worsened, my brother and I called numerous times a day insisting that a doctor look at her. Each day, both of us were promised that a doctor would see her that day. This went on daily for three days, and each day there was a different excuse "“ such as, "the doctor is quitting and needed to show his replacement around", which presumably did not include a tour of patients needing attention were. Eventually, after several days of nonstop lies, a doctor's assistant spoke to but did not examine my mother. A doctor's assistant is not a qualified physician. Eventually, my mother made an appointment with her own personal physician and left Manor Care for the appointment, which resulted in a screaming call from their staff to my brother, insisting she could not leave without their expressed permission. Well, it's a good thing she did because her doctor instantly took her off the wrong medication and sent her to a heart specialist a few days later. Fortunately, once this happened, the staff at Manor Care wisely chose not to endanger her health any further and she was able to leave a few days later. No one seeking to regain their health should be forced to endure what my mother did and it is only because she is lucky enough to have children who are able to do something that she got out of there in time. Not everyone is that lucky.

July 25, 2012

By Bettina2828

I am a friend or relative of resident

Manor Care is the best choice for physical rehab in Sacramento County The physical therapy staff were amazingly skilled and got my Dad walking again after he came in not able to walk after a stroke. They were tough when they needed to be tough to get him motivated to keep going. Cannot say enough about them. Oliver, Lisa and Jim really stood out. Fantastic therapists! The nursing care was great and the nurses assistants (cna's) work so hard to make sure they do all they can to keep their patients comfortable. Sabina, Mandeep and Christina were amazing. I am not sure about the negative reviews here but I would not allow my Mom or my Dad to go anywhere else for physical or after surgery rehab. Every one did all they could to make my fathers stay both productive and comfortable. They have an extremely clean faciltiy nicely decorated and updated. They also have great places for the family to hang out. Like the cyber cafe with free Starbucks and computers to use and an outdoor patio. Also an upstairs lounge that we used free of charge for a couple of family gatherings. They also have a beauty shop where my Dad got a hair cut. It made him feel so good to get the royal treatment from his barber. They have and entertainment staff to keep everyone going with movies, karaoke, games and live entertainent. These people were just over the top getting every one involved. I even sang at the Karaoke party, Heidi was the first person I met when I took a tour of the facility before taking my Dad there. Manor care should be very proud of her as she put a very welcoming face forward and made me comfortable from the moment I stepped in the front door. I saw the physical therapy rooms of which there are now 3. I knew then that this was the place for my Dad. They just added a brand new section. They are well equipped and they work miracles there. Shannon in admissions worked fast a furious to get my Dad in as I only had an hour to make the change from the place he was going to originally. Thanks Shannon for your great effort in getting my Dad organized. Another super woaman and Manor Care is Vida who was my Dad's speech therapist. She got him so motivated to particiate and get out of his depression. She really conneected with him above and beyond the call of duty. She made me feel great as his advocate which is a touhg job for a faimly member. I coulld go on and on about all the great staff there. There is an energy here that is a constant forward moving machine to get people healthy and get them home. They all work as a huge motivating team and they communicte well with each member of the team for the good of the patient. I am not afilliated in any way with the facilty and this is an unsolicited review. I could not reccomend Manor Care more highly. They are the best.

November 20, 2011


I am a friend or relative of a resident

On a whole the staff were very caring people. When problems came up with not eating the dietian worked very hard to solve it. The physicial therapy person was very helpful and encouraging. When we had questions, we found helpful assistance. Someone from the family tried to be there most of the time during the day to be with our patient. It helps the patient cope with what is happening.

August 12, 2011

By Sacto

I am a friend or relative of resident

My father recuperated and rehabed here Nov-Dec 2010 after a severe illness. The facility is located in a nice neighborhood. There's a nice patio area with several tables and chairs. The parking lot goes all the way around, so I was able to push a wheelchair all around the parking lot. The dining room was very nice. There was a common room area that was also nice. The residents each have televisions in their room with speaker in the remote so as not to bother their roommate too much. There's also a big television in the common area where there are tables so we could go play cards and get away from the room for awhile. The residents' rooms are mostly double occupancy. They did have a few private rooms. The private room was large, and the shared rooms were average size. With visitors, it could get kind of cramped. There were some very nice and caring people on the staff, and there were other people that I thought didn't care that much and should not have been working there. I think the staff was well trained, but I think sometimes they overlooked important details. There was an LVN who gave my father an insulin injection without wearing gloves, and I'm sure she knew better, but just overlooked it. It wouldn't have hurt my father, but I'm sure her superiors wouldn't have been happy with her if they had seen that. My dad liked the food there, and liked it better than the nursing home he's currently living at. They had good soup at this facility, but they didn't seem to know too much about proper nutrition for diabetes patients. They may also have some long-term care upstairs, but my father was in the skilled nursing and rehabilitation area. Physically, the facility is nice. Occasionally there are unpleasant odors. I've come to realize that people who are there for short or long stays need to have an advocate around, because the staff may come in and change the residents' clothes but not wet bedding, either because they don't notice or they don't care. My brother noticed that they wear gloves, so maybe they just don't notice that the bedding is wet, but that still seems like something they should check. My father suffered a set back in his health and after being hospitalized July 3 to 8 was again transferred to Manor Care. The reason we moved him was that when we went to visit after my father had been there for a week, he wasn't there "“ they had moved him to an acute care hospital. They called the home number but not the next two numbers we gave them, which was a breakdown in communication. We did have an issue with one CNA, but the facility dealt with it well "“ they told the CNA that if the issue happened again, she couldn't work there anymore.

May 24, 2010

By WendyK

Hydration practice

Recently my mother in law spent several weeks at Manor Care Citrus Heights under rehab from a broken leg. She was Dc'd off Medicare on Friday and although we could see she was weak, we planned to take her to an Assisted living on Saturday. By Saturday she was no longer able to communicate, and appeared to have had a stroke or heart attack. I was told by the staff that she had been ok at breakfast, but found this hard to believe considering her unresponsive condition. Sunday morning we received a call that she was being sent to the acute hospital as she was unresponsive. At the acute they found her severely dehydrated. After 3 days on IV fluids, and now in the Assisted living, she is nearly back to her old self. What happened at the SNF that this was not caught earlier and taken care of there? Another day and I believe she would have died at Manor Care due to neglect.
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