When Death is Near

It can be hard to know what to expect or what to say when it becomes clear that a loved one's final days are probably approaching. How will you know when it's almost time? What are the most helpful and important things to express? How will the grief you feel after death compare with the sadness, worry, fear, or other emotions you're experiencing now? Nothing will ever make this transition easy. But the insights of others who've been through it may offer comfort and kinship.

  • Certain emotional and physical factors help define a "good death": having affairs in order, little pain and discomfort, few regrets, and good care.

  • Most of don't know how to say good-bye when someone we love is dying. Grieving survivors offer their advice on how best to say good-bye.

  • Common myths about how to behave around someone who's dying often don't make sense. Here, four common myths and why they're often wrong.

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