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Assisted Living Reviews for Greenspring

October 04, 2016

By George P.585844

I visited this facility

Greenspring was fine. It’s a huge facility. Anything you want to do, they will accommodate. They have lots to do and lots of transportation facilities. It is just a huge place. Like I said Greenspring was a huge facility, and we were walking to see one of the units. You’re walking down this long hallway; it’s a big place. It is many buildings, and they’re all inter-connected, so that you never have to go outside. You can go and visit everybody, and I don’t know how many hundred rooms they have there. But they’re all inter-connected, and they have this long hallway that goes down to a center hub. We were there around dinner time. We were walking to see this unit, and there was a stream of people, one after the other, either walking or in wheelchairs, using walkers or something like that on their way to eat. And it was just enough for me such that as great a place as this is, it just wasn’t for us. I just decided that I’d rather just take care of my wife in our home.

February 26, 2016

By John122512450

I visited this facility

I think that Greenspring is very nice, the people are nice, and it’s a good atmosphere. I think they have one- and two-bedroom apartments. The one that I saw only had a single-bedroom, and it was very nice; if that’s all you want, and that’s all you really need. The thing that really bothers me about Greenspring- and I’m sure other people as well- is what do you do with the lifetime of stuff you’ve accumulated? How can you stuff it into one or two rooms? I guess that’s a general problem that a lot of people are going to have; going from a three- or four-bedroom house into two rooms. They had a number of activities like movies occasionally. I guess the thing that makes it most attractive to me would be the kind of system setup they have if you needed medical care. I’m quite concerned about meeting certain needs. Any degrading in medical care is not something that I could easily accept, but I guess what they have is good. They have the cleaning; you don’t have to pull stuff around, and so forth.

December 10, 2015

By Reham1

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mother was in Greenspring, and the place was outstanding. They're on top of their game. They take care of their patients and make sure they have their medications on time. If patients needed to do physical, occupational, or speech therapy, they made sure they're scheduled. If they have appointments outside the facility, they make sure that transportation is ready for them, and even make the appointments for them. They're just outstanding. The room that she was in was hospital-like because she's was in acute rehab. It had her bed, TV, phone, and a bathroom but no shower; they had scheduled shower time for their patients. They kept the residents active. If the residents want to go outside for some air, they do that. They try to make the residents go to the dining area instead of having food in their room, so they can associate with other residents. Their food was good, and their dining area was nice. They have people serve whatever the residents want to eat at the time, and everybody had different tables. They had an entertainment area with a TV and other places where they can associate or interact with one another.

October 28, 2015

By Margery1

I visited this facility

I saw a whole lot at Greenspring, and the residents there were very active and interesting people. The staff was very nice and helpful. It was good. I am hoping to locate there.

February 23, 2015

By FlyBrandA

I am a friend or relative of resident

While the direct care staff is generally very good, this can be "spotty". For Administrative staff, again a very mixed bag. Communications can be very slow and difficult. If considering moving in, please read the details of the "end-game" very carefully. In my mother's case a very large deposit was held for years. If you change care levels, you can be billed for both rooms until GreenSpring gets someone else to take the old room (you pay for the room and 90% of the services [that you are not using]) This is even worse if your loved one passes away.. It currently appears that we will be charged for 3 months of extended care (after my mother's passing) - approx. $30k for facilities not used and services not received. We are still waiting for the deposit return (may be an additional 45 days on top of the 90 already passed). While trying to resolve this final refund, I currently have 3 e-mails and 1 phone call that have not been returned by GreenSpring. I now have to consider using a lawyer or a consumer advocacy group (7 On your Side?) to get Greensprings to return over $150k in deposit.

October 25, 2014

By Caring96398650

I am/was a resident of this facility

We are in Greenspring, and we are very happy here. We have an apartment with a big living area, two large bedrooms, and a kitchen. We have never found anybody who is unpleasant and it is by far the best of its type in the Springfield, Virginia area. They serve three meals a day, and one is included in your rent, so we take dinner in the dining room, but we cooked our breakfast and lunch. The food is institutional food, and it is a very good, very varied menu; there are four major dining halls with three or four other eating facilities on the campus, and we are roughly 2000 residents here. There are 24 buildings on campus, and you have to be 62 years old to get in here. They have bridge clubs, quilting clubs, exercises, and they have one fitness center with all kinds of exercise machines, they have a post office, convenient stores, a pharmacy, and a medical center. They have a number of doctors on campus who served almost any kind of ailment you can think of. Plus, it is not expensive.

September 12, 2014

By Caring94132750

I visited this facility

I was not impressed with Greenspring at all. The staff was rude. When I went there, I had an appointment, but they lost my appointment. I had a gentleman look at me and say, "Normally I'm not here on Saturday, but I'll make an exception, but we will have to do this quickly." That right there is a red flag for me because you're supposed to be telling me how great you are, but you're just showing me that you don't care about anything. I wasn't impressed with a place that expects you to pay out a big deposit and then your monthly fee, and then this man is acting like this? I saw people sitting in wheelchairs, and they weren't being taken care of. I got to see one of the rooms that were up for rent, which is an efficiency, it was okay, but I just wasn't pleased with the staff. I was kind of disappointed. For as much money as you're putting into this place, I wasn't impressed at all. I didn't see any activities. When you come in, it is almost set up like a hospital. I went down to one room, and people were just in there sitting, nobody was really doing anything, nobody was interacting. It just reminded me of a very glorified nursing home. I was looking at the assisted, which also had skilled there. I wasn't allowed to see the skilled area because they didn't have my appointment. To me, that's like telling me, if I can't go into a room except when you know I'm coming, there is something up. I was rushed in and out like a yo-yo.
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Independent Living Reviews for Greenspring

May 10, 2018

By IMO Review

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

There's a lot to like and a lot to dislike about Greenspring Village in Springfield, VA. While the property is expensive and requires a substantial down payment with monthly fees, it does have a great deal to offer it's "Independent Living" residents. There are endless organized activities, clubs, special events, trips, special services, dining options, fitness, re-hab and healthcare facilities available. The "Assisted Living" section of the campus is an entirely different world and leaves MUCH to be desired in every respect. The real down side to the Springfield location and Erickson in general is with the Administration and employees of the HQ offices. Once they have your money...their lack of professionalism, efficiency, record keeping and support is appalling and devoid of real customer service. You can count on them; to lose documents, not accept responsibility, not communicate effectively (or at all), be unprofessional and downright rude. This is based on my direct experiences over a 14 year period and primarily with the Administration, Admissions and Accounting Departments; the one's you would think would be the MOST professional and efficient. If you have a problem in one of these area's...good luck getting someone to accept responsibility, follow-though or even call you back. - Caveat emptor!

September 11, 2017

By Steve L.

I visited this facility

My parents live at Greenspring and they couldn't be in a better place. Yes, it is expensive, but as they say, you get what you pay for. My mother recently had knee replacement surgery and was able to do her rehab in the Greenspring campus in their own rehab center. Both mom and dad have severe mobility issues, and Greenspring home support has provided aides to help them get dressed, prepare meals, and pick up around the apartment. My sisters and I sleep better at night knowing mom and dad have round the clock care a phone call away.

August 21, 2017

By Kath

I visited this facility

My visit at Greenspring went fine. They all seemed friendly and nice. My friend's 2-bedroom is spacious and nice. They had all kinds of activities, like Bingo and water exercise. The place was clean.

September 13, 2016

By Rose240022

I visited this facility

The tour I had at Greenspring was very comprehensive and very pleasant. I enjoyed seeing the different apartments and the different facilities. I liked that the buildings were all connected by climate-controlled hallways.

May 27, 2016

By My pets


DISCLOSURE OF WAITING PERIOD TO GET YOUR OWN MONEY RETURNED TO YOU. I put $1000 down to hold me a spot should I decide that I wanted to move to Greenspring Village. (This was over 2 years ago) I have now decided that I will stay in my own home and hire Caregivers when the time arrives that I need them. Last week, I called to say that I wanted my deposit returned because I won't be moving in. I sent a registered letter stating my desire to cancel the deposit. Guess how long it will take me to get the deposit---45 to 60 days. What could be the hold-up. I gave my money with good faith and it was available immediately but to get my own money back it is a 45-60 days waiting period. I think this should be disclosed when you give them the money or before so you can make a better decision on how to spend the $1000.

December 10, 2015

By Anonymous120628450

I visited this facility

You have to buy-in a unit at Greenspring. Upon my death or if I move out, they keep 10% of the cost of the unit. That’s their new policy now, so that’s stopping me from moving in. The atmosphere is nice. If you go to the dining room to eat, you have to do a lot of walking. The apartments are nice. I like everything about Greenspring except the long walk to the dining area from the apartment that I’m looking at buying and the fact that they get 10% of my hard-earned money.

June 04, 2015

By caring107314850

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My parents have been living in Greenspring. The staff is friendly. They have a two-bedroom apartment, which is just perfect for what they need. They have a lot of activities available to them, but if you want to take a class, you have to pay for it. One meal a day is included with their dues. The people who live there seem to be very happy. But it's too costly. If you have to go to assisted living, that triples your price. They pay $3000 a month, and they get one meal even if they already haves owned and paid for their place. No appreciation when you no longer need the apartment, but they give you back your original investment minus the apartment cost.  They have a weight room/exercise facility available to the residents. The dining facility is fine, and the food is excellent.

March 07, 2015

By Iris5

I visited this facility

Greenspring is a very nice facility, and it is large. They have a lot of options for the residents. People were nice. My father liked it, and he is working on his final decisions right now. The rooms were very nice, and they have a wide variety of different floor plans available. They were very well lit, has a lot of closet space, and has a nice kitchen. In terms of activities, they did have a lot of activities such as arts and crafts and wood working, and they have some classes that you can pick from. They also have a swimming pool. Overall, the facility did appeal to him.

November 11, 2014

By Caring101556150

I visited this facility

Greenspring was too big and overwhelming for me, plus it was also too expensive. It was one of those rehabs where you had to sell your estate to buy into it. I had a number of neighbors that had done that. They sold their houses and moved there. Also, one thing about these institutions that doesn't seemed to ever come up in the literature or description was that they were all focused on activities. They were focused on social events and activities, and I was just the opposite. I was a raging introvert, and I was looking at the opposite. I was looking for peace and solitude. They had just an institutional dining room, but it was a nice restaurant. The food was pretty good, I guess. It was a top, but it was a very expensive place.

September 23, 2014

By mary0218

I visited this facility

Greenspring at Erickson Living looked nice. There were a lot of activities and a lot of people to do activities with such as card playing, swimming in their indoor pool, and a lot of other things. I am planning to move into their independent living section. Depending on the size of the apartment you want, there are 19 different styles of apartments and depending on the one that you pick, there is so much space. The staff was kind of attentive, but the food, I hear, is very good and we did have lunch there. I would like to see more restaurants rather than having to walk through the park to get to one.

August 29, 2014

By Monique4

I visited this facility

Greenspring is a very big place and it's very expensive. The few apartments that we visited were very nice and you can cook your own meals if you want to. They had a lot of people coming in to visit that day, and we took a tour at the premises. We had a meal in the dining room which was very good. It's a huge place they have a golf course, swimming pools, different buildings that cater to different levels of care for the residents. The place is very clean. They had a lot of activities to offer. They take people to shopping or to visit museums. It was very well organized.

August 01, 2013

By Caring Daughter9

I visited this facility

I'm very impressed with Greenspring. I visited this place for my parents, and right now, they are just on the waiting list. They showed us around and showed a number of different units. We also talked about the financial arrangement. Because my folks want to have extended care that lasts until they die, they decided to do buy-in to Greenspring. My parents also wanted two bedrooms and one-and-a-half bathroom and they happened to offer that particular model. We are actually waiting for that one to come up. Their staff was very nice and very professional. They have activities as well. I know my parents like their swimming pool and their training room. We talked about other activities but I just don't remember them in particular.

February 29, 2012

By Greenleeaj

I visited this facility

My experience was my first at a retirement community and they were much different than I thought. the Campus itself was very large yet the building set up was very tasteful and upscale. The fees for residency were around $20,000 a year which seemed very expensive to me but the quality of life was very good and the amenities offered were excellent and the community seemed self-sufficient and to some degree very self-sufficient. There were convenience stores as well as a pool, gym and a fully functioning dining service which notably was extremely luxurious. The food was excellent and although it was somewhat reminiscent of a cafeteria the actual dining hall was very large and very well designed with picturesque views and ambient lighting that created a large restaurant vibe. Overall despite the price I think the community would be an excellent choice for those tired of dealing with rent, mortgages and property upkeep.
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Continuing Care Retirement Community Reviews for Greenspring

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About Greenspring

Northern Virginia senior living, conveniently located in Springfield

Greenspring is an exciting alternative to other Northern Virginia senior living retirement communities. Here, your 62-plus retirement lifestyle is about discovering new experiences and possibilities?not settling for the status quo.

The Northern Virginia senior living community of Greenspring is situated on a scenic 108-acre campus in Springfield, Virginia. Enjoy the best of both worlds in a beautiful, natural setting that's close to great dining, shopping and entertainment. Look at all the Northern Virginia senior living opportunities you can enjoy:

  • Shop ?til you drop at the nearby Springfield Mall, including 250 shops like Target, Macy?s, JCPenney and a 10-screen movie theater.
  • Grocery chains like Trader Joe?s, Whole Foods, Safeway and Giant are all within 4 miles of our Northern Virginia senior living community.
  • A 9-mile drive takes you into the heart of Old Town Alexandria for an afternoon of boutiques, caf�s and world-class restaurants.
  • The Metro at the Franconia-Springfield station is less than one mile from our Northern Virginia senior living community. Get to your favorite destinations around town without the drive!
  • For an outdoor adventure, explore the hiking and biking trails at Great Falls National Park, less than 20 miles away.
Beautiful campus-style living

At the Northern Virginia senior living community of Greenspring, you'll enjoy an atmosphere of comfort and convenience, where a variety of services and resources are just a short indoor stroll from your home.

See how beautiful and affordable Northern Virginia senior living can be as you explore a wide variety of maintenance-free one and two bedroom floor plans. Then discover how you can add your unique taste and style to your new home with an array of custom upgrades not found at other Northern Virginia senior living communities.

Moving to Greenspring is easy and affordable

When it comes to Northern Virginia senior living, no other community offers so many options. We?ll work with you to find a pricing plan that fits your budget and lifestyle. Plus, our realty and moving services team can help you sell your current house faster and for a fair price.

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