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Assisted Living Reviews for Parkside Villa

August 30, 2012

By Andrew Jackson

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Parkside Villa in Middleburg Hts, Ohio is a great Nursing Home. The facility is well staffed with talented Nurses and Nurses AIDE's. This facility is a rather new one and at times add's more patient room's too it. It also is a newer facility and can compete against older and new one's. It has two floor's and have 5 elevator's. The two different type's of room's are the double resident occupied and single resident room's. The single resident room's are for the self paid. The Nursing staff are well trained and educated for the patient care. The kitchen is very large, and the food is very good too. They have a laundry department that is under staffed and the resident's laundry is always missed placed. The outside of the facility is verry inviting to the resident's and family visitor's. The only issue with the facility is that the Nurses Aide staff is low and not enough for the personal attention that the resident may need at times. Over all this is a great facility for a loved one to go for short or long term care.
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Nursing Home Reviews for Parkside Villa

July 22, 2019

By sb2019

I visited this facility

Have you seen one of the SAW movies? That is what it is like to stay there. If you love yourself or family member I beg you not to go or send them here. Here are a few of the issues I experienced during my 10-day stay. It may look good if you are visiting but when after guests leave and the lights turn off the horrors come out. For the first 3-days Parkside did not have some of my medication. One of the prescriptions was my pain medication. I had an open wound! Some posters on other sites say the food is amazing? I am not sure where they ate but it was not Parkside. Over 10-days I think I has two good meals out of 30. Every night, nurses took hour to bring me medications. One nurse acted stoned each night. My vacation was continuously losing seal and being loud. When I reported it, I was told that it was holding its seal and that was the way vacs work. This is not true. The vac was quiet when I was in the hospital (29-days) and was 99% silent when I got home for three months. I went for days when I could no sleep because of the loud noise. At one point over a three-day period I slept for six hours. I would run a fan on high, turn on the rooms heater/air conditioner and wear a very good pair of noise canceling headsets to try and lessen the noise but it did not work. April 8X 2019 - I was released by Parkside to go home and receive home healthcare. The nursing home sent me home with a wet-to-dry dressing on my abdominal wound and said it should last 3-days which was when they said I should receive my home VAC machine. I spoke to numerous other nurses and my doctor after about this and none of them could understand why Parkside sent me home with only a wet-to-dry and that wet-to-dry dressings typically only last eight-hours and never 3-days. As a result of being sent home early with a wet-to-dry dressing on April 8th I had to go to the ER twice and Southwest General wound center once to receive help with changing the dressing. On or about April X - I received my home VAC because I called my insurance company. I managed to get the VAC approved with a 10-minute phone call on or about April 11. Parkside could not get it done after a week. On or about April 15 Parkside called me and wanted to do an "exit" interview. I was unable to speak with them but told them I had concerns on how I was treated at Parkside and how Parkside fumbled my discharge. Parkside said they would call me back but never did. I believe I called twice to speak with someone and left a message as well but of course they never called me back. Food/drinks Parkside kept in the refrigerators in my “wing” was for the most part expired. I told at least three nurses four or five times and I was told each time they would check into it. The food/drinks was never replaced. I had to continuously ask for my bed and room to be cleaned. The air/heat unit in my room has to be replaced because it was either 100F or 60F in my room for four-days. I will say the PT and OT people were great. They were caring, knowledgeable and on point every time. It is almost like they are in a different universe from the nursing staff.

March 18, 2018

By LReid

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My mom is currently a patient at Parkside Villa. If you cannot devote 10 to 12 hours a day sitting with your loved one and babysitting the staff, please DO NOT place your loved one here. My 85 year old mother came here after hip surgery. Not even a few days into her stay she was yelled at by an aide because she was to weak to assist in transferring. The aide said she had to try harder or she was going to fall, my mother is afraid of falling because that's how she broke her hip. There have been missed medications, they put her on Flexarol without even telling me along with her Tramadol which made her so confused, she stopped eating and was totally out of it. She had aspiration pneumonia which took them a couple of days to diagnose. She came in with 2 bed sores which they treated for a short time and never healed. One broke open and was bleeding so I had to take it upon myself to get the wound nurse to treat it again. The other day they assigned the aide sho had yelled at my mom to care for her and when I said no, was told they were short staffed. The aide is extremely rude and made a comment to me, when I responded she told the supervisor I threatened her, they called the police, made me leave the facility, caused my 85 year old mother to almost hyperventilate. After I went to the police station I was told by the police I was allowed back in the facility and it was not a threat. There is some good staff but the second shift aide, Linda on the Garden and the nurse Susan should NOT be working with the public. I have heard the aide disrespect her supervisor and coworker. I have kept a log and I encourage anyone who has to place a loved one here to be diligent and watch everything. The staff does not like to be held accountable.

July 27, 2017

By LAC1963

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Such a wonderful staff. Can't thank them enough for what they did for my dad during his rehab stay. I was impressed that the administrative staff was readily available and involved when I had questions. The Assistant DON and Assistant Administrator are just about always on the floor - gave me a peace of mind each night that I appreciated more than they know. He's back home and I truly believe he is doing well because of the care he received at Parkside Villa.

June 19, 2017

By Jules74

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Don't be fooled by the "no bad smells" of this place. The care is very sub-par. It starts with dietary; the dietitian is very rude and the kitchen is a disaster. In the 10 days that my mother was there, she only got about 4 meals that were what she ordered. She didn't eat much, so dietitian ordered supplements. They were almost never given to her. When you ask for things, different aids tell you different things; get it yourself out of the refrigerator, or you have to order it, or we don't have any. So you end up going to get the patient some food that they will eat. The place is short-staffed and aids are stretched to too many patients. Physical and occupational therapy is good, but not worth the price you have to pay in horrible care. Our surgeon's assistant said vitals are checked at every shift change. Not true. Thank God my mom was healthy when she went in, since her vitals were not taken once in the 12 hour shifts my sister and I spent there every day that she was there. There was a mouse in my mom's room 2 different days. She never knew who her nurse or aid was, because no one ever wrote on her board. We had to bring in markers and write on her board every day so she knew who her caregivers were supposed to be. If this is the best that is out there in rehabilitation, God help us all. My mom got this kind of care, even with a family member there with her for at least 12 hours each day every day she was there. I really feel bad for the people without advocates .

April 26, 2017

By In Memory

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

It has been a year since my mother passed away. She went to Parkside Villa for "rehab" from a fall and died after being in their care in the Rehab unit for almost 30 days. The culture of rudeness and secrecy with some of the nursing staff and nursing managers was beyond disturbing and I could go on and on about the details of what transpired. My mother dying came as a complete shock and I believe was a result of mistakes that were made. In retrospect I should have moved her immediately when I was confronted with lack of answers and unprofessional and outright rude behavior that was obviously a smokescreen for lack of integrity and/or qualifications. The night of her death I got online and read a few of the reviews, many of which were telling. The whole experience makes me so sad and angry. I am and will be following the correct channels because it matters for my mother and for the next person.

April 14, 2017

By Kitntolki

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

The good points are that most of the nurses are caring and responsive and do the best they can, with the exception of one head nurse who seemed constantly crabby and should probably retire. She brushed off my mother's pain and mentioned how all the residents complain and it's just arthritis and they always want to lie down. It was said with a snarky tone. The staff there seemed to resent my mother wanting to lie down after sitting up for a while as that required some work on their part. She was nicknamed "The Up and Down Girl". I guess they thought this was cute, but I found it condescending. I found my mother sitting in a wheelchair, more than once, in tears, because she was in pain but was made to sit for extended periods of time. Once I found her sitting, and in tears again, in the dining room right next to an activities person (I believe that's what her title was) who completely ignored my mother, which makes me think that brushing off how the residents feel is the norm there. I also did not care for the way the residents seemed to be treated as though they were toddlers--the language and tone used by many, but not all, of the staff was condescending. An elderly person is mentally the same person they were when they were vibrant and healthy--they do not deserve to be treated like little children because they are physically needy. I found it very demeaning. Although I tried to be open-minded and understanding about the call button, it is true that it often took a long time to get an aide to help. That said, many times the aides responded quickly, within a few minutes, and I always found them to be polite and competent. But there were too many times we were told "there is a shift change" or right after lunch is not a good time to get help. It did often take over ten minutes (once we waited 40 minutes) to get an aide to assist. This is not acceptable. The call button is a resident's emergency line for help--if a resident feels he or she is having a medical emergency or needs to use the bathroom NOW, then waiting more than five minutes is inexcusable and a "shift change" is not an excuse. There should be at least one or two aides floating, or some kind of arrangement made so no resident has to wait up to 40 minutes to get back in bed, use the bathroom, or be tended to in case of an emergency health issue. Families pay for 24-hour care and that's what they should get for their loved one. I also found the place very noisy with constant, loud beeping noises that never seemed to stop and some residents calling out things out of control. I know they can't help it, but they should be moved either to their rooms, or to a space where they aren't bothering other people; or those with dementia who are very vocal should be in a separate wing--it was that bad. I do not recommend this nursing home.

March 23, 2017

By PeteyB

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

I had a family member at Parkside Villa for more than two years. Overall it was a much better experience than I went in expecting. No one wants a family member in a nursing home, but our family just couldn't work it any other way. Initially it was rough. He didn't want to be in a home. can't say I blame him. There were things everyone had to adjust to...but with the help of the staff we did. We'd been in other homes, and I didn't get the same feeling that they were as willing to work with us as the staff at parkside Villa did. good luck to you if you have to put a family member in a nursing home. I hope this review helps as there homes out there that aren't as good.

February 13, 2017

By not happpy

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My sister had the misfortune to be sent to Parkside Villa in Middleburg Heights for rehab. I have never seen such a poorly run and uncaring place. If you have a loved one who is need of care and understanding this is not the place to send him or her. She arrived for rehab. She had special needs. She waited sometimes an hour after using her nurse button for an aide to come and help. Well guess what no one can wait that long. I found her soiled several times. This is just unacceptable. She rang the nurse button, I rang the nurse button and had to actually find someone to help. I was told we are short handed. I was told the aide was on break. A person in need should not ever need to go through this type if treatment . This facility, in my book, should be closed. It is the most uncaring group of short handed people I ever saw. My sister ended up in the hospital after an aide accidently pulled a feeding tube out when moving her. They do not know what they are doing. The sad result for my sister was hospice and then death.

February 05, 2017

By MJC123

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My mother in law spent 28 Days at Parkside Villa. It was deplorable, substandard and unexcusable the way she was treated. She was not treated with dignity, being left for hours laying in her own urine with only a heet over her.. The heating system was broken, and time we were there we had to turn it off completely to stop the blarring heat. When my wife started to report , things like urine soaked clothing in the drawers and a plate of spinach for food , or unexplained bruises., the adminastrator cut short therapy and sent mom home. They even drugged her with Lexapro, without consent, she was not taking that drug, it was not on her list of drugs,

January 22, 2017

By Momof3kiddos

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My father in law was there in 2007, my mother in 2012, and my mother in law in 2016. Wonderful experience all 3 times. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

October 20, 2016

By Factotum

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Moved mom in to assisted living. Was fooled by administrator this was a perfect solution for her. Since first day there it has been a complete joke. First day was confusing to everyone. No communication. Nursing staff for the most part are rude and treat the caregiver/family and resident as if their concerns do not matter. Have only seen a few aides who seem to really move and react quickly when mom hits her call light. Takes in average about 20 minutes before a call light is answered and another 20 minutes to get what was asked for. Who can wait 40 minutes to use the bathroom. First day there mom was left on a bed pan for over an hour. Numerous times I'm there to find they have not changed her or even checked to see if her depends need changed. Nursing staff and aides are full of more excuses and if you push the care is worse. They seem to be short staffed since I moved her there and have had some aides tell me how crazy it is there with being constantly short staffed. Been telling everyone daily they are doing mom's laundry and every day they ask me if I am doing it. Not one nurse seems to know or care anything about her medical history and each new person is clueless to mom and her needs. Moving mom out asap and would not recommend this facility to anyone. Also they are clueless to dementia/Alzheimer's patients. Heaven help anyone there.

August 15, 2016

By Annamarie700604

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Mom was at Parkside Villa for a week and a half for rehab just to get her keep going again. For me it was fine. She wasn't too happy with it. She doesn't like bars that are hard like a rock, which they have for their safety to help pull them up when they're laying down. She's a very picky eater, so it's hard for me to say good, bad, or indifferent. Overall, I thought it was fine. It was clean and the staff was very nice.

August 21, 2015

By Ann112280150

I am a friend or relative of a resident

The residents we saw at Parkside Villa were playing bingo and were at meals. The people who were doing the activities seemed fine. They might be on walkers, but they were otherwise alert and active. However, we weren't happy with the care that was given. The care was not what you expected. My uncle's feet were swollen, which they didn't even know, and he was supposed to have 24-hour care. There was nobody doing follow-up. They didn't even realize until we came that his chart from his hospital admission wasn't even there. He is in a cervical collar, and when we asked how long does he have to wear that, nobody knew, and it wasn't written in the chart because he didn't have a chart. He has been there for two months, and they didn't even know that. He has more of a hospital style room, and there's one or two persons to the room. There were several TV areas. There were activities going on when we were there. The dining room was fine, but not as elaborate as some of the other ones. It had just a regular table. The food looked fine. The staff was very friendly, but we felt that they weren't aware of a lot of things. If we asked questions, we were not really satisfied at all.

April 07, 2015

By Tuckersdad

I am a friend or relative of resident

Mom was there after stay at swgh. for fractured hip. At first ok then therapists got pushy and demanding her to get of bed by herself. They moved her to second floor. after 2 weeks . Short staffed constantly, call offs. In 5 weeks on second floor, I moved mom elsewhere because 1st shift nurse ran out of moms anxiety meds 3times in 5 weeks. Talked to manager and her answer was it happens get use to it. 6 weeks after I moved Mom found out manager was fired. every meal I had to be there to reheat Moms meals because most were cold.. Nurses and most aides worked there tails off.

December 19, 2012

By Kathy Meadows

I am a friend or relative of resident

My mother had a great experience at Parkside Villa. She was there for rehab, and the staff did a wonderful job with her. Their therapists are the best, and it is a beautiful place.

September 27, 2012

By Carolbrown

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mother in law was in Park Side villa, nursing home was very clean and the staff were great. They took wonderful care of her. She had dementia. She passed away 2 years ago.

May 19, 2012

By Petrd

I am a friend or relative of a resident

The place was a very comforting environment. My grandfather had his own room, with competent friendly nurses. He had to go to rehab and was making good progress with the rehab nurses there. I would rate the rehab nurses 5 stars, the regular nurses 4 stars, and the overall atmosphere 4 stars.
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