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Spirituality Questions

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  1. How Do I Take Care of Myself While I'm Grieving?

    Do not hesitate to reach out to family members and friends for help with your activities of daily living. When I lost my dad, I found it difficult some days just to get out of bed -- let alone do the laundry, cook a meal or wash the dishes. If you're struggling on this fundamental level, let your fa...
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  2. Should I go to mass for my dad, even if I don't believe in it any longer?

    It's admirable that you want to honor your father by spending time with him, even though you've had a difficult relationship in the past. The Bible speaks about the importance of honoring parents, and sometimes we have to choose to give things up and lay things down in order to serve others. This is...
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  3. How do I get my mom to not fast on Yom Kippur?

    The issue of "fasting on Yom Kippur" will become more prevelant in the coming years as we live longer and, for many of us, deal with chronic medical issues and types of disabilities. I have had this conversation with my own 94 year old mother. Fasting on Yom Kippur is an important statement. Howeve...
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  4. What can I do for my Dad now that he can't physically make it to church?

    Church and worship are obviously important to your dad, and your sensitivity to his needs is reflected in your desire to honor him by continuing to provide for his spiritual nurture. Church is important for the homebound, and it's important that those who have been involved in church to remain linke...
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  5. Are there any Christian resources to use for an Alzheimer's bible study group?

    I'm unaware of Bible study materials specifically written for Christians diagnosed with Alzheimer's who are looking for a support group. But resources do exist that can be effectively used to meet the needs of Christians facing terminals diseases like Alzheimer's.
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  6. Why would God allow my mother to suffer?

    The question of why God allows suffering is one most of us will wrestle with at one point or another, especially if those we love are hurting and people we love and admire like your mom. And while we sometimes can come up with logical reasons for pain, sickness, and tragedy, the truth of the matter ...
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  7. Can a pregnant woman attend a Jewish funeral?

    The question of a pregnant woman attending Jewish funeral speaks to a wide range of customs that are still in evidence in our community. This custom is linked to beliefs that somehow the ambiance of the funeral and death will impact the fetus and thus the child. This custom has currency among some c...
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  8. After my mother passed, I dreamed she visited me, and was becoming an angel.

    Dreaming about passed loved ones visiting us is a fairly common experience, whether or not we may believe in an afterlife. No matter our theological view, we all long to know those we love are at peace and have been released from the pain, sorrow, and suffering of this world after death. Dreaming is...
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  9. Where Can I Find a Pastor to Come and Give my Father Communion in Hospice Care?

    How wonderful that your father's been taken off of hospice care. It appears that you've invested in your dad's physical, emotional, and spiritual health over many years and are continuing to do so as you look for a pastor to administer communion. Allowing your father to express his faith is integral...
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  10. How Is a Jewish Funeral Service Different From Other Funeral Services?

    Jewish funeral services are generally held very soon after a death occurs -- often on the same day, but within 24 hours if possible -- at a chapel, the gravesite, or both. A closed wooden casket containing the deceased is usually present, draped in a simple cloth. There's no public or private viewin...
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  11. How Is a Muslim Funeral Service Different From Other Funeral Services?

    Although there are some variations due to regional interpretations and customs, Islamic funerals follow fairly specific rites that include washing and shrouding the body, funeral prayers, and burial.
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  12. How can I convince my mother to set up final arrangements?...

    The issue of how to begin the conversation of planning and paying for final arrangement comes up regularly as I travel doing workshops for congregations in the area of decision making. It is not an easy conversation. It took the death of my mom's sister to have her become more open to such a conve...
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  13. What is the meaning of dying?

    This is the hardest of questions -- made especially hard since your mother isn't sitting beside you to give you an easy answer, like she probably used to do.
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  14. Will living with a dying grandfather undermine a child's faith?

    Caring for a terminally ill family member brings stress to families, and children look to us as parents to see the nature of compassion and faith. They absorb what they see reflected in us as parents, but they also have unique needs.
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  15. Is this really an Orthodox tradition?

    First of all, let me extend to you my condolences on the loss of your grandmother. The issue you raise is becoming more common as the number of inter-faith families rise. The idea of having your non-Jewish cousin "step-back" from graveside is not based on Jewish law. When I have officiated at fu...
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  16. What's a good prayer to say when you visit someone who is very ill?

    Thank you for your commitment to your aunt and taking the time to visit her in a care setting. Nursing home visits can contribute to self-worth and offset feelings of depression, as well as extend hope and encouragement. Your interest in "nursing home prayers"--or prayers specifically targeted to he...
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  17. Where can I find Shabbat liturgies for home use?

    Shalom: The desire to find liturgies for home shabbat use is growing. Thankfully, there are ahost of resources, both print and electronic. The "Gates of the House" is a tried and true book (published by the CCAR Press in New York) that is perfect for a variety of home ceremonies and has a wonderful...
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  18. How long can my Mom live with stage 4 metastatic bladder cancer?

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  19. How can I keep my faith to make it through another day?

    You're facing one of life's most difficult challenges, and your feelings of ambivalence, doubt, and fear are common. May I express my support and prayers for you at this painful time in your life.
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  20. Should I go to Dad's funeral even if my family say I'm not welcome?

    I understand your frustration over the conflict with your family regarding attending your parent's funeral. Your circumstances are certainly complex.
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