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Home Care Reviews for Visiting Angels - Willingboro, NJ

May 22, 2017

By krissa784861

I am a current client of this provider

After nearly 20 years of caring for our son full-time, our family decided, with much concern, to find assistance in managing his care. We had held off for so long, worried that he would not receive the same level of concern and care from "a stranger." Then—we met Dee [our aide]. We can't believe the perfect fit! Her level of care, gentleness, precision, and kindness is exactly what we prayed for. She's practically family. We are so grateful and also pleased that Visiting Angels takes the time to make sure all their 'angels' are as wonderful as Dee.

May 18, 2017

By francis836526

I am a past client of this provider

Generally speaking it was good. Everything was fine. They treated us very well. Even the owner came down and talked to us about an issue that arose in the beginning. He was wonderful, kind and helpful. People who came were very good, very caring and very helpful. Juma was wonderful. Hawa was also very competent but we found her very hard to understand. She wasn't bad, it's just that the others were so wonderful. We also had two at nights. One was an older woman who was wonderful. Then the other was a much younger woman who was also called Hawa. She was very sweet and very nice. When the night time person came, we were very glad to have them because if Patricia needs somebody at 3am we could call somebody. But to be honest we didn't really use them very much. Most of the time, they slept when they came here and it's not their fault.

April 01, 2017

By Vivian332131

I am a current client of this provider

We're having a very positive experience with Visiting Angels. They have been nothing but a pleasure to work with. They're very cooperative. The young woman that comes to our home is a real sweetheart. The young lady comes out two mornings a week and spends about four hours with my mother in law. She helps bathe her, makes her breakfast or lunch, keeps her company, does a little bit of exercise in between like get her up to walk in her walker and stuff like that. There's also a young lady who calls if there's any changes is always very pleasant too. Honestly, I don't have one negative thing to say about them. They're all very good - the office staff and the woman that comes out. They're very pleasant, accommodating and actually a blessing to have.

March 29, 2017

By The Farmer

I am a past client of this provider

I had two people come to visit me from Visiting Angels. One was the nurse and the other was a home care provider. The nurse was a service given but it was only what was expected. The home care provider did a lot of things. He did not only take care of me but cleaned up the place too. I remember one that I was a little frustrated with when he tried to replace a shower head but he couldn't because they didn't have the right tool to do so. But that individual gave excellent service. Overall for the nurse I would give 3 stars rating and the homemaker 5 stars.

November 22, 2016

By Valerie N.

I am a past client of this provider

Thanks so much for allowing my husband and I to go on vacation. My father-in-law can be a pistol at times, but he said he liked Jumah [our aide] and she was an excellent cook. He is not easily pleased, so that is saying a lot. The house was spotless when we got home; she did a great job. Hopefully if we go away again, we'll get Jumah. Thanks again!

March 31, 2016

By Eileen38

I am a past client of this provider

I found Visiting Angels to be accessible and nice to deal with. I had them for 2 years. They were concerned about the welfare of the clients. The aides were timely and they wore scrubs. They don’t bring cellphones in the house which I really like. If I had a complaint, they would rectify it right away.

November 26, 2015

By Gene23

I am a past client of this provider

Wilma was excellent. I didn’t have any problems with the schedule. She was very prompt and attentive. I was very happy and satisfied with Visiting Angels.

October 22, 2015

By Barbara118462350

I am a current client of this provider

We had met Rudy when my father was in a rehabilitation facility trying to setup 24-hour care. The experience was excellent. He is very professional and very caring. Mindy who works in the office is excellent. Marie, the caregiver we have right now is incredible. She is just outstanding in every single respect. The care she gives for my father is amazing. My father loves her. I can't even describe how good she is. Her personality is incredible. She does everything over and above her job in taking care of my father.

September 16, 2015

By -Caring4

I am a past client of this provider

The caregiver from Visiting Angels provided companionship for my mother. She helped her with personal care too. She’s warm and friendly. She cares about her job and cares about my mom. Starting from the top of the organization down to the scheduling team - I say that they were very helpful and accommodating. If there’s a scheduling problem, they always call us in advance to let us know so we can make other arrangements.

September 14, 2015

By Marie116801250

I am a past client of this provider

Visiting Angels was just wonderful. The caregiver was very attentive and my parents got along with her very well. She has good work ethics. We had no problems at all with Visiting Angels.

September 11, 2015

By Caring116658250

I am a past client of this provider

The aides from Visiting Angels were very good. I find them very responsible with their care. We used them for a year and a half.

April 20, 2015

By -Caring1

I am a current client of this provider

Everything has been good with Visiting Angels. I'm happy with their service. I have recommended them to others.

January 19, 2015

By Patti18

I am a current client of this provider

Their care is fabulous! They're very professional and courteous. We are so pleased with our caregiver. I can't say enough good things about her. She takes good care of my father. She's very caring and nurturing. She lets him do anything he wants to do yet always keeps an eye on him to make sure he's safe. Rudy -- the owner -- knows his company. He has no issues in providing care, scheduling, and billing. I have no problems with them.

November 24, 2014

By Caring102178950

I am a current client of this provider

I was hospitalized and needed a homecare service. I like what I saw with Visiting Angel's brochure and contacted them. One of the co-owners came to see me. The management is prompt and responsive. The people that they sent are very good. I never had any complaints about anyone.

September 24, 2014

By Regina7

I am a current client of this provider

Visiting Angels has been very instrumental and informative about the Veteran's Benefits to which my mother was entitled and that I know nothing about. I am very grateful for that. My initial meeting with Visiting Angels was with a man named Rudy. He was very informative and helpful in explaining what I needed to do. They assigned us a home health aide by the name of Darlene. She is just excellent and perfect for my mother. She can make my mother do things that she will never do when I ask. I have to say that they made the right choice in assigning an aide for my mother. My mother is not an easy person. She is resistant and stubborn, but Visiting Angels found the perfect aide for her.

September 10, 2014

By Caring98674650

I am a current client of this provider

My parents are staying in a retirement community and Visiting Angels was on the list of their preferred providers. Overall, I would say that the people from the office especially the coordinator and Mindy, have worked very hard to find people who are good fit for my parents. Mindy has been very persistent in getting people that are good for us. We had some caregivers who were absolutely outstanding and excellent. We also had other ones who didn't work at all. The agency has been very responsive and considerate. If we set something out and that doesn't work out, they find a replacement who would be better. As a result, we have ended up with topnotch caregivers.

August 26, 2014

By Christine37

I am a past client of this provider

My mother had a wonderful aide from Visiting Angels named Kaye from the beginning. She had her for a year and a half. My mother really liked her because they got along very well. Something happened and she couldn't have Kaye anymore. We found someone who was really wonderful but my mom had her for only two weeks. After that, we had Pat for my mother until the end. We had her for several months. She was wonderful and did so good with my mother. I was so thankful that she had her at the end. Whenever I needed to change the schedule because of my work, they worked it all out. They were also there when I needed extra hours. I was very happy with them.

July 22, 2014

By Mary Anne5

I am a past client of this provider

Visiting Angels was recommended by someone to me and I also did a lot of research. I called a lot of different places, but I have heard that they offer good service and so I called them. I decided that they best suited my needs and I like the way they did background checks. They did three different kinds of background checks. It just seems like their policies were good and their prices are competitive with anyone else. They provided a caregiver for my husband who has Parkinson's disease. We started out with just having them 4 hours a day, 3 times a week and then as he progressed and got worse, they were coming seven days a week and then the hours increased 8 hours a day and then it got so bad that we had a live in for two years. I used them probably for three years total. They were very good with the way they select people. They would always help with meals if I ask them to, to feed him and straighten up the area like cleaning up the bathroom that he was using. I would certainly recommend them. They would call and inquire and see how things are doing. The aide that we had for 2 _ years was wonderful. The aides were all very caring, compassionate, and prompt.

July 18, 2014

By Caring96125050

I am a past client of this provider

Visiting Angels were nice and they always got here on time. They came when they are supposed to and they take good care of my husband. They took care with his feeding, his bath, and did some light housework. They also took him for a walk when he was still able to walk. They took care of him and his skin was perfect. Sometimes when he is laying down a lot, the skin is prone to break and his was just perfect. We got a compliment from the hospital about that.

June 02, 2014

By Anne33

I am a past client of this provider

We were very happy with Visiting Angels. The management worked very closely with us and provided us with really excellent caregivers. We had 3 here on a regular basis and they were here most of the time. They were just fabulous. They made sure we have the aides here when we needed them. They called on a regular basis to make sure everything was ok or if we have any other needs. They took excellent care of Mr. R. I couldn't say enough about them. They were fantastic! We used them for 3 months. I was very happy with anybody I had dealt with Visiting Angels.

January 27, 2014

By Caring84201250

I am a current client of this provider

Fiona, our caregiver was wonderful with my grandfather. She helps him with personal care. My grandfather has dementia and she's very perfect for him. She's a good match for my grandfather. She's always around every time we need her. She's very good.

January 22, 2014

By Caring83843050

I am a past client of this provider

It took some time to get the right aide but once we found the perfect match, everything was fine. She's dedicated and knowledgeable. She connected with my parents. I can tell that she's passionate about her work. She's very focused about the job.

November 21, 2013

By Delores4

I am a past client of this provider

Their care was very good. We were very pleased with them. They did a very good job. We used them for about 6 months. The caregivers have a good work attitude.

October 12, 2013

By Caring43551

I am a past client of this provider

Visiting Angels was recommended to us. My experience with them was really good. The caregivers did what they have to do. I was happy with them.

October 12, 2013

By Caring03011

I am a past client of this provider

We were looking for care for our mother and my sister found Visiting Angels on the web. I was the one who called and contacted them. I like their consistency. Their screening process was quite extensive. What I appreciated is what when I give feedback to the owners, they would take my feedback and make changes to adjust to our needs. We just kept on trying different aides until we found a group of them that worked. Once we found the aides that would work for my mother, it was wonderful.

August 06, 2013

By Dianne7

I am a current client of this provider

We saw an ad in the local newspaper for Visiting Angels, and saw that they offered companionship as well as caring, so we went with them. A woman came out to interview and we liked everything we saw so we hired them. We've had the same lady, Ophelia, ever since for about 5 years. Every time Ophelia is on a break, our mom can't wait until she comes back. As soon as she does, everything is right with our mom's world again.

July 18, 2013

By Patrick5

I am a past client of this provider

My ‘Angel’ aide Na Na did such a good job caring for us. My aide, Agnes, also did a wonderful service; She is a lovely lady, and an asset to your company. We are very pleased with Visiting Angels!

February 01, 2013

By Caring40241

I am a past client of this provider

I want to thank you for our live-in Visiting Angel, Hawa. She was with my mom the last few weeks of my dad's life and was there at his passing. She treated him with utmost respect and care, she kept him clean at all times, never left him alone, and checked on him several times during the night to make sure he was comfortable. After my father passed she felt it very important for her to caringly clean him before he was taken away. She hugged my mother, my sister and I and we could see she also was moved by his passing. I would recommend Hawa for any other care that is needed.

December 17, 2012

By Ericka1

I am a current client of this provider

Upon qualifying for the VA's [Veterans Administration] home care, I was grateful but my expectations were very low. I thought I would be assigned an impersonal aide who wouldn't be interested in me or in my specific needs. To my great surprise, though, Visiting Angels matched me up with a caregiver who not only honors my requests and decisions every time, but who also made my transition to receiving outside help so easy. Now, my "Angel" is both my home health aide and my good companion. Thank you so much Visiting Angels!

December 17, 2012

By Janet7

I am a current client of this provider

To the Visiting Angels: You named your business after Elva because she is a living angel. I've always been grateful you sent her to me. I miss her so much the days she isn't here. Her job isn't easy putting up with my complaining about all my sicknesses and she never complains about it, not even when I beat her playing Scrabble (she wins more than I do). Thank you again for giving me one of your angels. Bless you all.

December 17, 2012

By Sue10

I am a current client of this provider

Dear Visiting Angels, Ben has been a fabulous caregiver. He keeps my husband safe, engaged and happy. We could not be getting through the recovery period without him. Please thank all of your excellent staff as well!

December 05, 2012

By Lewis1

I am a current client of this provider

I am writing to inform you of my deep appreciation for Maria B, my home health aide for over 2 years. During that time I can always count on her to come when she is scheduled. I would like to tell you some of the things she does for me: She straightens the sheets on my bed and changes them as necessary. She cleans the bathroom. At least twice a week she vacuums my rugs. She steam cleans the hardwood floors. She takes my laundry to the laundromat and picks it up the next day, folds it, and puts it away. She does my grocery shopping, goes to the bank, and post office as needed. Her personal care consists of great back rubs to my shoulder and arms and helps me with my shower. My hands are so arthritic"“she rubs them with lotion and helps me put on gloves. Her helping me with meals is invaluable because I have trouble swallowing. There is no one in your organization that can compare to the care she is giving me.

August 09, 2011

By Diane J.

I am a past client of this provider

Visiting Angels did everything possible to keep my dad comfortable during his final days. The live in aide was absolutely wonderful, caring, gentle and respectful. He was definitely the person I would want caring for me or my family. All of the other aides were also very good. I appreciated the ethics this agency instilled in their aides and commend the owners, Rudy and Nora, for doing a great job! I also enjoyed meeting Rudy and spoke with Nora on the phone. Both are extremely caring and supportive! Their superior quality of care will definitely help ease your mind, especially during the stressful times created with care for a sick or dying family member.
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About Visiting Angels - Willingboro, NJ


Whether your need is for short-term respite care, assistance after surgery, friendly companionship, or long-term assistance with activities of daily living, Visiting Angels provides the solutions and assistance to help adults retain their independence safely and comfortably. We’re available when you need us—from part-time hourly care to full-time live-in care.


We seek to hire the best home care employees available. They have passed rigorous background and reference checks. We only hire Certified Home Health Aides (CHHAs) who have had prior experience in professional home care—our Angels have earned their wings!


Our unique Veterans Program provides qualifying New Jersey veterans and their widowed spouses with home care with no out-of-pocket costs—well before they are awarded the Aid & Attendance home care benefit from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Call for details.

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Services and Amenities of Visiting Angels - Willingboro, NJ

Agency Type

  • Full Service Agency

Range of services

  • Companion Care
  • Personal Care Assistants

Types of care

  • Transportation: Yes
  • Doctor Visit Companionship
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Dressing And Grooming
  • Bathing And Toileting
  • Exercise
  • Walking Wheelchair Assistance
  • Memory Care
  • Companionship
  • Meal Preparation
  • Errand And Grocery Assistance


  • Travel Details: Staff Will Travel 1 To 15 Miles To Provide Care.


  • In Person Interviews
  • Reference Checks
  • Driving Record Check
  • Residency Confirmation

Payment options

  • Credit Card
  • Check
  • Payment Options Extra: Long Term Care Insurance

Payment details

  • Payroll Provided For Caregivers


  • Bonded And Insured


  • Licenses: HP0107200
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