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Grief and Loss Questions

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  1. How can I help my mother deal with believing that her parents are still alive?

    It is not unusual for people with Alzheimer's disease to want to call their parents believing that they are still alive.  If telling them "the truth" does not work  I use the "fix the problem" approach.  Either give her the phone to 'talk" to them or tell her they are on vacation and she can record ...
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  2. How Can I help My Mom to deal with end of life concerns?

    Because I am not a counselor, I can only give you a suggestion based on my experience as a funeral director. It's hard for anyone to lose a spouse, but to have also lost two sons, is especially difficult. It's nice that you sense that and acknowledge it.
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  3. How to protect my aunt from her kids?

    This is a tough situation. Your aunt needs some time to grieve, as you accurately stated.
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  4. How Do I Interview a Grief Therapist?

    When first meeting with a grief therapist that you're considering hiring, focus your questions in two areas: practical concerns, such as location and costs; and personal concerns about the practice and the therapist, such as his or her style of therapy and what to expect from it.
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  5. How Can I Speed up the Grieving Process?

    While each person has a unique way of grieving and expressing grief, there are a number of tried-and-true steps you can use to help speed up the process. It's important not to be in too much of a rush -- grief must actually be experienced -- or you may end up delaying the satisfying sense of resolut...
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  6. How Do I Take Care of Myself While I'm Grieving?

    Do not hesitate to reach out to family members and friends for help with your activities of daily living. When I lost my dad, I found it difficult some days just to get out of bed -- let alone do the laundry, cook a meal or wash the dishes. If you're struggling on this fundamental level, let your fa...
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  7. What if I Don't Feel Sad After a Loved One's Death?

    Sadness is the feeling that most people commonly report after someone dies, which might be why it feels peculiar to you if you don't feel sad. But be mindful that grief and loss evoke a number of different feelings, not just sadness. You may also feel numbness, relief, anger, guilt, fear, remorse, p...
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  8. How do I begin to get help for my mother who may be suffering from Alzheimer's disease?

    Caregiving is hard enough; when parent is negative, it makes for a toxic relationship. Your son and family are heroes for helping her.
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  9. Where can I go to find places in Memphis that offer free grief counseling?

    Sho B offered some great resources for you.
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  10. Should we take Mom to the cemetary o help her understand that her parents are long deceased?

    Dementia behavior usually has meaning and your mother's desire to visit her parents and sister infers that she misses them and wants to communicate with them. This is a very common issue for older adults especially when their insight becomes more compromised with their progressive loss of memory. Th...
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  11. How can I deal with my personal grief around the failing health of my client?

    Being a caregiver is one of the most difficult, and most rewarding, jobs you may ever have. It takes a very special person to do what you are doing, so first let's realize that fact and work on ways to help you, the caregiver, deal with these unfolding events.
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  12. How do I help my mom cope with my dad's death?

    Hello, Thank you for sharing your caregiving challenges. Here are a few resources that you may find helpful: https://www.caring.com/interviews/interview-with-david-solie-about-assisted-living-facilities, https://www.caring.com/articles/communicate-with-elderly-parents-effectively-6-tips, https://w...
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  13. When Am I Going to Be Able to Stop Grieving and Start Feeling Better?

    It depends. There are a number of factors that might contribute to how long it takes to feel better again. The most common include:
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  14. Is It Normal Not to Feel Social After Someone Close to Me Has Died?

    You might expect that extroverts would want to be around other people while they grieve. But even the most gregarious extroverts have been known to bow out of social situations while they're mourning. This is considered a normal response to grief, especially in the initial months after a loss.
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  15. How Do I Find a Grief Counselor?

    Try any or all of the following suggestions to find a list of grief counselors you may wish to see.
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  16. Am I experiencing grief or depression?

    It's easy to confuse grief with depression. The reason for this is that a number of symptoms of bereavement -- the grief commonly experienced when someone close to you has died or is dying -- are the same as those reported by people who are clinically depressed.
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  17. FAQ: How Is Depression Different From Grief?

    Grief is a normal emotional response to a loss. Depression, too, can be triggered by a loss (as well as other stressors), but it's a physical illness and therefore not a normal condition. Here's how they compare:
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  18. How quickly can Alzheimer's progress?

    Alzheimer's disease is usually diagnosed at least three years after the onset of symptoms. Your father might have the disease even longer before being diagnosed because psychosis appears relatively late in the course of Alzheimer's disease. Progression of Alzheimer's disease is accelerated by chang...
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  19. Emotionally, how do I see myself through the settling of Mom's estate?

    It sounds as if you're in one of those times when there are so many difficult things going on at once that you simply can't do them all on your own. You need to get others to pitch in and help.
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  20. Did I do the right thing in Grandpa's final hours?

    From your account of how your grandfather died, I think you did wonderfully. It is not easy to know the "right" things to say to someone who is dying--especially someone we love deeply.
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