There are 33 memory care facilities in Arkansas. As Arkansas offers a lower cost of living than the national average, memory care facilities and medical care across the state are reasonably priced. Facilities either focus solely on providing memory care for residents or offer additional memory care services in assisted living facilities.

Who Is Memory Care For?

Memory care is for seniors who develop memory loss or cognitive disorders. This can include Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Memory care provides specific support tailored to those who struggle to carry out daily activities as a direct result of their memory loss. Facilities provide a safe and secure environment with enriching social and recreational activities for residents. 

What Is the Difference Between Memory Care and a Nursing Home?

Memory care facilities and nursing homes vary significantly in the types of care provided. Memory care facilities offer specialized treatment based on the challenges faced by those with dementia and other cognitive impairment. This includes individual treatment based on a resident’s behavior, medical needs and abilities. 

A nursing home provides extensive medical treatment for people with complex health problems. Skilled nurses don’t focus their care on specific memory problems, so memory care residents don’t receive personalized treatment for their needs. Nursing homes focus more on medical care than recreational activities, so dementia patients are unlikely to find the environment as stimulating or soothing.