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Assisted Living Reviews for Garden Estates of Temple

March 07, 2018

By Amy Bickel

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

We came to Garden Estates to visit several times with my mom. Her health was declining and unable to stay alone. Based on our several visits my family and I agreed this would be a perfect match for my mom. When they did the assessment they way this certain person was introduced she was a nurse. Later I found out Claudia is not a nurse but med tech who is the Director of the Med Room. My mom had multiple problems with her heart and lungs and had to be on oxygen full time. She had many medications which she knew exactly what she should be taking and what they look like. She was the type you just don't hand her a pile of pills and she takes them. She caught several times they weren't giving her the right medications consistently. With heart problems you are on a restricted diet of low sodium. Mom loved the food in the dinning room. I had dinner with her several times and after eating my mouth would be dried out like I had been sucking on sunflower seeds. In one month my mom gained 40 pounds which was fluid. Here we go to the hospital to have fluid removed. Mom was in the hospital almost two weeks. When I brought her back her caregiver made her feel good about getting back to her apartment. But the Claudia, Director of the med room was no where to be found. Mom's medication had been changed and I needed to speak to the Director of the Med Room and Lane, Director of the Center I also wanted to speak to the Chef in the dinning room to discuss low sodium options for my mom. Eventually we all sat down for a meeting but nothing changed after that meeting. My mom's health continued to decline but the caregivers never told me how much she had declined. She was having a lot of trouble breathing at night. They would also have to have her stand up to take her medication. BUT not one time did anyone let me know what was going on. So here we go back to the hospital this time she was in the hospital for 3 weeks. I feel like communication is key and if a resident is having that much trouble someone should have been notified the family immediately and called 911 and taken to the hospital. When my mom was discharged from the hospital she went on hospice. Which was hard decision to make for your loved one, especially your mom. I notified the Director of the Med Room that mom was on hospice. She tried to talk me into going with another hospice company and even brought me a written name and number to my mom's room. Which I thought was unprofessional and inappropriate considering we are distraught over my mom's health and welfare. Eventually I was spending nights with mom and I really got to see what was going on behind the scenes. One night the med tech brought mom her meds and she asked to see them like she did every time and her lasix were not the right dosage. We asked to see the MARS and it was written wrong! Mom had gained 10 pounds of fluid within a few days. So you understand how important a resident medications is dispersed correctly. Here we go back to the hospital to have fluids removed. At this point I was so upset with the Director of the Center and Director of the Med room my family decided to move my mom back home. She was requiring more and more care and I honestly didn't have trust in these people to care for my mom. I was told they had a nurse on staff which I found out they did NOT. I gave our 30 day notice to vacate. My mom passed 2 weeks after coming home. We still had a few things we needed to take out of my mom's apartment. I came to pick up the last few things and walked up to an unlocked door and when I walked in a painter was in there touching up paint on the walls. There was a trash bag with a few of my mom's things. I was overwhelmed with emotions I don't really know what I said or did but I know it wasn't pretty. How dare they come into my mom’s locked apartment when we still had another two weeks left on her lease. Lane are you that heartless? We are still missing a very expensive monitor she used to transmit information from her her pacemaker to her doctor in Austin. My point is they had no reasoning for entering my mom’s apartment. So was our experience good.. NO Do they provide good care... sure if your self sufficient and can care for yourself. Looking back we had red flags and we should have ran from the very beginning.

October 30, 2017

By Darling

I visited this facility

My visit with Garden Estates of Temple was great. They were very nice. It was out of Mom's affordability range. They showed a one-bedroom and an efficiency because that's what we were looking for. It had carpet, but she didn't care for the space. The marketing director and the person who toured us around were great. The facility was clean.

Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to share feedback. We appreciate your review of Garden Estates of Temple and we're so glad that you enjoyed your visit with us!

May 08, 2017

By Donna371487

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

We are more than happy with Garden Estates of Temple. It's warm, welcoming, and well-appointed, and the staff is unbelievable. I can't say enough good things about it. My dad enjoys the social aspect of being around other people, and they're really good at getting him involved. He's had a couple of falls, and they’ve been very good at taking care of him and watching over him, so it's been really good. My dad loves the food and hasn't complained about it. I like it because it's served restaurant-style, which feels more special instead of having a tray or plate brought to you.

Provider Response

Thank you so much for your confidence in us; we appreciate your feedback and are delighted to hear that your dad is enjoying his home here!

February 11, 2017

By BH128536

I visited this facility

Garden Estates of Temple was very nice. It is newer but very big, and we felt that she needed a type B facility rather than a type A. They all seemed very friendly. It was a good experience just touring it. The rooms were very nice. They had full kitchens, and it was very roomy. It was a really nice facility. They had a private dining room and more common areas that could be used. Everything that they did have was very nice.

November 28, 2016

By Anonymous700535

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My dad is in Garden Estates of Temple, and he likes it very much. What stood out is the cleanliness, and the general property is very attractive, modern-looking, clean, and nice. They have a very extensive activities program, and they have caring aides who let Dad know if breakfast, lunch, or dinner is served. It's a good care place without being oppressive. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable, and the residents are their first concern.

April 11, 2016

By Jenn 74

I visited this facility

It was a tough decision when we knew we had to move mom. The last thing I wanted was to feel like we were conceding to where she needed care. Garden Estates has been a complete eye opener for me and a life changer for my mom. She never thought she could be so happy with everything they offer. The Chef takes great care in cooking quality meals, Patty is amazing with keeping residents busy and nothing goes unrepaired. They are remodeling and the building looks fresh and new. There's new leadership there and the management team is solidly involved and committed. The staff already know so much about my mother and are taking the best care of her. I couldn't be happier with our decision!

December 30, 2015

By Skip1

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Garden Estates was recommended by some local people. My first impressions were very good. They had a lively clientele, and the administration seemed like they gave a lot of attention to details. As time went on, the daytime shift's credibility and service remained good, but the nighttime care really fell off the scale badly. My mom had a small kitchen, a good-sized bedroom, a good-sized living room, and a bathroom with a shower. The food was excellent. They had lots of activities, like music, exercise, countless games, and holiday season special things, and they bring in groups from outside. They do a good job of keeping everything rolling for the people there. The staff in the daytime was excellent; in nighttime, poor. My mother was happy with the size of the rooms, and she was able to bring a good percentage of her furniture with her, so that made her happy. If even one, little thing messes up the quality of the care for your loved one, it makes the whole thing look bad. I can speak highly of the daytime crew, but the nighttime staff was horrible.

July 04, 2015

By Beth39

I am a friend or relative of a resident

The staff at Garden Estates was not very engaging, and my mother needed to have someone to encourage her to participate in things or remind her with when the scheduled activities where, and there was none of that even though I requested it. It was really, really large, so there was little attention individually for the resident if they needed any help at all. We did end up having to move her, and we were given a notice to leave when she had an episode of trying to wander off. She was living in an apartment; it was clean, neat, and nice. It has a full kitchen in it, which was more than she needed because she really didn’t need to be cooking for herself. It was a 1-bedroom, but she was able to have a living space, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. She would really enjoy that but her condition was deteriorating, and it became just a little bit overwhelming for her to be in such a huge place.

May 13, 2015

By P.R.


After leaving a review on another site, something came to my attention today that some might be interested in. While visiting my mother in Garden Estates today, I noticed a large gathering in the main meeting room...must have been 35 or 40 folks in attendance...The Chef was giving a lecture on making Amish cookies or something...How many places does the Chef himself not only prepare excellent(ACCORDING TO MY MOTHER) meals ...but take the time to meet and interact with the residents of the facility?...WELL DONE GARDEN ESTATES!!!...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!...P.R.

April 30, 2015

By Caring105530650

I visited this facility

The staff were friendly and knowledgeable at Garden Estates of Temple. They took us around and showed us everything. The facility is nice and well kept. The rooms were nice and pleasant. The administration seemed to be fine, and it looks a good facility for people.

March 31, 2015

By Caring101109850

I visited this facility

Garden Estates over here is good. It is across the street from where I live. It is comfortable. They have the library bring them out books and things to read, and they have movies that they watch. It is also a more upscale place with people who have more money. The administrator is extremely friendly and very nice. They do real well, and I really can't think of anything that I could see they could drastically improve on. It has very good security. The people there are at a point where they can have their own cars. The people there have their own parking spots, and they can leave at any time they want to. If they want to go to a store at midnight, these people can get in their car and go. There is a lot of freedom there, and they can come and go as they want. They also have a van for people who do not have a vehicle to carry them to town or go to a grocery store or they have activities where they may leave for a show. The rooms are nice, and the people bring their own furnishings.

January 06, 2015

By Caring84216350

I am/was a resident of this facility

Garden Estate is a very nice facility. The staff is lovely. I am happy with the facility except for the food. The rooms are the largest in anything we have here. I don't know what I think is best; it's just that it is a very nice facility. It is a very large facility; there are about 150 apartments. To improve, the place needs upgrading. It is in a cracked foundation, and they are examining it right now. They are under staffed, and the food is not good.

Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to review our community. We are pleased to know that you were happy with our staff and facility, as we strive to give each and every resident the best quality of care and services possible. However, we are disappointed that you were not happy with the food. We have a great culinary team and I'd like to invite you back to the community for a complimentary lunch. We're always trying to improve our community, so any additional feedback that you can provide is much appreciated. Feel free to reach out to me directly at or (312) 545-0352. Thanks, Nick Castilleja, Regional Director of Operations

August 05, 2014

By gracee41

I am a friend or relative of resident

My mom is a former resident of Garden Estates. Things seemed to go well the first week or two after she moved in. Shortly after, the first issue arose. One of her meds went missing. Mgmt was in no hurry to replace it and said they would investigate. Never found it and pharmacy wouldn't replace it until closer to her next refill date. In talking to another resident's family member, found out it happened to them as well. They moved their mom out. There were several other issues in the short time my mom was there. They are too numerous to write here. Mgmt was never in a hurry to resolve anything it seemed and never in a hurry to return calls or e-mails. Director was almost overly pleasant but with a distinct "attitude". It was frustrating to say the least. On a positive note, there were a lot of activities and the food was good. I don't know how the other assisted living facilities in town compare but I can't recommend Garden Estates.

Provider Response

My name is Victoria Bryan and I am the Executive Director of Garden Estates. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. Our top priority has always been the well-being of our residents and their families. We strive to create the best possible home like environment for the seniors we serve. I am very sorry to learn that you did not have a favorable impression of the community. I want to personally invite you to contact me directly. I would greatly appreciate another opportunity to show you why so many residents call Garden Estates “home”.

July 18, 2014

By Peggy34

I visited this facility

The staff at Garden Estates was very nice, very cordial, and very informative. They helped answer all of our questions. They were very nice people. The room had a kitchen, but it was more closed-in, so it felt smaller than it really was, and my brother didn't like that either. Their dining room was very nice and clean, though. It was very appealing. What I like best about Garden Estates is that it was a nicer facility, more up-to-date than the other one I saw. Their entryway was nice. It had a fireplace and coaches. There were lots of people sitting around talking.

April 09, 2014

By residents brother

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My brother who is now 71 is a resident at Garden Estates in Temple, TX. He suffered a stroke 3 years ago and was unable to return home and was in need of day to day care. He is able to to function on his own, to a degree, but needs assistance in most areas of daily life. Since joining the community at Garden estates he is very happy and gets all the assistance he requires from cleaning to meals. I would recomend Garden Estates to anyone who has a loved one in need of assisited living

March 29, 2014

By Marsha14

I visited this facility

Garden Estates was a very, very nice facility, very clean and the staff was very helpful. Their in-house nurse did a little evaluation, and that's how I knew that mom needed a memory facility. It was not a memory facility, although it has locked front doors. The staff was very helpful and it was a very clean place. It seemed to be very modern and nice. We were just real impressed with it. It's just it wasn't a good fit for my mother.

November 28, 2013

By Caring73652850

I visited this facility

I've been looking at some places and one of them was Garden Estates of Temple. It's a nice place and very well kept. The staff are excellent and everybody is really friendly.

June 07, 2013

By MollyM

I am a friend or relative of resident

My Dad has been at Garden Estates for ten years. The staff is friendly and extremely helpful. They do more than is expected of them. I highly recommend Garden Estates to anyone needing assistance in everyday living.

June 28, 2012

By caring6182

I am a friend or relative of a resident

It's not a very nice place and we were trying very hard to get my parents to move to somewhere else, but there aren't very many places available in Georgetown (TX) where they wanna be or one that's really close to Georgetown. They don't clean the rooms there like they're supposed to. They're often running out of food sometimes very early in the main mealtime which is at lunch time. There is not a thing I like in that facility! The food is so terrible and inadequate that my parents just aren't happy with it. They get my sister to go get things for them and bring it there. It's a good thing my sister brings them food or they would have missed their meal! And what they call a dinner meal sometimes is an absolute joke! I don't know why they don't make something better or enough of it. Then on the extra stuff they're supposed to have one of the other five meals on the menu daily and most of those they don't have. There like five things on the menu that you're supposed to be able to get should you choose not to get the main menu for the day but, very often they don't even have those. A lot of people there have complained about the food. That's not unusual at all and it seems like there's a big turnover. A lot of people move in and 3 or 4 months later they're moving out. I'm absolutely not recommending this facility. The staff answers our questions but they tell you what you wanna hear and don't follow through on it. So they made all kinds of promises to my mom and dad before they moved in there. Also, there's a little garden area in the back that's usually too hot for older people to sit down, very specially this time of the year. Otherwise there's some seating in the main lobby as you come through the door. Other than that there's a card room which isn't used very often. A library that doesn't have much in it. It's just not very accommodating! Your kinda stuck in your room because there's not any place that makes you feel like your comfortable going there to sit and visit with other people. I'd really like them to improve on a lot of things. Mom and Dad are not happy there.

February 27, 2012

By ssiler1950

I am a friend or relative of resident

Garden Estates of Temple Texas First, let me say that getting my mother to visit the facility was like herding a bunch of wildcats. There were claw marks from her favorite chair to the car and all the way up to the front door. Once we entered the facility, we were amazed by the wonderful environment inside. The people at the front desk were very friendly and helpful, and the lady who handled our appointment gave us great information on the schedules of activities, the cafeteria and menu choices, and the cost of living at Garden Estates. During our tour of the building, we noticed how clean and maintained all areas were. Mother tried to put one more roadblock up by saying she would only live in a first floor apartment. Thankfully, there was one available and we were able to move in the next week. From the very beginning, it was a joyful experience for my mother and a great relief for our family. She had lived by herself for almost 10 years, and we had some reservations that she would fit in with other people. However, it was like a flower that had not bloomed forever suddenly breaking out with blossoms. She had the greatest experience at Garden Estates- the food was good, she knew or made friends with a large number of other residents, and she took part in many of the activities that the Estates hosted, particularly the Sunday service and sing a longs that took place there. And when the call came that mother had not shown up for breakfast, the staff relayed the message with such grace and understanding, that it helped lessen the impact that she had passed into a better place. Stan S.
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Independent Living Reviews for Garden Estates of Temple

September 30, 2016

By Vivian864016

I visited this facility

Garden Estates have different levels of care. The atmosphere was very good, and it was our second choice. It was elegant in as far as the hallway and the reception area. The model room was nice, but they showed us one that needed paint, and it wasn’t that nice. The community areas were very clean, and the dining room looked nice. They’re trying to appeal to men more with the barbecue cookout and activities like that.

July 01, 2016

By Vickie127132

I visited this facility

I liked Garden Estates best. They kept up with their activities, took input from the residents, and had the most interactive with the residents. The dining area was very nice, and the staff seemed warm and caring. Their food was nutritious, and they would alter it depending if you were diabetic or not.

May 26, 2015

By Katy6

I visited this facility

Garden Estate is a very nice place and very friendly as well. I saw their residents were only sitting around and not really talking a lot, but their rooms were very nice. The people that work there were extremely nice to the residents and very caring to them.
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Services and Amenities of Garden Estates of Temple


  • Entry Fee Cost: 2000
  • Assisted Living Starting At: $2595/month
  • Independent Living Starting At: $2595/month

Room and housing options

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • 2-bedroom apartments
  • Studio Apartments

Dining options

  • In Room Kitchens
  • Dining Room Shared Meals
  • Room Service For Meals


  • Beauty Barber Shop
  • Resident Transportation
  • Garden And Patio

Cleaning services

  • Laundry For Linens
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry For Clothing

Health services

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Nurse On Staff: Yes


  • Offsite Activities
  • Religious Services
  • Fitness Room

Financial guidance

  • Va Benefits Consultation
  • Financing Advice

Guest services

  • Guest Parking


  • English


  • Minimum Age: 62
  • Pets: Yes


  • State Licenses: 030135
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About Garden Estates of Temple

Senior assisted living at Garden Estates of Temple offers residents the best of both worlds. All benefits of our senior living community are combined with a full spectrum of senior care services to create a premier senior assisted living community. Residents enjoy beautiful surroundings, on-site amenities and social programs alongside continual on-call medical care.

At Garden Estates of Temple, we adhere to state-of-the-art standards of senior assisted living while providing a special touch. Our residents receive personal and comprehensive care and are consistently treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Whether our residents need help with day-to-day activities, getting to appointments, or medication management, our caregivers kindly and competently meet those needs.

Our assisted living community in Temple has been purposefully designed to provide you or your loved one with a nurturing, comfortable, home-like environment that is attractive and easy to navigate. We foster community and family by hosting many activities and events each month. Residents are encouraged to participate in as many pursuits and outings as they like, appropriate to their ability. No matter what, everyone is treated as an individual person with unique needs.

At Garden Estates of Temple, our residents live life to its fullest as they age in place.

Assisted Living Amenities

  • Personalized Care Plans
  • 24-hour Staffing
  • Emergency Response System
  • Medication Management
  • Scheduled transportation to local shopping and medical appointments
  • Award winning Wellness Everyday™ programs, provided 7 days a week
  • Dining for Wellness™ - educational and wellness program
  • Brain Health University™
  • Beauty and Barber Shop
  • Housekeeping and maintenance service
  • All utilities and basic cable included
  • Individually controlled heat and central air
  • Fresh, seasonal cuisine prepared by the dining service team

Garden Estates of Temple offers independent living in Temple for seniors who are able and inclined to live independently, but crave the comfort, security and social opportunity a retirement community offers.

On-call assistance and maintenance-free living means you never need worry about anything but living life to the fullest! Just steps from your front door, you'll find easy access to a fitness center, media room and a wide assortment of activities, as well as special events and regularly scheduled outings into the community.

If you are looking for a vibrant, active place to call home during your retirement years, Garden Estates of Temple will fulfill your desires. Come visit us and see how great senior independent living can be.

Independent Living Amenities

  • All utilities included except telephone and cable
  • Housekeeping and maintenance service
  • Guest Suites
  • Individually controlled heat and central air
  • Scheduled transportation to local shopping and medical appointments
  • Safety features including smoke detectors and sprinklers
  • Award winning Wellness Everyday™ programs, provided 7 days a week
  • Beauty and Barber Shop
  • Fresh, seasonal cuisine prepared by the dining service team
  • Dining for Wellness™ - educational and wellness program
  • Brain Health University™

What Makes Us Special

Available 7 days a week for tours and visits.___ Only community in Temple offering assisted living and independent living options___ All inclusive pricing (excluding care services and personal expenses)___ Our community offers seasonal cuisine that is well balanced and nutritious. ___ Manager on site 7 days a week___ Conveniently located adjacent to the I35 corridor

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Garden Estates of Temple

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