There are 38 memory care facilities in Rhode Island. These communities provide a safe place to live for some of the estimated 24,000 seniors in the state diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Memory care communities also serve seniors with other cognitive diseases that prevent residents from living independently. 

Memory Care Facilities in Rhode Island Cities

Most memory care communities in Rhode Island are concentrated in Providence and its surrounding communities, including Cranston, Warwick and East Providence. There are also a few dementia care facilities in southern Rhode Island in Newport and the surrounding areas. Since Rhode Island is a small state in a highly populated region of the country, families will not need to travel far to find a community that meets their needs. There are more memory care facilities in Rhode Island per capita than in New York state. 

Memory Care Communities Near Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s small geographical area means that seniors live relatively close to many memory care communities in bordering states. Most facilities in Connecticut, which number 144 in total, are just a few hours away, especially those east of the Hartford area. Much of the Boston metro area is within a short distance of northern Rhode Island, giving families close access to many of Massachusetts’ memory care facilities. Newport seniors live closer to memory care communities in New Bedford, Massachusetts, than those in Hartford, providing even more choice.