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Independent Living Reviews for American House Wildwood

November 21, 2016

By Juanita572066

I visited this facility

Providence Independence was really gorgeous. It was well appointed as far as activities. The restaurant that they had there or the place where the people ate at on a daily basis was excellent. It was a very nice comfortable feeling community.

November 07, 2016

By Maria H.078272

I visited this facility

Providence Independence at Wildwood is a couple of stories high, and I like that. I like its décor, and the representative was very nice. He took us around and took our advice on different suggestions we gave. We had dinner at their dining area. The food was good. The people were very helpful and answered our questions, so that was good.

September 30, 2016

By visitor633024

I visited this facility

Providence Independence is a beautiful place, and they had beautiful activities. They had upscale dining, it?s gorgeous, and they were serving 3 meals and some snacks. They have trips, crafts, exercise, and a pool. The staff was informative, and the residents we met also seemed to be informative.

August 22, 2016

By Virginia L.881142

I visited this facility

We liked Providence Independence. It was very nice and reasonable. We realized that the rooms were so small. Providence Independence was one of the more reasonable ones that we could afford. They had full kitchens. It was a nice place. Everybody seemed friendly. The people that we met were very friendly. The staff was very friendly. It was just a nice place. Out of all the other places we looked, they had the larger apartments, and for the money, it was really one of the places we would consider. They had exercise rooms, a swimming pool, tiki bar, a game room, a card room, and a movie room. They had just about everything.

May 10, 2016

By Janet123749850

I visited this facility

The staff was very friendly and very helpful. It has a multitude of room sizes: two-bedrooms, maybe three sizes of one-bedroom, and a studio. They have a pool and a hot tub. The people that I talked to were totally happy, and I did talk to a lot of people. I know they had a craft room, an activities room, and all kinds of things there. They take a lot of day trips, and I was there today again to luau that they happen to have. I went back to see this one-bedroom studio apartment or whatever it’s called. Everything was excellent. They had wide hallways and were very clean. The rooms, I thought, were all arranged quite nicely. It appears to be a wonderful place and a lot of caring people there. It’s clean, and there’s a lot of activities.

January 12, 2016

By DDawson

I visited this facility

The reason I cannot give the community five stars is only because of the pricing. No covered parking and limited amenities for the location with a large price tag, a price tag that would be ok if the building sat on Village property. The sales staff is phenomenal and goes out of the way to the visit a memorable experience. The women who works at the front desk greeted us with a smile, offered coffee and even chatted a while as we waited. You can tell that the staff in the community genuinely cares about the residents and the condition of the building. We loved the space and full kitchen plus private laundry; however feel that some consideration should be given when it comes to meal plans, transportation and activities. The activities calendar seemed a bit dull and more focused on additional outings the utilizing any of the spaces inside the community. The price tag for most would dictate more inside and less outside activity as expendable income would be limited. The grounds are landscaped nicely with a heated pool; the restaurant food (We were treated to lunch) was well prepared and presented however the service and wait time left some to be desired. It appeared in the restaurant that some training may be in order as well as some additional staffing. Overall we loved the community and know that mom would be happy if we could afford the move, however after visiting deciding on something a little smaller scale with a smaller price tag.

January 05, 2016

By BBrowd1942

I visited this facility

I visited the community and fell in love with the apartment sizes and landscaping. They have really put allot of attention into detail. The young man that showed us around the community was wonderful, he made me and my husband feel right at home and eased the fear that we had going into this process. I loved how large the kitchen was and how much living space the apartments had to offer, our salesman treated us to a delicious lunch and dessert. This was the first community that we visited and set the standard high for the remainder of the visits that we had. If we had been able to make the move before the price changes it would have been our choice however the pricing for the new year puts it out of our reach.

December 28, 2015

By Jean106461050

I visited this facility

I visited the Providence Independence and liked the living arrangement. They had a patio where you could keep your pet and a nice balcony. The food there was fine. They also had some activities. I liked the Providence best because the rooms were beautiful.

August 13, 2015

By Caring111264950

I visited this facility

Providence had everything that I wanted. If something happens to you, they do not have assisted living there, so you would have to go elsewhere. Everything was very good, it was very well done, the staff was very good, and the food was excellent because they treated us to lunch. It was all first-class.

July 22, 2015

By boohooomee

I am a friend or relative of resident

I have a Family member that lives here, it's nice and new, but recently have increased the rent, and will be moving out, they are unable to fill the location because of the high cost. It's only been open less than two years and the management has been changed/sold/fired. There are more facilities in the area that offer competitive rates. It's a shame that they put the cost burden on the current residents because they can't fill rooms. On the plus side they have great facilities, Movies, Pool, Swimming Pool, good food, having a Bar is a questionable choice with elderly who are prone to fall, or may be depressed(especially after paying $8 for a cocktail)

July 20, 2015

By Anonymous97998350

I visited this facility

I liked everything about Providence Independence. The rooms had a little kitchenette. They also had a washer and dryer, which was wonderful. I was very impressed.

July 20, 2015

By Caring109776050

I visited this facility

Providence was one of the communities recommended to us. It’s about the nicest place I’ve been in, and it really has a lot of factors to them. The staff was quite helpful and very nice. I have no problem with them, they answered all my questions, and there was no subterfuge about anything. The apartments were beautiful; we were looking for something small so we didn’t look at the larger ones, but they were quite spacious. I liked the balconies with the screens, and if I had to go, that would be the one I’d choose. The food was good, the dining area was beautiful, and it was more like a restaurant than an institution. They have a beautiful, landscaped garden area and a heated pool, and everything was set up very nice.

June 11, 2015

By Caring108120650

I visited this facility

Providence was very helpful in answering questions. They gave us a tour and a meal. They were very helpful in just letting us see what they are all about. The rooms are beautiful, and they are the best I have seen. We also visited two other places, but the rooms are the best at Providence. They have an exercise pool and exercise therapy. They have some kind of a butterfly garden. The food and dining room setup was very good. But I would say the price is a little high though. It was a little more expensive than some of the others. However, you do get for your money there because the quality is a little bit higher.

June 11, 2015

By Margaret108089950

I visited this facility

Providence Independence is only a couple of miles from where we live. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give them about a 10. They are spectacular. If ever we come to the point when we feel we need to make a move to independent living, that is the place we would go. We already know that. It is a brand new facility and it is still not completely filled. They are spectacularly beautiful, and the apartments are lovely. They have a list of activities there that will keep you busy from morning to night every day if you chose to do that. Their dining room is setup so that it is open from seven in the morning until seven at night. You get three meals a day at your choic, so you don't go at a specific time that suits the chef. You go whenever you want to. We could not have been greeted more graciously. We have friends that already lived there. They love it and have not one single criticism of the place. To me, it is the best I have seen. They have small tables clustered around a moderately large dining room. It has a stage on one side and a small dance floor. They have entertainment regularly there like music on Friday evenings. They play music that they can dance to. They serve off a menu, and the food is absolutely excellent. They have a water aerobics class. They have their own barber shop and beauty shop. Although it is independent living, they have doctors and nurses on call. They have mahjong and billiards. It is a schedule that is filled, and you could be busy all the time. They even have a cocktail hour every afternoon in their lovely lounge. It is a very well thought-out facility, and it was beautifully planned.

April 20, 2015

By Caring104769850

I am/was a resident of this facility

We’ve been in Providence Independence a year and a half. It’s brand new and beautiful inside. It’s a quiet and nice place. We’re in a 400 plus sq.ft. apartment. It’s a small one just for two people with one bedroom and one bathroom. The bigger ones are nice. Everything is pretty, attractive, and very clean. They have everything: cards, bingo, and singing. Everybody tries to do their job, but management drives us crazy. In the beginning, it was a very pleasant, nice place, but they have changed several rules. They’ve raised the rent and made it hard for everybody. We need good managing.

February 18, 2015

By Caring106319150

I am/was a resident of this facility

I love Providence Independence. They provide three meals of your choice a day, and they have a huge variety of food. They clean the apartment once a week. Included in my rent is TV, the telephone, and the computer. Everything is included.

November 15, 2014

By Morton1

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mother-in-law is staying in Providence Independence. We chose it because the staff seems very caring. The facilities are quite nice. It is in the price that she can afford, and we feel that she will be very happy there. They have a pool. They have exercise and various classes. They have a wonderful restaurant, and they provide two meals a day. They have parking facilities for people who have their cars and for their guests. They also have a bus that takes the people living there wherever they need to go. It is right in the middle of an area that has a lot of places to visit like restaurants, stores, and kitchenettes. They take them shopping. They have happy hour at night if you want to listen to some music and have a little drink. They have many different kinds of activities both educational and physical. They have bingo and games. They are talking about putting together some computer classes for the residents. They have wifi if the people want to have their own computer set up. If the residents need some help, the staff is available 24 hours a day.

October 19, 2014

By Dolores11

I visited this facility

Providence is absolutely beautiful, and I was very impressed with everything. We had a meal in the big dining room; we saw everything. They have a pool, and near the area there are umbrellas, they have a library and a beauty shop. I’m in favor of that one, but I have some things to consider. The rooms had 9 foot ceilings which make them seem very large, and they had a studio that normally they put nothing between living in bedroom area. It is spacious enough for me. I could use the studio. The one bedroom is larger, and the price is very reasonable, much less than any other place. It’s so beautiful that I can’t understand why they don’t charge more.

September 12, 2014

By Caring98787350

I visited this facility

We didn't care for Providence Independence. The colors were dark and dreary. It just seemed old. My wife didn't like it because it seemed gloomy. We had a meal there, and the food was good. They also offer something where you buy just one meal a day, which is appealing. They will fix that one meal any time of the day you want. However, the whole facility we just didn't have a great feeling. The facility was adequate but not cheerful. The staff was OK. We took a tour of the apartments led by the manager. The manager was OK. Their apartments and accommodations were adequate. It's kind of isolated there. The place was brand new, but it was not near anything. In terms of activities, they were just getting started, and what they offer is a bus to take you wherever you want. Overall, I would not say it's bad, but it didn't appeal to us.

June 26, 2014

By Barbara85660850

I visited this facility

The first reason why I chose Providence Independence is because it's close to my family. The facility is relatively new, not even a year old. It's got all kinds of activities going on. It's not quite full yet, and I find that interesting. The food is restaurant style, so you do not have to eat at a certain time. The food is excellent. It's not like institutional food. The people there are lovely people. I stayed over there several times just to familiarize myself with the kinds of people. It has a mixture of religions and races there. The staff, although they are lovely people, are not very competent. They don’t return telephone calls necessarily, and questions go unanswered. They're really not business people.

November 28, 2013

By Pat38

I visited this facility

I had a tour at Providence Independence and the facility is lovely. This is the facility I am hoping my father-in-law would choose. The facility is clean and very attractive. The person who showed me around was very helpful at showing me around a studio apartment and the room was lovely. It was like 504 square feet. They've got a library, a movie room, a little lounge, and a lovely pool. They just a lot of amenities and the price is very reasonable. This is the best of all the places I've seen and I didn’t feel pressured at all. They have different kinds of activities like they would take the residents to shopping. They have a recreation room and a game room where they have poker tables and cards tables. They have a pool that is in a lovely courtyard. They also have a movie room that has very comfortable seats. They have somebody monitor the residents 24 hours a day. Every resident has a call button that they wear. If they need something they push that and the person that is monitoring is right there and find out and give help immediately. They also have a doctor and a podiatrist that comes in to the facility.

November 22, 2013

By Caring74627450

I visited this facility

The manager at Providence Independence was very helpful, warm, and informative. She was glad when we came. She talked to us and even encouraged us to come back. However, the person who showed us around initially was cold. There was no warmth in the presentation. She was informative but she didn't seem to care whether we purchase or not. It was like, "Here's the information, now do what you want with it." The place itself was really nice. On the whole, we're really interested in going there for that matter. They did have activities for their residents. Their dining room was very nice. Their food was good too. It was like eating in a restaurant. Regarding accommodations, we could manage with their rooms there. They have a washer/dryer, a stove, a microwave, and a dishwasher. If you want to, you can cook there. They did have better floor plans than the other facilities I visited.

August 27, 2013

By Paul1740

I visited this facility

Providence Independence is a brand new facility. Their buildings are more upscale and they have a very nice surrounding. Their apartments are great. The staff is very good and very nice. Food is really good. There are more activities to do here.

August 10, 2013

By Dolores6

I visited this facility

Providence Independence at Wildwood have particularly the things we liked and they do not have a humongous entrance fee. The place is brand new. They have small apartments with one bedroom and one bath. The staff are very helpful. It's not a very large place with three floors. We liked it a lot. They have a pool. They have activity center for exercise and activities.
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Enjoy a fulfilling and maintenance free lifestyle. American House Wildwood offers peaceful surroundings, gorgeous grounds and provides a serene senior living environment. Whether you choose to join your neighbors for dinner, or entertain in your private apartment, American House Wildwood allows you to live the fullest life possible.

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Located less than a mile fron the Villages new town center, in charming Wildwood, FL.

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