State Driving Laws in Illinois


Specific rules for older drivers

  • Starting at 75, drivers must take a road test in order to renew.
  • Drivers aged 81 to 86 must renew every two years.
  • People 87 and older must renew annually.

Standard driver's license renewal

  • License renewed: Every four years for those under age 81. Every two years for those 81 to 86 years, and every year for those 87 and older.
  • Renewal conditions: For those under 75 with a clean driving record and no medical report (based on physician or community member filing a report questioning driving ability or physical or cognitive skills), mail-in, telephone, or online renewal available every other cycle.
  • Vision test: Yes.
  • Written test: Every 8 years if traffic convictions have occurred.
  • Road test: Yes, for those 75 and older.

For more information

Driver Services Department
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Driver Services Department
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