With its warm tropical climate and low cost of living, Mississippi is an appealing place to retire. In fact, Mississippi has one of the lowest costs of living in the country and also boasts low taxes. Of the state’s 2.9 million people, 16.4% are over the age of 65. Many interesting things to do are found along Mississippi’s vast coastline, and seniors can spend their retirement lounging by the beach along the Gulf Islands National Seashore or seeing the animals at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.

For seniors who don’t need daily living help, independent living is a good senior living choice. It provides the benefits of community activities, low-maintenance housing and occasional wellness checks without the oversight of assisted living. In Mississippi, independent living is an affordable option, with an average monthly cost of just $2,414, according to data in the 2020 Genworth Cost of Care Survey.

This guide explores the costs of independent living and resources Mississippi seniors can tap to make their retirement as independent and carefree as possible.

The Cost of Independent Living in Mississippi

One of the perks of retiring in Mississippi is the relatively low cost of senior living communities. The cost of independent living tends to be about 30 to 40% lower than the cost of assisted living, which the 2020 Genworth Cost of Care Survey measures. Based on this fact, the average cost for assisted living in Mississippi is about $2,414 a month.

Mississippi’s average costs for independent living are lower than the rest of the country. Costs in Mississippi are below the United States average of $2,795. That said, some nearby states are even less expensive, with Alabama coming in at $2,048 a month and Arkansas at $2,275. Tennessee is about $200 more than Mississippi, at $2,626.




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Paying for Independent Living in Mississippi

Seniors in Mississippi can find a range of options to pay for independent living. Though this is typically not a covered insurance cost, options like reverse mortgages, long-term care insurance and retirement savings can make it an affordable option. Some seniors can sell or rent out their homes and use the proceeds to pay for their independent living community. Learn more about locations offering independent living, the costs of independent living and your options to pay for this type of care.

Independent Living Resources in Mississippi

Mississippi has a number of services available to seniors. Many of these strive to help seniors maintain their independence as long as possible and are available at little to no charge. 

ResourceContact Service
Office of Elder Justice and Adult Protective Services(601) 359-4929Through the Office of Elder Justice and Adult Protective Services, seniors in Mississippi access pension counseling programs and legal assistance. This group also helps protect seniors against abuse and neglect by overseeing independent living communities and ensuring seniors receive adequate care while living in them.
North Mississippi Rural Legal Services Elder Law Project(800) 498-1804Mississippi residents 60 and older can get civil legal services through the North Mississippi Rural Law Services Elder Law Project. These legal services are free of charge and are designed for vulnerable, rural populations. NMRLS Elder Law Project partners with six Area Agencies on Aging throughout the state to give this help to local seniors.
Mississippi Center for Legal Services(800) 773-1737The Mississippi Center for Legal Services provides legal advice and support to people in the state who are considered lower-income, and many seniors qualify for these services. It offers help with elder law issues, federal insurance and income programs, and disability law, among other concerns.
Mississippi Veterans Affairs Office(877) 203-5632The Mississippi VA office is ready to assist elderly veterans with getting the care they earned through their military service. Veterans can contact their local office to learn more about insurance and pension options they may qualify to receive. Mississippi also operates a network of State Veterans Homes that can provide a place to recover after a surgery or illness.
Mississippi State Health Insurance Assistance Program(601) 359-4500Through SHIP, seniors in Mississippi can get counseling regarding health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid from qualified, unbiased counselors. This program, available through local Area Agencies on Aging, makes it easier for seniors to understand their health insurance options and long-term care choices. An appointment with a SHIP counselor can ensure seniors are using all of the potential resources available to them.
Mississippi Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program(601) 359-4500Seniors living in independent living communities can receive advocacy help from the Mississippi Long-Term Care Ombudsman. This program oversees long-term care facilities and protects seniors against abuse and neglect. Those who feel they may not be receiving adequate care can contact the Ombudsman for help.