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  1. Should my mom put my sister's name on the deed to her home?

    Your mother could do that. But it may not be a great idea for a number of reasons. First, if she puts your sister's name on the deed now, she'll actually be making a taxable gift of one-half the value of the house to her. She'll have to file a gift-tax return by April 15 of the year following the...
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  2. How do I go about notifying creditors of a death?

    Assuming you are the executor of a will that is being administered in the United States, the law provides a fairly forthright procedure for notifying creditors and potential creditors. First, you must send notices to all creditors you know about, as gleaned through a search of their personal papers ...
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  3. How can I help my father, who is bedridden and has numerous health problems, face the end of his life?

    Facing death is one of the biggest challenges we all face in life -- and you can help your dad best by making sure his physical and emotional needs are met during the process.First, make sure he's getting the highest quality and most fitting medical care possible. If you haven't done so already, ask...
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  4. How do we include adopted relatives in an obituary?

    You are pinned in rather a delicate spot. But because you seem to be so sensitive and attuned to the feelings of all involved, it is unlikely you will make a serious misstep.In penning the obituary, the most important thing is to make it the most fitting for the person about whom it is written. If y...
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  5. How can I help my dad recover from neglect?

    Your situation sounds alarming, and I'm glad you're reaching out for help. It's not clear where your father is --- a nursing home? A hospice facility? Regardless, the situation sounds unacceptable. I'm going to suggest two places to look for help. One is the nursing home ombudsman program (nursing h...
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  6. What happens if death of beneficiary occurs before an estate is settled?

    The important thing to pay attention to is the gap of time between when the willmaker died and when the beneficiary died. That is what will help determine who gets the property left to the beneficiary who died.
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  7. My mother passed away last year. Who files her income taxes?

    If your mother had taxable income last year, an income tax return would have to be filed on her behalf.  However, if you are not appointed as either the executor or administrator of her estate, you would not have the authority to file an income tax return for her after her death.  If she has a refun...
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  8. How do life insurance payouts and taxes work?

    Life insurance proceeds are not subject to income taxes, but they are potentially subject to estate taxes if the deceased person owned his policy.  If someone else, such as your mother or a trust owned the policy instead of merely being the beneficiary, there would not be any estate taxes.  However,...
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  9. How do I deal with the pain and anger of my Father's death?

    I am so sorry to hear about what you have been through. You now must deal with anger and grief all mixed together, which is very challenging. To top it all off, you had to make the decision to end life supports, so it would also be expected you would be left with some guilt, even though you no dou...
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  10. Can stopping all medications be considered suicide?

    Your circumstances must be extremely painful for you to have made the difficult decision to stop taking your medications while questioning whether or not your actions were considered suicide. My hope and prayer is that you are surrounded by supportive friends and family as you worked through your ch...
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  11. Is it necessary for someone to be hydrated during their final days?

    How and whether a person chooses to direct comfort care and hydration as care at the end of life is very much a personal decision"”usually based on individual preferences and often on personal experiences, such as witnessing the death of a friend or family member.
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  12. What should I leave behind for my daughter to read after I am gone?

    I had to read and reread your entry because it sounds like a perfect answer rather than a question.
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  13. How do I stop feeling guilty about suggesting to put Mom in hospice?

    This is a situation in which communication with the Case Manager would be helpful. Call the hospice treating your mother and speak to the Case Manager or the Social Worker. Express your concerns; and you'll, also be able to get current, first-hand information on what is really happening in her dis...
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  14. Should I Bring a Young Child to a Funeral or Memorial Service?

    Take your cues from the child. A child who is four to nine years old or so, who has formed a relationship with the deceased person, will also be likely to grieve the death. Depending on the specific age, maturity level, and emotional makeup of a particular child, attending a funeral or memorial serv...
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  15. Is Embalming Necessary?

    Rarely. There's a popular misconception that embalming, in which a body is treated to slow its disintegration, is always required by law after death. In fact, no state requires routine embalming and some don't require it at all. Embalming is legally required only in special circumstances, such as:
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  16. How Is a Catholic Funeral Service Different From Other Funeral Services?

    There are many differences between the dictates of traditional Catholic funerals, to which many still adhere, and more relaxed modern practices.
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  17. How Is a Jewish Funeral Service Different From Other Funeral Services?

    Jewish funeral services are generally held very soon after a death occurs -- often on the same day, but within 24 hours if possible -- at a chapel, the gravesite, or both. A closed wooden casket containing the deceased is usually present, draped in a simple cloth. There's no public or private viewin...
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  18. How Is a Muslim Funeral Service Different From Other Funeral Services?

    Although there are some variations due to regional interpretations and customs, Islamic funerals follow fairly specific rites that include washing and shrouding the body, funeral prayers, and burial.
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  19. What's the best gift for dying parent?

    If your mother is up to it, you should certainly celebrate her birthday, but that doesn't mean you need to shower her with gifts or goodies.
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  20. I made the decision to take my wife off life supports at the doctors recomendation. Will I have problems with her lfe insurance carrior when filing to collect?

    One of the most difficult choices anyone can face is whether to terminate life support when you are acting as an agent under an advance care health directive.
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