Newton, Iowa is a small city of about 15,000 residents that lies among the state’s vast rural farmlands, not far from Des Moines. Because 21% of the city’s residents are aged 65 and older, many senior-friendly resources are available in the Newton area. Medical facilities in Newton include Mercy One Hospital and Newton Clinic. Nursing home care is less expensive in Newton than in the average U.S. city, according to the Genworth 2020 Cost of Care Survey. While the average monthly cost across the United States is $7,756, seniors in Newton pay an average of $7,148 for a semiprivate room in a nursing care facility. 

Nursing home care includes round-the-clock monitoring along with medical care for seniors who are unable to continue caring for themselves and living in their own homes. Nursing homes are typically far more expensive when compared with other types of residential senior care. Those who don’t need this high level of care and security may wish to consider assisted living or home health care, depending on their specific needs.

This guide includes details about the costs of different types of senior care in Newton and throughout the nearby cities. Additionally, we’ve included several resources that can provide help for seniors in the city.

Directory of Nursing Homes in Newton, IA

Wesley Park Centre

500 First Street North, Newton, IA, 50208

Careage of Newton

2130 WEST 18TH STREET SOUTH, Newton, IA, 50208

I believe making as many visits to see your friends or loved ones makes a big difference in there care they recieve, and if you can know there condition & what medication the facilty is giving the … (read more)
I believe making as many visits to see your friends or loved ones makes a big difference in there care they recieve, and if you can know there condition & what medication the facilty is giving the … (read more)

Newton Health Care Center


this place is a mixed bag. You have some staff who really care but too many that are indifferent to the clients needs.
this place is a mixed bag. You have some staff who really care but too many that are indifferent to the clients needs.

Heritage Manor Care Center

1743 SOUTH EIGHTH AVENUE EAST, Newton, IA, 50208

Nelson Manor

1500 FIRST AVENUE EAST, Newton, IA, 50208

Newton Village Health Care Center

114 N 5 Th Avenue W, Newton, IA, 50208

Nursing Home Costs in Newton, IA

Semiprivate nursing home rooms in Newton cost an average of $7,148 per month. Private rooms cost an average of $7,604 per month.

The Cost of Nursing Home Care in Nearby Cities

Based on the cost of semiprivate rooms, Newton’s average nursing home cost is among the highest in the state. At $7,148 per month, it’s above the state average of $6,570 per month but remains below the national median cost, which is $7,756 per month.

When compared with other cities in Iowa, Newton’s cost is closest to Waterloo, which is $7,118 monthly. In Ames, costs are similar at an average of $7,080 per month. Further outside of the Des Moines area, seniors in Davenport and Sioux City pay $6,235 and $6,509 per month, respectively. 






The United States






Sioux City



The Cost of Other Types of Senior Care

Reviewing the costs of other types of senior care in Newton can help you determine the right choice for both budget and health care needs. While adult day care is the least expensive at just $1,603 per month, it doesn’t include around-the-clock supervision. Assisted living and home care or home health care are good options for seniors who don’t require full-time medical assistance and come at an average monthly cost of $4,300, $4,481 and $4,576, respectively. Of course, nursing home care, which is the most expensive at $7,756 per month for semiprivate rooms or $8,821 for private rooms, includes the highest level of care and supervision.


Home care


Home health care


Adult day health care


Assisted living


Nursing home (semiprivate room)


Nursing home (private room)

Note: Senior care cost data isn’t available for Newton, so data for the nearest major city, Des Moines, has been used instead.

Financial Assistance for Nursing Home Care in Newton, IA

Many seniors and their families use some form of financial assistance to help them pay for nursing care. The main options available are Medicare, Medicaid, and veterans benefits. These programs can be complicated, especially when it comes to benefit terms. Below, we give a brief overview of how these programs may be used towards paying for skilled nursing care.

  • Medicare: Medicare will typically cover all skilled nursing costs for the first 20 days of one’s stay in a nursing home and a portion of the costs until day 100. After 100 days in a skilled nursing facility, Medicare will not cover any part of the cost of the stay. While this is adequate when short-term care is needed, those in need of long-term care will need to either pay out-of-pocket or use another source of financial assistance.
  • Medicaid: Medicaid covers most of the costs of living in a skilled nursing facility for those who qualify. Care, room, and board are covered with no time limit, but residents may be charged for extras like specially prepared food or cosmetic services. Medicaid eligibility standards are strict and complex, so not all seniors are eligible for Medicaid benefits.
  • Veterans Benefits: Veterans receiving a VA pension may also be eligible for the Aid and Attendance benefit administered by the VA. Aid and Attendance is a monthly allowance that beneficiaries may use to pay for their long-term care, including skilled nursing care.

If these options aren’t available to you, check if your loved one has long-term care insurance or contact your Area Agency on Aging to ask about any local financial assistance programs for seniors.

Free Resources for Seniors in Newton, IA

There are free or low-cost resources in Newton to help seniors age in place for as long as possible before moving into nursing home care. Below are some common resources that benefit seniors in the city. 

ResourceContact Service
Aging Resources of Central Iowa(515) 255-1310
Aging Resources of Central Iowa serves as the Area Agency on Aging for Newton and Jasper County. It acts as an advocate on behalf of seniors in the area and connects those it serves with useful resources including caregiver resources, nutrition programs, case management and legal services. Aging Resources of Central Iowa also manages the area’s Seniors Health insurance Information Program, which provides benefits counseling, including help with applying for and understanding Medicaid and Medicare benefits. 
Iowa Department on Aging(800) 532-3213
The Iowa Department on Aging connects seniors with resources throughout the state and within their own counties. It hosts the state’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman program, which protects the dignity and safety of seniors who reside in long-term care facilities. Additionally, it oversees the operations of the numerous Area Agencies on Aging throughout the state.
Jasper County Elderly Nutrition Program(641) 792-7102
The Elderly Nutrition Program serves seniors aged 60 and older and their spouses by providing congregate meals, as well as meal delivery services Monday through Friday.