Ridgecrest is near the California High Desert Area, offering easy access to outdoor recreation areas, cultural attractions and historical sites. Of its nearly 28,000 residents, about 14% are aged 65 and over. The city’s many benefits make it a great option for retirees, including a low cost of living, high access to affordable health care and warm year-round temperatures. It also has several nonprofit agencies and programs to help older adults maintain their independence and financial stability throughout retirement.

Older adults who need help with daily living activities may find assisted living to be an ideal fit. These residential facilities administer personalized care plans along with daily meals, housekeeping, laundry services and recreational activities. The 2021 Genworth Cost of Care Survey shows that Ridgecrest assisted living care costs $3,750 per month.

This guide provides information on assisted living facilities in Ridgecrest, including options seniors have for paying for services and an overview of the rules these facilities follow to ensure a high care standard.

Directory of Assisted Living Facilities in Ridgecrest, CA

High Desert Haven

1240 COLLEGE HEIGHTS BLVD., Ridgecrest, CA, 93555

High Desert Haven is located in Ridgecrest, California, near State Highway 178, Ridgecrest Plaza and Maturango Museum. Visitors mention the well-maintained, wheelchair-friendly facility, spacious layo … (read more)
High Desert Haven is located in Ridgecrest, California, near State Highway 178, Ridgecrest Plaza and Maturango Museum. Visitors mention the well-maintained, wheelchair-friendly facility, spacious layo … (read more)

Desert Rose Adult Residential Facility

1290 Palo Verde Drive, Ridgecrest, CA, 93555

COVID-19 Rules for Assisted Living in Ridgecrest

Since most COVID-19 rules for Assisted Living Communities and other Senior Living Facilities are set at the state level, you can view the specific rules for your state on our Guide to Assisted Living in California . Keep in mind that every community has specific policies that they put in place to protect their residents, so you should contact your local community for more information. Additionally, you can contact your local Area Agency on Aging to learn more – find contact information here.

What to Consider About Assisted Living in Ridgecrest

The California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division oversees assisted living facilities in Ridgecrest and the rest of the state. This division publishes information on the Senior Care Program, which provides minimum licensing standards for assisted living facilities and contact information for the regional office. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Assisted Living in Ridgecrest

  • The cost of living in Ridgecrest rates 96 on a 100-point index based on national living expenses, indicating it’s a relatively affordable option for retirement living. By comparison, California ranks 149.9 on this index.
  • Seniors in Ridgecrest don’t pay Social Security benefits taxes at the state level. However, all other retirement income is fully taxed. This may impact how much money seniors relying on multiple retirement income types can pay toward long-term care expenses. 
  • Ridgecrest’s Transit Division operates the Transit Functional Needs system, enabling older adults to use the city’s public transportation service. Through this system, the public bus follows scheduled routes but can deviate from the route up to three-quarters of a mile to pick up a qualifying passenger who made an advanced reservation. 
  • Ridgecrest is home to Ridgecrest Regional Hospital, providing easy access to emergency care and medical services. Health care is generally affordable in this city, at 15% below the national median, which may benefit those managing ongoing medical conditions.
  • On a 100-point crime index, Ridgecrest’s violent crime rate is 29.9, and property crime is 29.1, indicating that the city is a generally safe option for seniors. These rates are comparable to the respective national scores of 22.8 and 35.4. To provide peace of mind to residents, assisted living facilities often have security measures.
  • Ridgecrest is one of the hottest places in California, with year-round high temperatures ranging from 59 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit. The city gets just 5 inches of annual rainfall and no snow, which may benefit those with mobility challenges. Assisted living facilities typically equip residents’ homes with individual climate control, helping them stay comfortable throughout the year. 
  • Kern County’s air quality is very poor, with the American Lung Association assigning it the lowest scores possible for ozone pollution, 24-hour particle pollution and annual particle pollution. Assisted living facilities provide plenty of indoor activities, helping those with sensitive respiratory or cardiovascular systems to stay active.

Paying for Assisted Living in Ridgecrest

Seniors in Ridgecrest pay $3,750 per month for assisted living, making it one of the cheapest cities in California to obtain care. 

The Cost of Assisted Living in Nearby Cities 

Assisted living facilities in Ridgecrest charge $3,750 for monthly care. This is considerably lower than the state median of $5,250 and the national rate of $4,500. Stockton is among the few cities with more affordable care costs at $3,649 per month. In the Santa Cruz region, rates are comparable to California’s median at $5,550 per month. Ridgecrest’s monthly assisted living rates are about $3,300 lower than care costs in Santa Rosa, where seniors pay $7,048 for assisted living. 






United States


Santa Cruz


Santa Rosa



The Cost of Other Types of Senior Care 

Assisted living in Ridgecrest is considerably more affordable than home care, which costs $5,506 monthly. It is also a cheaper alternative to nursing home facilities, which charge $9,155 per month for shared rooms and $10,433 per month for private rooms. Adult day health care is the most economical long-term care option, with seniors statewide paying $1,842 per month for services.


Homemaker Services


Home Health Aide


Assisted Living Facility


Nursing Home Facility (semiprivate room)


Nursing Home Facility (private room)

Note: Care cost data for Ridgecrest was not available, so data for the closest city, Bakersfield, was used instead.

Financial Assistance for Assisted Living in Ridgecrest

The Assisted Living Waiver is available to assisted living residents in the state of California, helping to pay their monthly costs. The Optional State Supplement program of the Social Security Administration is also available to California residents who receive SSI benefits and who live in a residential care facility.

Learn more about these programs, plus who’s eligible, on our Assisted Living in California page.

Paying for Assisted Living Facilities in California

More Ways to Pay for Assisted Living

While many families use their own funds or personal assets to pay for assisted living, there are plenty of additional options to cover these costs. Some additional ways to finance assisted living costs include:

  • Veterans Benefits
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Reverse Mortgage

For more information about different ways to finance assisted living, visit our Assisted Living in California page.

Free Assisted Living Resources in Ridgecrest

Finding the best long-term care solutions in Ridgecrest can be a challenge, but support from trained professionals can help seniors find affordable options that fit their needs and lifestyles. This table provides details and contact information for local programs and agencies that offer free and low-cost assistance and services to seniors.  




(760) 375-5438 

The Ridgecrest Senior Center is a nonprofit organization open to older adults in the area. The center is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and it hosts activities such as holiday events, games and crafts. The center also serves daily congregate meals for small suggested donations.  

(661) 868-1000 

Kern County’s Aging and Adult Services Department administers a variety of social programs for seniors in the Ridgecrest region, including the Healthy Living Program, health insurance options counseling and referral services to connect seniors with community-based services.  

(661) 323-7884 

The Kern County Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program represents the interests of more than 4,000 county assisted living residents. Seniors can talk to the ombudsman for help with researching local long-term care facilities and comparing ways to pay for monthly services. The ombudsman can help assisted living residents understand their rights, obtain the services in their care plans and file reports of abuse, neglect or exploitation. 

(661) 325-5943 

Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance serves qualifying residents in Ridgecrest through free and low-cost civil legal services. It operates the Kern Health Consumer Center, which provides free help with navigating public benefits, including those that may help cover assisted living services. The center can also help seniors address issues such as denied health insurance claims or overpayment of public benefits. 

(800) 510-2020 

The Kern County Aging and Disability Resource Connection has a comprehensive online resource directory where older adults can find legal services, assisted living facilities, support groups and respite services.  

Assisted Living Laws and Regulations in Ridgecrest

Ridgecrest Assisted Living Communities must adhere to the comprehensive set of state laws and regulations that all Assisted Living Facilities in California are required to follow. Visit our Assisted Living in California page for more information about these laws.

Assisted Living Laws and Regulations in California