The Municipality of Anchorage is the largest city in the state of Alaska with a population of about 288,000 and around 11.7% of residents are aged 65 and older. It’s known for its scenic views and cold winters. Seniors in the city have access to high-quality medical care at the Alaska Regional Hospital and the specialized Alaska Native Medical Center.

Nursing homes offer the highest level of care for seniors with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Skilled nursing is provided 24/7 by teams of registered nurses and consequently, this type of care is generally the most expensive option. According to data from the Genworth Cost of Care Survey 2020, the average monthly cost of nursing home care in Anchorage is $31,644 for a semiprivate room. This is much higher than the national average of $7,756 and seniors living in Anchorage may want to look at alternative care options such as assisted living and home care services

This guide discusses the average monthly costs of nursing home care in Anchorage and nearby cities as well as the average costs of alternative care options. Additionally, it looks at resources and financial assistance options in the city. 

Directory of Nursing Homes in Anchorage, AK

Providence Extended Care Center

920 Compassion Circle, Anchorage, AK, 99504

Providence Extended Care

920 Compassion Circle, Anchorage, AK, 99504

Nursing Home Costs in Anchorage Municipality, AK

The average monthly cost of nursing home care in Anchorage is $31,664 for either a semiprivate room or a private room.

The Cost of Nursing Home Care in Nearby Cities

Those seniors who have decided to make the move to a nursing home care facility in Anchorage may be interested to know how the cost of care compares to nearby cities. Using the average monthly cost of a semiprivate room as a comparative point, the cost of care is much higher in Anchorage than the national average of $7,756. However, it’s less than the Alaska state average of $37,413. 

The closest cities are in the state of Washington and the cost of care is less in Mount Vernon ($10,357), Bellingham ($8,517) and Bremerton ($10,646).






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Mount Vernon





The Cost of Other Types of Senior Care

Seniors who are looking at the types of care offered in Anchorage may be interested in the average monthly costs of the options available. The lowest cost option is adult day care at an average cost of $1,915 per month. Assisted living has a monthly average cost of $6,045. Home care and home health care have an average monthly charge of $5,434 and $5,533 respectively. At the upper end of the cost scale, nursing home care has an average monthly charge of $31,644 for a semiprivate or private room.


Adult day care


Assisted living


Home care


Home health care


Nursing home semiprivate room


Nursing home private room

Financial Assistance for Nursing Home Care in Anchorage Municipality, AK

Many seniors and their families use some form of financial assistance to help them pay for nursing care. The main options available are Medicare, Medicaid, and veterans benefits. These programs can be complicated, especially when it comes to benefit terms. Below, we give a brief overview of how these programs may be used towards paying for skilled nursing care.

  • Medicare: Medicare will typically cover all skilled nursing costs for the first 20 days of one’s stay in a nursing home and a portion of the costs until day 100. After 100 days in a skilled nursing facility, Medicare will not cover any part of the cost of the stay. While this is adequate when short-term care is needed, those in need of long-term care will need to either pay out-of-pocket or use another source of financial assistance.
  • Medicaid: Medicaid covers most of the costs of living in a skilled nursing facility for those who qualify. Care, room, and board are covered with no time limit, but residents may be charged for extras like specially prepared food or cosmetic services. Medicaid eligibility standards are strict and complex, so not all seniors are eligible for Medicaid benefits.
  • Veterans Benefits: Veterans receiving a VA pension may also be eligible for the Aid and Attendance benefit administered by the VA. Aid and Attendance is a monthly allowance that beneficiaries may use to pay for their long-term care, including skilled nursing care.

If these options aren’t available to you, check if your loved one has long-term care insurance or contact your Area Agency on Aging to ask about any local financial assistance programs for seniors.

Free Resources for Seniors in Anchorage Municipality, AK

The following resources could be useful to seniors who are living in Anchorage and want to safely age in their own homes. These organizations provide services to assist seniors wanting to remain independent and delay the move to nursing home care facilities. One resource provides information on state financial assistance options for seniors who are ready to make the move to nursing home care.

Alaska SHIP(907) 269-3680The Alaska SHIP program is funded by the federal government and the state of Alaska. Volunteer counselors provide free and unbiased information to seniors and their caregivers regarding the state health insurance options. The counselors can assist seniors in applying for the best health insurance plan for them and ensure that they are getting any benefits they are eligible for. In addition, they can explain the state financial assistance options for seniors looking to move to a nursing home care facility.
Salvation Army Older Alaskans Meal Program (907) 349-0613The Salvation Army in Anchorage provides a free meal program for low-income seniors aged 60 and older in the city. There are congregate meal sites located throughout the city for those who have access to transport. The meals are served at noon each day from Monday to Friday and provide food and an opportunity for seniors to socialize. The home-delivered program provides meals to homebound seniors in the city. Volunteers deliver a hot meal each day from Monday to Friday and frozen meals are provided for weekends and holidays.
Mat-Su Senior Services(907) 745-5454Mat-Su is a non-profit organization that provides a range of services to help seniors to live independently in their own homes. To be eligible for the services, seniors need to be aged 60 or older and meet certain income requirements. Some of the services offered by volunteers include transport, adult day services, meals, chore assistance, respite services and family caregiver support. The majority of the services are offered for free but donations are always appreciated. The services that carry a fee are eligible for financial assistance if required.