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Final Arrangements Questions

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  1. How can I get financial assistance with cremation?

    Yes, there are a number of places that may offer financial assistance in covering the cost of cremation, likely to run from about $1,000 to 2,000. 
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  2. Are prepaid cremation plans tax deductible?

    Funeral arrangements of any sort are not typically tax deductible on the Federal level. State tax codes vary widely but think, what would you list it under on a tax form? Too late to be a medical expense. Too cheeky to refer to it as a second home. Perhaps as a 'relocation expense'? On a more seri...
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  3. How Do I Set a Limit for the Cost of my Cremation in Honolulu, Hi?

    Most of us think about what we want when we die. Few of us, however, actually do something with those thoughts. Good for you for taking that extra step! In doing a little research about prices in your state for cremation services, it looks like it can easily fit into the amount you're thinking about...
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  4. Is it common practice to investigate a death inside a hospital?

    Most hospitals either have regular meetings or prepare internal reports -- often weekly --in which they review any deaths that have occurred in the hospital during that period. This is often called a mortality or morbidity review/report. Particularly given the circumstances surrounding your mother...
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  5. I need assistance in cremation costs for my brother.

    Please accept my condolences for your loss. Brothers can be pretty special.
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  6. Can my cremated ashes be buried on my own private property in PA.?

    This is a good question - lots of people wonder about this. When issues come up about a body that's been cremated, it's much different than one that hasn't.
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  7. Does a body need to be in a vault if not embalmed?

    In almost every state, it is not a law that a casket has to be placed in a burial container; it is the cemetery that makes that requirement or does not. Call the cemetery where she will buried and ask if they require a burial vault.
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  8. How can I get a copy of 'the Cause of Death' Certificate of my ex/late husband?

    The funeral home is absolutely aware of the cause of death. It's their responsibility to get the doctor to fill in the cause of death and sign the death certificate.
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  9. My mother has Massachusetts health insurance. Will they pay for burial when she dies?

    Unfortunately, MassHealth no longer contributes to burial or cremation expenses. You mentioned that she is in a home. You may remember that part of the process of getting her admitted there, was meeting with someone at the home who talked to you about how her care there would be paid. That person al...
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  10. Is written consent needed to be cremated?

    Yes, in Pennsylvania (and every state) written consent is necessary for someone's body to be cremated. It sounds like your uncle is your grandmother's son and next-of-kin. If he signed for her to be cremated, it implies that he and any of his siblings were in agreement.
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  11. How to access the medical records of deceased parents?

    Please understand that I can only answer this from personal experience and a funeral director's point of view. Obviously from your parents' deaths, you know that a death certificate is necessary. If death occurs in a hospital, many times the place that funeral directors get the death certificate is ...
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  12. What course of action is appropriate when someone else has my husbands remains ?

    This is a hard thing for you to be dealing with, besides the loss of your husband. Please accept my condolences.
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  13. In CT, after a husband dies, can his wife disinherit his children from his will?

    Like all other states, Connecticut has strict requirements for how and when a legal will can be made and changed. Most must be in writing, witnessed by two impartial people"”and any changes or additions must also meet these requirements.
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  14. Who owns ashes in PA?

    This is a hurtful situation. First you've lost your parents and then you want to honor their wishes but see that others don't. The only recourse would be if your parents put something in writing either in their will or at the funeral home that their wish was to buried on the mountain near their home...
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  15. How long can remains stay at the funeral home before another can pick them up?

    We would like to add our condolences on the loss of your brother. Ms Peoples' response is spot on. The wife cites lack of funds as the prime reason she hasn't picked up the remains. First you need to find out what is owed, Then ask the funeral home what is the disposition of the ashes (some will ...
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  16. Why do direct cremation costs vary so drastically?

    Cremation costs for a DIRECT Cremation are often varied due to corporate ownership, greed or one funeral home not wanting to seem 'cheap' compared to the big boys. In one Texas town we did a survey and found charges for a direct cremation ranging from $710 to $3820 and ... there is only ONE cremato...
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  17. What Is a "Green Funeral?"

    A green funeral involves conducting final arrangements and disposing of a body in ways that restore and conserve the environment, without using the harmful chemicals and nonbiodegradable materials commonly used by the funeral industry.
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  18. Who has rights to my Father-in-Law's cremains?

    As I am a funeral director and not an attorney, I can only offer suggestions based on my professional experience. Usually, the next-of-kin is legally entitled to a cremated body's ashes, which in this case, would be your mother-in-law.
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  19. How Does Embalming Work?

    Embalming is a process in which blood and gases are removed from a body and replacement fluids are pumped in to temporarily retard its disintegration.
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  20. Who has legal rights to cremains?

    Your state, Illinois, has a very specific law controlling who is entitled to control a deceased person’s cremated remains, also known as cremains.It provides that the following people, in the order listed, have the right to control them:
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