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Independent Living Reviews for The Conservatory at Alden Bridge

October 30, 2018

By Nancy

I visited this facility

Conservatory At Alden Bridge was very nice, and it almost felt like we were in a resort. It wasn't a super big community, but it was a lot nicer than the other place we've visited, and a lot larger too. The staff was wonderful and very nice. They accommodated us even though we just sort of walked in off the street. They managed to show us several units, they had a beautiful swimming pool, and a theater on-site. The only drawback is the location, it's kind of off to no-no land, and if you do need assisted living there's no facility for that. But they do hire people to come in, so you don't need to move. We were invited for a meal, but we did not stay. The appearance of the place was gorgeous.

March 05, 2018

By A Resident

I am/was a resident of this facility

I was concerned about the food when we first looked at The Conservatory At Alden Bridge, but it has proven to be fine. I'm convinced we made the right choice. It's a very clean community and it's decorated with a lot of art. I was originally overwhelmed, but once we got used to it, we actually liked it. The location wasn't as good as the other community we liked, but it's still pretty good. There's a grocery store, a drug store, and a few hotspots within walking distance. The overall view of it is good now.

February 10, 2017

By Oel

I visited this facility

The Conservatory at Alden Bridge was fine. I was a guest speaker at a function there, and my wife goes there on a regular basis for lectures. We have been there three or four times. It is a beautiful and very large place, and the reason we will not go there is because it is so large. It has every amenity that anyone would want, like movies, a movie house, lecture halls, and recreation of all kinds. The staff is very good, very current, and know what they are talking about. The dining room has a very nice environment, and the food is quite average. The residents are very much involved. They have recreational opportunities to go to, like the theater or bingo. They have two or three things going on at the same time, so whatever they enjoy doing they had it.

September 30, 2016

By Merry005655

I visited this facility

The Conservatory at Alden Bridge was excellent, and it's enclosed. It's pretty much all independent. They do have nursing care that's there in case there was an emergency. Something I like about them is that they have a little buzzer that's on top of your door going out into the hallway that would take you to the breakfast or lunch or the activities, and if that door doesn't open by 10:30 in the morning -- or somebody has not seen you at breakfast -- they will come and check on you. It's not a buzzer that makes any noise, but a buzzer that will ring at the service desk in the front. I guess it lights up when a door hasn't opened. They have counseling services, and they're very good at having continuing education classes. They have arts and crafts, swimming, exercises, own movie theater, and beautiful pools. I'd highly recommend them. There's a nice-sized patio out in the front, and they're even willing to let me have a gate, so I can take my dog in and out going from the inside directly outside rather than going through the hallways of the apartment complexes. The patio on the first floor has a fence around it. They are extremely cooperative. Each apartment has its own ability so you can do your own wash, and they're large enough for 2 people. There are several different options according to square footage, and of course your price is according to the size. Another nice thing about it is that if you're dissatisfied with it for 90 days, they will refund your entire amount, which I think is a tremendous thing.

May 10, 2016


I am/was a resident of this facility

My wife and I are getting settled into our third month at The Conservatory at Alden Bridge. Overall, our experience has been positive. The staff, generally speaking, goes out of their way to accommodate the people who live here. There are about 250 residents. We have a 2-bedroom apartment that is very comfortable, very up-to-date, and well taken care of. They have on-site access to home healthcare and support from a couple of organizations, and it's close to a shopping center. A lot of activities are being planned within the community, like painting, a clothing program, exercise activities, and an exercise room. There are picnics at the park, luncheons every couple of weeks where they go out, and happy hour every day where they provide a couple of glasses of wine or cans of beer. People gather in the area known as the Safari Lounge with tables and chairs. They have people come in all of the time, like a band who comes to celebrate birthdays for the month. They have a full-time activities director who keeps things going. The food is average and institutional, of course, and I think the chef has a real challenge, especially with a lot of people who aren't very flexible about what and when they eat. This morning, we had breakfast, and they provided a whole variety of fruits and cereals, both hot and cold, and biscuits with egg and bacon. They always have coffee and juices. You serve yourself at breakfast, and then have one large meal the rest of the day. When I first came here, it was like going to a high-class hotel. We're quite pleased. Part of the fee includes a maid who comes by once a week to clean your apartment. The outside is also very well groomed and cared for.

May 10, 2016

By GeorgiaIDAXZ

I visited this facility

I am moving next week to the Conservatory. It seem like it has everything I want, like a doctor on staff who is actually in the building two days a week, a nurse, and assisted care. They have a swimming pool, exercise room, and provide two meals a day. It is 30 minutes from where I live, but it’s very expensive. They have something going on all the time, including daily bingo, poker, different card games, a movie theater showing two different movies a day, and happy hours in the evening. They have field trips, a genealogy group that I’m interested in, crafts group, a putting green and water aerobics. They have just about everything.

December 31, 2015

By happy consumer

I am a friend or relative of resident

This place offers more and by far the best money can buy. My parents live there and they have never been happier. for those of you that have complaints about the food, participate in the food forum. They go overboard in choices and in accommodating everyone.

December 01, 2015

By Anonymous116896950

I visited this facility

The Conservatory cost quite a bit. It would just not fit my dad. It felt like you were in a museum, but it was very beautiful or like a 5-star hotel. They have a lot of cultural events going on. The people there are very nice. The residents dress up, like my dad. I didn’t see any man with actual suit jackets on. Their activities were things like bridge. They have people come in and speak and field trips to museums. The rooms are bigger. They have granite countertops in the kitchen. We stayed for lunch. It was like a fine-dining experience. They use real plates, lead crystal goblets. I’m not for sure if the flatware wasn’t actually silver, but it was very nice.

October 28, 2015

By Stephen23

I visited this facility

At The Conservatory at Alden Bridge, they had a very professional staff. It was a very attractive and pleasant facility in an excellent neighborhood. It was a nice place. In fact, if it would have been my choice, that's where my father would have gone. They have activities outside. They have their bus and they take them to the mall, to the grocery, or wherever they want to go. Then of course, they have a daily calendar of things that they do, e.g., bingo or cards. They have a movie cinema on site, where they have a weekly movie. Well, there's studio up to two-bedroom with a pleasant living space and kitchen. Their dining area was a restaurant-style dining area. They have a menu with set items and specials that they can order, and it is brought to their table. The staff was friendly, and the residents that I met were friendly. There were plenty of people engaged in conversation in little areas where they had some table set up.

September 14, 2015

By honeytx

I am a friend or relative of resident

We just put our father in The Conservatory and he absolutely loves it. It's clean, the amenities are first class, the food is amazing. The staff is so helpful and friendly. I don't think he will ever leave!

January 06, 2015

By Caring100112550

I am a friend or relative of a resident

I chose The Conservatory at Alden Bridge because I think it is the nicest facility with the best food. All of the people were very nice. The residents all seemed very happy. The building itself is only six years old, so it is probably the newest facility that we have visited. I thought the apartments were very comfortable. It has space for a washer and dryer which a lot of the others did not have. It is a full apartment with a small kitchen. All in all, their prices were comparable to everybody else, but they just offered more.

September 29, 2014

By Judy93942250

I visited this facility

The staff of The Conservatory at Alden Bridge was very nice and very accommodating. They called me twice to go on bus trips with them even though I don't live there. They play cards, Bingo, and they do aerobics. They have a beauty parlor, a swimming pool, and a library. It was very clean, very nice, and very homelike.

September 02, 2014

By CinnamonRed1

I am a friend or relative of resident

My loved one is there several months and loves the place. The units and surrounding settings are beautiful and well appointed. The amenities/activities are good. The staff is exceptional and very friendly. The "lock-in" 3-yr rate is also very nice. There are only a few things that we see that could use improving. Number one item is the food. The food has been hit or miss - and more of the latter. It is either so overcooked that no one can eat it; or it tastes bland and awful. I have heard quite a few residents complaining about it. The Sunday Buffet really needs an overhaul. Gourmet cooking it is not. Also, with the choices for meals always including breakfast - there needs to be more breakfast choices offered besides a continental breakfast. Not everyone enjoys sweet pastries or cereal. Second; Additional guest parking would be helpful as spaces are limited. Third and last; I do not understand why there isn't a shade cover over the pool. The last thing elderly people want is the hot Texas sun beating on their heads! It's not too large that it can't be covered partially. For the money the residents pay, we feel these items need addressing.

June 26, 2014

By Caring86717350

I visited this facility

I went to The Conservatory, which is close to my daughter's home. My daughter and I went over there on a Sunday. I felt like I was in an art museum. I would love to have A 2-bedroom and 2-bath because I have grandchildren and they could come and stay with me. But they were twice as expensive, and the rooms were suffocatingly small for me. I would rather have a larger room than a fancier room. But it's fabulous. It looks like something out of a movie. It's a lovely place. They have a crafts room, a pool table room, movies every afternoon, and an exercise and physical therapy room. Also, if you want to go somewhere, you need not drive. They don't have a bus, but you'll have a limousine. The staff is just lovely. They're sweet, kind, nice, and gentle women. They were very helpful. It was beautiful. I don't know if that was the best thing. Everything is so fancy for the public activities there, but the rooms are quite small, unless you have lots of money.

March 29, 2014

By Grace18

I visited this facility

One of the places we really liked was the Conservatory. It is close to my children, and it offers a lot of things that we would be looking for there. The staff is wonderful. We’ve had lunch and dinner there, and we liked the food. It just fits us.

March 27, 2014

By Jane81939350

I visited this facility

The Conservatory was a very nice place. The community was beautiful. The services were good. The staff was very helpful and friendly. The rooms were a nice size and beautiful. The amenities were great. They had activities, and we went for a happy hour and tour.

December 24, 2013

By Susan75448850

I visited this facility

The Conservatory is different because it is all for independent living. It looked like a cruise ship on land. It was very delux and very fancy; however, it wasn't going to meet the needs that I needed for my mother. Their rooms were a little bit smaller but the finishing touches were top of the line. It was very beautiful and it was like five-star hotel. They were incredible.

October 25, 2013

By Gwen4

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Mom has been with The Conservatory at Alden Bridge for three weeks now. It's a beautiful facility. The staff are wonderful and the food is good.

September 23, 2013

By Grace14

I visited this facility

I liked The Conservatory. The residents seemed to be more congenial and active. The food was excellent with a wide variety and the service was perfect.

August 27, 2013

By Mildred4

I visited this facility

I visited The Conservatory at Alden Bridge. I am currently on their waiting list. It is a very nice facility. It is perfectly beautiful there. I really like it. It is strictly independent. You can get two meals a day. The only thing about it with me, with my income being some Social Security and retirement, it would take everything I make to be able to live there.

July 31, 2013

By William13

I visited this facility

I chose The Conservatory at Alden Bridge. The facility is outstanding and it's fairly new only about five years old. I've met so many of the residents and everyone is just an ambassador for the place. I ate there two to three times and it's fantastic. I'm moving in this month. They have fitness and aquatic activities. They have a person who assesses the best program for the residents. They also take the residents to the doctor's appointments and take you shopping if we need to go. They have trips that they go on. They have a theater and they got movies every night. They have a happy hour every 4 o'clock. They have bingos and card games. They almost got all kinds of activities. I like the fact that it's a beautiful resort-like facility. I sure will recommend this place.

July 12, 2013

By Charlene8

I visited this facility

My aunt is staying at The Conservatory until this weekend. It is a beautiful place. The apartment that they have is too big for her. The staff is so nice. We were there Sunday and requested a private dining room and they were just accommodating. The food also was wonderful. They have different activities like bingos, happy hours, and movies. They also have a vehicle that would take them shopping. This facility is so nice but it is just too huge for my aunt. Her dementia is starting to get worse so she started staying in her room more often than not. This is an independent living facility, so we need a facility where staff would constantly check on her and make sure that she comes out and mingles with others.
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Questions about The Conservatory at Alden Bridge

Describe the overall population of independent living residents at The Conservatory at Alden Bridge. What is their average age? What are their favorite things to do?

Our population, in a word, is diverse. Our average age is in the 80's. We have a vibrant Resident Council and Sub Committees who advise management as to what amenities and services they would like to have in their home. In addition to multiple planned activities daily, our residents get together for cards, dominoes, 43, Mahjong, and countless other social opportunities. Happy Hour is daily except for Sunday. We have church service weekly, exercise daily and movies daily. We sponsor several continuing education and cultural presentations monthly. Most of all we like to have fun and party!

What places are nearby for independent living residents to enjoy?

Local Shopping, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Woodlands Art and Cultural Venues, Fabulous Restaurants, Do See Do Live Music Venue, Senior Centers, Dance Venues, Golf, Hiking Trails, Enriching Spiritual Opportunities, Excellent Physicians and Hospitals.

What are some recent off-site events that the community activity director at The Conservatory at Alden Bridge has organized?

We have been to Naskila Casino, The Railroad Museum, Moody Gardens, the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, The Crighton Museum, The Senior Dance and the Fort Bend Museum....All in a two month period.

What transportation services does The Conservatory at Alden Bridge offer to independent living residents?

We offer daily transportation, transportation to a myriad of outings and church services on Sunday.

What makes the chef or dining program at The Conservatory at Alden Bridge exceptional? What kind of menu can independent living residents expect?

Chef Michael Lubrano is a marvelous blend of classical and New Age cuisines. He has been in the restaurant business for over four decades and has an encyclopedic knowledge of cuisines and recipes. Passionate about food and loves to see the smiles on our residents' faces as they dine.

What common areas are available for independent living residents?

Our Grande Club House has a Crafts' Room, multi-purpose Great Room, Billiard and Casino Room, Computer Lab, Hair and Nail Salon, Card Room, Safari Lounge, Theatre and multiple Libraries. For entertaining, we have a luxurious living room and rotunda.

What safety features or security measures does The Conservatory at Alden Bridge offer to independent living residents?

All residents receive an emergency response pendant that, if activated, will trigger our in house 24-hour emergency response staff. All of our exterior doors ate mag-locked and have fob access. All apartment doors have a sensor, alerting the concierge team if a resident hasn't been active by 10:00 AM.

If The Conservatory at Alden Bridge accepts dogs or cats, what indoor/outdoor areas can they enjoy?

We are very pet-friendly, with multiple outside areas for dogs. We also have trails through the local wooded area easily available to our residents and their special friends.

Does The Conservatory at Alden Bridge work with an agency or registry to provide nursing and medical assistance as needed?

We have in house Personal Assistance and Therapy partners. In addition, we have visiting physicians.

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Services and Amenities of The Conservatory at Alden Bridge

Room and housing options

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • 2-bedroom apartments
  • Companion Suites: We Do Offer Companion Suites


  • Minimum Age: 55
  • Pets: Small Pets Allowed.


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    About The Conservatory at Alden Bridge

    Discover the Lifestyle You Have Been Looking For!

    Welcome to the home of inspired senior living in The Woodlands, Texas, in the suburbs just north of Houston. America's fourth-largest city is a cosmopolitan destination, filled with world-class dining, arts, hotels, shopping and entertainment. Enjoyed for its quaint atmosphere and appreciated for its beauty, The Woodlands is an amazing city to enjoy your retirement years. Whether you are moving closer to family or just love the splendor of this elegant area, Conservatory offers the best value in affordable, care-free, all-inclusive independent senior living. Everything we do is focused on providing you the very best in senior living. Whether it is savoring our chef-prepared gourmet meals, enjoying fun social events with neighbors, or taking part in wellness activities, it's all right here! So whatever your version of retirement looks like, it is waiting for you at Conservatory.

    Live Life Inspired at our Grande Clubhouse

    If you are looking for the very best in senior living in The Woodlands, TX, you've found the right place. Inspired senior living means you are free to pursue the social activities, hobbies and interests of your choice while our professional team members provide superior personalized care and services. It all starts at the Grande Clubhouse at Conservatory At Alden Bridge. Dine restaurant-style complete with a wide selection of menu options in our elegant dining room. Relax by the pool with friends or immerse yourself in a variety of activities and events happening at the community daily.

    At The Grande Clubhouse You'll Find:

    • Elegant Main Dining Room
    • Private Dining Room
    • Elegant Terraces and Outdoor Entertaining Spaces
    • Heated Swimming Pool and Spa
    • Lush Landscaping
    • Starlite Movie Theater
    • Senior-Equipped Fitness Center
    • Library and Media Center
    • Card and Game Rooms
    • Arts and Crafts Studio
    • Beauty Salon and Barber Shop
    • Lounge
    • Inviting Living Rooms and Common Areas Throughout
    • Mail Room
    • Concierge
    • Full-Time Activities Director


    Enjoy a sensational dining experience every day at Conservatory. Choose from a wide selection of menu options from starters to desserts all served-up restaurant-style in our elegant dining room. Our talented culinary team will delight your taste buds while our professional food service team ensures you are well taken care of the moment you are seated.

    Experience Inspired Dining!

    • Restaurant-Style 5-Star Dining
    • Delicious Chef-Prepared Gourmet Meals
    • Large Selection of Menu Choices Daily

    What Makes Us Special

    At the Conservatory at Alden Bridge, our residents are extremely active and lead a vibrant lifestyle. Our food is exceptional and all of our fabulous amenities are under one roof!

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    The Conservatory at Alden Bridge

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