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Driving and Transportation Questions

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  1. My 90 year old grandma has vision problems in her right eye. Should she still be driving?

    Vision impairments are tricky since they often progress so slowly over time that people do not realize how impaired their vision has become. Macular degeneration results in decreased vision within the central visual fields, peripheral vision is not initially affected. Many people I see with this ...
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  2. How do I get my dad's friends to quit letting him drive?

    This is a challenging situation for both you and your family members. Dementia presents itself with "˜invisible deficits' -ones that are not readily apparent to others. Many people are able to engage in conversation and act socially appropriate around others. The hidden danger is that his doctor ha...
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  3. Can adult children overrule a doctor in taking away the keys to the car?

    I agree with Elizabeth, ask for your father's input as driving has been a major factor for his independence. Often times, medical specialists will comment on the situation without taking into account other areas. For example, his heart condition alone does not prevent him from being able to drive,...
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  4. Why does my father refuse to sell his car after having his license pulled by the DMV?

    People face an unimaginable number of losses as they age -- including the loss of their closest friends and relatives, their physical vitality, and their independence. It's understandable that, confronted with so much loss, elderly people often try to hold tight to the areas of life where they still...
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  5. How can I be sure my mother, who lives on the other side of the country, is driving safely?

    I know how stressful it can be to worry about a loved one who doesn't live close enough to visit as often as you'd like. Hopefully you have a family tradition of open, honest, and frequent communication. I'd recommend asking your mom how her driving is going. Has she encountered any recent problems...
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  6. Can someone with Alzheimer's or dementia still drive?

    As we age, we may experience occasional memory loss, known as "senior moments." However, by the time we reach our mid-eighties, almost half of us will have more serious dementia. Similar to how we use "Cancer" to describe many different diseases, "Dementia" is an umbrella term used for numerous diso...
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  7. How can I get my father-in-law to stop driving even thought he's passed a written test?

    Thanks for your question. This is such a tough situation -- trying to manage a difficult situation remotely, then add in the family patterns of communication (or not, in this case).
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  8. Why would my husband have a driving restriction after having a seizure?

    Thank you for your question about seizures and driving restrictions. Medical conditions that alter our level of consciousness impact our ability to drive safely. The more abrupt the change in consciousness, the greater the likelihood of a crash. Seizures are as abrupt as you can get. So most stat...
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  9. Am I liable if my parent causes a car accident?

    As an older adult's driving capabilities diminish, many adult children worry not only about the parent's safety but also about their own liability for damages from an accident the parent causes. In general, adult children are not legally responsible for damages resulting from an accident caused by a...
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  10. What's the best way to bring up the topic of unsafe driving to someone with Alzheimer's?

    For starters, do everything you can to avoid a power struggle. Respect that as long as the driver is mentally competent and not a clear danger on the road, it's his or her decision whether to stay behind the wheel. Include the person in discussions of specifics and safety concerns so that, ideally, ...
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  11. Is a personal emergency response system appropriate for a parent who travels?

    Unfortunately,PERS services are designed to work exclusively from home. When the PERS emergency button is pushed, the console automatically connects with the response center via the home telephone.
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  12. What's the best way to transfer my mom from her wheelchair to car?

    There are devices that can help you transfer her. A sliding board serves as a bridge from wheelchair to car. You put one end of the board under your mother's buttocks and the other side on the seat of the car, then slide your mother over to avoid having to lift most of her body weight. But its effec...
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  13. Why is my elderly father having trouble driving at night?

    Many older drivers self-regulate driving behavior to be safe, so they'll avoid dangerous roads, driving in bad weather, or driving at night. I don't think you should worry about your dad being too cautious. This is probably an instinctive and very healthy decision.Our eyes change with time. The corn...
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  14. How can I persuade my father to stop driving?

    It depends on what's prompting the doctor recommendations and if this was a firm, evidence-based diagnosis or an off-the-cuff, rushed remark. If there's any doubt, get a multidisciplinary assessment of his driving fitness. The American Occupational Therapy Association has a database listing certi...
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  15. Should someone with macular degeneration be driving?

    Your mother may still be safe to drive since she is in the early stage of macular degeneration. In fact, in some states you only need vision in one eye to keep driving.
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  16. Should I put my only daughter on my car title?

    You may be considering putting her name on the title of your car because you think it will help ensure that the car would quickly pass to her if you were to die.
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  17. How do we stop my mother with Alzheimer's from driving so recklessly?

    The only way to take charge of this extremely hazardous situation is to TAKE CHARGE! If perchance your mom was to injure someone while driving recklessly, and your family was not only aware of the diagnosis but also of the danger, you would have to bear some responsibility for the results. Althoug...
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  18. Should I help my dad reinstate his driving privileges?

    It sounds like your dad is grieving about his inability to drive. He probably feels a loss of his independence but on the other hand, down deep, he may acknowledge that he has some issues that may preclude him from safely driving. I would let your dad take the lead if he wants to reinstate his drivi...
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  19. Could herbal supplements affect my mother's ability to drive?

    You're right to be concerned. Many people don't realize that even though herbal supplements can be purchased without a prescription, they can still have serious side effects. Just like other drugs, herbal supplements can affect a person's physical and mental condition -- and that includes her abilit...
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  20. My mother needs help but is unwilling to accept it. What should I do?

    At some point, our loved ones' choices seem to go from bad to worse. We see our parents spinning out of control and we know we are the only thing that stands between them and a disaster. We do for them what they did for us when we were in their care. We move them decisively out of harm's way. Often ...
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