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Reviews of Hospice of Palm Beach County, Inc. - West Palm Beach in West Palm Beach, Florida


(10 reviews)



    March 31, 2022


    The nurses were not equipped to do what needed to be done. When you have 2 nurses come to put a catheter in your mom who is dying from cancer and nobody can seem to find where this hole is it's very simple but for some reason they couldn't get it in .which cause my mom pain and discomfort . This is unacceptable. The nurse need to be better trained. Very mad 😠



    May 28, 2021

    I am a past client of this provider

    My mom was admitted into this hospice hospital and was in her last hours of life. I begged to spend the time with her and the nurse refused me. She lied to me for hours sating my mom was stable . When they finally called me three hours later, she had passed within 15 minutes of them calling me. I called the police because I felt that this was criminal activity keeping her daughter from her dying mother. The nurse did not display any empathy or compassion. I later found out that my mother died without any comfort measures. They let her suffer from 9 PM to 5 AM the following day with no medication administered for pain or sedation. My mother starved of oxygen and was in respiratory distress , and suffered during this time which was revealed to me from management. I would not recommend this place. We treat animals better than they do at this hospice in palm beach gardens .



    July 31, 2020


    Trustbridge was one of the two in home hospice providers recommended by Delray Medical Center. Nothing was easy from the get go. They seemed to be surprised that this was in home care - then tell us they cannot transport the patient unless there was a contract in place for non skilled care. Hello, this was at 4:50PM the night before the patient was to come home. Scrabbling we secured the services. There is a definite lack of communication with the office and the family. The needed hospital bed was received without linens. OOPS they forgot to let us know we needed to provide bed linens because they do not. The nurses work three 12 hour shifts per week. (7Am to 7PM) This meant no consistency in care and two totally new people. This was never explained to us. They should of and could of coordinated the skilled nursing so that there would have been one familiar face at all times. You could not call to find out who was coming to the home. The skilled medical nurses or the most part were professional and compassionate. Although there was one who chose not to return because the chairs in the home were not good for her back - Really??? The traveling ER nurse was curt and cold, taking vitals and as an after thought asked if we had any questions or concerns. In the final hours of mom's life a call was received at 6:50PM, (remember shift change is 7PM) that the night nurse would not be there and it was the weekend and they couldn't get a replacement nurse. Their offer was to transfer the patient to in house hospice or train a lay person (us) to administer injectable meds. That was it... they were sorry for the inconvenience. Mom passed in the early hours of the morning, we called as instructed and it took over TWO hours for a RN to show up to make the death official. NEVER EVER again... I would never recommend such a poorly run company and I feel sorry for the LPN, CNA, and RN that work for them as they get their daily assignments at 5AM every morning. STAY AWAY FROM TRUSTBRIDGE.

    disatisfied patient


    May 2, 2020

    I am a current client of this provider

    Horrific end of life care provider. They sale you a bill of goods, but fail horribly to execute and deliver on promises. Here is a list of broken expectations. 1) on day one a admin. nurse was sent to the house to get basic medical history to admit my mother as a patient into their services. However, 24 hours later they had no clue who my mom was because the nurse never registered her in their system, which she had indicated was going to take place that same day. 2) Another nurse mistakenly deleted one of my mom's medication from her file. When I called their crises call center they had no clue what medication I was talking about. This same medication was prescribed only two days before they deleted it. 3) From the start, the case manager nurse indicated she would come every Friday. This was not what occurred. Two separate nurses had a no show no call, despite telling us they would come on Friday. 4) After calling the call center one night because my mom could not swallow her pills, a nurse shows up and informed the family she suspected a UTI. She proceeded to call the doctor and the doctor prescribed an antibiotic, ciprofloxacin. Shortly thereafter I received pills 50 times the size of the previous pill she couldn't swallow. I reiterated the fact my mom cant swallow to three separate nurses, which resulted in absolutely nothing. They have never followed up on what they suspected was a urine infection. They simple acted like it never happened. 5) The first case manager nurse assigned to my mom shows up at the house and opens the door and walks in and takes a seat, never bothered to knock on the door. The nurse proceeded to say, " I dont care what your mom's blood glucose is if she wants cake I'm giving her cake, unless her sugar is 500". This statement was made knowing my mother is diabetic. How disrespectful, unprofessional, insensitive, and flat out lack of medical common sense spoken to a family who's mother is terminal. 6) I talked to approximately 15 different nurses who provided 15 different definitions of what they call "crises care". Everytime my mother met a criteria they would move the goal post. One nurse even stated they had a staffing issue which was what she was offering up as for why my mom couldn't be admitted into this so called "crises care program" they sell you on before signing the papers. The last nurse stated my mom needs to be sedated at home 24 hours a day before they would put her in crisis care. Last time I checked someone sedated does not complain or demonstrate these symptoms they must have before being in crises care. So they tout this crisis care program they dont even understand, can't explain, and is impossible to be admitted into. 7) They exhibited nothing but excuses, confusion, unprofessional behave and statements, and flat out disrespect. Horrific organization at the worst possible time. I could list more but why spend more wasted time on this company. I'm actively looking for another hospice provider which exhibits true end of life compassion and commitment.



    November 14, 2018


    Most of the staff are fine. Some are even good or great. The problems are systemic ones. Communication is poor, unless you are very assertive. For example: In my situation, the case manager is never reachable directly -- you have to go through a call center number and they will email the case manager with a message. If you miss her call, go back to square one. It is unacceptable. In my situation, which is care for my mom in a nursing facility - Hospice (TrustBridge) tells me they rely on verbal assessments from the nursing facility staff. Really? The people who spend a few minutes with her each day and have missed "a zillion" issues? The nursing facility staff do not pay attention unless someone is bleeding, vomiting, or having some other overtly acute issue. I suspect TrustBridge is like many (most) other businesses and organizations these day -- just looking for a buck. They get $4200/month from your tax dollars for my mother's "care." Yet, being generous: IF the doctor visits 1x/month, the nurse 4x/month, the social worker 2x/month, and the Chaplin 1x/month, and the CNA 5x/month - That is 13 visits. $4200/13 = $323/visit. Huh?!?!? Keep your loved one at home. Whatever you do, avoid skilled nursing "care" at all costs, unless it is for a short stay. In addition, do not get trapped in any Continuing Care Retirement Community that governs your care. You have been warned. :-|



    March 15, 2017

    I am a past client of this provider

    This Hospice is horrible... my husband died of COPD at home.. you would call for a Nurse to come out.. they would forget.. call again to find out that where they were.... the call was never registered. Had a huge bed sore, that they never took care of except to give me a HUGE band-aid and when they did their weekly med visit it was less than 5 mins. I was his only caretaker and when I asked for someone to come and give me a little break, I was told I needed to fill out a form to see if I was approved!! Once he died, they popped over to say sorry and never heard from them again.. He was just a number and money to this business. Do yourself a favor and find another.

    Mr. Levine


    July 31, 2014

    I am a friend or relative of a resident

    Hospice of Palm Beach County was excellent and amazing. They were really helpful on the entry level with understanding the process. They were completely supportive and offered any possible thing for comfort. Their compassion toward people was unequal to any other care. They were the best hospice care provider anyone could appreciate. They provided best of care including soothing massage, a Rabbi, anything we asked and there was no suffering. They were incredible and I would give them double 5-star rating.

    emerald city


    February 5, 2014

    I am a past client of this provider

    This is a wonderful hospice. I could not disagree more with the review above. This hospice went above and beyond. They were caring, supportive and provided excellent pain management. I would recomend them to anyone.



    November 10, 2013

    I am a past client of this provider

    Hospice of PBC has lost sight of why they went into the industry. They mis-represent themselves in their TV ads. Die with dignity is the not what my family member received. The patient got a bed sore under their care and they refused to treat it, by the time family insisted that the wound be treated, the wound engulfed the patient's backside. Bedsores and morphine is what this patient got. Enough drugs so they could not eat, talk or drink. What was supposed to be a 3month to 3 years death sentence with stage 2 unknown origin cancer turned into 3 weeks in hospice care. Be very afraid. Seriously, One doctor even said, "why treat it, the patient would not live long enough for it to matter" but it matter the patient suffered. Just when one thinks it could not get worse; when the patient passed away, they called family and said the patient died 5 minutes prior. The family arrives 37 minutes later and our beloved family member was completely stiff, eyes stuck open, sunk in face, ice cold, and yellow. The cremation company arrived and said, this patient has been dead at least 6-8 hours already and coming out of rig. Unforgiveable is what this company is. We are beside ourselves and riddled with guilt over picking Hospice of PBC. Do your homework for your loved one.



    July 28, 2011

    I am a past client of this provider

    This hospice left us with a sick feeling about the care provided to my wonderful father. Not only did I have to literally beg them to give him stronger pain killers, when we were called by the nurse in a nursing facility where he was to tell us that he had just died we ran across the street from where we lived to his room and at midnight found a young girl in his room with the lights on, her feet up, doing her homework and flipping the TV channels with the TV blaring. My father was lying there dead. We went into a state of shock. This was supposed to be the great 24/7 crisis care. My mother cannot think about this without crying after an entire year has passed. I would never ever recommend this hospice to anyone.

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        Ownership Type: VOLUNTARY NON-PROFIT - PRIVATE
        Rating Date: 9/1/2023

      About Hospice of Palm Beach County, Inc. - West Palm Beach in West Palm Beach, Florida

      Hospice of Palm Beach County, founded in 1978 as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), has cared for nearly 70,000 patients and their families and averages 1,200 patients daily throughout Palm Beach County. Hospice of Palm Beach County provides care to all who need and want it, regardless of insurance or financial status. Donations, grants and proceeds from fundraising events supplement the insurance reimbursement to ensure that cost for services is never an issue for our patients or their families. Nearly 900 highly trained employees and more than 600 caring volunteers make this a program that excels in innovative care and quality service to our community.

      A leading provider of hospice care, Hospice of Palm Beach County serves as a model for other Hospice programs nationwide. Our care encompasses all socio-economic and demographic groups. Services are provided at the patient_s home, in an extended care facility or a hospital. When acute care is needed, patients may be admitted to one of our six inpatient units.

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