Arizona has 380 memory care facilities, each licensed and regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services. You can search for a specific memory care facility or view a list of all available providers through the Arizona Department of Health Services’ search form

Average Memory Care Costs in Arizona

Since memory care costs, on average, are around 2030% more than assisted living, we calculated Arizona’s median memory care costs by adding 25% to their statewide assisted living costs. Genworth’s 2021 Cost of Care Survey data shows that Arizona’s average monthly memory care cost is around $5,000. This makes Arizona one of the most expensive states in the region for memory care, after its neighbors California, which averages $6563 per month, and New Mexico, which averages $5623. Less expensive states include Utah and Nevada at $4,375 and $4,688 per month.

  • Arizona: $5,000
  • California: $6,563
  • New Mexico: $5,623
  • Utah: $4,375
  • Nevada: $4,688

The city in Arizona with the highest average memory costs is Flagstaff, which averages $6250 monthly. Lake Havasu City ranks second at $5875, and Prescott Valley is third at $5625. Phoenix averages $4969, while Yuma and Tucson average $4750 and $5063, respectively.  

  • Flagstaff: $6,250
  • Lake Havasu City: $5,875
  • Prescott Valley: $5,625
  • Phoenix: $4,969
  • Yuma: $4,750
  • Tucson: $5,063

Does Medicaid Cover Memory Care in Arizona?

Arizona Medicaid’s long-term care program, the Arizona Long Term Care System, covers memory care for seniors who meet financial and medical requirements. Seniors must make $2,742 or less per month, with assets less than $2,000, and require nursing-home-level care. Eligible seniors can receive coverage for both specialized memory care communities and memory care services rendered in a nursing home or other residential setting. Coverage depends on each individual’s needs and what services are available in their area. For the most up-to-date information, consult the Arizona Long Term Care System website.