There are 55 memory care facilities in New Mexico. Memory care provides a safe environment and specialist treatment plans for those with dementia. The average cost of care is on par with the national average, but prices vary around the state, with higher costs in larger cities compared to those in smaller towns. 

Who Does Memory Care Benefit?

Memory care benefits seniors with dementia and their loved ones. People with memory-altering conditions can be at risk of injury and poor physical and mental well-being if they don’t receive proper care. Loved ones of seniors living with this type of condition can experience high levels of distress and poorer quality of life if they’re responsible for caring for the person without specialized training.

Memory care facilities are safe and secure environments with trained staff offering residents support with daily tasks and planned recreational activities. 

What Services Do Memory Care Facilities Provide?

Services provided by memory care facilities support all areas of a resident’s life to maximize their physical, emotional and mental well-being. Trained staff provides assistance with personal care activities, such as washing, grooming, eating and dressing. Transportation and housekeeping services are typically available, and residents can take part in planned activities, such as classes and group therapies for stimulation and to avoid loneliness.